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  • untamed_beast 1w


    It's been a long
    Since I met you
    Life been a boring song
    When lived without you.

    The moments we lived
    The bonding we shared
    Engulfing my mind each day
    'Come back sooner'-
    Am wishing every day.

    Saw you in that picture
    Donning the anklet and blue saree
    Eyes got struck and freezed
    Beats went faster and got seized
    Radiance kissed my face like a fairy
    Flashing light through an aperture.

  • pallavi4 2w


    In the midst of the clouds somewhere
    Hanging on to every pluck of each string
    A little fairy sat listening
    To a magical harp in the middle of spring

    It wasn’t a mystery why
    With the fair weather around
    She sat so mesmerised listening
    To the melodious mellow sound

    The magical harp kept playing all through
    Spring, summer and the rains
    Even in the chilly autumn it didn’t stop
    For it to start playing once again

    So taken by the mellifluous notes was
    The little fairy that she didn’t move at all
    While the summer flowers wilted away
    And an end came to the fall

    Come winter in the middle of the miserable cold
    The harp suddenly stopped playing one day
    The little fairy was astounded, then angry,
    Then saddened with nothing left to say

    She cried tears of pain and misery
    That became snowflakes as they fell
    No one had seen snow on earth so
    What it was they couldn’t tell

    The little fairy kept weeping tears relentlessly
    With the stoppage of the heartbreaking sound
    So the little white flakes like crystals laced
    Their way slowly but surely to the ground

    Folk wondered how this had come to be
    For all they could really know
    Every year when the spring harp stops playing
    The little fairy cries and there is snow


    14th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • althea234 5w

    Fairy tale

    Of thousands in the desert gravel,
    Few with glory,
    The mountain of Pearl that is fading away,
    With a wish to be soul reminiscence

  • luchingbakshetrimayum 5w

    The Prayer...

    I pray God to make
    better world,
    I think all night
    to change the society,
    Just to see the cheers
    in our parents face,
    In a world of fairytale.


  • lovenotes_from_carolyn 6w

    THE DIADEM: A Fairy's Tale
    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Within the land of seraphim
    The Fae Queen lost her diadem
    Someone grabbed it, on a whim
    Perhaps a playful cherubim
    Oh what to do, what to do?!
    You see, the truth - she never knew!
    She thought her power all was found
    There within the missing crown
    For, years ago, a sight unseen
    Befell the royal Fairy Queen
    A djinn had cursed her with a spell
    An evil curse, the djinn knew well
    The djinn had made the Queen believe
    Without the crown, her power would leave
    All for the sake of jealous pride
    So cunningly, the djinn had lied
    Alas, the Fae Queen was forlorn
    She'd had that crown since she was born
    A gift bequeathed her, by her mother
    'Twas rare, and unlike any other
    And by her mum, these words were said
    Whilst she placed it, on her head
    "Wear this proudly, from this day
    Behold! You're now the Queen of Fae!
    Be humble, daughter; lead with grace
    You represent the Fairy race
    Let this thought guide your every hour
    Inside yourself, you'll find your power"
    But lo! Those words were all for naught
    The curse erased what she'd been taught!
    The djinn was jumping 'round with glee
    Carrying on triumphantly
    Long years, she'd waited for this chance
    She couldn't help but sing and dance
    And now, the djinn could take control
    As was her long awaited goal
    The Fairy race would due her bidding
    They'd be her slaves, no I'm not kidding
    One and all would be her slave
    That no one but the Queen could save
    The Queen was pacing, to and fro
    Pondering where the crown did go
    When something dreadful reached her ears
    The cries of Fae folk's pain and tears
    And when the Fae Queen spied the djinn
    A burst of power surged within
    From tips of toes, upward it spread
    Then like a crown, it wreathed her head
    The Queen, who now had grasped the truth
    Was feeling rather bulletproof
    She boldly walked up to the djinn
    Methinks we all know who did win
    The djinn was vanquished from the realm
    The Queen, of course, reclaimed the helm
    Her diadem was soon returned
    The cherubim had lived and learned
    What started as some harmless fun
    Had caused the curse to come undone
    The Queen released him, free and clear
    Thus he thanked her, with a tear
    That night, whilst sipping cinnamon tea
    The Queen sat thinking, gratefully
    The facts, now known, her people freed
    The djinn, long gone, exiled indeed
    She'd rule with grace, throughout her days
    Forgoing all egoic ways
    For there's no need of feckless pride
    When one beholds their power inside.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 10/15/2021

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  • warriorofthenight 7w

    I have read too many books and seen too many loves requited to ever truly give up on this world.

