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  • leeman_speaks 1d

    "My darling, you dont need a purpose, you are a purpose.."

  • manaswitasen 2d

    Parallel Universe

    Fantasies would be true,
    In a parallel universe.
    We might know people we never knew,
    Because everything would reverse.

    Animals would pet humans,
    They shall give us food and tame us.
    We may not know language,
    Parrots might teach us.
    There can be animal babies,
    Traveling in school bus.

    There shall be peace all around,
    There would be no pollution on air or ground.
    Animal would control the world,
    Everything would be great just like stories are told.

    There would be love,
    Which doesn't exist anymore.
    There can be more relations forming,
    Like everyone had adore .

    But it's a dream unknown,
    Where fantasies unfolds.
    There shall be walking trees,
    Summers would be cold.

  • simonemichelle 3d

    An exert from my soon to be released game and future novel! My poor Ciara, but she sure is tough for someone so delicate 💖
    I'll be commissioning some art for my game really soon, can't wait to share it!

    #ciara #fantasy #ocean

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    Ciara awoke in an unfamiliar place, her limbs bundled up in unnatural positions. Her head throbbed uncontrollably from being constantly knocked out, and she felt tears welling up. She had been forced into some kind of container while unconscious, a barrel perhaps. Feeling the gentle movements of water, she gathered that she was on a ship.

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    Read parts 1 and 3 on my profile:)

    Support my Instagram page @kritu_22

    #fantasy #bollywood #silly #bingewatch #fun

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    Part 2 of a birthday wish I wrote for a friend

    Bollywood fantasies..
    I wish! Omg yes!!
    Dupatta stuck to his watch,
    Book falls and he helps to impress.

    Weekend naps,
    Binge watching seasons.
    Serious (lol!) chit chats,
    Laughing for silly reasons.


  • leeman_speaks 1w

    "Life is a joke and death is the punchline.."


  • simonemichelle 1w

    Quotes in Saevenia! Didn't know Narora was so poetic! #quote #game #saevenia #fantasy

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    "I want tangibile proof that there is a God." - Zherrain.

    "You want proof that God exists? You want tangibile evidence? Something you can touch? Go ahead and touch yourself. Feel the beating heart in your chest. The tears when you cry. The emotion in someone's eyes, how you know what they're feeling just by looking into them. The kindness you feel in your heart for animals. That is God in of itself." - Narora, Saevenia.

  • the97_introvert 1w

    The cold breeze wrapped us in so close
    as we breathed into each other's blue.

    A melancholy sang healing our woes
    while solace found me embracing you.

    Mornings I wake up from this dream knows
    how badly I wished that you were true.


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    Writing Excercise #1.2

    Looking back, if Alice hadn't been tipsy she never would have fallen down that rabbit hole.

  • frederico 2w

    It's time to close your eyes dear little one.
    So let my voice guide you out of this realm
    into the land of the most High
    to play there for a little while
    with the angels in His paradise
    and maybe also with the Lord
    till you're filled up and refreshed
    and ready again
    to face the break
    of a new dawn.

    1 Jun 2021

    #Job33verse14to15 #Numbers12verse6 #Matthew19verse14 #ALullabyRhyme #inspiration #fantasy #just4fun #God #Jesus

    For God may speak in one way, or in another, Yet man does not perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, When deep sleep falls upon men, While slumbering on their beds,
    Job 33:14-15 NKJV

    But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”
    Matthew 19:14 NKJV
    By unknown writer

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    A Lullaby Rhyme

    It's time to close your eyes dear little one.
    So let my voice guide you out of this realm
    into the land of the most High
    to play there for a little while
    with the angels in His paradise
    and maybe also with the Lord
    till you're filled up and refreshed
    and ready again
    to face the break
    of a new dawn.

