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  • shubhamjoshi 6w

    काश !!

    "किताबों के पन्ने पलट कर सोचता हूँ,
    इसी तरह कुछ पलों में
    काश यूँ ही पलट जाती ज़िंदगी
    तो बात कुछ और होती।"
    "दे दिया विश्वास बहुतों को किसी उधार पेन की तरह,
    लिख लेने के बाद,
    काश लौटाने वाले भी कुछ मिलते,
    तो बात कुछ और होती।"
    "हर उम्र में मिले उम्रभर के दोस्त कईं,
    दो कदम ही सही,
    काश हाथ पकड़ कर साथ चलते
    तो बात कुछ और होती।"
    "पीठ पर खंज़र चला कर, जीने की दुआ देते हैं,
    सच्चे दोस्त ना सही,
    काश जिगरी दुश्मन ही मिले होते
    तो बात कुछ और होती।"
    "तुझे कही अपनी हर एक बात के बारे में सोचता हूँ,
    भावनाओं के अतिरेक से पहले,
    काश चुप हो गया होता,
    तो बात कुछ और होती।"
    "बहुत कुछ कहा तूने, बहुत कुछ सुना मैंने,
    कड़वी या मीठी हर बात में,
    काश सच भी अगर घुला होता,
    तो बात कुछ और होती।"

  • snehajacob 14w

    Friend/Fake - Ship

    "Hey you new out here"
    Asked someone
    "Yes" , said Samantha
    Friends come and go
    But best friend don't right !
    Now she's in rehabilitation
    Her weary soul compromised
    To sleep her misery away.

    She didn't believe
    Shakespeare's words
    "Expectation is the root of all heartache "
    She didn't believe in miracle
    But she believed in the ship
    That drowned her soul away.
    Friendship she valued it
    Maybe more than she should have

    That feeling where you're used
    And that aching sensation when
    You know the truth... !!

    And that's where it began
    A journey to numbness.

    This feeling is not foreign.
    But how can she mend her soul
    I guess she was too innocent.
    Went through this misery again.

    Do you ever look at someone
    And who felt like once your home
    Felt like they exiled you out.

    This fake ship
    Made her feel like she's swimming
    But she was drowning all along.
    Insecurity hunted her down.
    They never saw her struggle
    To sustain.

    At the end you come and blame her
    Cause she didn't held you
    When you needed her
    Or shall I say...
    You using her
    Cause I think that fits more.


  • jha_shruti 124w

    Need is the only thing that made people closer .


  • timothyvs 148w


    We say family is everything
    friends become family
    but all of that is fake
    when you aren't genuine
    can't forgive no one
    and move on
    is what we have around us
    clothing us with her warmth
    we need to beat that and
    be genuine
    and love the friends with
    the most mistakes
    the family with the most secrets
    to enjoy the fruitfulness of earth
    and many earth years.

  • daddynibmucool 202w

    -But fake happiness is still the worst sadness.