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  • mrspectacular 46w

    A NEW THING(2)

    Blaring his music as usual, many wonder how it is that he is not deaf yet. The lady in the Sedan by name Helen honks at him recognizing his vehicle as she passes by him to go park by the side of the road ahead of him to get some audience but he imagines her vehicle may have developed a fault hence the reason she got off the road but he decides not to stop for fear of getting embarrassed again like the other day. Realizing he has driven past her without stopping even after seeing her, she feels embarrassed as well. Looking up to the sky as if asking God to allow Tunde grant her audience before entering back into her vehicle, she quickly jumps into her car to trail him.
    Driving for some few seconds, she finally comes across his car. Flashing her headlights at him, she wishes he would stop but he only speeds up for fear that it may be criminals trailing him but she does not give up.
    Turning on the music system in the car and increasing the volume, she chases after him and overtaking him, she screeches to a stop right in front of him almost leading him to ram into her own vehicle.
    Alighting from her vehicle, she walks up to his own vehicle and taps the window signalling him to roll down the window. He hesitates at first but after a few seconds, he succumbs. Having wound down the tinted window glass, she makes an apology and afterwards leaves without uttering another word,
    Hello, Mr.... Anyways, I am sorry for having been so rude to you the other day. I was just having a bad day and took it out on you. Once again, I'm indeed sorry'.

    Done with that, she takes her leave back to her car and drives off before Tunde can wrap his head around what has just happened. This would leave Tunde crazy for the next one week. That night, he goes to bed thinking of why anyone would endanger his or her life just to tender an apology.
    'Why on Earth do I keep stumbling on this lady ever since that day we met in that gridlock of that day? Is she some kind of watchdog or what? Is she monitoring my movement or what? I mean how possible is it that we keep coming across each other so frequently? It is quite awkward if you ask me.', he thinks to himself. 'Anyways, if we meet again, I will have to do something about it maybe try to understand why she is trailing me'
    The next morning by 5am in the morning, Tunde is ready to leave for the Hospital in order to beat the usual Lagos traffic. Driving out of the LexonView Estate gate, he makes his way to the express dressed in a blue silk T-shirt underneath his white suit hoping that there will be no traffic situation today but in the usual Lagos character, there is a hold up on his lane of the road so he is condemned to the pain of either waiting on-end for his lane to move or waiting for someone to allow switch lanes. Looking really frustrated already in the traffic situation, he pleads with drivers on the other lane to let him switch lanes but all his pleas fall on deaf ears as they all keep running at top speed like antelopes being chased by a lion. After a few, a black tinted SUV stops to grant him entry into the moving lane. He cannot understand why but he goes in anyway, honking in appreciation to the unknown driver. The driver honks back acknowledging the appreciation.


  • jayaforthesoul 53w

    Unfamiliar familiarity

    "You have changed" he peered at her, trying to gauge her response
    "Okay" she responded
    "I can't say the same for you, though can I?" she smiled
    'Well I haven't" he responded
    "No how can I say something like that" she paused looked down and looking up again
    'I realise I don't even know you really" she sighed and blinked at him smiling again

  • himayan_writes 53w

    I wish I could kiss you again!
    A known face! An old familiar friend!
    I wish I could touch upon your skin.
    I wish I could breathe you in.
    I wish you'd close your eyes along with me!
    I wish you'd pull me close to see,
    How far we could go before
    We ain't free with each other anymore!
    Wish I wasn't wrecked as I have been.
    Or wish I wasn't so keen
    On being someone to someone else.
    Wish you didn't know how cheap my love sells!


  • lassitude 62w


    but still, he awaits for the day when love would be familiar once again.


  • himayan_writes 72w

    Familiar Strangers

    A room full of people!
    Flashy lights, sparkly clothes,
    A cacophony of chatters which
    sounded like soft murmur
    underneath the deafening music.

    A room full of intoxicated mess
    Some drunk on alcohol while
    Some drunk on love.
    Some high on company while
    Some high on pain.
    Some tripping on the drugs while
    Some tripping on the music!
    A room full of intoxicated mess
    Where few were intoxicated by their happiness.

    All the strange faces that I was waving at as I walk past them!
    All the strange faces that were smiling with you as looked at them!

    With the strangers we were freely mingling, people who we barely knew!
    But the only two who remained strangers to each other were Me and You!
    Because we knew each other all too well...
    Years and years ago!


