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    What A Time (What A Lie)

    Part 6:

    Draco's eyes widened as he heard the words come out of Harry's mouth. He couldn't believe what he was listening. Harry was forced? How? Harry was still in love with him? He had read few rumours going around, Harry sleeping with blonds and calling them Draco. But after that night, last day of school, he never dared hope. They made him give Draco up? But even if they did, Harry did listen to them. He chose them when Draco didn't even make him choose.

    "Oh Merlin!" Pansy cursed.

    "Let's go. Please." Draco said desperately.

    His eyes widened as he watched Weasley leave the kitchen and pull his wand out as soon as he saw Draco. He stood there frozen as Blaise put his wand on Weasley's throat, Pansy drew her wand as well, pointing at Granger while the counter girl pointed a knife at Weasley.

    "Fucking death-eater scum." Weasley sneered.

    "Leave quietly, Weasley. Trust me, one more word, anything towards Draco, I'll rip you apart piece by piece and force your body parts down your wife's throat.

    After some grumbling, Ron took Hermione and apparated.

    "Draco?" Harry called him out.

    Draco covered his face, eyes burning as tears welled up.

    "I can't deal with this right now." Draco sobbed and ran out of the bakery.

    Harry stood there watching Draco leave. He watched him leave twice. Harry was not letting him go again. He ran after Draco. He ran behind Draco as Draco ran ahead. Harry finally caught him and they tripped, Harry on top of Draco. They were in a park.

    "Please. Listen to me once. Please." Harry begged.

    Draco cried laying there, Harry pulled him up, hugged him close. He cried himself. He cried as he told Draco everything. He told Draco about them guilting him, manupilating him into leaving Draco, using him for fame and money, Ginny's behaviour and how Harry was with Ginny. Sleeping with blond men, calling out Draco's name, everything. How he has been in love with Draco the whole time, how he's been heartbroken, full of pain and regret to ever hurt Draco like that, that he still loves Draco and always will. There was no one else. Harry begged for another chance. Begged Draco to give Harry one more shot, that Harry will spend rest of his life making it up for him. Harry said that he loved Draco. Harry held Draco as he cried in Harry's arms, holding his shirt tightly in his fist, holding him close. They sat there for who knows how long, until Draco cried all he could, until his breathing was slow and even while he still held Harry, his head on Harry's chest.

    "You leave again, it'll be the last you ever do, Potter." Draco said finally.

    "I won't. I've learnt how to be selfish now, Draco. I won't put myself or you through that again."

    What a time
    What a time
    What a time.
    For you and I.


    In Romania, Charlie Weasley smiled as he read the Prophet. They started hounding Harry and Draco again and they were still huge gossip after two years of being married. Charlie was glad. Harry deserved the happiness. He remembers the engagement party and the beautiful wedding he attended with his husband. Bill, Fleur, Molly and Arthur where there. So was Narcissa Malfoy. After three years of courting, Harry had proposed Malfoy. Malfoy said yes. Teddy was already calling Malfoy Father in first few months. It was only fair that Draco became a legal parent as well since Draco adored Teddy, loved him so much and Teddy loved him back. Charlie left the paper in the living room and walked out on the porch to his husband, kissed him on the lips.

    "I love you, Theodore Nott." Charlie smiled.

    "I know." Theo kissed him back blushing like he always did.

    <i>Harry Potter weds Death-eater's son and potioneer Draco Malfoy!

    Draco Malfoy now legal father to Harry Potter's godson?

    Harry Potter now a Malfoy!

    The Potter-Malfoy wedding! Pictures in page two, three and four.<i>

    "That's it, Potter. Scream my name!" Harry said as he fucked Draco hard and fast.

    "Harry!" Draco screamed his name again and again as he felt his orgasm rip through.

    They curled up in the bed, Harry holding him close as Draco snuggled him. They shared a lazy kiss, both smiling.

    "Good night, Mr Malfoy." Draco said as he closed his eyes.

    "Good night, Mr Potter." Harry smiled, holding Draco tighter and never letting him go.

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    What A Time (What A Lie)

    Part 5

    (I think of the night in the park, it was getting dark
    And we stayed up for hours
    What a lie, what a lie, what a lie
    You clinged to my body like you wanted it forever
    What a lie, what a lie, what a lie
    For you and I
    What a lie, what a lie
    For you and I)

    Harry prepared a dark chocolate Marjolaine but instead of the pastry, he made it a cake. He made honey-lemon drizzle pastries along with it, raspberry dark chocolate sauce, lemon cheesecake mousse, lemon tarts and Madeleines. He put it on statis to keep it fresh but to not over freeze it when he heard the the door jingle. It was Ron and Hermione.

    Draco's and Harry's birthday were the only time they came to visit. They might have come for Teddy's birthday like twice, and never during the Hogwarts battle anniversary. Harry had started resenting them after they forced him away from Draco. Hermione was hell bent to have Harry go into Auror Corps with Ron while she studied law. When Harry had thought that his life literally can't be more shitty and miserable after losing Draco, the auror training proved him wrong. Six months after the training, after that pathetic life, he fled to France. Since then he left everything Britain. He didn't read the prophet, never knew what's happening there, that included what's happening with Draco.

    "Harry?" Hermione entered the kitchen.

    "I literally, really have no time for this. I have a special order and client who has birthday tonight. Please leave." Harry grit his teeth.

    "Tada!" Pansy squeaked as she removed the blindfold from Draco's eyes. She had said that she found a perfect place to celebrate Draco's birthday. It was Harry's bakery. Fuck!

    "We have to leave from here now!" Draco panicked.

    "What? Why?" Pansy asked.

    "Yes, Draco. Why? We thought you'd love this bakery. Jenna said that the baker was cute as well. Fits your type."

    "I know." Draco panicked. "The baker is Harry Potter."

    "What?" Blaise and Pansy squealed.

    "Please, lets leave." Draco said and turned.

    "Mr Malfoy! Please wait! Please listen to me once. Arry is very sorry about everything. He loves you Mr Malfoy, he's broken and regrets it very much. You don't know what appened zat night. You zont know what zey did to make Arry leave you. Give em a chance please. Just zoo ezplain emzelf." The counter girl begged.

    That's when they heard ear splitting yelling of Harry Potter.

    "Leave!" Harry said again, his teeth gritting.

    "I really don't understand, Harry. How could you do this to us for that fucking death-eater. He almost killed me!" Ron yelled.

    "And I almost killed him, in much more painful way. Yet he never complained once!" Harry yelled back.

    "We accepted you, Harry. I gave you my family! I gave you something you never had. If it wasn't for all the fucking sacrifices we made for you, you would've died in first year!"

    "I was supposed to die anyway. And I never asked you to come. I specifically told you not to, time and again. You came with me because you wanted to. You came because you were Harry Potter's so called best friend. Don't give me this bullshit, Ronald, just because you can't use my friendship anymore. I know the only reason you want me back in your life is because no one respects you two idiots who drove Britain's golden boy away." Harry replied furiously.

    "After everything he put us through, Harry? Hermione asked.


    "It's wrong, Harry. Wanting to be with him is wrong." Hermione said.

    "Oh, because wanting to be with Ron's gold digging whore of a sister was alright? Don't even try to deny it. She's made that reputation after I left. If I were to give in to her, she would've made me drop Teddy to an orphanage so that she could use all the money I would spend on my son."

    "He isn't your son. He's just another orphan you have to keep. Another responsibility added on you when you could have just lived your life freely." Ron said.

    "Fuck off, Ronald. Don't you dare say that about my son. And free life? Look at me! I'm miserable because of you both. I could've been living a happy life as I want with Draco but you ruined it for me! You wrecked my already shitty life. He and Teddy were the only thing good in my life, something to look forward to. You ruined it."

    That they did. That night, after the park when Harry came back to his dorm, Ron, Hermione and Ginny forced their views on him. Made him feel guilty about wanting to be with Draco. Blamed on Harry for Fred's death, blamed Draco as well. Blamed Hermione having to obliviate her parents for a war Harry was apparantly the cause of. And Harry, the boy with no self worth, drowned in guilt, finally relented. And broke Draco's heart as well as his own. It took him opening up to Andromeda to understand the way he had continuously been manipulated. By Dumbledore, by Snape, by Voldemort, by his best friends.

    "You don't understand, do you?" Harry asks quietly. "It's not that Draco is a Malfoy. It's that my whole life have been controlled by someone else. My whole life, I've had to sacrifice everything. I had to sacrifice my happiness, my childhood, my parents, my life, people I loved, all for those who took and took and never gave me anything back. You just lost Fred. I lost a lot, lot more. Being with Draco made me happy and you had to go and make me sacrifice my happiness once again for your selfish reasons. If it were you in my place, I'd happily support you if you wanted to be with Voldemort. I'd be upset at first but once I cooled down, I would support you. Because that is what best friends do. Because they are supposed to love you. Not your fame and fortune and all the good things they'll get by being with you."

