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  • priman 8w


    गुमशुदा ही मिलने का बहाना बताए
    कैसे मुसाफिरों को फसाना बताए।।

    मंजिलों से अब तलक वास्ता ना हुआ
    कदम रुकते नही क्या ठिकाना बनाएं।।

  • hawaii 11w

    I'll be here

    I'll be here
    I won't be near
    Year after year
    But you have my ear

    I'll be here
    Having no fear
    Hanging in the rear
    Hoping to be your peer

    I'll be here
    Among the tier
    Like a seer
    So you don't catch a fever

    I'll be here
    Without a steer
    Just shifting gears
    Waiting for you to be in the clear

    I'll be here
    Because of my fear
    That you may shed a tear
    And I won't be near

    I'll be here
    Your very own mirror
    A healing river
    To make sure you persevere

    I'll be here
    Whatever the atmosphere
    Mild or severe
    Together we make up the biosphere

    I'll be here
    Your sacred mere
    Happy to take a spear
    Because you are my dear

  • izzenzo1 12w


    If any of your loved one
    is worth losing for your
    pleasure and riches,just
    We retire from work.
    Our most expensive purchase
    gets outdated.
    Good is rare and confused
    with friends and lovers of
    your riches than person.
    Moneys gets exhausted and
    work all year for it only leaves
    you rich but unfulfilled in heavy matters.
    Nothing here is Forever that's
    why your bank, company and
    insurance agencies always ask
    for your next of kin.
    So, don't end with what you
    can't take along rather with love
    in every heart you've touched
    with your loved ones whom will
    keep you alive in legacies,
    now you've played a part
    in making the world a better place
    Which is one of the major reason
    of existing.

  • gdotsey 12w

    The root of genuine Love is faithfulness
    For any man who loved His brother, God is known to him.
    For God is love
    Love is His character
    How then do you love God and hate your brother?
    Love physically and believe spiritually
    Don’t fake it

    Love is faithful
    God bless you


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  • adyasha_b 15w

    Hey! Just give a chance.��

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    Give your today a chance to prove your yesterday wrong and let it to change your future.

  • dkingz_poet 17w


    For you are Faithful still
    And your goodness is marvellous in our sight


  • izzenzo1 18w

    Life is one
    but with the right person,
    your soul is pleased and
    just like that;
    Life is Forever

  • izzenzo1 19w


    Without love and a kiss;
    Life is nothing but an old book
    filled with pages not worth
    If you argue this, then tell me
    why you smile before
    someone you love says anything
    or why no matter how angry you get
    with them, a gut in you wishes hard
    that nothing spoils the feeling cause
    to imagine life without him/her hurts
    beyond any advice.
    I could go on but that'll only prove
    the endlessness of the truth in my
    submission about life cause yet;
    No one can explain why if we close
    our eyes to kiss feels deeply intimate
    that weeks after some say they still feel
    the taste of the other or why if a
    lover doesn't kiss you anymore means
    no love and perhaps;
    Tell me why if a person does kiss you
    means they want you and if they always do
    means they love you.
    Maybe it's philosophy or psychology but
    one thing is for sure and certain and that is;
    It's a beautiful feeling to love and be loved,
    For it's because of LOVE the world was
    saved in the first place and despite all
    to love again is to feel that intimate kiss
    Smile cause "Anger wasted on the wrong address is Anger that lingers on"
    PS. So, what do you think about my submission now?

  • laughter_to_spread07 21w

    Stay Faithful
    Stay single

  • gdotsey 21w

    Yesterday was a blessed day
    Today is awesome
    Tomorrow shall be fruitful

    Nothing changes us but His love does

    What manner of love is this?
    That He cared for many as Himself
    He save many from total condemnation
    He healed our diseases which have no cure

    He thought us how to overcomes our fear
    He gave to us the abundance of Himself
    Life without end

    Who is this God?

    Many times we think of His goodness always keep out thoughts undefined

    See this,

    But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept.For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

    Christ Jesus die and we died with Him
    And when He resurrected we rise with Him

    He put death our sins, infirmities, iniquities, diseases and transgressions by nailing all on the cross

    He was bruised for us because we’re who He chose us to be in Him


    We always meant it for ourselves but many times He meant it for us
    We thought evil against Him but many times He loved us because His name is LOVE

    LOVE is His character
    LOVE reveal Himself

    Jesus Christ is God
    Glory to God


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  • izzenzo1 23w


    Why does 1 think it's right
    and 2 wrong or maybe not
    fitting cause of the idea of 3
    when in essence they all
    count for numbers relevant
    for a period as if you take
    time, counting exceeds strength
    which makes it irrelevant but
    1, still thinks it matters maybe
    by position, forgetting the longer
    you count, better and larger
    numbers you get but I get 99
    will understand better cause
    100 sounds better and imagine
    99 that's not 1 is humble; well
    that's the idea that, not all
    numbers are equal and to stand tall
    on 1 is to realise theres a long way
    to go before a thousand and many
    men never get here cause they're busy
    counting on 1 like it could be
    better than counting a 100 and more
    which is way better but 1 pretends
    all rules come through it; a convention
    other numbers change but only a
    courageous believer would believe.

