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  • waitedtears 4d

    I Didn't Know
    •• why don't you ••

    love me
    as much as you miss me

  • waitedtears 5d

    What's Wrong
    ••are you okie••

    Nothing, Just Thinking
    why did i loved you

  • thebhavnasaxena 1w

    I dip my fingers in
    Crimson, and cut my
    Hand on the shards of
    My broken heart that
    Held gossamer dreams
    Spun of sunshine and
    The warmest mauves
    And softest pinks of
    Emotions that came
    Close to what I knew as
    Love, once upon a time.
    Today they lie decaying,
    Deepest of mahogany,
    Shapest of blues, yet in this
    Indigo ferment, I see passion
    Simmering red and burgundy,
    Like the wine that stained my
    Lips that moment your deceitful
    Lips had moved over mine.

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    I dip my fingers in this riot
    Of hues, my broken heart a
    Chalice of inks, each one thick
    With stories I never got to tell,
    Of wishes stabbed to death,
    I write of ghosts that were
    The girls who fell in love
    With monsters, hoping against hope,
    That theirs would be a fairytale,
    But some beasts are just that,
    Sometimes love is not strong enough,
    Sometimes, beauty doesn't waltz
    Under grand chandeliers, no,
    There lives a beauty that slays her
    Monsters, and on their carcasses,
    She dances under the pale moonlight,
    A ferocious work of art, come to life.

  • waitedtears 1w

    I Don't Mean
    ••i don't love you••

    i mean
    I Can't Love You

  • waitedtears 1w

    I Thought

    you was not ready
    lose me


  • dheerajmahadev 2w

    Question ❓

    Question plays always a prominent role in everyone's life..
    There will be always an amazing answer that we doesn't expect..
    Life is not a written Lesson to expect the situation..
    For every question there starts new chapter..

    ᴰᴴᴱᴱᴿᴬᴶ ᴹᴬᴴᴬᴰᴱᵛ🔥

  • not__so_poetic 2w

    Idea of love!

    Fell in love
    With the idea of love
    Fairytales and forevers
    Feelings and Day dreams
    Heartbeats and butterflies
    That string of tension
    Magic and mysteries
    Patience and histories
    Happiness and memories
    And a pinch of passion
    So i keep waiting, for the One!
    If it isn't true then I want none!
    I know people are imperfect!
    But love is absolutely perfect!!


  • wingedpoetry 3w

    I bleed red
    everytime I write
    I bleed red
    a symbol of fertility
    I bleed red
    everytime my
    hopeless dreams
    drowns in the
    ocean of darkness
    I bleed red
    when I find myself
    in between his
    broken metaphors


  • hamael 3w

    Fairly tale

    Our lives could be a fairy tale if we associate it with the truth

  • tejaswini_3 3w


    I used to believe that I am still a youngster as my family had directed my mind to think and act like one and it was epiphany for sure as I came to know after a lot of deliberation that I was far more observant than any of the elders known to me. These elders mantled my credulous behaviour with cloaks of malicious tales, their motive was to let me get exposed to only the mirthful side of the world. They were least knowing that I was a wildflower who was meant to not adorn a flower vase but endure the heavy torrents of rain.

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    My grandmother had advised me one evening, while she was delineating a poem from a newspaper. It had a mysterious and an abrupt ending. I was just seven at that time, and it's the age when you have absolutely no visualization of the outer world. I was ambiguous about the poet's comprehension when he penned down verses saying that the birch tree had to live alone when the summer bid a farewell. Inspite of knowing what fate autumn would bring, I could not absorb the poet's conceptualization for I felt that the tree would soon get coated with new green leaves next year.

    Time had a lot in store for me. It passed so quickly, and I had seen the world from all angles. There were both buoyant and melancholic things to ponder upon and that's how it all was balanced perfectly. I was like the warrior princesses in a folklore; who had the liberty to follow their will. I was no longer a kid who would be inane to count the stars, but I was a stargazer who would be grateful to the sky for infusing magnanimity in her. My kindness led me to encounter people and the more I came in contact with them, the lesser I started to trust them.

    ~I blame no one. Perhaps it was only me who gave my warmth and grabbed those enervated hands, without knowing that they would crush my generosity. I realised, I am that birch tree. There were many who would ask me how I am doing but that interrogation came with an expectation that I would be fine nevertheless. Still, I had many to speak about my dolour, but no one with whom I could strike a telepathic connection; who would commiserate with me without any need to shout for myself. That clairvoyance was missing in my world~

    Just like the people in my grandmother's statement, I egressed their humongous world. I came to know why people don't enjoy others' company– because they always wish to be prioritised. They need attention before love, they wish that their efforts to make others happy are acknowledged. Most of us don't recognise their worth. And then they leave us, knowing that the world is just the same, with or without them. I made visions of the city we never were; instead we were an empire with many distant lanes. My faint voice would lose its path in the chaos. I won't wait for anyone to stay back, nor would I break ties intentionally. My universe won't have the glow that a dreamland has in a fairytale– but I won't have anything to regret.