    "Nothing makes it okay you wanting to be with that bastard of an arsehole who-"

    "Shut up!" Harry yelled so loud, it broke the silencing charms he always kept in the kitchen.

    "One more word about Draco and I promise you Ronald that you won't stay alive to make a sound let alone say another word. I have told you time and again and I'm repeating it now for the last time. Get the fuck out if my life, you selfish, fame digging arseholes. Get out! You made me leave Draco! Forced me to be with that slut sister of yours. Forced me to leave the man I'm still so madly in love with. You forced me into this miserable, painful life while I could have been happily married already with him. And now, I left you. I threw you all out of my life the way you made me throw him out. Get out!" Harry yelled so loud. "OUT!"

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    What A Time (What A Lie)

    Part 4:

    Draco clears his throat.

    "Why are you getting my cheesecake?" Draco asks, making all his effort in keeping his voice closed and indifferent.

    He doesn't let the hurt on Harry's face affect him.

    "I own this place." Harry says after a while.

    "Thank you for the cake. If you don't mind, I have to finish this." Draco says politely.

    Draco won't run. He's done running. He'll sit here, finish the cake, pay and leave with his head high. He wasn't the one who used Potter. He was the one who got used. He starts working on his paper again, ignoring Potter who is standing there, looking at him. The worst part is, he can't even blame Potter. Draco is a Malfoy, he's Potter. How can Potter be with a Malfoy after everything they've done in the war. Draco just wishes, that Harry hadn't played him the way he did. He shouldn't have gone along when Draco kissed him, should have never flirted with Draco with his useless puns and compliments and sweet touches. He waits until Potter leaves and then takes a bite of his cake. Fucking Potter! He had to be good in this as well. Thanks to his occlumency that he can keep his emotions inside. He manages not to let a moan out. He sits there, finishes his cake, doesn't even ask for the frappe he had ordered, goes to the counter and leaves extra money, smiles at the girl on the counter and turns to leave. As soon as he opens the door to leave, Potter calls him.


    Draco turns to look at him.

    "I'm making honey-lemon drizzle tomorrow. With raspberry dark chocolate sauce. I'll save some for you." Harry asks, looking hopefully.

    But Draco will be damned if he let Potter in again after being thrown out that way. He's still got some pride left. He's still a Malfoy. So he does what he thinks is best. He gives Potter a sad smile.

    "Goodbye, Potter." He says and leaves.

    (I know we didn't end it like we're supposed to
    And now we get a bit tense
    I wonder if my mind just leaves out all the bad parts
    I know we didn't make sense
    I admit it that I think about it sometimes
    Even though I know it's not so distant
    Oh, no, I still wanna reminisce it)

    "He's not gonna come." Harry tells Eveta as he watches Draco leave. Hugs Eveta back as she hold him to comfort him.

    True to his words, Harry makes honey-lemon drizzle along with raspberry dark chocolate sauce. True to his guess, Draco doesn't come. Why would he after the way Harry broke his heart, humiliated him after saying he loves him back? Harry can't stop the tear that leaves his eyes.

    "Good night, Teddy bear. I love you." Harry covers Teddy with a blanket.

    "Night night dad. Love you too." Teddy says before he falls asleep.

    Harry walks out of Teddy's room towards the living room. Eve is sitting on the couch reading as Harry walks towards the bar he has set up. He takes one of the glasses, fills with with three fingers scotch. He takes the glass towards the armchair near the window, sits, taking a sip. It's Draco's birthday in couple of days. Harry has put in the order of coffee beans and chocolate from Africa. Harry always makes honey-lemon drizzle cake on his birthday, eats it alone in his misery. He knows Hermione and Ron will come back. They always do during Draco's birthday. They have got to ruin everything Draco in his life like they ruin his chance to be happy with Draco. Eight years ago, he had made the decision to leave Draco, to choose Ginny because of that night that Ron and Hermione ruined. Where they forced their choices on him, forced him to leave Draco and he did, in a way that left Draco insulted and humiliated. He hated the glee in Ron's eyes as they saw Draco's heart break, as Harry broke his heart. He couldn't be with any of them after that night. He remembers how hard Ginny tried to get through him in every way possible. He remembers Ginny trying to kiss him, drag him to bed every night, moving in with him immediately after graduating Hogwarts with them. Harry remembers the drunken haze he lived in, when he came back home and went straight to the bar, pouring him self glass after glass of neet scotch. He remembers bursting out on Ginny many times.

    "I didn't want you, Ginny. You and everyone else forced you on me. This is the only way you get me!"

    Harry had yelled, threw his glass on the wall, watched Ginny flinch as the glass shattered in million pieces. He went out that night, to a wizarding bar. Grimauld place was under construction then, renovating. Harry and Ginny lived in a two bedroom flat. Harry never let her sleep in the same room, threw her out after she tried to sleep with him, trying to lure him with sex. That night, Ginny had tried to get Harry to give Teddy up legally to Narcissa Malfoy so that 'We will be free of this forcefull responsibility and live our lives. You don't have to be a father, Harry. That kid has relatives. Drop him off.' Ginny had said. Harry lost every bit of patience left in him thay day. He went to a wizarding bar, picked up a pale blond man that reminded him much of Draco, got him home, took him in his bedroom in front of Ginny and closed the door. He had sex with him, making loud noises, making the blond scream, screaming Draco's name as he came. He let the bloke sleep in his room that night. Then he made the bloke breakfast in the morning and sent him home. He didn't bother obliviating the blond, knowing that the blond heard Harry scream Draco's name as he came. Smiled when Ginny cried, completely devastated that Harry got a random blond man home while he didn't touch Ginny nor let Ginny touch him. Rarely even allowed her to kiss him. How could he? He was gay. He told them so many times only to be brushed off as a phase. That when you have a woman, you'll understand. So Harry did the same thing two nights later, got a random blond man home and had loud sex with him with Ginny in the house.

    "Harry!" Harry heard Hermione through floo.

    The only reason he didn't block the burrow through the floo is because of Arthur and Molly. They seemed genuinely sorry for what Ginny, Ron and Hermione put Harry through. Even though they didn't agree on Draco, they were willing to accept him for Harry. After a little while, so were Bill and Fleur. Charlie always supported Harry and cut off ties with Ron, Hermione and Ginny after listening to everything they made Harry do and said to him. Charlie being a bisexual, couldn't handle his temper at the blatant homophobia. Harry understood George's reason not to support, Fred's death was something he could never move on from, but he wasn't really looking for George's permission.

    "Harry?" Hermione called again.

    "Tell her I'm not home." Harry told Eveta, knowing full well that Hermione could see him.

    "Harry, I can see you. Hear you as well." Hermione frowned.

    "Tell her I'm busy and close the floo." Harry told Eveta.

    "You heard him Granger. He's busy." Eveta gave a fake smile and cut the floo. "Fucking cunt."

    "Hmm." Harry replied.

    "Arry? There's a birthday on fifth June. Customer has asked our best dark chocolate cake along with anything lemon and raspberries. And they will pay for the bakery to be open for about four people at midnight. Shall I accept or reject it?" Eveta asked.

    "Accept it. Someone might as well have the honey-lemon drizzle with me." Harry said.

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    What A Time (What A Lie)

    Part 3

    (I think of the night in the park, it was getting dark
    And we stayed up for hours
    What a time, what a time, what a time
    You clinged to my body like you wanted it forever
    What a time, what a time, what a time
    For you and I
    What a time, what a time
    For you and I)

    Draco's presentation was a success. He walked out of the La Rosita hospital with a sprint on his steps. Draco had worked too damn hard for where he was today. He remembers how he was forced to do community service making potions for St Mungos. Where he learnt so much, experimented so much. He managed to make and modify some potions. He managed to modify Skellegrow in chocolate flavour which was extremely difficult because anything could easily ruin that potion. He made cosmetic potions that could colour your hair without slightest bit of damage. He remembers that St Mungos wanted to take all the credit but Draco stood on his feet. Didn't let anyone steal his credit. He was to work with St Mungos for two years and in two years, he made a name in potions so well that La Rosita contacted them. La Rosita was way more advanced and famous than St Mungos. Working in La Rosita was an honour. He remembers when he was quitting St Mungos for La Rosita, who were paying Draco heafty salary for his potions work, St Mungos tried to guilt him into staying for free after his community service for free was done, saying he had to stay here to make up for his mistakes and all the people he hurt. It almost worked until his Slytherin brain started to work and he refused. He had paid his dues. Now he'll live his life. He left for Fance four years ago.

    After another success and a salary raise, Draco decided to treat himself with desserts. He had seen this mint green bakery yesterday and wanted to try it out. He loved bakeries. He always tried to find bakeries wherever he went in the world. Today, he chose this one to celebrate. He wished he could celebrate it with Pansy and Blaise, but they were off on their honeymoon and wouldn't be back for another week. So Draco entered the bakery with a smile on his face, ordered lemon cheesecake with a frappe. He was working on the next steps of the potions, comparing notes when he saw the cake appear.

    "Merci." He thanked before he looked up and then his world shook."

