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  • myleswalkerjr 1w

    Feeling Relieved By The Leaves

    As long as there are women beautiful like the flowers in a garden

    They will always be forgiven for seeing me as useful within a market

    If I was a tree

    You wouldn't be able to fly up there and build your nest for free

    If the green is telling you to go

    Then the red should be telling you no

    Because I'm six feet tall

    Born in the midst of warm heat during fall

    So what's the use of any chilling beliefs if you can't answer them piece by piece?

    Don't you wanna rank them as you're raking them and feeling relieved by the leaves?


  • luci_the_enbie 2w


    Hey guys!!!! How are y'all??? Hope everyone's doing great !!! I was just scrolling through my old account and suddenlY felt like penning something, so I did lol, anyways hope y'all are having great day/night !!and don't forget to STAY SAFE. BYEE ❤️!

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    Just as the autumn wind brushes my hair,
    A new chapter unfolds before my tiresome eyes,
    Hoping that this time it'll be very rare,
    That my mouth utters lies,
    Just so that I can be truthful for a while,
    Before I start spitting instant lies like Eminem spittin' bars,
    Trying to be optimistic just like Kyle,
    Just trying to hide my scars,
    From all the injustice that happens to me,
    Finding new ways to prevent every bad situation,
    Being responsible was never my cup of tea,
    Trying to do everything all at once just adds more to my frustration,
    Hope I'll learn to stop manipulating every situation to be in my favour,
    And start to let things be how they are,
    Tired of adding new elements to my lies just to lift it's flavour,
    Wanna start living without lies one day , hope that day isn't far

  • summermoon 2w


    To fail in
    real time is
    a gift and
    a curse, falling
    bleeding, crying,
    embarrassed and
    emboldened to move
    backwards in order to
    get back up and try again

  • claralynne 2w

    Awed by Autumn

    Sweet September Dusks...
    Trees show how to let go soon.
    The end bares beauty.

  • wmbanje 3w

    RAISING will GUIDE us"
    -wes mbanje

  • angieii 3w


    Fall in line
    Just fall in place
    Fall in a heart that will never give up on you
    Fall in a smile that smiles off your pride
    Fall in my eyes that see through your flaws
    Just fall
    And fall in the unconditional beauty of us
    Fall and fall in me.

  • moodnight 2w


    The days and weather are changing. And so are we. The temperature outside is still in the hundreds but is expected to be around the 80s in a week or two.

    It's around mid-noon that we were both on top of the rooftop overlooking the city. You were leaning against the balcony, a straw to your lips. An Iced caramel Latte flowing into you mouth.

    It was a bit colder than usual. It was too cold for September. 84° degrees. Unusual. A small breeze came causing me to shiver. I glanced at you as your recently cut hair was flowing in the wind.

    Your jacket too. You turned and give me a small smirk. I looked away knowing that you caught me in the moment. I hear you set down your drink and the sound of your boots thudding as you make your way towards me with every step.

    You come up from behind and wrap your arms around me. You nuzzle your face into the back of my neck.

    "I can practically hear your heart rate picking up, darling~" You say.

    I grunt.

    "Easy, I don't bite." You whispered in my ear.

    "Unless I'm told to that is~"

    I groan and I look down cover my face with my hands.

    Missing the warmth of your body as you pull away.

    "Aww! Did I get you flustered green-eyes?"
    You laugh.

    I turn around and see you cross armed with a huge smile on your face. I can't be mad at you. Not even for a second. I look down and scratch the back of my neck. "Yeah. Just a bit." I mumble.

    You walk towards me and gently cup my face. I close my eyes and relax as I feel you fingers stroking my face. You gently lower my face to your height and place your forehead against mine. Your next words bring a soft smile against my lips.

    "God you're adorable when your a mess"


  • sree_nidhi 3w

    Stick with those who can see the beauty of 'fall' within us, than chasing behind the scent of spring in others.

    #sometimes #wod #pod #fall #spring #kiss @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    Sometimes the world wrapped around the scarf of fall,
    Can be more beautiful than a spring kissed world.
    And sometimes, so are you.

  • nothingleftsoiwrite 3w

    #fall #spooky #horror #idk #halloween #autumn #hell #death hehehahahhahwisieie I wish I put way more effort into this. does anyone else feel the need to make every single word group rhyme somehow?

