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  • anubhavjha 2w


    Heart Keeps Falling,
    Mind Keeps Obligating,
    And You Keep Explaining.


  • thenixwrites 2w

    I was deeply traumatised
    While I ran through my memories
    And fell for you again ❤️


  • _miku_ 2w

    That feeling & LOVE ❤️

    And then ,
    This feeling i have , when I see him in morning
    Is strangely beautiful .
    When he smiles at me , is simply wonderful ..
    When he hugs me , is honestly perfect ..
    And this very feeling , is like cool breeze
    Kissing me softly on some unseen beach ,
    Warm sun rays falling on me ..
    In winter afternoons.
    What ., may I call it " LOVE " ?

  • orator 3w


    I feel like I am standing at the edge of a cliff and if so much as a wind carasess me I will fall into the deep nothingness.

  • ions0206 3w

    No Reason

    "When you love someone
    It's doesn't require a reason
    Because love happen without
    Any conditions reason can fade
    But feelings can't that's why fall
    For the person who he really is... "

  • bhumi_me 4w

    Let me fall

    Life isn't always about fixing up your wings and fly. Sometimes and for some diverse souls it's about getting a soft place to fall.

  • diplomaticqueen_ 5w


    #wod #poem #pod #season #autum #poetry #poets #leaves #falling #falls #nature #earlysummer #gravity #flowers #autumnleaf @writersnetwork @mirakee

    When Gravity beckons you, you know it's Fall

    In the relam of seasons
    Autumn came as a deliberate Surprise
    In the lush green valley
    Where the leaves celebrated their Uniqueness
    Autumn United them with the fall.

    The leaves were not informed of their fate.
    A soft breeze woke them up
    A loud blow brought them down.
    And that is how , the Wind fulfilled its duty
    The fallen leaves, crippled and cursed the Wind
    Guilt stayed with the wind, for a while
    So, it lit their pyre.
    The trees honoured it,
    the sun appreciated it
    Spring Obeyed it.

    Hope started to bloom across
    Eradicating tradegy and loss
    The brown stems now should signs of life
    Finally completing the time of its life

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    When Gravity beckons you, you know it's Fall-

  • swetaswadhismita 5w

    Love song

    When I was falling down,
    She held me
    She held me
    She kissed me
    She tapped on my shoulder
    And said to me to stand again
    Her touch
    Created sparks
    In my whole body
    She was like a dream that happened to me
    And I couldn't resist her
    She promised me to hold my hand till the end
    And she never left that
    I am now out of my trauma
    And she became my queen
    And I, her king
    And we built our kingdom


  • sisira_simi 6w


    Falling into the deepest oceans of you,
    Wanna Drown away in you!
    Let me sail in you for long,
    For, I found my peace in your storm!
    Take me somewhere only you know,
    And let's love like there's no tomorrow!

    Falling into the valley of love,
    Where there is love above,
    Love below, and everywhere I go!
    Take my hand and know,
    That every time I look at you,
    I am falling and only falling for you,
    My Sweet Man!


  • namjin_moonchild 7w


  • eccentric_eesha 7w

    There's no fear of falling
    when you trust yourself
    more than anyone else
    because even if you fall
    you know how to get up
    on your own without
    crashing yourself.

    © Eesha

  • thefloatingverse 7w

    It's so cold in here,
    Rattling noises made by the withering leaves
    I'm one too, hanging onto my last straw
    So I won't leave before my goodbyes are said
    There goes another one, another one of my kind embraces the earth
    Breeze by breeze their balance hinders
    Gracefully falling to their natural demise
    The cycle of the great fallings repeat
    Until I'm the last one hanging
    Beneath me scattered are the ruins of the accomplices of my growth
    Turning to the branches of my upbringing
    I flutter, sending the message of my departure
    To the great old tree that nourished me
    Then I do as I'm told, told by the law of nature
    And let the wind take me apart
    Down to the place my remains are added to the pile
    The pile of the autumn leaves that brings nostalgia to some
    Some to the the hope of a new life with the changing season
    And just some crinkling noises to the kids with no knowledge of the circle of arisings and ends.

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    Autumn leaves


  • princess_diary 8w

    Tiny World Of Yours....