    "Harry." Draco breathed.


    The party was going hard in the Leaky. Everyone was drunk except for Harry and Draco who were making fun of others and their drunk stupidity. It was the day of their last exams, it had just finished and they all were here to celebrate as they were all leaving for home tomorrow. Draco was sitting so close to Harry, their thighs touched, Draco could feel the warmth spread towards his groin and flutter in his chest. They were so close, looking at each other leaning so close, they could almost kiss. Draco clears his throat and leans back a bit, then he proceeds to tie up his long hair. Harry stops him, holding his hand.

    "Don't. I like it better open." Harry says.

    "You do?" Draco asks.

    "Yeah. You look beautiful like that." Harry smiles.

    Draco curses inside as he tries to hide his blush. He lets his hair fall on his cheeks.

    He watches as Weasley frowns at them and Weaslette makes her way towards them.

    "Do you wanna get out of here?" Harry asks as he watches Weaslette.

    "Yeah. Where?"

    "To a park maybe."


    "Yeah. I'm in a mood to swing."


    "Are you going to keep repeating words or can we leave?" Harry chuckles.

    "Yes, let's leave."

    "Good. Faster, she's almost here." Harry catches Draco's hand and leads him out of the Leaky and apparates them to muggle London. Thank merlin, Draco wasn't wearing any robes, just plain shirt and trousers. They walk in silence, hands holding still. Draco bites his lip. They reach a park and with an Alohamora, the gates open. They walk in the park and close the gates, Harry leads them to the swings. Harry leaves his hand to sit on one of the swings. Draco goes on to sit on the one beside him.

    "I don't think I've been on any swing since I was five." Draco says.

    "Really? Why?"

    "Swings are for children, ect."

    "You were a child."

    "Not for father, I wasn't. Mother used to love taking me to the swings set in the manor. He forced her not to." Draco said. "Mother used to laugh while she pushed me on the swing. She did it by hand instead of magic."

    He always told Harry stuff. He was as Harry got down of the swing and walked behind Draco. Draco laughed as Harry started pushing Draco's swing, playing with it as he pushed it in different directions, causing it to jerk. Draco got off the swing to playfully push Potter but ended up slipping and pulling down Harry with him, landing on top of him. He looked at Harry below him, chuckling, and then looking at him with his vibrant green eyes. He tucked Draco's hair behind him. Draco leans down, he couldn't help himself, he kisses Harry. And Harry, he kisses Draco back. Their kiss is like them, fierce, full of fire, desperate, burning and passionate. And right now, Draco doesn't care that they're rolling in dirt, Draco doesn't care about anything but Harry. And Harry's touches. And kisses. He moans as Harry pins him down on the ground, kissing him, his neck, his throat. Draco can't help the tears when Harry says words like Beautiful. You're so beautiful, Draco. Want you so much. Wanted you always. You're mine.

    Draco can't help the I Love You that leaves his throat, can't help the sob that escapes when Harry says it back as they lay there on the park ground, holding each other, clinging to each other as if the other would vanish if they let go, grinding their bulges together as they cum. He can't help the smile on his face as they go back to his dorm and Harry comes to drop him, hand in hand. He smiles as he kisses Harry goodnight.

    Draco remembers the next day, as he walked down to the common room with Pansy and Blaise, looking at Harry, smiling at him. He remembers as he was about to take a step towards him, the Weaslette ran towards him, grinning, hugging him, holding him close. He can feel the tears in his eyes as he watches Draco while he holds her back, doesn't push her away as she kisses his throat at the spot that Draco had marked him last night. Harry had healed the bites. Draco clears his throat, and walks out of the common room with as much dignity as he could muster. He refuses to talk to Pansy or Blaise about it. After telling them about last night, he feels too humiliated, to vulnerable. He can see that Blaise and Pansy are furious at Har- Potter. Once the train stop and he gets down, he can hear Potter calling him but he doesn't turn. He apparates to the manor.

    Draco maintains his shield for two seconds but as soon as he's behind the manor's closed door, he can't help it. He lets out a wretched sob. He sits down on the floor, hugging his knees close to his chest and he cries. He cries so loud with heavy sobs, cries like he hasn't in a while. He feels someone near him, sitting beside him, pulling him close. He smells his mother's perfume as she holds him close, comforting him, runing her hands on his back. He cries.

    End Flashback

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    What A Time (What A Lie)

    Part 2:

    (Even though I know it's not so distant,
    Oh, no, I still wanna reminisce it.)


    The night was dark. Harry walked towards the astronomy tower in his invisibility cloak. He needed to get away, the nightmares were getting from bad to worst. Once again he wondered if coming to Hogwarts to finish his education was a mistake. He entered the astronomy tower for some peace and quiet, only to see a mop of white blond hair. Malfoy hadn't been very interactive this year. He often ignored Harry and was always seen with Parkinson and Zanini. He still talked, spent time with Luna, took part in activities but avoided Harry. Harry still didn't know what fo feel about it. After having Malfoy as a constant in life for ao long, just to be left alone now. Harry went and sat besides him, startling the blond.

    Harry smiled as Draco laughed on his ridiculous pun. Draco loved puns. He always laughed genuinely while no one else would. Hermione would always look at him deadpanned, Ron would make a face. Ginny would always fake a giggle that he supposed was her trying to be sexy. Which didn't really make her sexy. Or it did but Harry was too busy watching Draco laugh with his eyes glittering silver. He kept looking at Draco, feeling flutter in his chest as he made Draco laugh while Ginny kept trying to get his attention, annoying Harry.

    Harry felt a shiver running down his spine as he felt Draco's fingers touch his as they walked near the black lake as Draco tried to explain potions to him. Draco always said Harry would remember it better if he taught Harry potions like they're having a conversation instead of having to sit in the library like a lecture. Draco used his hands a lot while talking but Harry couldn't help notice that his right hand wasn't much in use today because the back of that hand was touching Harry's. Harry could see the frown on Hermione and Ron. They didn't approve of Harry being friends with Malfoy even though he apologized, sincerely. In fact, Ron didn't like seeing Harry with anyone who isn't Ginny, Ron or Hermione. And Harry had clearly stated that he didn't want to be with Ginny. That it didn't feel right, being with a girl. Their breakup didn't sit well with the Weasleys. Although Molly understood, Ron didn't. Plus Ginny hated the fact that Harry wanted to adopt Teddy as soon as he left Hogwarts. Said that they should live their lives enjoying the luxury instead of raising a child. But Draco, he said as long as Harry was sure and happy with the decision, he'll support it. And Ginny, she didn't have luxury, she meant the luxury Harry will spend on her with his vaults filled with gold. Close. They were so close. So close that just a lean and their lips would touch. And Harry wanted that. Wanted that so much. So much.

    Harry almost lost his balance as he felt someone shake him. But he didn't seem to care. He just couldn't let his eyes leave Draco, sitting there biting his lip as his hair shone in the sun.

    "It's him, isn't it? Ze one you were forced to leave and push away." Eveta asked.

    Harry nodded.

    "Draco Malfoy? He zeems your type. Good on the eyes az well. Go talk to him, 'Arry." Eveta pushed.

    "I broke his heart, Eve. Broke both our hearts. I made a choice then, even though forced, I did."

    "I know you ziz, 'Arry. But what's the point in putting yourself en eem in so much pain when you've left Ron and Hemione? I mean, zhey still do try-"

    "Try because they need my help and name." Harry interfered.

    "Well, yes, buz you've anyways made a choice en then you made a choize again when you distanced yourself with zhem. Zhey're not in your life anymore, 'Arry. Not really. Not even though they keep trying so much. Give zhis a chance, Harry. Don't let it go."

    "You don't mind that he's a death-eater?" Harry asked.

    "Ex zeath-eater. And no. You can marry Voldemort himself and I'll support you. Go now. Take this lemon cheesecake." Eveta said.

    Harry took the small plate from her hand, added a bit of brownie crumbs beside the cake and few choco-chips. He took a deep breath as Eveta grinned and gave him a thumbs up. Harry went out the door, straighten his shirt and placed the plate on Draco's table.

    "Merci." Draco smiled and looked up at Harry.

    As soon as he looked up at Harry, his eyes got wide. Harry could see the emotions flicking through Draco's face. The hurt, the betrayal, the heartbreak, and it pains Harry's heart.

    "Draco." Harry gives a rueful smile, he's sure that his face is showing the pain in his heart.

    "Harry." Draco breathes.

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    #drarry #harry Potter #draco malfoy #draco malfoy/harry potter #fanfiction #drarry fanfiction #fanfic #baker harry potter #potioneer draco malfoy #post battle of Hogwarts

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    What A Time (What A Lie)

    Part 1:

    [I feel a little nauseous and my hands are shaking
    I guess that means you're close by
    My throat is getting dry and my heart is racing
    I haven't been by your side
    In a minute, but I think about it sometimes.]