  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 74w

    Here I am
    Looking out of a window
    Sitting at a table booked for two
    Waiting to be served.

    I hear the silver clink
    And the chandelier blink.
    I smell the delicacies wafting by
    And my fingers die
    To caress you.

    The wind brings the familiar
    Tinkle of your jhumkas.
    I turn around
    Seeking your cinnamon eyes.

    "Ma'am, here's your receipt.
    Hope you enjoyed your meal,"
    Is all I am fed.

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    Roosting at a Restaurant


  • akhi_billa 79w


    familiar he was
    until I started noticing that he was black

    familiar he was
    until I was sensitised that he is a muslim

    familiar he was
    until I listened his political leanings

    familiar he was
    until I came to know his real gender

    familiar he was
    until I discovered his social status

    things I never bothered became familiar
    when I let TV & Internet into my home

    they created new walls of complexity
    and crushed the simple joy of familiarity


  • anyelia 82w


    Rin held her breath, her small hands pressed over her mouth. In her chest, her heart beat a thousand times per minute, threatening to burst free with each palpitation. Tears brought on by terror and despair welled at her eyes. Around her cold darkness coiled, twisting closer and closer.

    They cowered, as the town around them rioted in the screams of agony and chaos. As the monsters stalked the streets and drenched the cobble in blood. As the endless painfilled cries quieted to dying whimpers and silent gasps of unspent breath. As the monsters pacing and scratching and howling became the life of the little town.

    The only warmth in her world was a rough hand on her shoulder. It radiated strength, though the arm it was attached to trembled.
    They hid between the stove and the back wall, hidden in the darkest shadow her sister had been able to find. Her sister crouched beside her, one hand on Rin’s shoulder, one hand on the hilt of her sword. She watched what remained of the doorway with unflinching eyes. She was Rin’s last defender.

    Silently, they prayed that they would go unnoticed in the chaos. Silently, they prayed that the beasts beyond their fragile hiding place would leave without finding them. Silently, they prayed that the creatures would fill themselves on others.

    Silently, a shadow loomed in the doorway.
    Her sister clutched her close. A desperate prayer that the shadow would move on without them. A forlorn farewell if it did not.
    A black snout passed over the boundary of the room with a primal snort, followed by the pad of claws on wood.

    Her sister pushed her away slowly, putting a finger to her lips, a valiant sadness in her eyes.

    The beast, stalked forward, eyeless sockets glowing a ghastly green. Its body had the basic form of a hound, if a hound was to be five feet tall at the shoulder. Its legs were elongated like a spider’s and its back arched like a stretching cat. Its skull was like a jackal’s, its lips parted in a perpetual smile, revealing ebony teeth glistening in the moonlight.

    Her sister crept forward, to the absolute edge of their cover, as the creature approached.
    Don’t come. Don’t see us. Don’t find us. Don’t come.

    It came. One foot after the next. Further and further into the room.

    Her sister glanced over her shoulder one last time, her face silhouetted by the moon’s light. Was there fear in her eyes? Did she bite her lip as she leaped from their hiding place? Was there hesitation in her mad rush toward the beast?

    Rin didn’t see it if there was. She could only clench her hands over her mouth as she bit back an anguished scream. Could only bite back tears that could only become gasping sobs. Could barely control herself as she watched her sister drive her sword forward.

    The beast lunged forward to meet the swordswoman, maw wide, claws extended. Like a dancer on the stage, she twisted between the incoming blows, driving her sword into its chest. Shouting the name of her familiar, a plume of fire exploded out the back of the beast coalescing into a fox.

    The monster howled, its voice relighting the cacophony of the night. Around them more beastly screams filled the night, all of them growing closer by the second. The sound raked at Rin’s soul, grating at her ears, promising pain unending. In vain, she pressed her hands to her ears, hoping for some respite.

    Even Rin’s sister was unable to stand in the wake of the monstrous call. She fell to her knees, one hand pressed to an ear, the other clasping the hilt of her sword with all the strength she could muster. Her teeth clenched in pain, she held even as the creature thrashed under her blade.

    Her familiar’s name crossed her lips again. Barely a whisper. Completely drowned out under the howl of the beasts.

    The fox darted into the creature, becoming a flaming arrow as it connected with its body. The arrow burned straight through the beast, carving a hole through its lung.

