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  • the_poetic_tale 17w

    kyoki wo ladki hai sab usee samjh chuke the.

    Galti kya thi me khud samjh na saka,
    gussa to mujhe bhi aaya,
    par bhid dekh kar me sehta gaya.

    Koi aaya nahi mujhe bachane,
    bass wo marti rahi aur me galat sabit hota gaya,

    Mujhe bhi apni ijjat pyari hai,
    par wo marti rahi aur mere ghar ka ijjat bhari bazar me nilam hota gaya,

    Puchta hu me duniya se kya galti hai meri,
    Wo marti rahi me bass sehta gaya.

  • dead_brain 38w


    Dear Poor Hitesha

    Karma Will Justice Soon


  • nofilterthoughts 38w

    Raising new stereotypes about men is NOT "raising awareness about how your man should be". It's all a CHOICE.
    Stop telling people what they have to choose. THEY KNOW.
    STOP PRETENDING to be a mental health care provider. YOU AREN'T.



  • __intense_scribble__ 128w

    To all fake feminist there, please don't spoil your health and humiliate feminism
    #feminism #fakefeminist #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @soulwriter

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    Feminism is not to smoke or booze
    Is all about , when women's thoughts are respected


  • jahnavi03a 132w


    When the perpetrator is your own family, how suppressed do you feel? ... I feel like a fake femminist, i feel disgusted, betrayed n hurt but i still don't have the guts to call him out... I don't want to hurt my family n be responsible for all the strain n awkwardness ... I console myself that it was just his lustful gaze n bad touch and only for the span of a sec... I feel scared.... He is 69 yrs old and his actions justify his age n gaze.... How could he? ... His sons are older than me n he touched me above my knees.... So Am i hardwired that i tried justifying his touch n denied it for 3 days... I feel ashamed that i m related to him by blood, his touch did cause a flood...what did i do? ... Y do i feel guilty? ... Today was the first time i confided in my mom n she turned out to be as fake a feminist as me... She said that the same men molested her when one was 16 n one was 45....she faced the same horrors but the same men molested her daughter n she was unaware.... She has suppressed it deep inside... She asked me to stay away from these CHOOTS N stay shut but these men are vampires, they dont die... I don't want a daughter what if they pass it to the 3rd generation ... The potential mother in me breaks down thinking how helpless am i when i have to look down n say namaste n they look down too not in respect but to disrespect n stare at a place where my modesty feels enraged but i will still smile at him n call him a CHOOT in my head so that nobody can listen ! COZ I AM A FAKE FEMMINIST!!!! ....