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  • manshigupta 12w


    Our love story might not be the most beautiful, fairytale one.
    I'll be more than happy to share a "Pride and Prejudice" love story with you.
    The love stories that start with war and end in love, leaving me expecting now might be the time and turns out the intimacy and heat of the moment was enough for those butterflies. At times even the look in someone's eyes for you is enough for you to love them head over heels. Look at me as if I'm your entire world and you have my heart.
    The fairytales ain't real but the reality is ofcourse beautiful and supreme.

  • thebhavnasaxena 18w


    In the book of life,
    She had meant to write
    A story of a conquering
    Warrior queen, but instead
    She turns the pages to find, the tale
    Of a wicked queen, holding onto
    Her crown even as her fingers bleed
    And her throne is adorned with the
    Bones of countless innocents.
    She tears up the pages,
    Her book stained crimson.

    In the masquerade of life,
    She wished, nay, longed to be the Venus,
    All beauty, all grace, all charm, and
    The power of a goddess, at midnight,
    The masks come off, and the mirror
    On the wall shows her a Medusa, her own
    Gaze turning her to stone, cold, unfeeling,
    She hates the mirror, let it shatter
    Beneath her feet.

    Let her bleed, drain her out,
    She carries vile blood in her veins
    And vendettas poison her heart,
    How did this happen, she tries to
    Recall, but statues just are, their
    Memories frozen in some pocket
    Of oblivion, statues do not bleed,
    So if this be the curse she put upon
    Herself, let her fall from the mountain
    Of her vanity and let her break.

  • todd_towers 19w

    A Truth in Farie

    To say a name
    Is power manifold

    Not to control
    The will of another


    One thousand words of hate
    Are piled on by a name

    One thousand words of kindness
    Are bestowed upon by a name

    How we say another's name
    Holds great power

  • nobishizuka 19w

    I don't believe in fairy tales
    They are for little kids
    To imagine the unimaginable things
    I made fun of those grown ups
    Who still believe them
    Because all those are too unrealistic
    But since I met you
    And I have fallen in love with you
    I too believe in fairy tales
    Because I have found
    A beautiful fairy in you
    And now I want my tale with you...


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    Although I don't believe in
    But after failing in love with u
    I believe I have found
    A FAIRY in U...


  • gaurangig 22w

    Fairytales, folklore;
    Some tragic, some happy to the core!
    A lost princess, a damsel in distress, ��
    Handsome princes��, villains ��‍♂️like eye sores!

    Smart wizards��‍♂️, cunning witches,
    Old crones, as cruel as the grave,
    Tall towers��, long hair,
    Innocent girls, poor and naive!

    Talking mice, singing birds,��
    Flying horses��, changing toads,
    Dense forests, sparkly lakes,
    Across the seas��, along new roads!

    Fairy god-moms��‍♀️, kind and gentle,
    Tiny pixies, intelligent elves��‍♂️,
    Little dwarves, sleepy and stumpy,
    Old cottages��, with potions on shelves!

    Bread crumbs to show the path,
    Pumpkins ��that turn to carts,
    Lost slippers made of glass,
    Early mornings and midnight starts!

    Wicked curses and scary spells!
    Step moms and wicked maids,
    Poison apples ��, magical cakes,
    Kings and queens ��of hearts and spades♠!

    Enchanted worlds, as tiny as a thumb,
    Magical places, as large as giants,
    Creepers ��that grow as tall as the sky,
    Thick snow falls, and rains in torrents��☔!

    Childhood dreams and hopes and scares,
    As we grow up, they just change shapes,
    But somewhere, in the heart, we still do hope,
    There is a magical land, for which the heart craves!


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    Fairytales and Forklore!

    I dream of a world, with a magical wand
    I will wave it and woosh! Corona will be gone!


  • bhavana_29 22w

    Keep the fairytales to the minimum; I’m just trying to get back to reality
    I’m no sleeping beauty but I could be a wandering alice just trying to get out of wonderland. I’m no snow white but possibly a hopeless Cinderella. I do believe in true love. There were so many winding roads leading to the love I desired, I believe I’ve lost the way out of these stories I have been told. You see I know Prince Charming isn’t waiting around the corner to save me from the monsters I have created. He’s just trying to fight his own monsters and make it out alive. All I’m asking is if I make it through the woods without being eaten by any Big bad wolf can we keep the fairy tales to a minimum?

  • wordsoftheetwilight 22w

    When the world was in deception about the folklores and fairytales.

    They dared to make their reality worth it!


  • _anxin__ 22w

    Life is nothing like a fairy tale,
    Neither is love a fairy tale,
    In fairy tales, it's a must for a happy ending,
    But life or love is not always fair.

    I am not a hidden princess nor a queen,
    I am just me, it's all I ever could be.

    I'm not gonna lie,
    I love Mariposa and Ariel,
    But they are fictional characters,
    They are not real.

    Like I said before,
    Life is not a fantasy,
    Neither true love like fairy stories.
    You should not expect such happy endings,
    Because you're a warrior, not a prince or princess.
    Life is not a fairy tale, it's not always fair.
    To be honest, be like Elsa and write your own story.

    By~ @_anxin__

    #tale #writersnetwork #mirakee @writersnetwork @mirakee #wod #pod #Fairytales #fiction

    P.S. If you believe in fairy tales or true love, it's totally fine. So, don't take this in a wrong way. Please don't get offended.

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    Fairy tales?

