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    Saevenia Facts

    Avarkair, also known as The Wandering Isles, is a mysterious continent on Saevenia. It moves around and sometimes seems to disappear all together. Not much is known about where it goes. Some people refuse to believe that it even exists, and insist that it was made up to scare children; steering them away from a life of piracy.

  • fswritings204 1d


    Fantasies are something, which we all want to be true, some people want fantasy as physical means, some people want money as fantasy, some people want power as fantasy, but the actual meaning of fantasy is that thing that keeps you awake that makes happy excited n many a more things without even having it real.
    N you know what the if you want to know the real meaning of fantasy love someone so much that you only want their smile to remain as your only constant n more fantasy is loving someone one sided n then talking to that person, making that person do silly things just for you, play with you, thats the fantasy we should always imagine, there's no greater treasure than one sided love its love with zero lust, zero expectations n zero efforts n thats the love we wish for don't we?
    After all my friend fantasies are never achieved they are always imagined

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    Saevenia Facts

    Lysaitins are a prodigious race of reptilian humanoids. Originally from Tayaceena, they are intelligent and strong enough to withstand the immense gravity of their home planet.

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    Saevenia Facts

    Herroshua of Uiren is based on Jesus Christ

  • lolablackthorn 5d


    I think I want to have "it"
    The way the ones that "got it"
    Have "it"
    The ones whose caffeinated words
    Always fall into place
    Typewriters clacking phrases
    Into patterns of lace
    I can't write a poem
    I don't eventually hate
    I've accepted mediocrity as my
    Inevitable fate
    For the the ordinary
    Is how they survive
    Making history out of
    Someone's unoriginal life
    They already wrote the ending
    Of you and I
    I want to tell it differently
    But I'm too scared to try
    At this point metaphors fail
    Once my words sound real
    Is when I bail
    I think every doubt is
    My holy grail
    Do you think anonymity leaves a trail

  • todd_towers 5d

    Fantasy Adventure

    There are no
    Magic words
    Spells to-do
    Ancient hoards

    No jewels
    Divine lost,
    Curse befools
    Caverns posh

    Mystery not
    In taverns hot,
    Though it smiles a lot

    Mystery in love bequeathed;
    Smiles and trials,
    Friends gathered
    Hands scattered,
    Boundless love through
    Kindness shines.

    Fantasy lives
    In God's bliss

  • jichawrites 5d

    Bubble Popped

    You should not ruin someone's fantasy
    Maybe its the only thing that keeps them motivated; tthat keeps them away from negativity and toxicity that is bought by this world's reality.
    For you its lame and nonsense but maybe for them jts something special that they hold unto it.

    Don't ruin someone's fantasy
    it's like telling a 3 year old kid that Santa isn't real.


  • miraii 2w


    The concept of tomorrow
    Is that of a Weight, tilting between
    Will it be,
    Will it not be;

    Tomorrow is not for you to wait
    (Let's wait for tomorrow) No,
    Tomorrow is the one that waits for you.
    Will it be there for you?
    Will it not be there for you?
    For tomorrow is an everlasting concept
    That will be there, even if you're not.

    Tomorrow is mysterious yet certain.
    An unspoken promise, that is
    Kept and reneged at the same time,
    A sign of hope,
    A reason for hope,
    A hope that drives people to live,
    Live today to see the beautiful
    Dawn of tomorrow.


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    Saevenia Facts

    Pirate activity has been high throughout Saevenia since the Fairwestian War, during the earliest years of Saevenia's history.

  • saevenia 2w

    Saevenia Facts

    There is a new Aurfairene every 20,000-35,000 years. The mysterious early coming of the 7th Aurfairene has resulted in many strange events.
    Art owned by me!

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    Saevenia Facts

    Saevenia's universe has unstable physical laws which result in it being quite different to our own. It is roughly 500 billion years old, light travel is instantaneous, celestial bodies are more static, and magic is possible. The universe isn't moving further apart like our one is. One character says of our universe: "This one is stretching out and moving away from itself, resulting in a lot of... Well, space. It is violent and isn't aging well, how unfortunate for its lifeforms. The more intelligent among them should get out while they still can."

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    Saevenia Facts

    The huge and mysterious alien planet Tayaceena, explored by Aishro Scouts in USY 8,600, is based on Pandora from the movie Avatar.

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    Saevenia Facts

    The tribal people of inhospitable Fyreayn are almost pure Khetsah, the original inhabitants of Saevenia. They believe themselves to see things the most clearly out of all the races.

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    Saevenia Facts

    Saevenia has its own pantheon of divine beings. One of them is the Goddess Avalessa, who takes a particular interest in the people of Saevenia.

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    Saevenia Facts

    It's long been rumoured that there are undead dinosaur-like monsters lurking deep in the Veralinian jungles. They are held off by The Two-Faced Guardian, immortal ruler of Veralin. He's known for occasionally going insane and wreaking havoc on Veralin's inhabitants, however...

  • saevenia 2w

    Saevenia Facts

    Saevenia is currently orbiting a planet known as Tayaceena. Tayaceena is a volatile world full of strange and dangerous beings, who are powerful enough to withstand their planet's immense gravity. Tayaceena is roughly 4 times the size of Jupiter.

  • dosbambi 2w

    For those who don't believe in pre marital sex, or fornication, for religious reasons, they anticipate their wedding night with every thing within them.

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    Here it is, first of its kind,
    the first of many of its beautiful kind.
    Many time I've wallowed in the thought
    of what will make of this first of its kind.
    The first of many to come for you and I.
    Come here my lady, let our bodies
    get closer than they ever did to each other
    that they might whisper their secret desires
    as they have been sold out to each other.
    Hold me everywhere, please feel free to roam
    all over my body as your soul so desires
    because tonight, all my soul desires
    is to explore your body like an explorer.
    Come now, let us lie together,
    this night has to be very different.
    The first time is the most anticipated time.
    We are no longer two for we have become one.
    Shame is prohibited here for it's an holy night.
    Lie with me my woman, let me worship your body,
    my offering has long waited for this night.

  • the_amorist 2w

    My Meek With A Supernatural (B)

    She's not the type to be described as exorable
    Blessed with a kind of beauty
    And a unique quintessence of ingenuity
    You would hardly ever see in a mere mortal

    Question how I can make these claims so boldy
    About this entity at which I marvel
    And what I'll do simply
    Is speak of my meek with a supernatural

    Eyes like an illusion
    You'll fall prey to them at first sight
    Quirks and insecurities she often mistakes for impurities
    If a drink be what she be
    They be the enticing aura of the solution

    Lips like refuge
    If you manage to have her smiling ear to ear
    They'll drive away your worries and fears
    In other words they feel like home

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    Uiren's diverse biomes and The Aishro's culture are based on Japan and Samurai culture!

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    Saevenia Facts

    Uiren, the majestic and magical land of the Aishro, is based on Japan.

  • miraybooks 3w

    I know.
    She is just my dreams
    Mere fantasies.

    That's why I prefer to sleep always
    And live in my fantasies.