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    ⚠️dark content in honor of spooky season⚠️

    dark, tall, grim and slender,
    we all call him the ender,
    parks, homes, dreams likewise,
    unsafe they so do remain
    whether it be rain or shine,
    or day or night or dawn or dusk,
    avoid he and those eyes you must,
    or in your heart his dagger will go,
    he'll laugh, snark as your blood flows,
    then downward to eternal hell he takes you,
    where your yells for help are indeed in vain,
    to no avail your wails mean nothing now,
    terrifically deep down, where only zero sound
    is aloud above ground, this is how
    the ender sneaks through your town,
    he takes the silence of his victims
    once they've died, and compiles it inside,
    while you sleep gets in your mind,
    turns your sweet dreams right into nightmares,
    kills you next then repeats his cycle

  • saif5alam 3w

    I swear I defended your name
    When everyone said you're bad for me .

  • travellers_nirvana 3w

    Thanks a lot @writersnetwork for your support.
    My heartfelt thanks to fellow writers for your support. Keep inking fellas !

    September seeps in singing sad songs seeking solitude
    Melancholy music mixes mirthlessly with listless air
    The fall feinds find filmsy reasons to denude the flora
    The wonton wind wallows while witnessing woes of wailing wildflowers
    The parched landscape pines for petrichor
    It's autumn aiming again to add shades of acrid blues allover with alacrity

    #wod #alliteration #poetry #poem #autumn #fall #september @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    September seeps in singing sad songs seeking solitude
    Melancholy music mixes mirthlessly with listless air
    The fall feinds find filmsy reasons to denude the flora
    The wonton wind wallows while witnessing woes of wailing wildflowers
    The parched landscape pines for petrichor
    It's autumn aiming again to add shades of acrid blues allover with alacrity


  • afza147 4w

    High up

    It's scary to be on the high up, because u never how u would fall down low or land in stability.

  • anupriyachauhan18 4w


    Dear Anupriya,
    "All I've ever wanted is the best for you, for you to be patient when I am relentless. I wanted to teach you to be compassionate even in times when I dont seem fair. I will make you feel so empty that it will feel impossible not to fall. All of this is because I want you to know that without me, you wouldnt let anything else in."

    Yours truly,

  • naqsaif 5w

    @writersnetwork@mirakee@ayushruti (for following me)

    The myth of Daedalus and Icarus tells the story of a father and a son who used wings to escape from the island of Crete.
    Dedalus had warned Icarus not to fly too close to the sun, but he did not listen to his father and fell into the sea when, after getting too close to the sun, the wax in his wings melted and fell apart.

    He disobeyed Daedalus and as a result fell
    But at least he flew higher then the rest.

    The devil was once an angel who fell
    God damned him and took his wings.
    Sometimes the society will tell you to stay low
    But remember that's exactly why you flew.

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    Icarus's way

    Unadorned, untamed
    I am following Icarus’s way
    He flew high
    I will fly higher
    Undaunted, unashamed
    When I shall fall
    “Goddammit!” shall the devil say.


  • agni_poignancy 5w

    #freedom #fall #afghan
    To talk about freedom, choices, hope, wishes - we can! And we are lucky in this 21st century

    Dear Afghan,
    The pain you go through is terrible �� how people flee from your land just to be safe where once they lived happily. You have witnessed a lot. I beg my pardon land. World is tired. Don't curse them, they are just scared enough to live on your shoulders. Barbarian attitude striking at you is disastrous. We are not tied or asked to shut but yet we take that pain into us. When our thoughts are banged at gun point, asked to wipe our rights and imprisoned for a lifetime-we would be yet another pure indian to fight for. Dear afghan, your life at dark does give us sorrow. It is sickening to watch or hear you go through this. If at all we let this happen without a fightback, no longer we would be able to live peacefully. Hashtags, posts and what not- let something be done.
    Every life on earth is a blessing. When someone stops you for questioning your survival, give them the perfect answer that like you, i m born to live my life.

    Freedom is not anybody's donation. Its mandatory.
    Don't shout, i gave you freedom for the land or job. Its not on your plate. Its just our life❣️

    #saveafghanistan #stoptaliban #saveworld�� #lifeisshort #nothingispermanent #lifeshouldbe #survival #freedom

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    നിങ്ങളെ പോലെ ധൈര്യമിലെനിക്
    ഉയരങ്ങളെ പേടിക്കുന്നു...
    ഒരു സത്യം..
    ശ്വസിക്കുന്ന വായു എനിക്കുള്ളതല്ല
    വേണ്ടത് ഒരു സ്വസ്‌ഥ മരണം
    കണ്ണീരാൽ പൊതിഞ്ഞ എന്നെ 6 അടി മണ്ണിലേക്ക് ഒരു സ്വസ്ഥയാത്ര..

