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  • artless_mind 3w

    Broken wings

    I'm not happy
    But it's OK!
    I'm Lil sad,
    But it is fine.
    You can say a lie,
    It's fine by me.
    You can cheat on me,
    But I can do the same.
    You can pull me
    You can push me,
    When I stumble, you can bury me.
    But if I'm alive,
    I'll rise again.
    I'm just a fallen angel
    Who has lost her way

  • roel_gonz 3w

    I fell
    for you
    like a star
    in the sky

  • denny2829 5w

    Stay away

    Between Heaven and Hell...
    There's an Imperfect place called... Earth
    Where you can find a imperfect feeling ...
    Stay away from it !!

  • nainnshu 5w

    The Fallen Gift!

    As I was strolling between the paths enclosed by trees
    on both the sides,
    A gift from almighty just fell infront of my very eye sight,
    As if the very root of the tree has felt that numbness in my leg,
    As if the very trunk has identified with the shards of
    my broken heart,
    As if the very branch has read all of my face and mind,
    All of them together thus bestowed a gift as a balm to all my cries,
    A leaf thence fallen blocked my very way,
    only to captivate my whole body, soul and my heart.
    That leaf as I observed too,
    Carried veins in forms different and unique,
    As if making funny faces, trying to make me smile,
    Simultaneously led me to a mysterious world thereby.
    I forgot my pain and worries the moment I then step further,
    And returned back to my home with a renewed energy and a face, jovial!
    The company of nature hence is the best company of all,
    You just need a sight wider to read those little moments present just infront!

  • toothpicksandjokes 6w

    Soul of a friend

    I wander in thoughts of who you would have been. With my head resting on your silent chest I made the promise to keep living so you'd never be forgotten. A promise I won't break.. So much that you are missing my friend, care for our fallen while I nurture those that remain.
    I miss you, yet I know.. that in Nangijala you wait.
    The soul of a friend.
    We will meet again.


  • julie__ 10w

    Lost Thoughts

    Tell me it's okay
    To just want to cry.
    Tell me it's okay
    To never say goodbye.

    Tell me it's okay
    To be afraid to be strong.
    Tell me it's okay
    And that you're comin' along.

    Tell me it's okay
    And that you're staying by me.
    Tell me it's okay,
    And that this life is meant to be.

    Tell me it's okay
    To feel how I'm feeling.
    Tell me it's okay -
    The way that I am dealing.

    Tell me it's okay -
    That there is a reason for it all.
    Tell me it's okay,
    Even if I fall.

    Tell me it's okay
    To lose control today.
    Tell me it's okay.
    Just tell me it's okay.

    - julie.

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    Tell me which is worse,
    Feeling nothing at all,
    Or feeling it all too much?
    Is it okay to be overwhelmed with pride,
    While feeling hauntingly empty inside?


  • ellie_b 12w

    I was nothing but a sinner with love's greed,
    I was falling and falling deeper into the hell's pit,
    Began with all high hopes,
    Concluded with the delusions and lost souls..

  • _who_am_i 13w

    The beauty of the fallen
    Is no less than the sky
    The pattern on the leaf
    Doesn't fade with time.

    The sound of my pencil
    Against the paper
    Is no less than
    A melody to my ears.

    The gray and the white
    Blend together
    Singing of the lost midnight memories
    Dancing along the fragile fabric of time.

    Together they breathe back life
    Into the lost lip syncs
    Into the words lost in the dark
    And into the tired heart
    Lighting up the future
    The past coming alive

    Together they sing forever
    The grey and the white.


  • joe_winterpens 15w

    The star I wished for,
    Fell for the ocean.


  • kanikachugh 20w


  • empathscouplets 21w

    Fallen angel

    Youth -
    Had you cheat
    For just a little treat
    Now your street is empty.

    No hair dye
    No whiskey and snacks to buy
    The kids you ignored
    dull company.

    No treats or retreats
    By the time this is over
    You ain't got no other lovers
    You look like a bad time

    Bottle blonde
    Grey is gonna be your colour
    Never a treasure to preserve.
    Time decided what you deserve.

  • sheikh_huzaifa 22w

    Nadiya behnay lagi hai
    Aur ishq-e-marz honay laga hai
    Yai kiski hai aahat
    Yai kaisa hai shoor
    Dil ka hai ya kisi aur ka
    Machal machal k muskuranay lagay hai
    Nadiya behnay lagi hai
    Aur ishq-e-marz honay laga hai.....
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  • v_4_ved 23w

    #song #redemption #remorse#gloomy#let it be#fallen sand# irreversible#acceptance

    Wrote this for someone...who wanted to express ...but I also added essence of my own experiences and how I would have felt ....