  • izzenzo1 24w

    It's not a risk to fall in love
    but a risk to die without
    giving love for what
    is a life without LOVE

  • izzenzo1 24w


    This pain; It'll fade
    but I don't want it to cause
    the feeling leading to
    this pain wouldn't mean
    anything without this pain
    So, I'm happy I loved you
    and grateful it was you.
    For you chose to let it
    out than destroy me secretly.
    Thank you for the chance
    to fall in love again, for this
    pain frees me and ends
    doubts of if it's forever as
    I venture with the lessons
    to unlearn and stand stronger
    in the next adventure.

  • izzenzo1 25w


    Should it be funny that with all the scars
    I have all over and in my heart,
    my enemies haven't caused one but
    my friends and lovers are still
    at it, trying to cause more and deceiving
    with a smile and support in my front
    thinking I don't see the irony as they
    forget there's an exit for every actor
    and a scene change in every play.
    Well it's funny, cause being
    that life is a stage it's nice to know
    the clowns that forget about KARMA
    as they act like all they've acquired
    ain't Vanity.

  • heyoka_warrior 26w

    Basking in Your Presence,
    Standing in Your truth,
    Being faithful to You,
    Loving You and Your people,
    And all the creation You've made;
    Delighting in Your Will, Your ways,
    Your Word, and Your works;
    Walking in righteousness,
    In the narrow path of life sanctified,
    Into the light and unto eternal life;
    You are my Salvation
    And the Grace You freely give;
    Thank You for Your greatest gift;
    Praising You is my heritage.


  • anuradhasharma 26w


  • craydella 27w

    Dear God

    Dear God,
    I love your ways, though your dealings are somewhat hard
    I love your word, they are life to my bones
    I love your promises, they are a safe haven
    I love your love, it is gentle yet firm
    I love being loved by you.

    I am learning to trust in your sovereignty
    I am learning to mouth and mean contentment-in blessings and in losses
    I am learning the truth of your presence
    I am learning that your ways are wise
    I am learning that your grace holds me up

    I am sure your word is true
    I am sure you are trustworthy
    I am sure I am yours and nothing about me goes unnoticed to you
    I am sure I am secure in you, my past, present and future
    I am sure I am loved-loved by you

    These things I tell myself on days that are hard, dreary and cloudy.

  • izzenzo1 28w


    It hurts to let go.
    To start again but;
    Preparing yourself for what is,
    weighs more to killing yourself
    for what is not
    For what is not is a shade of reality
    and a complete picture of life
    is you.
    So, make your moment a memory
    and not a life sentence and then
    you'll value your shade in every
    picture of life for life is just
    a slide of memories and only
    if you capture will you be able
    to let go of crashed pictures.

  • izzenzo1 29w

    CRIME ²

    My crime here ain't love but that I loved you.
    I came happily to your heart station headquarters cause I saw your looks shape
    and heard you speak; immediately I believed
    truly you could be my friend.
    Before you spoke I cuffed myself and sentenced my being to your station refusing
    the advice of all that I didn't see your station
    had more than one cell; I felt was abandoned
    only to realise it's active than I thought.
    I charged for a court hearing, again I found
    my case is number 666 my throat failed
    for sound has I screamed but the look
    on the judges face spoke pity as the
    Situation of the force and politics around it
    breaks the heart that it's disheartening
    cause he sees more victims each day.
    I feared for doom and wished I accepted the lawyers that flaunted their certificates and interest to my well being but no I trusted to
    commit the cheapest crime 'LOVING' with
    the highest punishment 'SELF SENTENCE'.
    Cause to love again could take me over 4 years and the funny thing is; I am cuffed and jailed
    in your love cell with open gates I dare not
    leave cause many of you are out there and
    my crime again will be love cause I can't
    depart my father's land he built with Love.

  • dk1111_ 30w

    जैसे आप कोई वस्तु को ज्यादा समय तक इस्तमाल करने के लिए उनसे एक दम संबभल कर इस्तमाल करते है...
    वैसे ही रिश्ता एक इंसान के साथ रखिये आगर आप चाहते है कि वहो इंसान आपके साथ हमेशा रहे तो उसके साथ हमेशा प्यार से रहिये ओर हमेशा सत्य कहिये!!