  • sjbeaux 5w

    ~ Writer's Note ~

    There is a clarity about September. The weather is not as hot as it is in summer, and the air is just getting a little brisk.  Summer is left behind as the anticipation of autumn is near. It has warmth, depth and color. It glows like old amber.

    ~ Inspiration ~

    “September days have the warmth of summer in their briefer hours, but in their lengthening evenings a prophetic breath of autumn.” — Rowland E. Robinson

    #poetry #writing #miraquill #poetrycommunity #writingcommunity #poets #writersnetwork #haiku #haikupoetry #fall #falllove #fallromance

    IG @s.j.beaux
    Twitter @beaux_s

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    ` September Song`

    Leaves turning to flame
    Sings September's painted blues
    Lover's first fall kiss


  • sillysadar 5w


    My anxiety sits in a corner
    Quietly whispering lies
    I believe to be true

    At night, it creeps inside of me
    Grasping the air, I'm gasping for

    Thoughts pace, my heart races
    The words I utter, mutter under my breath

    What if thoughts like the howling winds
    I fall for

    My anxiety stands
    While I crumble to my knees
    To a pit of darkness

    - Sadar

  • ekansh_original 6w

    Thank you for the challenge @miraquill and @writersnetwork
    #start #wod #fall

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    Flowers wither, wither and fall,
    An old friend, where have you gone?
    Which winds shall I count on?
    To bring your news before the end of fall.

    Flowers wither, wither and fall,
    No news, yet, of your arrival,
    You will not return? I'm still in denial,
    So, I will wait for you call.

    Flowers wither, wither and fall,
    Sprouts will peek out in the rain,
    And these flowers will bloom again,
    My old friend, we will meet again before the fall.


  • keyru_b 6w

    Flowers wither, wither and fall
    How much strength to hold it all

    oh! I'm scrared !!
    Yes ! I'm very much afraid.
    To reach out to people
    To let myself lean on.

    After what I've seen
    It's not hard to find and choose
    But one thing is strenuous
    Is to believe even in few .

    I don't think there's a chance
    A chance to let me meet
    Of what I've lost on way of
    just for being on their side

    All those fights and arguments
    I had with my fam & friend
    For explaining them our love
    Hoping we'll be together in the end

    I don't even know what went
    Into you're heart
    Made you resist me
    And kept me apart.

    I became vulnerable
    Too easy to catch
    I became hard core
    Too hard to match

    Yes !! I still panic about love
    Tremors my every shelf
    Of becoming someone's
    And not being myself.

    How much did they even tried
    To know me,
    Took interest not for my face
    But To explore inside.

    Alas ! Yet its funny
    To give a thought on such things
    That are only glimpses of mind
    Reality is far more undefined

    #wod #start #fall #flower #mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld #ceesreposts

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    Hellish fall

    Flowers wither,
    wither and fall
    How much strength
    to hold it all

  • dew_drops 6w

    I am a lost wanderer on
    a spring struck street
    Walking down the aisle
    Hiding away from
    Sunshine's gleaming creeks

    The world is complete
    Without my presence
    The viridescent trees
    The bright and mellow
    Flowers blooming spree

    Until I the vicious intruder
    Spark a spell of despair
    Even the lushest of the
    trees go bare
    The scattered petals

    Are afflicted from wilt
    I keep on turning
    Every vibrant soul into brown
    Mahagony is the shade of
    Unbearable agony

    I don't have guilt or
    tinge of shame
    I turn a land of beauty
    Into a mayhem, all you see
    is amber, bronze, or ombre

    I carry along an unknown
    The one that rips you off
    From tenderness
    Welcomes to wilderness

    It's a flip side of the world
    I prepare you for the worst
    A tragedy unforeseen
    An end to a beautiful scene
    And a hope to a chance to redeem

    Unknowing, my autumn shades
    Reveal true colors of fate
    It's a phase, a rough patch of life
    A lesson and insight of fall

    #wod #seasons #autobiography #autumn #fall @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    I carry along an unknown
    The one that rips you off
    From tenderness
    Welcomes to wilderness