    1 Jun 2021

  • revathychandrasekhar 2w

    Under the moon light rain with the mellow
    memories of stars dancing like a ballerina
    in the music box with rose dreams of
    night sky exploring the space with astronaut
    light waiting for the sunrise in another galaxy
    clouded like a sugar pink paradise.
    Flying high like a unicorn making a wish
    with balloons.Invading the secret passages
    of Flamingo's tea party in the swan lake of
    space garden unlocking the buried secrets
    in the purple dream lands of eternal lovestories.
    In the hidden landscape with dream breeze of
    after sunset,celebrating the love in the air,
    chasing the dreams of pink hour magic in
    the parallel realities of the rush hour and
    roof top thoughts mixed with wars and stars
    in the battle of words inked in the diaries
    of the hidden worlds with hidden exit.

    - Revathy.E��

    #wod #writer @mirakee @writersnetwork #fantasy

    @uikeysuman @rahul_govindan @sproutedseeds @clichepenname

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    #setting of my room
    #fantasy #myroom
    #follow me if you are as me ❤️

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    किताबो से भरी मेरी ये दुनिया,
    चार दीवारों में बंद है।
    एक पलंग और शीशा प्यारा,
    सपनो की उमंग है।
    एक अलमारी कपड़ो की,
    कुछ यादें है बचपन की।
    कुछ मेडल है ,कुछ ट्रॉफी,
    यादें है उस जीत की।

  • willemvanherk 3w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 14 Part 3

    " How could this happen " said Easeion. " I wanted Colourea out "" I am disappointed as well " said Xax. " I guess Colourea isn't as weak as we thought "" Or maybe Colour Administrator isn't the fighter we thought " said Whites. " I will beat Draco "" Rourke faced Queen Starling " said Blackina." I will advance with no problems " said Whites." I am pissed off about Colourea winning, but I will focus on messing with other friends of Crayon " said Easeion." Yeah, we will totally ruin their lives " said Melissa." Colourea will lose next round just like Crayon " said Easeion." Blackin will take this " said Whites. " My victory will be one for the Bear "" My cousin will show his power tomorrow " said Blackin." My love for Blackina is so strong, nobody can love more than me "" Yes, our love means so much " said Blackina." Our wedding will be not like other ones "

    Crayon and his friends were talking after the fight.
    " Awesome fight " said Colouruke." Thanks " said Colourea." Now me, you and Crayon have advanced " said Challenger." Colouruke and me will advance " said Artby." We have eaten so much bread, bakers have done so much for us "" We must get more bread, these purchases will be good for the tournament "" Yeah, we can go do that " said Colouruke." Good " said Artby. " Baking has done so much for fighting "" Baking has done a lot for Colourea, bakers understand her with their baking "" They use bread to understand her "" Uh, what ? " asked Challenger." Yeah, they have a gateway within Colourea for bread " said Artby." Within Colourea ? " asked Crayon." Well, we should go "

    Meanwhile Colour King, Colourclever and Colour Dictator were talking.
    " How could this be " said Colour King." Colourland needs him winning " said Colourclever." This loss means Colourland lost " said Colour Dictator." We needed this "" We will have to rely on our other allies remaining " said Colour King." The people need us winning "" Challenger cannot win this tournament for the sake of Colourland " said Colour Dictator." We need Colour King in charge "" Yes, Challenger has not been Colourlandish enough for Colourland " said Colour King." He has not stayed Colourlandish like I have "" The people have been less Colourlandish with Challenger which is unacceptable "" We need my opinion "" Colourlandish people need Colour King's opinion instead of Challenger's opinion " said Colourclever." The people here have found Challenger to be a jackass "" He must go "" King Bobby and me have a great partnership which will make our respective nations better while Challenger never did anything " said Colour King." He has been a disgrace in the eyes of the people "" I love the people
    Crayon and his friends arrived at the bakery where Artby thanked bakers and he started talking.

