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  • guardian 4h


    What is it
    What are you made of
    How can one casual glance from you
    Make me realize how much of a woman I am
    Your voice,
    like a brook flowing over rounded pebbles,
    Makes me feel inflamable
    Your touch,
    smooth like a moth's wings,
    Makes me willing to let you consume me with your fire.
    Pull me closer by the hips,
    Leave behind a burning trail
    Beckon moans from my lips,
    Steal my breath and make a mess,
    Until all that is left of me
    Is ashes.


    #fantasy #love
    #risque #passion

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  • sharmee_m 4h

    An escape from the reality via fantasy fiction✨

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #fantasy

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    What are we?
    - Mortals with a chaotic mind
    tired of existing
    What do we want?
    - An escape from reality
    How do we get that?
    - By diving into books and movies
    of magical fantasy


  • romyroy 13h

    The Lost Report

    I am lost, not in the darkness
    I am lost in the light, where
    everything is bright and right.


  • lifenotes_saloni 1d

    Fantasies do exist but to feel it u must be a pure soul❤️

  • umarmaaz 3d

    The Play

    A lots been said we're not born ready,
    But stand for something and be steady,
    The thrones are real and unable to bear,
    For path be uncertain and death be near.

    Pain and death we feel but we got to deal,
    With the past be done future look for zeal,
    For in insecurity lies the security,
    And learn from it for it may lead you to maturity.

    Prayed to God but he refused to hear,
    The pleas of mine and turned a blind ear.
    And said a day in dreams of dark but clear:

    You have is what you won't in the distant,
    And won't shall you get for life is an instant,
    Yet complain you all that i don't teach,
    But haven't i sent goodness down to preach?

    Naked yourself from the bondage of hate,
    And cloth with love for it is not yet late,
    See around and find the purpose for birth,
    And dance for soon be you'll one of dirt,

    Don't trouble yourself for name and fame,
    For soon you'll realise its all just a Game,
    So laugh and cry and hate and love,
    And your name shall be cheered by the angels above!


  • nefe28ostar 4d

    Amusement pt. 1

    You cannot comprehend my love
    For imaginary things,
    Yet here you are, being that
    Which made me so.

  • puzzledgirl 1w

    My secret fantasy

    Every night I stare at my glass window

    And wait for an owl to bump into it,

    Carrying my Hogwarts admission letter

    Marking this muggle world’s grand exit.

    Can’t wait to meet Mr. Harry Potter

    Brave eyes behind those round gold rim,

    Can’t wait to learn all mind-blowing spells

    With Hermione and Ron we’ll make a lovely team.

    Can’t wait to be welcomed by professor Dumbledore,

    Eagerly waiting to wear that house sorting hat,

    Will attend Snape’s defense against dark arts class

    I’m sure I’ll learn to make my Patronus, a cat.

    We’ll take our night strolls in the nearby woods

    With Hagrid in charge of our food and drive,

    We will fight the monsters and trolls on our way

    To stop “you-know-who” from coming back alive.

  • radhee 1w

    Sometimes boring classes lead to better creations ������������������

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    ️The cloudy Paradise

    And atlast,
    I have explored the horizon-
    Where land and sky met.
    It is here; but don’t know where.
    I could see:
    the boundary,
    The floating clouds
    -longing for pleasure ,
    Boats and ships
    – craving for peace.
    And beyond the boundary
    There is a paradise, where –
    Peace, pleasure and joy
    Sold for free!
    when I stepped into the boat,
    The ferocious thunder storm jiggled me.
    The way rushing to the paradise,
    The shapes re moulded.
    Within a blink,
    Everything got blended into the blue!
    Where am I now?
    Did hallucinations made me insane?
    It is time to wake up from the nap
    I was just counting the clouds!!!