    Harry moans as he feels pink soft lips close around his throat, blond hair shining over his eyes. Grey eyes twinkle and pink lips quiked in a smile. A smile that turns upside down, the twinkle in the grey eyes dying as tears well up in them . He walks away, tears in his eyes, long blond hair over defeated shoulders as he walks away. Harry wants to follow him. Wants to stop him from leaving. Harry doesn't want to lose him but he can't. He can't speak. Ginny is stopping him by kissing him. He can't push Ginny away, Ron and Hermione are holding him back. He wants to yell, wants to scream at him to stop, to don't walk away. He wants to scream just one word.


    Harry wakes up with a gasp. He lays on his bed, sweat drenching his skin, his breathing fast and laboured. He lays in his bed, tears threatening to escape. He shuts his eyes. It's been a while since he's dreamed of Draco. A week, maybe. He tries to breathe slow, tries to get it in control but can't help the sob that escapes. Can't help the tears that escape. After holding on for few months, he finally cries.

    Harry can feel his hands shaking as he tries to open the light mint green door of his little bakery with the keys. He dropped Teddy off to school and came straight here. He feels white hands over his as someone takes the keys away from him. He turns to watch Eveta watching him with concerned brown eyes. Eveta, a squib he kind of adopted. She's 17, in college, doing film making. She lives with Harry and Teddy. Her hair jet black that she can easily pass as Harry's sister, but straight instead of unruly like that of Harry's.

    "Are you okay?" She asks in heavy French accent.

    "No. But I'll be." Harry gives a rueful smile.

    Eveta opens the door for Harry and pushes him to sit on one of the small tables they placed for customers to sit.

    "I'll get you zome tea." Eveta kisses his temple and walks in the kitchen.

    The bakery is mint green and black. Pretty and feminine. French. In France. Six years ago, Harry had took Andromeda's permission, packed his and Teddy's bags and booked a flight to France. To Paris. Teddy was just two then. Andromeda, too sick to do anything, moved in with Narcissa Malfoy for her last days. Andromeda didn't want Harry or Teddy around to see yet another death so she agreed. Since then, it's been six years here, in muggle Paris. The only connection he has to wizards are that Ron and Hermione still won't leave him alone. That and he glamours himself while he takes Teddy to the wizarding streets. He hears the thunk of a tea pot placed on the table and it catches his drifted attention.

    "You dreamt of him again, didn't you?" Eveta asks.

    Harry nods.

    "Will you ever tell me who is it?"

    Harry shakes his head with a small quirk on his lips.

    "Talking will help, Harry." She says, her brown eyes drawn in concern.

    The bell on the door jingles. Saved by the bells. He gets up and walks in the kitchen as Eveta goes to greet them and take their orders. Through the day, Harry keeps himself busy with all the cooking and baking but he just can't stop the shaking of his hands. There is a pit in his stomach. It feels like that day he let Draco down, let him go. As the sun starts to drown around 4pm, the sky out is pink, golden and blue. The bakery is separated in two parts; kitchen and the place for customers to sit. The wall in between the two rooms have a small window so that Harry can see the customers. The bakery is relatively empty as Eveta brings the plates and cups in the kitchen for washing. The bell on the door rings as the door open and Harry, he can't help but feel the despair, the pain as he looks who entered.

    He watches as the beautiful blond enters the bakery. He looks so much different than he did six years go and yet still looks the same. The straight hair is not just shoulder lenght anymore, it's few inces longer below his shoulders. And it's not straight anymore as well. It has slight waves that suddenly remind him of Luna. The smirk that gave him the cocky look is nowhere to be seen. There's a soft smile playing on his lips as he speaks to Eveta in fluent French, ordering what he wants. He isn't wearing the stiff robes anymore as well. Instead, he's wearing jeans, a crop top and black leather jacket matched. His red crop top matching the red stilletos and pink gloss on his lips. He smiles at Eveta and walks to sit on one of the chairs near window that gives the view outside of the bakery. He pulls out some books and parchments and pens and starts working.

    Harry longs for him. He's been longing for him. He knows how it feels to have Draco in his arms. He knows how those lips taste. He knows how Draco smells, the fragrance of vanilla and apples. And watching Draco, it takes him back to that time.

  • simoneheinis 15w

    Sierra Hearthhart, Keep Me Warm; from my fanfiction

    Sierra sat on her wide bedroom windowsill as the morning sunlight streamed in and warmed her skin. From her room, she could see the Daggerfall docks and the waves rolling lazily against the sandy shores. Every morning she did this, staring through her open grand window out at the cool waters. She would listen to the vast array of sounds afforded to a busy coastal city, and take in all the sights as the sun kissed her hair and made it an even lighter shade of blonde.

  • willowgrungonik_ 36w


    Cesar was sitting at home playing a card game with Joaquin. "Cesar your aware how Jared doesn't get much involvement in any of our group crime sprees correct?" Joaquin had brought up. Cesar gave a slow nod eyebrows furrowed. "Ah yes I'm well aware of that fact." "And?" Cesar looked up at his brother. "And what?" "And what can we do to change that?" Cesar now suddenly won the card game cheering and clapping. "Oh yes what a relief it is to have beat you at cards haha! To answer you brother Jack is a tough egg to crack, he has always been that way. Yes it seems he's a bit more harsher on Jared. But I'm not sure we can change that. Its gone on too long. Anyway lets go see where Jared and Heath are shall we?" Cesar decided barely standing from table when Heath came walking down hall sharpening a knife. "Where's Jared?" Joaquin asked getting up from the table and walking over to Heath who now rolled his eyes. "He was just in my room spending the last half hour or so ranting about how badly everyone hates him. How do you deal with it Joaquin? I just told him I had to get a bite to eat but honestly I just couldn't take much more of his complaining and whining ugh." Just now Jared came down the hall and Cesar announced he won the game of cards asking whether Heath or Jared wants to play. "Fine sure whatever lets go," Heath agreed him and Cesar now playing cards. Joaquin pat Jared on the back. "Be right back," was all he said going to the bathroom. Jared exit the mansion about to go look for his brother after reading Jack's note to not go looking for him. Coincidentally that’s the precise moment Jack was about to enter the mansion. The two brothers slightly bumped into each other and Jared found himself gulping quickly apologizing "sorry didn't mean to-" he felt Jack place his hand over his mouth. "Don't its ok I actually came to apologize to you brother," Jack admit Jared gasping as he felt Jack suddenly hug him. Jared hugged back Jack looking puzzled as he pulled back and saw tears welling in Jared's eyes. "Whats your problem?" "Y-you never hugged me before y-you surprised me was all," Jared let out in a hushed whisper. Jack's eyebrows furrowed. "Never? I had to have when we were kids perhaps or?" Jared shook his head hands in pockets now. "Nope. Any affection I got was not getting a beating from you or dad…." "Jared I'm sorry. I lets just go inside," Jack broke off brushing past him and Jared followed. "Your playing cards without me?!!!!" Jack suddenly was screaming out Heath telling him to chill Joaquin just now coming back from the bathroom Jared just mute at Jack's sudden rage but Cesar was shakily putting the cards back in their box standing and coming over to Jack. "Sorry Jack, I should have known better. Why so angry though? Were you and Jared fighting? Where did you even go?" Jack now went to another room talking to Cesar about how he went for Batman for advice and came and apologized to Jared. Jared went in a different room telling Joaquin about how he thinks him and Jack sorta made up finally. So this time it was Heath alone. "Ah so I'll be the new one left out. No big deal big bros, who needs company I got my knives," Heath state smiling as he stroke the blade of his shiny newly sharpened knife. He now went to his room locking the door before doing what he has secretly done for years: cut himself. "I'm not a monster no, I don't wanna be evil. I regret the things I do. But I love causing chaos and like cutting things and love blowing things up sending buildings in flames…." Heath trailed off climbing into his bed. He's forever conflicted with his underlying guilt and conscience he secretly has… "I should've acted more concerned when Jared rant to me. Truth is I have enough problems of my own…."

  • willowgrungonik_ 36w


    Early on this morning Jack left joker mansion simply leaving his brothers a note to let him be and to not come looking for him. Jack travelled to the Batcave where he had no trouble finding Batman who had pinned him to the wall holding him by the throat. "What the hell are you doing here?! I heard about a local store being burned down you did it didn't you?!! Coming here to turn yourself in already how annoyingly dumb on your part!!!" Batman yelled Jack laughing prying Batmans hand off his throat and pushing him away slightly. "Why yes Batsy me and my brothers bombed the store I'm very flattered that you already predicted I'd be the evil mastermind behind it! I actually oddly enough came for some advice…" Jack trailed off gazing at the ground which is rare he usually confidently sticks his head right up in the air. "You can't be serious? Your joking?" "Wish I was but no," Jack rapidly interrupt letting out a sigh as Batman folded his arms. "This is making me uncomfortable as it is you but its about my brother Jared, you see, I never treated him very good," Jack explained. Batman gave a nod. "No but why should that fact concern you all of a sudden?" Batman replied truly clearly confused at Jack's odd behavior. Jack began pacing around the room. "Well, its true I leave him out of most my evil missions. Thing is he just gets annoying and in the way most the time and I'm pretty sure he thinks I hate his guts." "I was under the impression you hate everyone's guts," Batman brutally honestly comment making Jack let out a laugh. "Haha yeah well I kinda do. But I have to get along with my brothers or they one day won't wanna be on my side. How should I tell Jared I don't mean to be rude when I have him stay with the car for 90% of our missions? Any ideas??" Batman now let out a slight chuckle making Jack cross his arms now. "Whats so funny?" "Its just this is so out of character, you coming for my help. You usually just try to drive me up the wall and make my life a miserable place. Nevertheless I will simply tell you the obvious: go apologize to Jared and promise you'll let him help next time."