    The creature’s howl became a strangled, gurgling scream, jerking away from her, wrenching her sword from its body as it pulled away.

    Rin’s sister struggled to her feet, her face pale from the expenditure of magic required in empowering her familiar as she had. She held her sword in both hands, its tip raised between herself and the creature. Her fox flitted to her shoulder, enveloping her like a cape of fire, its ruby eyes meeting the monster’s green even as her own head hung in exhaustion.

    Pushing past her exhaustion, willing herself through the soul-crushing howls closing in on her, dodging between the dagger-sharp claws that swiped just over her skin, she drove her blade into the beast’s flesh again and again. Words of magic coated her sword in flames, burning through the rotting muscle and unholy sinew.

    But she could only dodge for so long before a lucky swipe sunk into her shoulder. She could only push for so long before exhaustion slowed her sword and dampened her strikes. Will alone could only inflict so much damage on the near-immortal beast before her before its pack closed in on her.

    Under the crescent moon, she stood over the broken and ichor-oozing monster. Around her, in every direction, in the doorway, looming on the precipice of the broken roof, balanced with alien grace upon the ruined walls, more of them stood. Their eyeless gaze bore in on her, as she pulled her blade from the first monster’s heart.

    Blood dripped down her side and her arm. It ran in crimson streams, hissing as it ran near her flaming familiar. It oozed from her forehead, from her shoulder, from her thigh. It covered her hands, her tunic, her boots—mixing with the blue-black ichor of her subjugated foe.

    For a moment, as they all looked down on her, the night was silent. Only the wind, carrying the dying cries of distant victims, echoed in the dark.

    And the moment passed.

    All of them were on her.

    Claws slashed at her. The first dodged, the second knocked to the side by her blade, the third burned to ash by her familiar.

    Jaws snapped at her. The first evaded, the second choking on her blade, the third biting only flames.

    But there were far more than four.

    And she was only human.

    She screamed as one clamped down on her shoulder. Tears poured from her eyes as another ripped off a leg. Madness was all she could be left with as they devoured her alive.

    But she did not succumb to madness.

    Through her agony, she called out to her familiar one last time. In one last tortured scream, she released everything she had left and anything she might have ever had.

    And the flames answered.

    It was their turn to devour.

    Rin did not know how long she watched the fire. Did not know if it took a minute or several hours for the flames to consume all trace of the beasts and her sister. Did not know if the ash she found herself covered in was the remains of humans, beasts, or buildings. Did not know if the inferno she had stumbled through was the result of her sister’s fire unrestrained or of the preceding chaos.

    She would never know how she managed to find her way to the village entrance. Would never remember collapsing there in the ashen snow. Could never say how she had managed to retrieve her sister’s sword.

    But she would remember the fire. The indomitable heat. The scorching air. The smoke that consumed her lungs.

    And she would remember her sister’s expression as she unleashed her final, suicidal blast. Eyes unbroken, despite tears. Mouth curled in a pained smile as they howled the sacred name of her familiar.

    She would remember what strength looked like.

    And her own crippling weakness.


  • sanchari_karmakar 83w

    Pain isn't always about cuts and wounds and not always about some clumsy relationship issues..it has a deep impact and blessed are those who get to feel it and yet accept it an move on in life no matter how much the painful journey.
    #You #feel #the #familiar #pain #the #stinging #sensation #only #this #time #there's #blood #oozing #down #your #injury #pain #feelings #emotions #feelings #sensation #wound #quoteoftheday #quotefortheday #quotestagram #quotesforinstagram #quote #quotes #mirakee #vibes #hurt #simewoundsdontheal #time

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    You feel the familiar pain, the stinging sensation.
    Only this time there's blood oozing down the injury.

  • mute_my_mind 90w

    I remember drowning into a scent familiar to the heart
    With its tantalizing aroma she resurrected from my depths
    Is it my body or the soul that had lost in her fragrance

  • foldedbedsheet 93w


    Meeting new people and seeing new places is always promising. Something like picking a new book off the shelves and not knowing anything about it beforehand.
    Somehow, people and places you know well feel like that textbook you knew in and out. Probably you've turned every page already. Probably you've navigated every corner. Maybe you've forgotten parts. Maybe you had to read it or visit because you had to. Even a textbook excites us until we have read it through. Even a city enthralls us until becomes familiar beyond comfort. Most often, it doesn't have the thrill of a fresh novel.
    Places eventually become home. People eventually become family.
    Who doesn't want a home and a family at the end of the day?