  • willemvanherk 1w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 8 Part 1

    Chapter 8
    Crayon vs Electro
    An announcement came on.
    " Crayon and Electro will be fighting in five minutes "
    " There will be three matches today "
    " Enjoy the fights "
    Meanwhile people were talking.
    " Man, I cannot wait for this " said Oceanoke.
    " Electro will finish Crayon off "
    " He will look like a sad motherfucker " said Easeion.
    " I love him sad "
    " We will be living it up when we see that " said Xax.
    " Hahahahaha " they both said.
    " I should be fighting soon " said Blackin. " Crayon will crumble hopefully "
    " He will not win today " said Blackina.
    " His elimination is what we all want here " said Whites.
    " He will look foolish out there " said Melissa.
    " Hahahaha, Crayon's no winner "
    " Go Electro " said Colour Administrator.
    " Colourland is at stake here "
    " No, it isn't " said Challenger. " This is a tournament here "
    " Colourland must be ruled by me " said Colour King.
    " You can't really believe that "
    " Well, it is true " said Artby. " Baking is what creates winners "
    " Bread does so much, Crayon will not lose thanks to bread "
    " Hahahahaha " said Easeion. " No baker can stop the end of Crayon "
    " Fear will awaken within him, with no hope for him in this tournament "
    " Well this should be a good battle " said Warbler.
    " It will, Electro will be the victor " said Queen Starling.
    " Bird's Isle is counting on Electro, go Electro go " said Blackburnian.
    " No, it isn't " said Grackle.
    " How could you disrespect Warbler like that " said Blackburnian. " Crayon has been one of the worst friends for him ever "
    " He has not understood his potential, the great meals he has eaten "
    " Meals ? " asked Dove.
    " Yes, Warbler means so much for Bird's Isle " said Blackburnian. " When Warbler hangs out with Crayon it is not good for Bird's Isle "
    " When Warbler is with us advisors, it is good for Bird's Isle "
    " I don't see that " said Challenger.
    " Well, then you are wrong " said King Bobby. " This is why I prefer Colour King "
    " Colour King is the best " said Colourclever. " He has made Colourland such a good place "
    The fight then was about to start, Easeion was giving Crayon the thumbs down and booing him while Xax was laughing.
    Crayon then started charging up his Ultimate Heatwave Blast while Electro used his Ultimate Disaster Bomb.
    " So, now you see my new power " said Electro.
    " You will see my improved ability " said Crayon.
    " I will make sure that a dick like Challenger will not succeed " said Electro.
    " Colour King has not been one, he has been so good for people "
    " What people would those be ? " asked Crayon.
    " Great people from Colourland " said Electro. " People who see the type of leader that Colour King is, we need more like him "
    Crayon then fired off his Ultimate Bird Bomb while Electro used the Ultimate Disaster Blast, the attacks collided with each other.
    " Electro's got this " said Oceanoke.
    " He sure does " said Colour Queen.
    " Crayon is going down " said Colour Dictator.
    " I must rule Colourland, the people need that " said Colour King.
    Electro then started charging his Disaster Implosion while Crayon used his Bird Implosion, the attacks collided.
    " Hahahahaha " said Electro.
    " I am feeling great out here "
    " I will keep fighting, let's go " said Crayon.
    Electro and Crayon then started punching and kicking each other, knocking each other down to the ground.
    Electro used his Disaster Implosion again while Crayon used his Heatwave Implosion, the attacks hit their respective targets.
    Electro then got up, he used his Tenfold Disaster Strike while Crayon used his Tenfold Bird Strike, the attacks then hit each other and they went to the ground.
    Electro then used his Electrical Barrage which directly hit Crayon and knocked him down.
    " Crayon, face my electric power " said Electro.
    " Hahahaha "
    " You will see the end "
    " No, I still have a lot more " said Crayon.
    " Well, let's see it " said Electro.
