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  • yourarmy 5d

    Today I am trying to Ink
    The feeling that I feel under my fat
    the stories crypting under a thick sweater
    Experiences holding its breath under an ocean of green tea.

    Yes, I am a girl
    Overloaded with mass.
    Yea, I am a girl who often seen as a teddy bear
    Who never fails to attract the bulliers towards me.

    I often make fun of me
    In front of others, so that they don't get a chance
    I starve in the name of the diet to cut that extra fat
    I try to stay alone because I am tired of trying to get fit in the lot.

    No, I don't eat leftovers
    No, I don't need a gunny bag outfit
    I don't need sympathy and suggestions
    I just need friends to accept me for who I am

    Why can't I wear a sleeveless dress
    Why can't I dream of a prince
    Why can't I jump in joy
    Why I am your funny toy

    Stop calling me fatso
    Stop comparing to elephant
    Stop lame jokes about changing the door
    I pity you, How your heart is so poor.


    #stopbullying #fatso #fatme #chubbygirl #extrafat #weightloss #whyfatty #beingchubby #beingfat #fat @writersnetwork @writersbay @miraquill

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    Hey, Fatso


  • bliss__ 14w

    When I was born I was fat
    When I was an infant I was fat
    When I was a toddler I was fat
    When I was young I was fat
    When I was a teen I was fat
    When I was a pre-adult I was fat
    Now I workout and have a mindful eating, I'm still fat
    ❤️ But no matter what I am beautiful ❤️

  • blossomwrites 28w

    Yes I am FAT
    Yes I am THIN and SKINNY
    Yes I am DARK
    Yes I am SHORT
    Yes I am from a different CASTE
    Yes I love wearing SHORT CLOTHES

    But what has it got to do with you?

  • parentscutie 35w

    What is it like

    I wonder what's it like
    To wake up and love yourself
    To look in the mirror and not wanna cry
    To weigh yourself, see the number and not wanna puke
    To be with friends and not feel ugly
    To go into public and not feel insecure
    To go to shopping still not feel fat
    I just wonder,.
    What's it like to love your life

  • the_tale_er 35w

    Bidding good bye is a tough affair but I let go of this one with so much hard work. #orbituary @mirakee @readwriteunite @writersnetwork @repost #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerschoice #love #fat #postoftheday #orbituary

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    She accompanied me for the past few years;
    She was practically living with me
    Happily at all the special occasions.
    She made my life happier on one side
    And heavier on the other.
    She never meant to stay for that long,
    Yet she managed to do so.
    Now, she is no more.
    I feel light but I do miss her.
    Specially, during my craving period.
    Thank you dear fat for leaving me alone
    To deal with all the cravings courageously.
    Now that I have lost you,
    I am bound to pay my final respect.
    Good bye to all those pizza and biryani days.

    With love and tears,
    The transformed me

  • nonanonymous 38w

    .Fat. F.A.T. faT.

    "None in our family approves of a 'fat body'. It is unhealthy and awkward, might grow even fat over the years. Try and lose some weight. You will be better that way..." Advised his parents to her.

    All these comments when the 'THIN' in their family are unhealthy...

    What do I say more?

    When will this change?

    ~just feel like screaming out to the world yet again that FAT DOESN'T MEAN UNHEALTHY, and thin, healthy.~

    Literally tired of the societal norms, and NOT MY HEALTHY F.A.T BODY!



  • k_unwinds 47w

    chubby cheeks
    Saggy arms
    Bulging belly
    Big fat thighs
    Heavy weight...

    I don't live on people's choices
    Nobody knows what all it takes
    I already know how I look
    So do not bother to tell me..

  • morbidlibrarian 51w

    Haiku #15: Addiction

    Stains and crumbs coat lips
    Who stares back from the abyss
    A fat girl emptied

  • anu420 61w

    Killing loneliness .

    I am lonely but not sad , mad but not fat .
    I sleep, eat ,walk and do everything to make me happy .
    Happy but not flying on the cloud , I am loud but make my words shout .
    No one makes me depressed because I am happy go lucky by my side . Left or right go straight and make yourself wide .
    Might you are lucky , and go chuckie .
    Then chuckie , mucky and shaky farts together and makes you better .

  • iam_daisy 61w


    A few decades ago, a woman tried to sue a butter company that had printed the word 'LITE' on its product's packaging. She claimed to have gained so much weight from eating the butter, even though it was labeled as being 'LITE'. In court, the lawyer representing the butter company simply held up the container of butter and said to the judge, "My client did not lie. The container is indeed 'light in weight'. The woman lost the case.

    In a marketing class in college, we were assigned this case study to show us that 'puffer-y' is legal. This means that you can deceptively use words with double meanings to sell a product, even though they could mislead customers into thinking your words mean something different. I am using this example to touch upon the myth of organic foods. If I was a lawyer representing a company that had labeled its oranges as being organic, and a man was suing my client because he found out that the oranges were being sprayed with toxins, my defense opening statement would be very simple: "If it's not plastic or metallic, it's organic."