  • mads_2731 10w

    (I've been dreaming of dancing fairies lately???)
    #Dance #Bliss

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    Small fairy
    How you dance
    With the luminescent bugs
    Allowing your body to take control
    And your mind to rest
    I wish I knew the song
    You dance to
    So I could accompany you
    And we could share
    An endless moment of bliss

  • goodiewrites2 22w


    Come to me and play with me,
    I'm the babies' flower;��
    Make a necklace gay with me,
    Spend the whole long day with me,
    Till the sunset hour.

    I must say Good-night,�� you know,
    Till tomorrow's playtime;
    Close my petals tight, you know,
    Shut the red and white,you know,
    Sleeping�� till the daytime.��

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    The song of the Daisy fairy.

  • kajalpawar2911 23w

    "A fairy lost her way to the woods and sang sweet spell filled with magic and we all danced far away with butterflies fluttering its wings with all the blissful beauty."

  • kareena_maheshwari 25w

    She was not less than a
    Blonde fairy having
    The firelighters all over
    On her long coral color frock.

    Mesmerizing in her on realm
    the fainter shone lingered
    in her eyes, the frankincense
    From her body, like the
    Smell of blooming daffodils.

    She was a like emerald
    buried in the ocean
    Under the blanket of species.

  • diptinayak 27w


    Fairy tell love जो आज तुम्हरा है वो तुम्हरा रहेगा iski गारंटी आजकल के ज़माने मे नहीं

  • srisaptoawaits22 30w


    Stories and fairies,
    Relives in my heart,
    In the midst,
    Million of dreams,
    Yield the sunflowers,
    Lure the canvas,
    Of infinite art,
    Visions exchange,
    Entire world!

  • we_are_not_beautiful 34w

    Heart and art
    I carry
    Like a fairy
    In the night
    To alight
    And to align
    Those sleeping souls
    Those who howls
    And those who growls
    I stroll
    To console
    With a hole
    In heart and art
    I adhere
    And bear
    To spells
    That swells
    The underlying
    As well as dying
    Solace that collapse
    Easily and abysmally


  • shivatado 36w

    I met a fairy
    in this season
    of spring,
    She was into
    her usual business,
    of love and happiness,
    No I wasn't so clear before,
    But with that storm of beauty,
    this heart has become a clear mess,
    She emanated the magic,
    Every one got spellbound to,
    Questioning the existence of such beauty,
    Confused all, is it real? Is it true?
    The fall of her long scarf,
    Let the hearts felt scarce
    of dreams and desire,
    Rising by sides of her face,
    Those curls, the black silk,
    Sanctity of her skin, the shine,
    Fairness, failing milk.
    To portray in words,
    Useless , this work,
    Reflection of her aura,
    this devotee lad, wanted
    to worship , wanted to do kora.
    The suit she wore with an aim to shoot,
    Hit the bulls eye, clearly a hot pursuit.
    I could have applied for a continuous watch,
    If coherence is what my eyes could recruit,
    She the melody, which nightingale sang,
    She is the beautiful dream,
    For she was there a fairy on land,
    My wishes were, are, infinite
    But time, just a handful of sand.
    She is the goddess of beauty,
    Blossoming this heart , this
    Deserted land.

  • niviee 36w

    The muddy note in the broken bottle on the sea shore said...

    Dear fairy of the ocean
    We need a cake,
    On our empty plates.
    We need a hood,
    For our empty roof.
    Please grant our wishes,
    And we wont cry.
    Mother says you are kind,
    And brings smile

  • princessluna 40w

    A Little Fairy

    A little fairy peeps from a tree,
    Looking at a little boy in need
    Of some magic and sprinkles
    To make his heart smile too deep.

    © baisakhibhattacharya

  • bananidaschowdhury3_9 46w

    My best bunch of friends
    are gifted by mother nature

    One of them is my this bird friend Neelu��

    How are you all befriended with nature?