    Slowly i was falling for him
    Knowing unknowingly i lost in his eyes...
    World begin to seem beautiful
    Walking into unknown future
    with belief of bright sky....
    Through the darkness holding your hand
    You Leading me straight into your tiny world...

  • aihamid 8w


    Am feeling bizarre,
    like a whirl wind in the mist of a tornado.
    The careful feature of a warm surface,
    doesn't feel so warm anymore.
    The sirens wailing for me to back off,
    but rather I take that as a signal to get closer.
    Am grazing and searching for air,
    looking for your face in the mist of all.
    I look around hoping to catch a glimpse of you,
    whoever that's suppose to be.
    I don't know the colour of your eyes,
    but am hoping when I look at you,
    it will feel like we were once souls that collided.
    This awful but crazy perspective,
    I: someone that was hopeless roaming around to no end, hoping that I will cease to exist.
    I kept waking up to the wallowing sound of the distant sky.
    It captures a really great scene to be admired
    I feel left out,
    Like am the only soul who doesn't want to be in this magnificent den.
    The trees really enormous and it's petals beautiful.
    But each passing day I long to leave.
    Untill the very day, my orbit changed.
    You held my hand carefully making sure that I was okay.
    You taught me that as crazy as I am, am worthy listening to.
    It felt lavishing how each passing day when I wake up you are the first thing I think of.
    I guess life finally found it's way in my agenda.
    As beautiful and magnificent it is.
    Not all fairytales have happy endings.
    I guess it took me to risk someone else's happiness to realize that.
    We might be stray souls now but I know once upon a time we collided.
    I don't know the colour of your eyes,
    but am hoping when I look at you,
    it will feel like we were once souls that collided.

  • _ashes 9w

    एक कप चाय

    मेरा प्यार जैसे कविताए
    अपने जज्बात जैसे मैंने
    कुछ लफ्जों में उतर दिए
    और उसका प्यार
    बस एक कप चाय

    में जताती हू बताती हू
    हर पल उसे सताती भी हू
    और वो जवाब में मुझे पिलाता है
    उसके हाथ की एक कप चाय

  • slaughtered_heart 9w

    You told me you would catch me,
    now I am falling infinitely into the
    deep shallow nothingness that
    is left after I gave you everything.


  • its_me_luki 9w

    I'm sorry for being #selfish but I can't help myself #falling in love with you
    I #love you, more than you ever know

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    I love you
    Let me love you
    Let me stay here to love you
    Let me be the one who loves you

  • pakhi1738 10w

    This piece went through so many changes. I felt like sharing the entire journey of writing this one because it's worth it. If you don't want to read this, you can skip it and directly jump to the poetry part. So here it is. Initially, Medusa, Athena, and some other characters in the first draft were just supposed to be metaphors for the characters of a short dream sequence I had in mind. I started making the initial draft, like gathering bits and pieces that came to my mind about everything I wanted to cover in that sequence. While making these outlines, I just kept thinking about Medusa and what she went through (if you want to know her story, the original story, check my comments in the comment section). Then it occurred to me that not many people from the present generation know about this Greek mythology so I should write about her instead because people should know how cruel and unfair patriarchy can get sometimes. So I deleted the previous outlines and started writing the original story in my words but the fact that Medusa always just got pain and betrayal but never the love she deserved, stopped me. Then a thought striked my mind that she deserves a love story but no one ever thought about that amidst all the monster portrayals she got and I again started it from the scratch with a prince, his kingdom, the queen, Athena, Medusa and some other characters but I got stuck in the end. According to Athena's curse, any man who ever look at her, will get petrified (turned into stone) and I could have worked it out in the story by the prince always keeping his eyes covered with a blind fold or just looking at her reflection in the water but why a man? Why it always has to be a man? That hit me really hard and I just stopped writing for a really long time. I took time to think about it and ended up writing this.