    Electro then fired his Disaster Implosion while Crayon used his Heatwave Implosion to counter, they were both hit down to the ground.
    " Electro has got this " said Lord Grackle.
    " We need his victory " said Colour King.
    " Crayon losing means so much to Bird's Isle " said Queen Starling.
    " Yes, when he loses we must celebrate " said King Bobby.
    " He is still fighting " said Artby. " Bread keeps him fighting, bread has strengthened Crayon in many ways "
    " You can tell that bakers love the man and want more bread in his mouth "
    " They just say that for the money " said Melissa.
    " Melissa has a point " said Whites.
    " No, bread has made Crayon's mouth a better mouth which is great " said Artby.
    " A better mouth ? " asked Melissa. " That does not make sense at all "
    " Crayon will lose, bakers have done nothing for the man except make some money off him "
    " We all will witness him losing " said Blackina.
    " Yes, he isn't going to win " said Melissa.
    " He is not on the level of Blackin " said Easeion.
    " Easeion, we beat him " said Colouruke.
    " Blackin is more in love with me and more powerful now " said Blackina. " His love is so strong, the power that has been created from it is out of this world "
    " I love Blackin "
    " I love you, Blackina " said Blackin.
    The fight continued, Crayon then rushed Electro with his Tenfold Heatwave Strike while Electro used his Electric Barrage. They both took damage but they both were able to get up.
    Electro then used his Ultimate Disaster Blast while Crayon used his Ultimate Bird Bomb, the attacks collided with each other. Electro was slightly struggling but he got up.
    " You are stronger than I thought " said Electro. " Challenger is too much of a dick for me to quit "
    " He has been one to Colourland "
    " I just don't see that " said Crayon.
    " Crayon, you know better than that " said Electro. " You can support Colour King, he is not a dick "
    " I don't support him, he has gone so far " said Crayon.
    " He has gone so far for Colourland and the Colourlandish people " said Electro. " Challenger did not do that, let's fight "
    Electro then fired his Ultimate Disaster Bomb while Crayon used his Ultimate Bird Blast to counter, they both were hit.
    Crayon then used his Bird Implosion while Electro used his Disaster Implosion, they both were knocked down to the ground.
    Electro was getting near the end but he got up.
    " Electro cannot lose " said Oceanoke. " This cannot end like that "
    " Bakers want that " said Artby.
    " They have nothing to do with this tournament " said Colourclever.
    " Bakers and tournaments are connected by baking, baking does so much " said Artby.
    " Baking ? " asked Colour Dictator. " Artby, you are not going to fool us "
    " I'm not fooling people, I just love baking " said Artby.
    " Baking's going to give Crayon the victory, bakers have loved Crayon too much as a customer for him to lose the fight "
    " Hahahahaha " said Easeion. " I do not see that being true in any way "
    " I have been booing him "
    " How has that been working ? " asked Challenger.
    " I am booing him right now " said Easeion. " He must have not heard me, I will start yelling right now.
    Easeion then starting booing extremely loud and Crayon noticed.
    Xax then started doing some dissing towards Crayon but not as loud as Easeion.
    " You guys are great " said Blackin. " Hahahahahaha, I love seeing this "
    " Electro is not going to win the fight " said Colourea.
    " This booing will bring him down " said Easeion. " I can destroy morale a lot, I have been a huge morale destroyer when I want to be "
    " Morale destroyer ? " asked Colouruke.
    " I am just lost " said Grackle.
    " Grackle, you don't get how I am " said Easeion. " You will be crushed by me and look really stupid "
    " Yeah, I think not " said Dove.
    " Dove, he will win " said Xax. " I will be happy to see him get his victory "
    Crayon then was irritated by the booing but not enough to distract him much. Electro then landed a punch but Crayon then was able to kick him. Electro fired off his Disaster Implosion with the last bit of energy but it was not enough to defeat Crayon who won the fight.