    " I love the baking here " said Artby." Thanks " said a baker." I dream about bakers baking bread " said Artby. " It is good for bakers to be dreamed about "" Uh, okay " said a baker.
    Crayon and his friends got their bread and left.

    Meanwhile King Bobby ran into Blackin and Blackina.

    " So, we meet " said King Bobby. " Your cousin is facing one of my advisors "" Yes, it will be a great battle " said Blackin." Draco will show his ability " said King Bobby. " He knows of what Crayon has done to Warbler "" He has got in the way of Allie and anything that Warbler needs "" Crayon will be destroyed " said Blackin." Draco must win his fight to get our advisors there " said King Bobby. " If Whites wins, I expect that he will eliminate Crayon "" Crayon has made Allie very angry as a girlfriend "" She is not a woman that wants Crayon and his friends disrespecting the relationship that she has with Warbler "" When a dating site so good is created, the individuals will do whatever it takes to make sure that we have these great relationships for Bird's Isle which must happen "" Well, I have a strong desire for Blackina " said Blackin." When I love Blackina and see such a beautiful, attractive body I must do what is necessary " " Yes, we will see each other again " said King Bobby." Crayon will crumble into dust and look worthless against me "" Warbler will be there to enjoy that moment "
    Crayon and his friends arrived back at the hotel. They saw QuackQ there, they started talking.

  • madinah_writes 3w


    The Mighty Dragon,
    A huge, bat winged.
    The fire-breathing lizard that never feed.

    The Mighty Dragon,
    A snake with a barbed tail.
    A legend of Myths and historical tales.
    Bleeding cough of fire out of its mouth
    Shielding swords with it like magical paintings
    Magnificent swords of extraordinary blades.

    The Mighty Dragon,
    Mother of knowledge.
    Creator of wars,
    Leads the fiercely battle, It never falls.
    Fighting for humans,
    brings home victory, victory for all.

    The Mighty Dragon,
    Large, serpentine legendary creature.
    Withnessed the beginning of life and the whole world's culture.
    Horned with two or four legs.
    Capable of breathing fire,
    Greater than the dinosaur's chest.

    The Mighty Dragon,
    Keeper of caves,
    Mighty like the mountains,

    The Mighty Dragon,
    Father of magic,
    Creator if history.
    Beautiful beast,
    It isn't just fantasy.

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    He promised me unicorns,eventhough he's from the devil zone...!!


  • silver_flakes 3w

    It's a bit late��but still... #heritage

    Euphoric Fantasy
    Coloured skys paint the milkyway
    Ushering darkness and forgetting light
    Drowning in sharp hues and dull greys
    Fly, higher than the Orion constellation
    Extend my wings above the floating whites
    Moonlight approaching with cool zephyr
    I exhale, breath the air that soothes and chokes
    My world a starry universe to gaze upon
    Half, full or quarter,silver brightness glows
    Brighter than the lightened street lamps
    I dance, under the glare of lamps amidst fireflies
    Twirling and floating, drifting towards a fate
    A fate unknown in the darkened alleys
    Sparked wires light the sky, electric sizzles
    None can hurt now, nor feel pain of loss
    Euphoria carries me on wings of fairy dust
    Glittering softness headed for paradise
    Call of the wind, voice of earth, breathing still
    Over the glowing shadows beckons fireworks
    Exploding lights lit the path to heaven's embrace
    Softly caressing bubbles of trapped smiles
    I release tense muscles and hidden fears
    Flowing high and low on purposeful waves
    My beloved heritage beckons,swift and true


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    Euphoric Fantasy

    On waves of sweet symphony
    Crescendo, decrescendo
    Towards a fate unknown
    Beckons with hands of gold

  • vmth11 3w

    Why must I suffer the pain of wanting you, my love from the other side. ily <3

    #mirakee #fantasy #reality #inlove #loving #pain #one-sided #2d #iloveyou

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    The Reality of a Fantasy

    If I were given the chance to choose between reality and fantasy,
    I would choose you for you make my fantasies like reality.
    But unfortunately you do not belong to the choices in answering the question
    Whereas you are living and existing here only in my imagination.