  • willowgrungonik_ 36w


    Since the Napier brothers were just little boys in kindergarten up until after high school graduation Jack was always the one in charge of everything they did. It honestly did make the most sense, he was the most confident and tough one. But if any of the brothers was a bully it was Jack. In school Jack was always quite popular, Cesar was mildly popular being the class clown, Heath wasn't really overly popular or unpopular, but Jared and Joaquin were the bullied outcasts. Cesar would kindly stick up for the two from time to time but Jack never would or he'd lose his status as the coolest student… Even home life was just as worse for Jared and Joaquin but Jared especially cause he is the most officially insane brother. Despite when he even tried to stay out of trouble his parents still hated him the most especially when he decided to get tattoos all over his body and get grilled teeth. He tried it as a experiment to see if it would get him to be liked more. Boy did that backfire on him haha. If anything it just fueled the flame of hate everyone already had for him. Oh well. He's not one to burst into tears over haters, but it'd be nice to be treated better by others only Cesar and Joaquin like him. Heath has no comment really probably remaining neutral on the matter but if there's one person that hates Jared more then his parents its Jack. Take all the heroes Jared's fought and all his school bullies the one who hurt him the most is Jack…
    Take todays store heist for example: Cesar went in and distracted the store cashier with random jokes while Jack stole some money, Joaquin stole store items, and Heath had waited until his brothers exit the store before bombing the entire place cashier and all. What part did Jared have in all of this you might be wondering? Well, he was just told to stay with the car. They don't even let him in on many of their evil missions he's totally pushed to the side and ignored. Jared tapped his foot impatiently as he saw his four brothers striding over to the car. Cesar had sat in the back in between Joaquin and Heath while Jack was seated in passengers seat having told Jared to just drive them home and fast. Jared rolled his eyes. "You know, for once, it sure be nice if I was more then just a Chauffeur to you," he boldly stated, irritated. "Just fucking drive how many times do I have to bark the order before you listen?!!" Jack shout out Cesar sighing. Yes its quite evident their not the perfect family at all and Cesar definitely wishes that Jack and Jared would get along better. Jared did drive them home and moment he parked in the joker mansion driveway he stormed off in the mansion and down the hall to his bedroom slamming the door. About a hour passed and of course Joaquin was one to come see him. "Knock knock anybody home?" Joaquin let out Jared not even bothering to smile laying on his bed tossing a random basketball he has up in the air repeatedly catching it. He now paused as he saw his brother sit on the bottom of the bed.
    "What do you want?!" Jared slightly yelled perhaps a bit too harshly to his brother who just came to comfort him….
    "Sorry to bother you but I totally admire how you stood up to Jack today. He deserves it for always leaving you out," Joaquin recalled Jared now sitting up scooching over to sit right beside his brother on the bed. "He's an asshole is all he is he won't ever change. I'm sure I'll get some form of punishment for daring to talk back to him but whatever don’t care," Jared finished. Joaquin suddenly pat him on the back saying "you do know I'll always be here for you right bro?" Suddenly just like that Jared found himself crying in his brothers arms underlying emotions of sadness and rage spilling over. Joaquin laughed hugging his brother back. "Don't worry Jared, I'll make Jack pay for how badly he treats you…."

  • willowgrungonik_ 36w


    -Cesar Napier is oldest joker brother "the clown" is his nickname, he actually is the least evil of his brothers he mainly pranks doesn't kill
    secret illness: he takes ADHD medication due to him being hyper constantly getting distracted 
    -Jack Napier is second eldest joker brother "the gangster" is his nickname, is most famous evil joker brother you do NOT wanna mess with
    secret illness: he takes bipolar medication to try and tame down his anger management issues 
    -Jared Napier is the third most old "the psychopath" is his nickname, perhaps the most truly insane brother also the most unliked 
    secret illness: he sometimes takes meds to calm down his racing mind but often avoids them 
    -Joaquin Napier is the fourth born bro "the comedian" is his nickname, he laughs the most and is the closest to Jared sticks up for him a lot
    secret illness: takes medication to hide his "laughing disorder" he laughs and cries randomly and it often doesn't match up to his real emotions but after laughing episodes he gets angrier....
    -Heath Napier is the youngest joker brother "the anarchist"  is his nickname, has obsession with knives and is second most dangerous joker
    secret illness: takes anti-depressant medication, many don't realize but Heath gets depressed 
    So there's a brief short introduction to the five Napier brothers, they live in Gotham in a secret place they call "Joker Mansion" the only one who knows where they live is Bruce Wayne/Batman

  • fari_tales 39w

    Give this story a read on quotev-

    #fanfiction #exo #kyungsoo #dokyungsoo #fangirl #concert #love #dreamcometrue #quotev #quotev_story

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    My shy guy❤️

    Do Kyungsoo, member of the most famous boyband, Exo, has always been a bit shy around the opposite gender. Nafisa Haque, a beautiful muslim girl, has been a huge fan of Exo since they debuted. But there is someone special, who takes her breath away with his wonderful, magical voice. She knows it's haraam to be so muh attracted to a guy. She knows she won't be forgiven. But her very own feeling is being a sweet poison for her. She can't just stop loving him so easily. Where will this story end? Will Nafisa be able to make her dreams come true? or will she let her heart go on a crazy ride, where there is no hope?



  • sarahrachelea 39w

    He is not a saint nor a sinner
    He's just a warrior angel with a motorcycle

    A southern redneck with his fierce bolt
    A broken arrow, raw and rough for sure
    But his soul's so gentle and pure
    Even with his shadow

    Out of the darkness
    Captivated by her tenderly passion and compassion

    She thinks he's her life savior
    But the truth is
    His damage soul is saved by her

    Her love indeed is what he needed
    He's following her nurturing soul into the light
    Into the light


  • jereme_palos 54w

    Fanfiction .

    Little octopus / squid girl from Finding Nemo ( A

    student ) .

    '' Cmon , guys … you are supposed to admit your

    guilt '' .

    Little sea horse ( a student ) .

    '' Well , I did '' .

    Sneezes and floats backwards .

    Bruce the large shark ( Marlin and Dory ‘ s very

    close friend ) .

    '' Hello . Did you say guilt '' ?

    Dory ( Marlin ‘ s best friend ) .

    '' C ‘ mon guys ! Admitting guilt is fun . It cleans

    the inside '' .

    Marlin the clown fish ( Nemo ‘ s father ) .

    '' Dory , are you speaking about the conscience '' ?

    The baby sea turtle named squirt ( a student ) .

    '' She absolutely is and so are you ! .. As am I '' .

    The baby puffer fish ( a student ) .

    '' When somebody does not admit their guilt

    their conscience expands like this '' .

    Expands himself into expanded puffer fish form .

    The manatee ( instructor / mentor / teacher ) .

    '' Very good '' .

    '' When somebody admits guilt ;

    the conscience de expands '' .

    '' Admitting personal conscience is very

    comforting '' .

    Nemo ( a student ) .

    '' Admitting my thoughts alongside my

    conscience and speaking up with

    my voice kept me safe because then my dad was

    capable of finding me '' .

    Gil the protective Angel Fish .

    '' Yes . Yes it did '' .