    Most products labeled as being organic are not really organic. This is the truth. You pay premium prices for products you think are grown without chemicals, but most products are. If an apple is labeled as being organic, it could mean two things. Either the apple tree itself is free from chemicals, or just the soil. One or the other, but rarely both. The truth is, the word 'organic' can mean many things, and taking a farmer to court would be difficult if you found out his fruits were indeed sprayed with pesticides. After all, all organisms on earth are scientifically labeled as being organic, unless they are made of plastic or metal. The word 'organic' comes from the word 'organism', meaning something that is, or once was, living and breathing air, water and sunlight.

    So, the next time you stroll through your local supermarket and see brown pears that are labeled as being organic, know that they could have been third-rate fare sourced from the last day of a weekend market, and have been re-labeled to be sold to a gullible crowd for a premium price. I have a friend who thinks that organic foods have to look beat up and deformed because the use of chemicals is what makes them look perfect and flawless. This is not true. Chemical-free foods can look perfect if grown in your backyard. If you go to jungles or forests untouched by man, you will see fruit and vegetables that look like they sprouted from trees from Heaven. So be cautious the next time you buy anything labeled as 'organic'. Unless you personally know the farmer or the company selling the products, don't trust what you read. You, me, and everything on land and sea are organic.

  • i_am_my_own_nemesis 66w


    She cried because they would call her fat and make fun of her. They didn't realise that their words were heavier than her.

  • atiriblossom 66w


    My chubby cheeks smile with confidence.
    I feel on top of the world as they notice the bounce in my walk. I love red and wore my favorite today. A red jumpsuit cut
    to mold my curves. I sway my hips as my wide full shaped ass, claps unashamedly.

    I love my beautiful springrolls when I slouch, the way my stretch marks are like freckles on my skin, how my thighs kiss with unending passion, the look of awestruck admiration as I crush their beauty standards.

    I am beautiful–anything otherwise
    is trash
    I am black– with skin like pearls.
    I am FAT.
    yes call me that!
    A big girl with class☺ Atiri Blossom

  • yoitsleohere 67w

    I'm being told to love myself...but I physically can not, I'm to fucking ugly and fat to be able too...

  • yoitsleohere 67w

    Scorpio Oct 23- Nov 21

    Element- Water
    Colours- Scarlet, Red, Rust
    Day- Tuesday
    Planes- Pluto, Mars
    Best compatibility with-
    Taurus, Cancer
    Lucky numbers- 8, 11, 18, 22
    Strengths: Resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend
    Weaknesses: Distrusting, jealous, secretive, violent
    Scorpio's like: Truth, facts, being right, longtime friends, teasing, a grand passion
    Scorpio's dislike: Dishonesty, revealing secrets, possessive people

  • vaishavielayaraja 67w

    Fat girl:I am fat and chubby:(..I really need to become lean..so that i would look pretty..
    Lean girl:I am so skinny:(..I really need to gain weight...so that I would look pretty..
    Taylor swift :"It is okay to be called fat or skinny than to be called sick"⭐
    It is okay and normal to be the way you are..However your body physique is..,this judgemental society is going to judge you everytime..❌
    Everyone are beautiful in the way they are..
    So please don't be stressed out in gaining or losing weight...
    Don't starve yourself on following strict diets
    Just do some workouts daily ⌚
    Glow up and Shine

  • parentscutie 73w


    Yeah I look like a doll
    And that's why you use me as doll
    When you need me I'm there,
    When I need you are not...
    Someone said don't believe people
    But I trusted thinking not all are same
    And facing the consequences now
    Yeah, now I understand the world goes by physical appearance
    A bit chubby, curvy - rejection Comes to peak
    Yeah, I'm still a child
    I don't get attached so soon
    But when I am attached, I over love, over care
    And obviously- over hurt
    This world doesn't belong to people like us

  • suhangi 75w

    Fairness and fat

    I may not shake hands or hug my friends, when I'll meet,
    But I'll definitely notice their immune to fairness and fatigue.


  • sparkling6_6vkm 76w

    Smiley Bee:-P

    I always wished; to talk to her;
    We both smiled each other whenever
    our spirits wandered...
    I can be of said living in fatty–fantasy;
    handling my weakling presence; among dashing-buddies.
    They were the Top Soil as per se.
    And I knew where I stand-upon; That is then,
    I ended up with silence;
    And stilled my hope only to see the divinity in her Smile.
    Much of my Moments-Comb;
    were dedicated into Smiley-Bee.


  • srikys 77w

    There is no rule that skinny to marry a skinny not fat with fat it's all about how u look at them .He found cuteness in her so he has myriad love towards her .It's just soul needed for love not the body .....
    Never underestimate anyone due to there body
    Stop body shaming if u do it's just ur soul ashamed off..!

    "MIGHT BE A MEN OR WOMEN ALL ARE SAME BRO'S" _______________________________________________________
    Hope you agree this if so do comment agreed
    #bodyshaming #stop #underestimate #love #soullover #chubby #cute #cutness #stopbodyshaming #fat #lovelimtless #allaresame #bro @poornimagowda @rani_shri @rozella @hugar_naveen @reghuwel_mj

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    She is fat ,he calls it chubbyness
    This made her to fall for him .....


  • sanju13 77w


    I'm tired of people advice for losing weight
    I'm ignoring people just can't hear the comments that I'm fat
    I hate myself because of this ugly structure
    I'm already fucked up with my weight.
    people, please don't insult me now.

    I don't care for your words. And also
    I knew I love myself even if I'm fat.
    Because it's me. It's self-love.