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  • rhythmic_beats 24w

    How magical it is! Bleeding heart transforms to flying wings by the muses of poetry.

    Image: Google

    #autumn ����♥️

    #magenta #scarlet #autumnvibes
    #heart #wings #fairytales #zephyrs #muse
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee

    Thank you #writersnetwork "♥️"

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    Her cells chanted
    Magenta autumn
    Painting the landscape
    As a land of fairytales,
    Where the bleeding scarlet hearts
    Were blessed with crimson wings,
    Waving zephyrs of poetry.

  • ions0206 27w


    "When i was little mom
    Used tell me the story
    Of fairytales and i believe
    Life is really going to be
    That way but then slowly
    Slowly i started to face the
    Reality every problems, struggle
    And challenges make me stronger &
    Make me realize that life is not fairytale
    But you can make epic.... "

  • chaos2art_and_backagain 28w

    The Fae King

    He had wings of the finest gossamer.
    They looked as though a whisper could cause them to tear.
    Their iridescent shine was what caught my eye, but it was the man who held my gaze. 

    His face seemed hardened by war at first glance,
    However as I looked beyond the scars from past fights I saw the tear streaks echet into the dirt that caked his skin. 
    His eyes held a hesitant glimer, whether it was made of hope or pent up rage I couldn’t tell, for there is still a darkness there I cannot place even now.

    His hair, a dark waterfall, flowed over his strong shoulders as stray wisps splashed at his face.
    A five o’clock shadow pooled like sea foam on his rugged face.
    Horns protruded from his head like ivory snakes stretching for the sky.      
    A crown woven from vines and branches adorned his head; it had been trimmed with babies' breath, yarrow, and clover. 

    He had a raw elegance about him; clearly a ruler but, at what cost?
    So terrifyingly beautiful, his presence commanded to be seen but, I feared that I would allow myself to starve or crumble before I had the power to look away once more.
    was this how he gained his roguish kingdom in the first place or perhaps this was how he lost it. 

    It is all too possible we have been suspended in time, for I sit here still enraptured by a sight I never dreamed I would see. 
    His eyes beg for me to stay and flee all at once. 
    Like me, he has resigned himself to a life of loneliness out of safety, but his soul longs for understanding just like the rest of the creatures on this earth. 
    Perhaps a Fae king is who I've been in need of all this time.
    An immortal lover to wrap me in furs and butterfly wings;
    kissing me gently at the court of night as the stars above sing us to sleep. 

    My king let me share your burden and sorrows. 
    Let us rebuild our kingdom, planting roots deep and ancient  so we may rule forevermore. 
    My love I have never felt tied to this human realm, the forest has called me since I was a child.   
    I truly believe I have been looking for you out of the corner of my eye my whole life. 
    Make me your queen and allow us to live out or lives as a renaissance painting,
    Let our love be written down as folklore and spoken of for evermore.  


  • aachiram 29w

    Ride away so far,
    that even my aura leaves your world.
    My thoughts don't resonate with yours,
    My demons don't make me feel the guilt,
    My urges don't disturb you,
    I don't have to wake up with chaos,
    My heart won't beat like a drum in anxiety,
    My brain won't respond to pains inside my head,
    And my tears won't shed in showers..

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    #heart #universe #resonance
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    If it would be a fairy tale.

    I would ride on a star,
    Billions of Light years ahead..
    And will never come back,
    To tell you that my silence was my loudest scream.


  • cyanthoughts 30w

    Finding the perfection of reality.
    No, it's not fairy tale.
    #reality #fairytales #perfect
    #mirakee #writersnetwork

    Picture credit: Instagram @Artguide_illustration

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    Those imagination flew me
    Away to the land of Fairy tales.

    But did you find me in
    Perfections where the Reality sails?


  • joshna_tandel 32w

    The new age fairytale

    She wrote her own new kind of fairytale. It had dogs, a massive closet and a huge secret library.

  • thataviguy 32w

    You were the fairy tale I started believing in.
    Here I am, hopelessly in love, dying a little,
    each time I'm hit with the truth,
    That fairy tales are nothing but lies.


  • poetrynz 34w

    You are that once upon time love.


  • a_gentilischi 33w

    @writersnetwork Thank you for the kind repost! ������


    A slightly different take on a well known fairy tale.


    "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!"
    So cries the witch, come home from her lair
    Ever the good daughter, Rapunzel the fair
    Lowers her tresses for the woman down there

    The pain is too much, it's hard for her to bear
    The witch weighs as much as a full grown mare
    This agony is twice daily, she's forgotten to care
    That there are muddy footprints on her golden hair

    Once the sun has set, and the witch has gone
    Rapunzel finds herself in the tower on her own
    She stares out of the window, stifling a moan
    As she massages her aching temples, all alone

    These four walls which are worn from her stare
    Are her only companions who stay and share
    The tales of the distant world lying out there
    This prison is home, an escape she can't dare

    A prince was promised in the stories of her fate
    But that man hasn't come, she's too tired to wait
    Her light is dimming, but curiosity she must sate
    She can't waste her life on dreams that are late

    What would happen if she decided to fall
    Out of the solitary window once and for all
    The tower is too high, her fragile life would stall
    But she'd taste freedom for a second in freefall

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    #rapunzel #stories #fairytales
    #thoughts #time #world #words
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #wnreagent

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    I remember watching comedies
    and fairy tales as a young girl
    And then i began thinkin true love
    and good living ended
    with just marriage ...
    But ,how wrong i was!!
    ... It is but the beginning of the end!!