  • willowgrungonik_ 59w

    here is chapter 4 part 2 #writer #fanfiction #story

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    female reader musician x 7 celebrities(chapter 4 part 2)

    Chapter 4: Sneaky Paparazzi Pics(continued)
    Now we got our things around and quickly went to the lobby spotting the rest of the gang there all noticing us. The three boys Adam, Sonny and Chris had surprised faces seeing me in girl clothes while Billie and Ruby smirked eyeing me as if they knew what just happened. Elly on the other hand looked angry now storming over and pulling on Melanie's hand taking her to the side scolding her for making me put on girl clothes and demanding to know if we made love. Melanie nod and they all heard and all reacted differently: Elly slapped Melanie calling her names, Adam said yikes, Sonny said oh boy, Chris immaturely said chick fight, Billie said i knew it and Ruby was laughing? "This is getting out of hand staff is eyeing us lets just say our goodbyes before we cause a scene," i spoke up and now Elly and Melanie stopped fighting glancing over along with the others and Adam first to come over hugging me. "I hope you had fun on our outing for the most part, and hope we can do this again. Hopefully without paparazzi," Adam state me smiling and nodding. Sonny now came over half hugging me. "I'm sure gonna miss you, hey, text me ok? Also next time party it up with me," he comment smiling me smiling back replying "tempting but i don't drink." Now Chris half hugged me glancing at the ground looking like he was gonna cry. "I had fun (your stage name), make sure to text me sometimes let me know what's up," he exclaimed me smiling saying i will. Now the three boys waved and left with their luggage getting a taxi now leaving. Elly now came over me getting teary eyed as she hugged me whispering "i will fix this nobody hurts my baby," into my ear before letting go. Now Billie and Ruby both apprached hugging me. "Next time we will hang out a little more ok (your stage name)?" Billie said me smiling and nodding Ruby now clearing her throat. "It was nice getting to see you face to face, maybe next time Elly and Melanie won't both hog you and will share you," Ruby joked Elly shrugging and Melanie smiling coming over. "Maybe i will maybe i won't, all i know is if there's one person in this world i trust to open up to and spend the rest my life with, its (your stage name)," Melanie kindly let out as she hugged me and i now whispered "i'm yours ok keep to your deal and don't tell my name to anybody keep us a secret." Melanie pulled back just winking and now as Melanie, Billie and Ruby left to get in the taxi calling for Elly she shook her head saying she's staying with me. Melanie looked livid but all the stars except Elly had plans and had to go. Me and Elly watched as Melanie, Billie and Ruby now drove away in their taxi. Now me and Elly got in my vehicle me turning my electronic music on to lessen the awkward impact of the silent ride. All the way to my house me and Elly didn't say one word but once we got there and got out she finally spoke as i was getting my house key out of my pocket to unlock the door. "So you really love Melanie the most? Or did she force her love onto you? Tell me the truth." I sighed us just heading inside my house and upstairs into my room quietly first. "Truth is, Adam is my boy crush and Melanie is my girl crush. I like Chris but he's too mysterious to be trusted to date i think. Sonny is a good friend and more of a mentor i look up to more then anything, he is the dubstep king to me, i like him but i like Adam more i think. Billie sings a lot of straight love sexual songs so i don't think i'd stand a chance with her. Ruby honestly intimidates me she's very powerful and dates many girls. Your my #1 idol though Elly. I can relate to you the most out of them all." Elly smiled and we ended up eating breakfast/lunch and watching a movie in bed and i cuddled up close to her." "Elly, all this time i thought Melanie was a player. It due to hearing the scandal with her best friend, but told myself no, maybe the friend had lied. I refused to think Melanie is that bad. But honestly she may be she seems really obsessed with wanting me to herself and its scary, i'm not sure i should've chosen her Elly," i finished suddenly sobbing into Elly's shoulder arms around her and i felt her wrap her arms around me feeling her kiss my forehead. "I know (your name), calm down baby, i won't let her hurt you again. Truth is me and Adam are the only true lovers, the rest are players. You should sense it by our uniqueness and awkwardness that we are genuine people who don't put on a fake mask. We show our true selves no pretending. Sure we are popular but nothing like Sonny, Chris, Melanie, Billie and Ruby. They let their popularity get to their heads. Their all in cahoots and are trouble. Right now i'm with you, your safe with me. Melanie and the others can't get to you." I smiled feeling her kiss my cheek and run fingers through my hair and i now felt her unique signature hair dew. "I should've known to choose you Elly." Soon i fell asleep even dreaming of Elly.

  • willowgrungonik_ 59w

    here is chapter 4 part 1 #writer #fanfiction #story

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    female reader musician x 7 celebrities(chapter 4 part 1)

    Chapter 4: Sneaky Paparazzi Pics
    I woke up the following morning hearing an alarm going off that must be Elly's. As i yawned and stretched i jumped as i saw and heard Elly reach over and smack the alarm shutting it up. I'm surprised she didn't break it. I now got out of bed noticing Elly sit up in bed gazing over at me as i picked out some clothes from in my hotel dresser. "Do you mind if i take the first shower?" I asked her Elly shaking her head now getting out of bed as a knock now sounded on our door. "I'll get it go ahead and take your shower," Elly said but as i was just setting my clothes in the bathroom the door opened. I heard Adam tell Elly there's surprising news making me go back out them looking over at me. "What's the news Adam?" I now asked him. He sighed beginning to pace around the room as he now spoke. "Sonny and Chris are both awake and as they went online to check their social media they saw a news headline. I'm not sure you wanna see it though (your stage name)," Adam warned but i gave a firm nod insisting he tell me the news anyway. "There's some paparazzi pictures of all of us and its trending fast," Sonny now informed as he entered the room. I now groaned sitting on my bed massaging my forehead in irritation. "What exactly is in the pics and what did they say?" I noticed both Adam and Elly sit beside me now patting my back as Sonny spoke. "There's no breakfast pictures, we managed to hide that part still. However there's a few pics of you, Elly, Melanie, Billie and Ruby in the mall and of you five eating lunch with me, Adam and Chris in the mall. There's also a pic of us in the movies and of us all entering this hotel. Either very sneaky paparazzi followed us or sneaky fans. Regardless news is titling it 'who is this mystery person with these celebrities and why was this outing kept a secret?' We took no pictures this outing (your stage name), me, Adam and Chris asked Melanie, Billie and Ruby this morning about it and they also insist they took no pics. You and Elly took no pictures right?" Sonny asked me and Elly shaking our heads Chris now entering the room. "This really puts a nasty thorn in our plans (your stage name), we just wanted a nice one on one visit with you (your stage name), unbothered, without trouble," Chris state staring at the ground as if ashamed adding "we didn't want this kind of thing happening we all know how you like keeping anonymous." I now glanced up at him. "The news recognizes you even in the pictures without your helmet?" I asked Chris slowly nodding. "Of course, i'm not really anonymous anymore, and judging by the sneaky paparazzi pics, you aren't gonna be anonymous either soon," Chris predicted me sighing getting up and making my way to the bathroom. "Well i'm gonna take my shower, i suggest you boys get yours taken too if you haven't already, then we'll say our goodbyes," i let out before shutting the bathroom door and locking it before removing my clothes and taking my shower. After i finished showering and got out drying off i heard a knock on the bathroom door. "Who is it?" I asked towel now wrapped around myself. "Its just me," i heard Elly say her still trying to open the locked door. "Just a second i'm getting dressed," i informed, now hurriedly getting dressed before unlocking the door Elly watching as i brushed my hair. "Adam, Sonny and Chris are all now showered up and dressed waiting in the lobby and apparently Billie and Ruby are too Melanie still in bed. None of them could wake her up so why don't you go do that while i shower (your stage name)?" Elly request and i slowly nod now leaving the bathroom. After gathering up my stuff i carried my suitcase to where Melanie's room is now knocking on the door. I heard footsteps and now saw Melanie open the door in a pink bathrobe with pink bunny slippers on and judging by the robe and her wet hair she just finished showering. "Come on in (your stage name)," Melanie permit with a smile me feeling her grab my hand and pull me inside with her. She smells so good her perfume and body lotion and hair shampoo smells like heaven itself. I found myself right on her trail as she went back into the bathroom. "Um," i now state as Melanie now suddenly took off her robe back to me. My heart was racing and i noticed some of her tattoos. "I want you to look at me today (your stage name), i want to look at you some other day too," Melanie said as she now turned my cheeks heating up seeing her very attractive exposed tattoed body. "Melanie you look-" I broke off as i felt her pull me closer and now kiss me. Her body was pressed against mine and it was still wet getting my clothes wet now. She smiled as she broke apart and eyed my wet clothes. "Oh no, i got you wet," she let out with a grin clearly saying it like that on purpose me blushing heart racing as i felt her pin me to the wall now. "Take your clothes off, (your stage name), and let me see the real you, the real (your name)," Melanie requested gazing down at me and her saying my name and looking at me with such lust gave me sudden chills. "I don't know Melanie i don't think we-" I broke off as Melanie suddenly felt my chest me blushing wanting to push her away but something kept me motionless. "I want to know the real you (your name), not the fake you (your stage name), i want the real you, come on, i showed you me didn't i? Its only fair if you show me you now," Melanie said and as she now kissed me and started feeling my curves i was getting turned on me finding myself feeling hers too and she grinned feeling my chest beneath my shirt now. "We will start with the top, take your shirt off, yes that's it," Melanie state as i did slowly take my shirt off blushing as Melanie stared at my chest in just a bra now. "Ok now take your pants off, here i can help," Melanie said and i gave a jolt as i felt her start unzipping my pants and helping me take them off. "Ok now first take your bra off," Melanie said and i glanced at the door her now locking it. "Nobody will see us (your name), its just you and me baby," Melanie assured me and her calling me baby did turn me on. I did now take my bra off and Melanie now came over kissing me while feeling and squeezing my chest. "Go ahead touch mine now," she permit helping me put my shaky hands on her chest me now indeed feeling and sqeezing her chest. After Melanie decided it was enough chest feeling i suddenly felt her hand lower to my undies which now immediately started getting wet as i felt her stroke my lower half through them. "Does that feel good (your name)? Do you like it baby?" Melanie suddenly whispered seductively in my ear and i now gasped and slightly moaned as she placed her hand down my undies now stroking my lower half. "Lets remove this obstacle," Melanie said and as she now bent down to take my undies off for me i knew that i was getting really turned on right now. "Melanie don't do anything unless you plan on dating me for a very long time. I'm not gonna just be your play toy," i said and now she led me into the shower. "We are gonna need to shower after we finish what i plan on doing," Melanie comment with a wink as she now turned the water on. Now she kissed me and felt and squeezed my chest stroking my lower half. She now lowered her lips and started licking and sucking my chest before suddenly fingering my lower half making me loudly gasp and moan clinging tight to her. "Your mine now (your name), all mine," she yelled out happily and soon she reversed the roles and i did kiss and feel and squeeze her chest while stroking her lower half. I then hesitantly started licking and sucking her chest while fingering her and i think she gasped and moaned louder then i did. After she was satisfied with our lovemaking we took turns washing each others hair and bodies before getting out. She got dressed and had a spare outfit she made me put on. It wasn't a dress but it was girl clothes and more form fitting then i'm used to. She had a dress on of course.