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    ������ ���������� ��������

    Sweeping so gently,
    My canary foliage–
    It looks majestic,

    My leaves are my crown;
    A shade of dandelion,
    Worth a thousand gems,

    Will they shun me now?
    Just one, touching the red soil,
    Two leaves, on the ground,

    The cycle of time–
    Is reversed by the hourglass,
    Five more leave my branch,

    The days of autumn,
    Pass slowly; I am destined,
    To live so lonely,

    So be it, 'tis fine,
    I shall live the way I should–
    Grounded and humble,

    I will stay for all–
    And if they fade far away,
    I will stay for me.


    @writersnetwork @galvanizedthoughts @luvnotes_challenge_host

    #cg_city_chall #wod #folklore #fairytale #wod #tale

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  • waitedtears 3w

    Eyes Cry
    before heart believes

    that last piece of hope too
    Has Fallen

  • the_unfiltered_ink 3w

    Fairy or folktales?

    Folklore have been telling us that- A Queen doesn't necessarily need a king to win, despite that, we have been so stuck in fairytales that we expect a prince charming to come and kiss our pains.

    Hey cindrella and snowwhite, you need to get some inspiration from Jhansi ki Rani and Rani Padmavati who fought fearlessly with all their might.


  • bhavana_29 3w

    Keep the fairytales to the minimum; I’m just trying to get back to reality
    I’m no sleeping beauty but I could be a wandering alice just trying to get out of wonderland. I’m no snow white but possibly a hopeless Cinderella. I do believe in true love. There were so many winding roads leading to the love I desired, I believe I’ve lost the way out of these stories I have been told. You see I know Prince Charming isn’t waiting around the corner to save me from the monsters I have created. He’s just trying to fight his own monsters and make it out alive. All I’m asking is if I make it through the woods without being eaten by any Big bad wolf can we keep the fairy tales to a minimum?

  • the_half_monk 3w

    #folklore #fairytale

    The Boat

    Tell me a tale,
    Of a boat without a sail.
    Will it find its home?
    After a venture, the futile roam!
    Or destiny plans more?
    Will it not find its long desired shore?

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    The Boat

    Tell me a tale,
    Of a boat without a sail.
    Will it find its home?
    After a venture, the futile roam!
    Or destiny plans more?
    Will it not find its long desired shore?

  • ag_shambhavi 3w

    I still remember those fairytales....
    where stars twinkle
    smiling towards our eyes,
    there we see in the open sky
    thinking lots of pleasure dancing nearby.

    Words flying high
    Composing lyrics of its kind
    And with that song
    We all get intoxic to its night

    Slumber and bed
    at our mother's lap,
    these two things we all miss.....in today's time
    A nap of time realized, crossing various roads of life..


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  • thirdeyewriter 3w

    Some deep-rooted folklores are broken by the reality of this pandemic and paved way for the fantasy of fairy tales in the dreams of young minds.


  • _falguni_ 3w

    #tale #wod #folklore #fairytale

    I love reading children's books. I've read them since I could read. Even today, if I get my hands on any one of them..I pick them up shamelessly just like an excited kid. What I love about them is that they have the ability to make me dream. They made me a dreamer and they continue to do so even today. The pictures speak to us in ways words couldn't. They are nothing fancy. Just ordinary words written for kids to comprehend. But they speak volumes when it comes to magic. I've been a believer of magic, fairies and everything in between. I believe in witches too. I've believed in everything I was told is just a story. Because it popped in someone's mind. They wrote it down for me and others like me. They are as alive and as true as I am. The pumpkin chariot, the glass heels, rapunzel's long hair, Charlie's chocolate factory and many more things make sense to me.
    For I believe there is magic in this world.
    We are just an inch away from a miracle in our lives.
    There are fairies lingering around in our dim porch lights and dark lawns.
    There is some magic taking care of us.
    I hope someday you believe in it too.

    This piece is inspired from a book (again, a children's book) I read a year back. It's called, "The girl who drank the moon" by Kelly Barnhill. Kelly Barnhill has written some beautiful books that I absolutely love and adore. Maybe you should check her work out too. ��

    Thanks for reading.������

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    Summer nights before fall in West Virginia
    Are warm and calm
    Like the sea and its waves
    Freed from the moon's spell

    What a blessing it must be
    To be summoned by the moon
    Oh sea, tell me
    How the tides dance on her tunes.