    Appreciation and criticism are welcome ..
    I would be glad to know how I could improve

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    The rain and the thunder in the sky
    Splashes of water around shows reflection
    But I
    All I see is the flash back in the water
    The moment we shared together
    The moment I wanted to pause
    its gone yet still in my eyes

    But i guess I have let the sand drop out
    I can't hold it even if I want it all to stay
    So here give you a shout out
    I hope you just bloom as always

    It isn't same anymore.
    Will never be parted we swore
    But now all I have is memories I stored.
    The less i want to but everytime I miss you

    How I wish those summers to be back
    When we watched horrors despite getting insomniac
    There's no one after you who can compensate your lack
    I wish I could change the way things took the track

    But i guess I have let the sand drop out
    I can't hold it even if I want it all to stay
    So here I give you a shout out
    I hope you just bloom as always

    From all I had. you were the best
    Like a moon amongst stars that overshadowed the rest
    There was no one who could endure my pain like you did,
    everytime I was torn
    And now I'm all alone without you, forlorn.

    Here you're standing in front of me
    Like a complete stranger
    the friends used to be
    I want to go back in the past
    And change what I allowed to ruin and
    I realise what I have lost..

    I should've realised it right across
    The tears whose reason I was
    I realise what I have lost
    I know how stupid I was

    But guess I have let the sand drop out
    can't hold it even if I want it all to stay
    So here I give you a shout out
    I hope you just bloom as always

  • debashankarprasadpati 25w

    I fell from the sky !
    scars ! O scars,
    all over me !
    thy heart never felt my pain
    how stone cold it is
    a great feature of thee.
    I was flat on the green field
    and over the bedrock of some old thrones
    eyes wide open to see,
    reveries my heart do build.
    Far away there was the distant sun,
    before my arrival on earth,
    he was gone.
    I felt love yet I was broken
    lost yet taken
    skies were my home
    but with the trees
    now I roam
    I felt broken,fallen
    from the sky
    but this time !!
    my soul was high.

    #mirakee #poemoftheday #fallen #sky #poetry #pod

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  • zirizuh 27w


    What does it take to appreciate the little things I've done?
    Does it mean hateful words? To put others down, while I fix your crown?
    Do you like the thought of others to bow down?
    On the ground, just so you could feel the rise to your crown?
    The Rise of you and the Fallen of those you've put down..
    I've seen how you watch people drown.
    I always wondered how you weighed them down..
    The chains of words, the chains of treatments to those affected.. I never realized how I'd be effected.
    The way you throw your hands in the waves to make your claims.. like the rising waves is your way to fame.. because whay you say, is what makes their day ..
    But you know this, because its your game.
    Created Without Saying.
    Competing with No Reason.
    Speaking with No Meaning.
    You are Not the Good You Think You Are and You Are the Bad you Think you are not.
    Your ways can rot, but You, I hope you, Do Not.


  • little_sad 27w

    He broke my heart and filled the crack with chaos but some how those chaos helped me love myself and if he isn't a fallen angel I don't know what he is.


  • questioning_life 28w

    Broken crown

    Her heart is broken
    Cracks running down,
    Never felt love,
    But it's all around,
    The days so bleak,
    Like a fallen crown,
    It's a cloudy day,
    In this broken town.

  • chaotic_silence17 29w


    I looked at him and smiled internally. Such an innocent soul who was misjudged by the cruel world. He was treated harshly for a crime he never committed. His image was tainted by the devil who had his claim over him. I set my cold glare upon his bright face which wavered a little upon looking at me. He held the kind of smile on his face that can brighten a whole room. Only if someone acknowledged his presence. He was treated as a doormat. He faced the cruel comments the world threw at him. Those words were supposed to change him. But it didn't. He remained the pure soul who would help anyone in a heartbeat.

    I admired him. I really did. I also understood the mixed signals he gave me. But I chose to be ignorant. He didn't know that I was protecting him. I was protecting the naive soul who hadn't been touched by the darkness that had consumed me. I gave him one last glare and stormed off. I had helped him understand himself. And my action made him believe that I was an angel. If only he knew. If only he knew, the demons I had. The demons that were turning me into a demon too. If only he knew the evil side of my soul. If only he knew the destructions I have caused. If only he knew that I used to be the same as him. But now I was far from it.

    I used to be an angel who would laugh around and have fun. I used to cheer up a whole room. I used to bring bright smiles on everyone's face. I used to be an adorable ball of sunshine. But I was pushed off from heaven. And the feelings that were brought with it were terrible. Changes started to appear in my soul.

    And I became the female reincarnation of Lucifer. The SHE-DEVIL who terrorised everyone.

  • lucifer_says 31w

    Never let an old flame
    Burn you twice


  • darkness_of_the_sky 32w

    12th March 2021

    I stand here before you,
    Looking at your disapproving gaze.
    It discourages me not,
    For I am longing to be by your side.

    I’m tired of all the fighting,
    Between my bleeding heart,
    My tormented mind,
    Who could come out victorious.

    Winning is difficult on its own,
    Why must man suffer twice?
    Everything hurts,
    Everything has fallen...