  • willowgrungonik_ 59w

    here is chapter 3 part 2 #writer #fanfiction #story

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    female reader musician x 7 celebrities(chap.3 part 2)

    Chapter 3: Surprise Celeb Meet-Up(continued)
    At the mall i mostly hung out with Elly and while she bought a leather jacket i bought a button up shirt. Billie ended up buying a hoody and Ruby bought some choker collar. Us four were currently all standing in the store our items purchased waiting for Melanie to get out of the dressing room in what had to be the hundredth dress she has modeled for us. The moment Melanie stepped out in a furry fluffy dress with bunny ears on i found myself nearly attacking her with my fierce hug me even pinning her to the wall. "Your the cutest girl i've ever met i love you," i had whispered and my cheeks flushed and heart raced as she whispered back "I know your a tomboy and your the cutest one i've ever met i love you too." I broke away now backing towards Elly who put her arms around me sighing. "Hate to break you two lovebirds up but we should all get going to the mall lunch place and meet the boys. If your getting the oufit get it and lets go Melanie," Elly suddenly demand and both her and Melanie suddenly were giving each other long stares and Billie tug on my arm her and Ruby talking to me while Elly and Melanie stared each other down. "So you clearly have a thing for Melanie don't you?" Billie said with a grin and i blushed nodding Ruby patting my back. "What's your real name (your stage name) tell us we guessed you've already told Owl City, La Roux and Marshmello tell us two," Billie said and she got closer and pressed me against a wall my body heating up feeling her secretly sexy curvy body pressed right against mine. "Tell me i won't tell a soul just tell me," Billie let out and i mumbled it and Ruby heard and smiled saying "cute name" while Melanie and Elly came over now. "No fair now Owl City, Marshmello, La Roux, Billie Eilish and Ruby Rose all know (your stage name)'s real name and i don't," Melanie complained. Melanie came over and she was giving the other girls such a sweet smile that clearly was the kind of smile someone makes when they know the other competitors are gonna lose and their easily gonna whoop their ass. I now repeated my name reminding Elly, Melanie, Billie and Ruby to promise they won't tell anybody my true name. "Promise," Billie and Ruby said in sync and Elly said "I won't betray you friend" while Melanie leaned closer suddenly whispering "i won't if you agree to be all mine." Her words made me blush and my heart was racing and she was hugging me and smiling but chills ran down my spine having mixed feelings. What if the rumor was actually true.... Lunch in the mall with Owl City, Skrillex, Marshmello, Melanie Martinez, La Roux, Billie Eilish and Ruby Rose went good. As the guys were leaving getting ready to go head to the movies i hugged them whispering my real name to Skrillex who's last to learn what it is. They left in a taxi going to the movies and as the second taxi came to pick Melanie, Billie and Ruby up Melanie insist she ride with me and not Elly. But i shook my head tugging on Elly's arm. "You'll make up for this," Melanie oddly said before getting in the taxi with Billie and Ruby who had furrowed eyebrows. It was silent me and Elly going to the movies once there i sat in between Elly and Adam, Melanie straight behind me with Billie and Ruby on either side of her while Marshmello sat beside Adam and Skrillex beside Elly. The movie featured a intimate scene and i blushed heart racing as i had felt Melanie wrap her arms around me from behind and lean closer to whisper "We're always this close, almost, almost," me now smiling knowing it was from her song Carousel. After the movies to their dismay i had declined staying the night at the hotel. "Sorry i will get to talk to you all some other time," i said waving and not even hugging them just heading to my vehicle them all trailing behind me. "Aww come on are you sure you won't stay (your stage name)?" Adam asked sadly. "Yeah stay please," Sonny said and Marshmello said "your breaking our hearts." "Fine," i said as all seven made me feel guilty for refusing. At the hotel while Sonny, Marshmello, Billie and Ruby had no trouble drinking and partying, me, Melanie, Elly and Adam avoided alcohol just chatting. It was an ok night and Sonny and Chris aka Marshmello shared a room with separate beds, Adam getting the couch in the room. Billie and Ruby shared a room and Melanie hesitantly slept on the couch in the room while i shared a room with Elly. I did eventually sleep.

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    here is chapter 3 part 1 #writer #fanfiction #story

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    female reader musician x 7 celebrities(chap.3 part 1)

    Chapter 3: Surprise Celeb Meet-Up
    It was the start of another week and i was just finished showering and getting dressed when i heard the house phone ring. I quickly ran out of my room and down the hall to the kitchen to answer it. Only two celebs know my house number.... "Hey Adam," i said getting my prediction right him replying "hey (your stage name). "What's up?" I asked now starting to doodle on a sticky note. There was a brief pause before Adam finally responded. "I have surprises in store for you today. First one starts today at 10 0'clock in your favorite breakfast diner." I smiled. "Ok what is the surprise, it kinda sounds like your gonna be there, are you?" "Wow you do catch on quick. Yes i planned a surprise visit to see you." Soon i got off the phone and after doing some housework i drove to the diner. Once i got there the place looked rather deserted only one vehicle parked which i am sure is owned by the worker at the diner. But once i entered the place my eyes widened and jaw about dropped as i saw my seven favorite celebs all sitting down at a table all shouting"surprise!!" Elly Jackson aka La Roux was on one end of the table, Adam Young aka Owl City was on one side of the table right in between Sonny Moore aka Skrillex and Marshmello, while Ruby Rose was sitting on the other side of the table in between Melanie Martinez and Billie Eilish. Elly now ran over giving me a long hug saying "its super nice to finally meet you" before Adam also hugged me saying "hope you liked the surprise" both now sitting back down me also taking a seat on the free empty seat on the opposite end of where Elly was sitting. "Wow, i'm not sure what to say," i admit still stunned and feeling shy being with all seven of my favorite celebrity collaborators being face to face with them for the first time. They all laughed and we all had ordered drinks and food before Adam cleared his throat to speak. "We talked to the workers making sure the place was clear so nobody could see us come in we even drove taxis here," Adam informed me smiling saying "smart thinking Adam." He smiled back and now Elly began to speak next. "So (your stage name), you aren't the least bit curious how we found out what state and town you live in?" I shrugged shaking my head. "I know anybody with enough power could find out and tap into it." I noticed Billie, Ruby and Adam had salad while the rest of us had a tad of meat mixed in our breakfast but whatever. Well to be specific: Billie, Ruby and Adam all had a salad strictly veggie type breakfast, Skrillex and Marshmello had salads with toast, sausage and bacon on side type breakfast while i had sausage gravy and biscuits, Melanie had grilled cheese with homefries and La Roux had a medium decent size stack of pancakes. "This surprise breakfast outing was fun thanks again for coming to meet me you guys," i said after we all finished eating and payed and i was getting ready to go. "Wait, Adam didn't tell you the plans?" Elly let out glancing at Adam who shook his head. Elly suddenly put her arms around me and my heart began racing. She is gazing so intently into my eyes and i'm hoping i'm not getting red cheeks. "(your stage name), this is only the beginning of our surprise visit eating breakfast with you. Now while Adam, Sonny and Marshmello check us in at a hotel me, Melanie, Billie and Ruby were thinking of taking you to the mall. Later the three will meet us in the mall to eat lunch then we will go to the movies and afterwards go to the hotel and hang out and have a dinner party," Elly now fully informed me and i slowly nod. "So i'm spending a day with all of you that's cool, i'm totally in yeah." "Not just a day a night too silly we want you to sleep at the hotel with us (your stage name)," Melanie suddenly said stepping closer and my heart raced as she was now awfully close to me giving me not just an intent gaze but a very kind adorable smile. Oh god i cannot handle Melanie giving me such undivided attention. I avoided her eyes finding myself for some reason burying my face into Elly's shoulder. Elly pat my back giving a nod to Adam who now hugged me goodbye telling Sonny and Marshmello to. As Sonny hugged me it was a quick but sweet hug that melted my heart a bit him smiling saying "i'll see you later (your stage name)," before being the first to leave. Now Marshmello hugged me whispering "my real name is Chris Comstock there now you have to whisper yours to me." I leaned in and did now whisper it Marshmello just waving before also leaving now. I gave Adam another hug whispering for him to make sure Marshmello doesn't give my name away. "You told him it?" Adam said in surprise and i nod him just leaving. Elly and Melanie were on either side of me leading me out the diner now, Billie and Ruby behind whispering to each other about something. Rude but i'll ignore it. We all watched as a taxi came and took Adam, Sonny and Chris aka Marshmello off to the hotel. "Why don't you girls take the next taxi to the mall, i will ride with (your stage name) to the mall i'm not likely to be recognized as easily as you three," Elly point out and both Billie and Ruby gave a nod having no problem getting in the other taxi but Melanie hesitated seeming kinda sad. "They didn't even hug (your stage name) goodbye," Melanie said shaking her head adding "well i will." Now as Melanie came and put her arms around me hugging me i did hug back and felt like i never ever wanted to let go wanting to be in my girl crushes arms forever and always. "I want to-" I started to whisper something i know i'd regret so i broke away not finishing my statement for the best. Melanie tilted her head eyebrows furrowing saying "tell me about it later," with a wink and playful wave before she too got in the taxi and my heart was now yearning for Melanie's embrace. I was watching the taxi go and as it pulled out Melanie was closest and slightly smiled and waved to me through her window and i waved back. "Lets go," Elly said tightly grabbing my hand and suddenly quickly helping me into the passengers seat of my vehicle. "Ok you can drive," i just said and as Elly now drove my vehicle following the taxi to the mall i kept glancing over at her. "Elly do you know where the mall is?" I asked and she just nod.