  • leannemriddy 2w


    A thousand words scribbled
    A single song
    Sung for a thousandth time
    A thousand moves
    Repeated for a millionth time
    Hundreds of fascinating sights
    Millions of memories captured
    But my heart
    Lingers for more
    Cause within the depths of my mind
    I know I have nothing
    To claim and own
    Millions of fascinating adventures
    Thousands of confusing mysteries
    Hundreds of wonderful sights
    Reality they're novels
    Despair in my imaginary world
    The arrow of reality
    Struck my soul
    Fantasy of having a second chance
    Was blasted off
    Everything was nothing more than
    A Desired Fantasy

  • james_taumas 2w


    Absolom they cry
    The beautiful warrior
    An angel fallen
    His sword named desolation
    Pestilence his steed
    A lord of war
    Demon host he leads
    Bloody tsunami follows
    Widows and children mourn
    Cities to ash
    The destroyer has arrived.


  • willemvanherk 2w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 7 Part 2

    Challenger was confronted by Blackin.

    " So Challenger, you will go down " said Blackin.
    " My love for Blackina is a love that cannot ever stop, I have a special desire "
    " We'll see about that " said Challenger.
    " I love Blackina so much, my love for her beautiful body will guide me to victory "
    " It gives me so much power, my techniques are stronger due to that kind of loving "
    " Her body ? " asked Challenger.
    " Yes, you have seen her body for yourself " said Blackin.
    " Yes, I have " said Challenger. " I just don't see how her body will change that "
    " You will see for yourself " said Blackin. " Her body does so much, you will understand her body and what it will do "
    " She will win her next fight "
    " Challenger, you will see it for yourself "
    Blackin then left towards where Blackina and Whites.
    " Electro vs Crayon will be very interesting " said Whites. " Easeion has promised to diss Crayon during the fight "
    " We will get to see if Crayon deals with that well or not " said Blackina.
    " I hope he doesn't " said Whites.
    " Yeah, that would be perfect " said Blackina.
    " Crayon's downfall will be good for the Bear " said Blackin. " I will win this for Blackina "
    " My cousin will do this " said Whites.
    " Easeion will get to Crayon and make him screw up really bad "
    " Hahahahaha " they all said.
    Meanwhile Crayon and his friends were together with Grackle and Dove.
    " Electro will be a good opponent to fight " said Crayon. " I am ready "
    " You will give him a nice asskicking, bakers want that from you " said Artby.
    " I have given some good asskickings for baking, baking is very important "
    " Baking is so important to a baker, bakers are very important for fighting "
    " Fighting ? " asked Colourea.
    " Baking is so important when I fight " said Artby.
    " Bakers know that they are very important "
    " They do ? " asked Colouruke.
    " Yes, they know that they are well admired for baking, customers get it " said Artby.
    " Customers understand what it means to buy bread, they never ever forget that "
    " Uh, okay " said Crayon.
    " We will be enjoying these fights " said Grackle.
    " Bakers love us, they want us to win " said Artby.
    " Baking does that, baking makes bakers want us winning a tournament "
    " Baking ? " asked Dove.
    " Baking is something that does so much, I will love baking more by the month " said Artby.
    " Well, we should eat " said Challenger.
    They ate their supper which they enjoyed, meanwhile Warbler was with Allie.
    " I am happy to see you here " said Warbler.
    " King Bobby was so strong " said Allie.
    " Yeah, he is very powerful " said Warbler.
    " I want Crayon to beat Electro, King Bobby will be rooting for Electro "
    " Yeah, that is for sure " said Allie.
    " Crayon should be able to win "
    " This is a fight that will be very intense " said Warbler.
    " It is, I love you Warbler " said Allie.
    Allie then kissed Warbler and they embraced each other.
    Meanwhile Blackburnian was with King Bobby, Queen Starling and Diana.
    " So, I heard that Easeion will diss Crayon during the fight " said Diana.
    " Yes, he will do so " said King Bobby.
    " Crayon has not been a friend to Warbler that he can have, I have done so much for Warbler " said Blackburnian.
    " Warbler's potential is out of this world "
    " Yes, it sure is " said Queen Starling.
    " We will save Warbler for the sake of Bird's Isle" said King Bobby. " Bird's Isle is a great place and it is place designed for Warbler "