    The moon is a gorgeous witch
    That hides her face behind those lurking clouds
    I see her chin some nights
    Tickled by some dim lit stars

    On some nights she's brave enough
    To show me her face
    Oh she's a beauty
    Nothing close to the one in snow white's tale

    She paints the skies amber
    With her broom she dearly holds
    She paints those stars bright yellow
    As they blush and twinkle

    Her eyes are beautiful dipped in gold
    The ones I stare in on lone nights
    A lore they speak, of centuries and decades
    Of people who've lost to time.

    A platinum pale face looks down on me
    She parts her lips to speak
    But she doesn't utter a word but I know
    It's time for her to leave

    She's as old as her sky
    That holds her close to his bosom
    Like a love story that's lingering in crumpled papers
    Lying in the corners of some drawer.

    I wait and wait, through her wax and wane
    For atleast a 15 days.
    To see her again, to listen again
    The tales she has to tell

    Her cheeks flush when I call her beautiful
    She doesn't need a mirror to know
    What a pity it is for her to leave
    When a wide-awake dawn comes knocking on my sleepy door.

    The one night standards we have
    Are a fairy tale in itself
    That I dare to put in words
    To pass it on like a folklore
    For people like me,in love with her.

    She looks down at me, for the last time
    As she hops on her broom
    To embrace some other sky
    To meet some other boy
    In another realm of some timezone.

    I smile as she parts
    To give me another day to live
    With a hope and a promise tied in a string of stars
    A promise, to see me again.

    I look down at the fairy rings
    And smile to myself
    The fairies in my yard somehow know it
    Like them,I'm made from moon dust too.

    "If someday you open me up
    To see my soul
    You'll find out what I'm made of
    In the world of people made from stardust
    I proudly exclude myself
    For I'm the girl who drank from the moon. "

    -The girl who drank from the moon,falguni

  • fullstop_poet 3w

    Life creates stories,
    Stories become folklore,
    Folklore becomes advice,
    Advice becomes principles,
    Principles become ideals,
    Ideals power societies.

    #wod #folklore #fairytale #quotes

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    The Power of Folklore.

    Folklore becomes advice,
    Advice becomes principles,
    Principles become ideals,
    Ideals power societies.

  • silvern_art 3w

    #tales #wod #fairytale #folklore


    A world full of hope and joy

    During the day;
    The sun's golden rays are nice and warm,
    The gentle breeze playfully caresses the skin,
    The rain drizzles in rhythmic sequence,
    The birds chirp aloud alluring tune.

    At night;
    The moon glows in her majestic glory,
    The stars twinkle in her praise,
    The night sky so ethereal in its dark blue cloak.

    A world were all is at peace and harmony,
    Where all opposites complement the other.
    A world told as tales to children,
    Only they grow to realise it was all fable.

    Thus they create for themselves,
    A world of tale to delve into as reality.


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    //Amidst the ripples in life, we choose to seek relief in the oasis of fairytale; upon which the legends of folklore breaks at dawn\\


  • fullstop_poet 3w

    Princess. The Pretty Princess.

    Silvery cloth; Seamless and long;
    Golden Embroidery;
    A silky saree fitting the form of the lady of the land.
    Golden earrings; Golden bracelets;
    Golden diadem; Golden necklace;
    A lady laced with the gold and the glow.
    Fair skin; Soft cheeks; pink lips;
    Brown eyes; Brown hair; Big hips;
    Bhavini the indian, my pretty princess.

    Your eyes make the damned devils go 'awwn',
    No one nears you,
    Your smile lights a living room,
    No one nears you,
    Your style is supermodel fashion,
    No one nears you,
    Your voice is melodious music,
    No one nears you,
    Your touch is Midas touch,
    No one nears you.

    Bhavini has a gaze like a goddess,
    Bhavini has a talent in her touch,
    Bhavini is worth a trip to hell and tomfoolery in heaven.
    Bhavini has eyes like an amber,
    Bhavini has legs like thin timber,
    Bhavini is the talk of the town.
    Bhavini has heart like a lion,
    Bhavini works words like a leader,
    Bhavini has the heart and mouth to make a new nation.

    All rights reserved

    #fairytale #folklore #wod

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    Princess. The Pretty Princess.

    Silvery cloth; Seamless and long;
    Golden Embroidery;
    A silky saree fitting the form of the lady of the land.

    Your eyes make the damned devils go 'awwn',
    No one nears you.

    Bhavini has a gaze like a goddess,
    Bhavini has a talent in her touch,
    Bhavini is worth a trip to hell and tomfoolery in heaven.