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    Here is a story about you (female reader) as a new musician slowly getting famous while trying to keep your real gender and identity hidden, you will meet seven celebrities: Ruby Rose, Billie Eilish, Melanie Martinez, La Roux, Owl City, Skrillex, and Marshmello. Not only will they help you rise in fame but you may become close friends with them, perhaps even a little more... #writer #fanfiction #story

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    female reader musician x 7 celebrities(chap.1-2)

    Chapter 1: Just sticking with the 7
    I recently have been asked by several celebrities to make a collab with them. Reason i turned them all down? They all said i should collaborate with them so i can get famous. My other seven celebrity collaborators all basicially said they wanted to make a song with me cause they found my edm music cool. Sonny Moore/Skrillex, Marshmello, Adam Young/Owl City, Melanie Martinez, Billie Eilish, Elly Jackson/La Roux and Ruby Rose are my 7 collabs. I seem to be making a gradual rise to popularity having made songs with them and don't need more collaborators. Right now i turned on the news to see my stage name was on the news headline titled 'Who Is Rising Star (your stage name)? The news people were currently talking about my new edm music album and how mysteriously anonymous i am. One news guy now said my androgynous appearance kinda reminds him a lot of La Roux. Right out of the blue La Roux came walking into the news room asking "did someone call me?" Some audience members cheered now as Elly Jackson aka La Roux now took a seat across from the newscasters. "So La Roux, please tell us first how you feel about your success with your own recently released album? And what's this i hear about you reportedly secretly planning a concert?" The news guy now asked. La Roux smiled resting her leg on her knee and stroking her chin thoughtfully. "I don't know, the album had got a lot of attention due to how long i've been in the shadows since me and my music producer broke apart. I figured it was time to crawl out of the dark and start back again at making some more music. I also on break was in a recovery process cause i lost my voice. As for the concert rumor, i won't say." The guy news caster nod and now the girl news caster cleared her throat. "So, we were just discussing the new rising edm star (your stage name) before you showed up. We heard you have even collaborated with (your stage name), how was that?" La Roux smiled really wide now suddenly running her fingers through her spiky hair glancing at the camera. My heart stopped for a split second me getting the strange sensation Elly sees me right through my television screen. "Oh it was a lot of fun, i loved working with them! (your stage name) is such a talented young musician with a bright future ahead for them. We click on so many levels we're super close and i know when we make music my voice and their music just blend together perfectly. Since we met we just got along perfect. I feel so lucky to have gotten to even work with (your stage name). Not too many celebs get to." "That's what i hear, (your stage name) has only ever made collaborations with you, Skrillex, Marshmello, Owl City, Melanie Martinez, Billie Eilish, and Ruby Rose," the guy newscaster point out Elly nodding. "That is right (your stage name) told me they plan on just sticking with us seven." The rest of the show the newscasters mainly talked to Elly about her plans for her music and concert me shutting the tv off. I just ate lunch now texting Sonny, Marshmello, Adam, Melanie, Billie and Ruby all hello not wanting to text Elly yet for fear she'll get it while on tv still. Sonny was first to text back 'Hey (your stage name)', Marshmello next texting me back 'Hello there (your stage name)'. Adam was third to text me back saying 'Why hello (your stage name)'. Melanie now text 'Hi (your stage name)' with a smiley face, Billie text me 'Hi (your stage name)' with a smirk face and Ruby text 'Sup (your stage name)?' I just said not much and soon text Elly hi her texting back 'hey (your stage name)'. Elly then text informing she talked about me just now on an interview and i replied i know i saw. Basically the rest the day i text all seven my celeb friends and made more music.
    Chapter 2: Entrusting In Just Two
    The week has gone quite uneventful for the most part i did housework and did more song collaborations with my seven favorite celebs (Sonny Moore/Skrillex, Marshmello, Adam Young/Owl City, Melanie Martinez, Billie Eilish, Elly Jackson/La Roux and Ruby Rose). Billie at one point did introduce me to her brother Finneas O'Connell and his girlfriend Claudia Sulewski though i had chat with them and Billie on facetime. I ended up telling both Owl City and La Roux my secret about how i go by (your stage name) but my real name is (your name). They both promised to keep it secret and i hope that they do. The others are ok but they are the ones i feel i relate the most to and get along the best with. I still haven't met any of the seven celebs face to face yet of course. Their lucky they even get to facetime me i try not to show my face or say my true gender or birth name even trying hard to keep anonymous to avoid too much public attention. While Billie and La Roux can relate to my choice i make of wearing only boyish clothes and not girly clothing, Skrillex and Marshmello have been extremely understanding of my choice in wanting to be anonymous. Owl City is all around a very nice guy and my boy crush while Melanie is well, my girl crush. Ruby perhaps i'm the least closest to, i find her intimidating. At one point in the week i text Marshmello: 'I love you Marshmello' and he text 'Aww thanks (your stage name)'. I text Skrillex: 'Your the king of dubstep' he text 'you really think so?' i text Owl City: 'Adam can you keep a secret?' He text: 'Of course i can i mean it depends how bad the secret is though'. I text: 'I don't want anyone else knowing right now but you and La Roux. I go by (your stage name) but my real name is (your name). He text: 'Oh well that's a very pretty name'. I text La Roux after she found the secret i just text: 'I don't know what i'd do without you'. She text: 'I'm always here for you'. I text Melanie: 'I hope those nasty rumors about what you did to your friend that's a girl is fake i thought your better than that'. She text: '(your stage name) they are she wasn't much of a friend she literally just said that to get attention. Please believe me'. I text: 'To think i considered you a dating option i mean deep down i crushed over you but i would never admit it'. She text: '(your stage name) i'd be gentle'. I text Ruby: 'Is it true you have so many lovers i mean i checked online you have over 50 your as bad as Justin Bieber'. She text: 'I am very experienced with love'. After consulting Billie's brother Finneas asking him what i could do to get closer to Billie and get her attention he said playfully insult Justin Bieber who's her #1 favorite celebrity. After that make more love songs and heartbreak songs too. Following his advice i text Billie: 'I hate Justin Bieber he is a bad boy and wears sideways hats and low pants and raps and is bad news'. She text: 'Are you trying to get me going?! Did my brother put you up to this?!!' I text: 'How the hell did you know that so fast i mean i really do dislike Justin but said this to get your attention'. She text: 'Figures please seek attention in some other way without insulting my idols i don't insult Owl City do i?' I text: 'Fair enough sorry won't happen again'. She text: '(your stage name) you always have my attention'. I text: 'Really and why is that?' She text: 'I'm not even sure why'. So the week i made cool new songs with the celebs and texted and facetimed them getting to know them a tad. So i literally confessed my feelings to Marshmello telling him i love him and admitted to Melanie i have a crush on her, both Owl City and La Roux know my real name and my real gender now, i compliment Skrillex crowning him as the king of dubstep, confirmed with Ruby she's indeed dated over 50 people, and wrongfully followed Finneas's advice insulting Billie's idol JB just to get her attention she says i already have. Quite the cool week if you ask me....

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    In this realm of reality I am stuck in, I hope I meet somebody or something that will inspire me to dream again soon enough. Before its too late.