    " Warbler must be in Bird's Isle not with Crayon "
    " Yes, he must come with us when you win " said Queen Starling.
    " The dating site has done wonders for him, Crayon never did that for him " said Blackburnian.
    " Not once "
    " Yes, Electro needs a victory tomorrow " said King Bobby.
    " He will get one " said Diana.
    " Crayon must lose for the sake of Bird's Isle, Bird's Isle needs him to lose " said King Bobby.
    " Bird's Isle needs Warbler this way, I'll never go against Bird's Isle "
    Crayon and his friends were confronted by Easeion, Electro, Oceanoke and Xax.
    " So what do we have here " said Easeion.
    " You are a dick, Challenger " said Electro.
    " Colour King is just saying that " said Challenger.
    " No, he is right " said Electro. " Challenger, you have ruined this "
    " He has not done that, bread goes against that " said Artby.
    " Yeah, no " said Oceanoke.
    " No bread will change what is going on " said Electro.
    " Challenger's a dick " said Electro. " He's a dick to Colourland "
    " That makes no sense " said Artby.
    " It makes tons of sense " said Oceanoke. " I know what we are doing "
    " Crayon has a match to lose tomorrow " said Xax.
    " He will win " said Artby.
    " No, he is not going to do that " said Easeion. " Crayon is going down "
    " No, he is not " said Colouruke.
    " Crayon will look like he cannot fight " said Electro.
    " I will do that against him "
    " We will see in our match tomorrow " said Crayon.
    " Yes, we will " said Challenger.
    " Well we are heading off " said Easeion. " Electro is going to win and you will look sad "
    " Hahahahahaha "
    They went to their seperate areas, Crayon and his friends continued talking.
    " I was approached by Blackin " said Challenger.
    " What did he want ? " asked Colourea.
    " He was mentioning Blackina's body " said Challenger. " He was talking about how beautiful her body is "
    " What ? " asked Grackle.
    " Who knows " said Dove.
    " Well, he will be fighting soon " said Colouruke. " He is thinking things about Blackina's body that will not change fighting "
    " Baking does, not Blackina " said Artby. " Baking helps fighting a lot "
    " Bread does so much for the fighter "
    " We will keep eating delicious bread which will guide us to victory "
    " Uh, yeah " said Grackle.
    " Yeah, we can head there before 6pm most days " said Dove.
    " True " said Crayon. " I wonder who else will fight tomorrow "
    " Blackin and Blackina maybe " said Colouruke.
    " That is a possibility " said Challenger.
    " Well, let's head to our rooms " said Dove.
    They headed to their respective rooms. Meanwhile Melissa and Whites were talking.
    " I am curious about what Easeion will do " said Melissa.
    " I know that he will help the Bear " said Whites.
    " Crayon will be off his game " said Melissa.
    " We need that " said Whites. " He will feel so weak, the way we want him "
    " Electro will have no problem " said Melissa.
    " He will shock Crayon in the fight " said Whites.
    " Crayon will look hopeless, the lack of hope is what we all want " said Melissa.
    " You are someone I admire "
    " Thanks, you too as well " said Whites.
    The two of them embraced, Crayon and Colourea were talking.
    " I love you " said Crayon.
    " Same as well " said Colourea.
    " I will fight hard tomorrow " said Crayon.
    Crayon and Colourea were kissing each other while embracing each other at the same time.
    Meanwhile Warbler was called by King Bobby.
    " Warbler, you know what is going to happen tomorrow " said King Bobby.
    " Electro is fighting Crayon " said Warbler.
    " We must support Electro for the sake of Bird's Isle, we must want Electro to win " said King Bobby.
    " It will be an intense fight " said Warbler.
    " Warbler, Electro will take him down " said King Bobby. " Electro is working with Colour King, who is going to bring back the partnership "
    " I will see you tomorrow morning "
    " See you then " said Warbler.
    Meanwhile, Blackin and Blackina were kissing each other and were talking.
    " Your body, it's beauty is great " said Blackin.
    " Thanks, I need that " said Blackina.
    " Our love and our power will make us gain a tremendous victory " said Blackin.
    " Our desires for each other are so strong " said Blackina.
    " Yes, nobody can love as much as I can ever " said Blackin. " I am just too much in love for you, Blackina it seems to be "
    " It is my Bear leader darling " said Blackina.
    Eventually, night came and everyone went to bed.