    Am I selfish for wanting you all for myself?
    When you are the only reason why I'm still existing
    I'd willingly lose my wealth and health
    If all it means being us on the same space breathing.

    Soulmates, I believe that is what we are, as you were there for me
    But then again we realize the cruel reality of this fantasy we believe in
    We cannot be there for each other as you live in a screen but I beg to disagree
    I will always hold you dear in my heart and that is where our story begin.

    We live in different worlds, a dimension between us
    And this is where reality hit me the most
    As I watch our memories being tainted with rust
    The future of us remain unbeknownst.


  • blossomwrites 3w

    A crystal clear mind is the most important tool for poetry
    Taking you to a faraway fantasy land where you actually meet reality
    Appealing your soul he puts forward beautiful mind into action
    He metaphorically brings life to things

  • akela_lisianthus 3w

    Prologue at #zephyr_moon

    Chapter 1
    The knot
    I could feel the sunshine covering my face that made my eyes open slightly. The clouds are still lingering my window like a thin sheet. I lost myself admiring the beauty of the lush mountains still under the cover like a polar bear. I heard my granny, "Ari it's getting late, I'm not allowing you to college if you skip your breakfast today!" yeah I have poor appetite since a baby and a picky eater and living with this tube that supports my life.. But my granny is so sweet. She somehow fills my belly. I live with my maternal grandmother in Seattle taking up Architecture and my parents both are working, and currently at Manhattan, NYC. I love this place. No sound of horn, people shouting, partying. Just me, my granny and forest. But I have to take an one hour bus to college, since we live in the foothills. Okay, so I'm not upsetting granny today. I got ready really fast, took my oxygen cylinder and had food to see that smile on her face while saying byes at the door. It's just a five minute walk to the bus stop. I took the bus and sat on a window seat. As it travels towards downtown I could witness the green sheen is slowly replaced by grayish buildings. I arrived at my college.

    I really love what I am doing now. I took architecture with a passion. Since my childhood I love sketching. As I grew up I started to sketch almost everything I saw. It was my granny who advised me to take up arch. course and I'm glad I did. My second hour started, it's history of monuments. Suddenly I started to have some spasms in my belly. Wait it's not spasm, it's not even my stomach. It's somewhere deep. What this might be? Ulcer, maybe. But I even took my breakfast today. Why is this happening. To be precise, it's more of a knots and squeezes more than pain. Like some bunch of butterflies entered. But pain is also there, faintly. In the midst of all these, Dean interrupted the class, and talked to the lecturer, "May I have Ms. Ariadne Sullivan for some time?" "Sure, sure you can. Ariadne?!" I couldn't concentrate on anything but my spasm. I silently went behind him. I could already feel my belly getting turned to every way possible.

    As I walked towards wherever he is leading me to, it is only getting worse and I could barely walk. He suddenly stopped and I'm glad I didn't hit his back. "Hell no" I said to myself as I gripped my stomach with my hands. I bet dean noticed it but didn't care much, but the person behind him surely did. I'm embarrassed now. He introduced me to this man...a man? That'll not be the best way to describe him. A God?. It felt like time almost stopped when I looked into his eyes. I took my time to notice this piece of art right infront, no above me. He was towering over me like a giant. He might be 6'2" for sure or maybe higher. I didn't notice my stomach ache has increased manifolds until Dean interrupted and said, "Ms. Ariadne, this is Blaez Duncan, The Alpha of Silver Bow pack. He is here to provide internship for an outstanding student and you suddenly came to my mind. Use this opportunity wisely Ms.Ariadne!". With that he went. Now I'm alone with this man in black. This knot is disturbing me from any conversation with him and now I feel like a dumb kid infront of him. But I noticed one thing. He has this look of shock from the instant he saw me. Maybe it's because I'm acting like a patient who is suffering from some digestive problems or maybe the tubes I'm wearing to my nose. Also I'm feeling some excitement that isn't mine. Definitely I'm not excited now rather I want to use the washroom right now. But where is this feeling coming from? "Maybe we can talk after you refresh yourself" he said with a slight smirk. I've never been embarrassed in my life like this that too infront of such a godly presence. "Excuse me, I'll be right back."