    Yet. There's something about familiarity, stability and structure that scares us, wears us out while uncertainty and risk draws us in.

    With books. And with people. With places.

    With everything.


  • whatever_feels 96w

    I don't know you
    Then why do you feel so familiar?
    You are not mine
    Then why is losing you a fear?


  • abhishekkamble 103w

    @pema_z @roel_gonz @writersnetwork @day_dreamz @duskydawn #love #find #hatred #ruins #clouds #loneliness #void #filled #hollow #places #familiar #difficulty #ceesreposts #writersnetwork #mypage

    Image credit to the rightful owner!

    "Love was warned it had no world out there, in the hollow places it went to feel complete, it is trapped still, for it filled the void there"

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    Unnoticed warning


  • benjamins_poetry_ 106w

    Familiar execution

    I heard a call
    From the desolate incrimination
    There’s something about broken love
    The familiarity of an illness
    The similarity of a stillness
    Illegal stamina of two people
    How could I be myself?
    With your cancerous retribution
    Heaven forbid our blanket of warmth
    Is killing your solution
    Heaven forbid we all discuss
    And avoid this execution

  • shrutymaheshwari 110w


    His warmth enveloped me,
    Even when we stood at a distance.
    I soaked in the scent of his aura,
    Treasured it safe in the corner of my soul.

    His eyes portrayed themselves as non-chalant as always.
    But this time, I found something else in them.
    Something so deep and intimate,
    I felt I was suddenly home.

    As much as I try,
    I can't stop thinking about his lingering gaze,
    As if they saw beyond the deliberate 'black tee match' or conversations about coffee and music.
    As if he was trying to see something which I had kept confidential under the layers of my smile.

    Eight months,
    It seemed everything had changed.
    Yet there was something invisible between us that was so familiar.


  • saramitchell 112w

    Take me to a place that replenishes my soul. #promise #familiar #broken #hope #different

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    No one said this new life would be easy. I took my first step and somehow ended up in the devil’s playground. Thinking that leaving one hostile environment would only ensure I’d choose wisely, thereafter. Damaged girl, searching in all of the wrong places and following shattered pieces into familiar places. Those in which a broken soul finds comfort. Find a place that makes you uneasy. You may find peace there, after all.

  • abhishekkamble 113w


    Not every poem is an event
    But every verse of poem is familiar to someone having faced that incident

  • raghavendrabs 119w

    The familiar stranger

    You passed by and I smiled looking at you,
    You saw me and acted as though you hadn't, that was something new
    I called out your name, hoping you'd hear,
    You picked up pace, not out of urgency but out of fear.
    It took me a couple of seconds to realize what's happening,
    I could see people speak but something was definitely wrong with my hearing,
    My stomach gave a churn of realization that you were avoiding me,
    I should have just let you pass, I should have just let you be,
    Why did I smile ? Why did I have to take your name ?
    The answers changed though the question was the same.
    A couple of years ago, when I smiled, it was because of you,
    Your name was a sweet picture on my breath that time had drew,
    But now, I felt that you'd be happy to see me too,
    And with your actions, you left me wondering, I didn't know what to do.
    Go on, be a stranger,
    But I really feel even harsh words would've been kinder.

    Raghavendra B S

  • kangkana_baishya_ 120w

    The Monotony....

    As I get up in the morning, serene and fresh,
    Holding hopes and feelings in this human flesh,
    Rushing around like a maniac,
    but at a tortoise pace sipping my tea,
    I ponder upon the events my day will see.
    Growing up in the city where rain comes as soon as the sun shows its zeal,
    Surroundings with comfort has always been my feel.
    My days as monotonous as the crow sounds on the nearby tree,
    I ponder if this city will ever set me free?
    As it's time to start my day, I set my foot out the door,
    Ending up on the Oh so familiar streets.
    The trees and the city choking me, not letting me escape.
    As if it believes I forever belong to its landscape.
    Or maybe I really belong here?
    The city where one can see both mountains and plain streets?
    After all the rivers as well flows into their destined seas.
    With these beliefs I wish to acquire,
    I let the monotony of my life prevail over my desires.


  • pratik_pk 129w

    I'm, beside you at the mirror
    Hi, do I look familiar?