    ° (*_*) °

    ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

    ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★

    Once upon a time,
    There was a princess
    With eyes like the reflection
    Of full moon in the ocean,
    Big and bright.
    Medusa fall for her
    Right in the first sight!
    She used to visit the same oak tree,
    Probably searching for peace,
    Once every week.
    Medusa watched her
    Hiding near the creek.
    Princess sensed her presence,
    And gazed at her reflection
    But never said a word.
    One's reflection never lies,
    Is what they say
    And maybe that's why
    She saw the girl Medusa once was
    And not the monster
    She was forced to become!
    "I'll confront her about my feelings
    The next time she visits", Medusa swore.
    Little did she knew,
    Her heart belonged to Athena,
    The goddess of war!
    Medusa waited and waited
    But she never returned.
    Queen found out
    About her daughter's love
    For their nemesis
    Who destroyed their kingdom
    And banished her
    From the palace, for the betrayal.
    Princess ran to Athena's temple
    And prayed to call her for help.
    She didn't answered,
    Because the affair was just a scam.
    A scam to break the royals,
    To shatter the castle of trust
    They shared
    And to show them
    Where they belonged!
    Princess stayed in the temple
    For nights,
    Helpless and hurt.
    She finally lost hope,
    Wandering around in confusion.
    With blurred vision
    From all the tears,
    She found herself
    Standing by the creek.
    Medusa was waiting for her
    Hiding in the shadows.
    She decided to give her some privacy
    To process her thoughts.
    The princess looked like walking chaos
    In the moment
    But still so simple.
    Same deep, big, shiny eyes,
    Same long golden locks,
    Same innocence dripping
    Down her face.
    Medusa waited for her to calm down
    But lost patience after a while
    'cause she was still searching
    For princess's beautiful smile!
    She couldn't see her despair
    So decided to retrace her steps back
    But stepped on a twig instead
    "You don't always need to hide, you know",
    The princess said wiping her tears.
    "You knew about me this whole time?"
    "I sensed your presence from your shine"
    "My shine?"
    "Your reflection in water, Medusa."
    "You know who I am?", Medusa asked Desperately hiding the snakes on her head.
    "You are still beautiful, inside out.
    I hope you know that"
    Medusa smiled for the first time
    After a really long time.
    With her pale skin,
    Finally gaining different shades of pink
    Her eyes lit up
    As she took a step towards her love
    "I missed this smile"
    "And I, thy eyes"


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  • lemon_eyes 10w

    A Darling From a Book

    Take your time
    I love watching you
    Undress and do your daily things
    Everything that you do
    It's beautiful
    Done with effortless elegance

    You love the little things
    Green trees and small copper rings
    You like blaring music in the car
    Making fun of country music
    And rapping along to wordless beats
    Oh darling you are my all

    Your the character in the greatest books
    Stories that dance in minds
    Even years after they've read the story
    Your kisses are stuck in my mind forever

    Days go by and I need your laughter
    You make me smile and push my boundaries
    You know everything about a person
    Just by looking into their eyes
    And the wrinkles and creases on their faces
    Darling you are loved
    By the world, I, and everything under and above

  • pakhi1738 10w

    I know that I've been writing these little fantasy dream sequences a lot for a while now, but one of these actually led to something really amazing. I am so excited to share that one and it's entire journey with you guys. It's still a work in progress so, you'll have to wait for it. Meanwhile, here's a piece I wrote somewhere in the mid of March but never got a chance to post. Happy reading!


    Every time I breathe
    My heart catches hold
    Of the ice and pieces you left
    And every moment
    That I spend
    With you
    Feels like a Déjà vu
    I look for you, everywhere,
    When love doesn't feel right
    But you loving me,
    The way I do, is all I want
    People change, I know
    And I see you changing
    Every single day
    But it all still just
    Feels the same
    The same old love
    With the same old faith!
    Can't it just fly away?
    I want you just for myself
    I want you to live inside me!
    I don't wanna stay
    And I don't wanna leave,
    Oh love!
    I don't wanna stay
    And I don't wanna leave
    I just wanna see
    One last trick
    With magic rolled up your sleeves!
    'cause every time I breathe
    I breathe you in
    For we need
    Something to break this ice
    Between us, that's unseen!
    Can't they just fade away
    I want you to read my eyes
    And tell me
    What my heart desires
    Just like before
    I'm living every moment
    You wanted to forget
    All over again
    For it feels like
    A long lost, sweet pain
    And I know,
    When this mirror of dream breaks
    It'll again just leave a stain!
    I don't wanna hide
    If you are by my side
    You kept looking
    For someone to love
    When your love
    Was hiding in the plain sight!
    It is our destiny, is what they say
    But wasn't destiny, what we left behind!


    P.C.- @azureabyss

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