    I swift towards the restroom and I could feel the knots loosing somehow, but it's still there, faintly. "This is a bad day Ari" I said to myself. After doing all the necessary things, it came to my mind, I'm not even close to my period. So what the hell is this? I washed my hands and rushed to the lobby where he was sitting leisurely. I don't want to make a werewolf angry. That too he's an Alpha. No messing around. When I reached near him, my goodness it started again. You are such a mess Ari. "Take a seat" he said. I sat in the sofa facing straight to him keeping the power puff girls bag that has my oxygen cylinder in it over my lap. Well, y'know it's kind of comfy when I wear it like the college bag than dragging it wherever I go like a stroller. "Amm… thanks for…" I started but was interrupted. "Glad to meet you Ms.Ariadne" I could feel the smug in his tone already. Yeah he knows he's handsome and beyond earthly kind of thing. But I can deeply feel a pride. Well I'm not proud of anything as of now. So where is this feel coming from? Is this feeling...his?

    Hope the first chapter was somewhere near to 'interesting' ��
    Let me know how you guys like it. Critics welcome ��
    Will update the next chapter soon! I purple �� y'all. Stay happy stay safe. Wear a mask before stepping out.
    #love #story #werewolf #fantasy #novel
    Image source:pinterest.com @writersnetwork @mirakee @falak_k @anirockz7 #spectacles

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  • rose_quill 4w

    Writing Excercise #23

    I'm known roundabout as the Insane Prince. To some that might be considered an insult, but to me it's a compliment. In my opinion, the most brilliant solutions are often at least a little bit insane. And I have to be a little bit of both in order to survive my fratricidal family.

  • monicker 4w

    The Innominate in Thirteens: Part 4, The Old One

    That's when the old lord lost his sight,
    And in a way his health,
    All caused by when the cat sìth sprang
    His senses overwhelmed.

    Then when his head began to fall,
    And tiredness had set in.
    With one eye blind and one eye closed,
    In discomfort from limb to limb.

    That's when his appetite was lost,
    And the cravings came to quit.
    That's when the old one chose to fight,
    But his body cried 'submit!'

    That moment his wolves became alert,
    Aware their lord had sunk.
    But not from wine or spirits,
    Not from the frequency, he drunk.

    And as his magic fell apart,
    And as his spells unknit,
    He fought to hold the darkest ones,
    Incantations he'd cast with wit.

    That's when the weakness began to form,
    Like fatigue and rust on chain,
    Though this is nothing of that sort,
    It held an emptiness and pain.

    A dark thing in bonds and sensing wrongs,
    Which Witch had unwittingly wrought,
    From chasing souls to keep her full,
    Nine lives were not enough.

    And when the immortal's heart attacked,
    And Thought had felt it too!
    That instant that the raven's twin,
    Had eyes been slashed right threw.

    That's when the dark thing saw its chance
    To escape from ancient pen,
    And forced the binds designed for time,
    To stay it for all ends.

    So as the muse found ways to loose,
    Climbed out of the bastille,
    Could finally stand upon our land,
    Tasting ruin that all would feel.

    That's when the torches in the room
    All suddenly went out.
    And all the others with the lord,
    Had had to cast about.

    Then when clambered king to coma,
    Entering the deepest kind of state,
    He'd left the world with knowledge,
    And a smirk upon his face.

    That's when the old lord lost his sight,
    And when it all went dark.
    But there is always hope so bright,
    When youth picks up a spark.