    Morning came, everyone came downstairs for breakfast.
    " I will win this match today " said Electro.
    They then enjoyed

  • lightafterrain 2w

    《So this is my 9th poem, hope you like it》
    《Follow me for more poems》
    #fantasy #daydreaming
    #mirakee #writersnetwork

    Reality will break your heart
    So don't force me to leave this world of fantasy
    Where every imposible happenings begin to start
    And hard things begin to be easy.

    Smiles after sadness
    Confidence and happiness
    Rainbow after Gray skies
    Relationships without lies
    Stars in my eyes
    No tears after goodbyes

    But sometimes here in reality
    Promises are made to be buried
    Tears after laughter
    Dreams are made to be shattered
    If ever you see me experiencing nightmares, wake me up
    But if I'm dreaming about fantasy,don't wake me up

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    Living in fantasy

  • eden_with_eve 2w

    She's got a pair of Red Ridinghood lips.
    A wolfish way of telling tales that rip people to shreds.
    Set the fairytale forest on fire to laugh at the way it burns.
    In its glow she looks a monstrous beauty.

  • inkandfable670 3w

    Part - 3

    Last part....

    My astonished eyes
    Were following my curious heart,
    And then l saw
    A man sitting on a rock, as flowers
    Bend down when
    They get withered, same as his
    Bowed head and dim
    Eyes were facing the earth ,
    With all his power and
    Strength ,he looks like a Greek warrior,
    Expressing his pain
    In the form of shedding tears ,
    I rubbed my eyes
    And watched him again,
    As I haven't seen
    A man crying when he is in pain,

    Just as the longest voyage
    Hardly satisfy the adventurous mariners ,
    Something like that ,
    Was happening with me during those hours ,
    My feet weren't tired
    Neither were I, they can still walk for
    Miles and miles,
    Why I'm hearing a familiar voice ,
    Waking me up ,
    Saying time is swiftly flying ,today
    You have college
    And it's already nine 9,
    This startled me, I woke up and
    Streached out my arms ,
    Oh it was a dream
    Dreams never exist in real life ,
    All those sight
    Captured by my close eyes
    Will be vivid
    Forever in my vision till I'm alive.



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    The Dream

  • thoughts_404 3w

    And in the end, life is mysteriously magical in its own way....✨

  • thoughts_404 3w

    You never know what is made for you
    So don't expect too much,
    Just go with the flow
    And for sure the unexpected one
    Will be the best of all....✨

  • willemvanherk 3w

    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 7 Part 1

    Chapter 7
    The Evening at the Tournament
    Meanwhile, King Bobby was talking with Easeion.
    " So, Easeion as you know Crayon is fighting next " said King Bobby. " You fought against Warbler but now we are on the same side "
    " Yes, I will diss Crayon during the match " said Easeion. " I will fuck with him good "
    " Hahahaha "
    " We need him to lose, I don't know about Electro as a fighter " said King Bobby. " Me, Challenger and Colour King are stronger than Crayon so Electro should have a shot "
    " Electro believes Challenger to be a dick " said Easeion.
    " Electro's victory will be important " said King Bobby.
    " Yeah, Crayon will look so sad and useless which is the way I want him " said Easeion.
    " Crayon will feel worthless as shit, I will be smiling like the rest of the Bear "
    " I want him feeling like shit, I want him to feel ashamed of himself "
    " Well, I have to get back to the advisors, so see you later " said King Bobby.
    Electro and Oceanoke were together.
    " Challenger's a dick " said Electro. " Crayon will defend him which is not right "
    " Perhaps Crayon is not aware of what is happening in Colourland " said Oceanoke.
    " Crayon is a guy that never understood Colour King and what he did " said Electro. " Colour King was not a dick "
    " He understood Colourlandish people very well and he wanted them to not commit crimes against the country "
    " Yeah, Colour King is great " said Oceanoke.
    " I am winning my fight tomorrow " said Electro. " The confidence is through the roof "
    " Good " said Oceanoke. " Crayon must fall down and look not like a hero "
    " If he was a hero, he would find Challenger to be a dick " said Electro.
    " So, he isn't one "
    Meanwhile Easeion and Xax were together in the hotel.
    " Crayon is going to look like a moron " said Xax.
    " I am going to diss him during the fight " said Easeion.
    " Electro is going to win " said Xax. " We are united in our disdain for Crayon "
    " We will all be living it up and enjoying ourselves "
    " Crayon will be a sad motherfucker " said Easeion.
    " I do not want him to feel any joy in this tournament, his joy must be destroyed "
    " This alliance will guarantee that " said Xax.
    " Hahahahaha " they both said.

  • j_sathyan 3w

    #fantasy #Nyctophile #dreamer

    Crazy captions on a random click !

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    Through the chaos,
    To Where, the day fades
    And Dreams begin.
    Where once again,
    I could see you, alive and well !

    *Random click

  • thoughts_404 3w

    Even a bad storm will be a start for a strong positivity ✨