    The more you would,
    the more you would realize
    we all are part of one consciousness��

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    #writersofindia #writersclub #poemoftheday
    #AFAIRYMESSENGER #fairytale #words #poems#writings #rimsmusings

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    In that afternoon trance

    she came as a sudden beam of delight

    Those brownish maroon lips

    The sky bluish cover upon her being
    with maroonish pairs of elegance
    for taking her free flight

    That cute tiny being
    came unto me as a pleasant surprise

    Waking up mine senses in excitement

    I felt thrilled to greet her

    I exclaimed in utter amaze

    I wished to capture this moment in frame

    But she hurried up
    and suddenly disappeared in haze

    It strucked unto heart then something

    and I remembered with effect that instance

    O I did captured her

    The moment when I framed her
    four seasons back
    when she came to greet mine
    sitting at trance upon that coconut tree

    I felt her message straight unto my heart

    Speaking unto mine

    How could I miss that frame to share

    When it's been in mine gallery
    for so long now

    That's why she didn't let me
    Capture her this time

    So that I remember
    that moment precious of our last meet

    And share that instance of now

    This connected mine heart
    with that fairy closer

    She remembered

    And reminded it too

    She showed care

    She felt mine her own enough
    to let me share

    Making me believe
    in the beauty of friendship
    can be felt even between
    a fairy and human,
    between that heaven and this earth

    Then why don't
    all human feel this
    being in same planet

    I wonder why so

    I thank that fairy messenger
    to let me feel once
    this spark of connection
    and power of love being
    so pure and magical as such

    She came as that master muse unto mine
    enlightening my depths
    with musings intangible
    and eternal to grind on!


  • dawnfaith 49w


    La la la oh look at me I'm a fairy and I love to play hockey on ice ooh what's this you don't have a helmet don't worry I can fix that!

    Just follow the rainbow it will take you about five days to reach the yellow brick road and take you home- WAIT WRONG MOVIE CUT!

    Sorry what I MEANT to say is follow the Rainbow for five days and you will find a flying car that will definitely take you to magic school.....CUT! SORRY WRONG MOVIE AGAIN!

    One last shot!

    Take the Rainbow for five days and you'll definitely meet a man of your dreams ready to dance with you in the night and find your glass slipper....I quit, I'm done








    The Fairy throws her wand in the pond stomping away annoyed with anyone who thinks she's trying to help them

  • yashvibansal 51w


    You complain that storytelling is gory.
    You complain that storytelling seems to have become story yelling.
    You complain that storytelling weaves magic with witches and demons, not fairies and angels.
    You complain that stories smell of sweat and blood, not roses and dew drops.
    That they whisper muffled screams, not sweet nothings.
    That they glorify death, not life.
    You complain that stories shout ugly truths, not pretty lies.
    That they murder virtue, and glorify vice.
    You complain that storytelling doesn't work one step at a time, but rather rolls a dice.
    It isn't a make-believe world where fairness rules
    Instead, it's a world where cruelty reigns,
    And angels sigh
    And devils grin.
    Where happiness droops
    And sadness sings.
    You complain that storytelling is bitter.
    The opposite of sweet nectar.
    You cry that it is devoid of colour
    But it isn't my darling, it's simply grey
    It's simply a reflection of the real world
    Where tigers stalk their prey.
    You complain that there are no muffins on the tray
    But there are my dear, they are simply made of mud and clay.
    You complain now that storytelling mirrors the real world
    And of course it does.
    But my darling, it doesn't have to be that way.
    You see,even though witches rule,
    Fairies do live.
    And both bask in magic.
    And even though cruelty reigns
    Kindness does breathe, you know.
    Even though the words are bitter
    At least we know of sweet nectar.
    And though devils grin
    We do have the knowledge that angels sing.
    And murdered virtue can be avenged
    And glorified vice condemned.
    Cause darling, sometimes the rolling dice,
    Does give one, you know.
    And sometimes, just sometimes, you get a six too.
    Cause darling, storytelling is magic.
    Even though it may be black at times,
    You see,
    It's all a matter of perspective.

    Image credit to the rightful owner. I picked it up from Google.

    I tried my hand at turncoat poetry, the results of which are in front of you.��

    Wrote this while I was supposed to be studying and got a nice scolding��, but I believe all the pain is worth it when it comes to writing.��

    This is Part 1 of the 'You Complain' series. I was going to just leave it at 'You Complain', but then decided that 'Storytelling' was a better title. The second part of 'You Complain' will be up soon.

    #story #storytelling #gory #magic #witches #demons #devil #angel #fairies #fairy #complain #you #stories #sweat #blood #roses #dewdrops #whisper #screams #sweet #nothings #glorify #death #die #gold #life #ugly #lonely #truths #prettylies #pretty #lies #untruths #uglytruths #cries #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #pod@mirakee #daily #challenge #chal #imagination #destruction #whirlpool #emotions #crescent #soul #sprituality #home #cruelty #perspective #darling #nectar #dear #earth #anotherworld #makebelieveworld #world #worldsofwonder #worldofwonder #wonder #colour #grey #reflection #real #reality #dreams #one #six #black #white #colourful #bitter #virtue #vice
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    Murdered virtue can be avenged
    And glorified vice condemned...
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  • mithumarkose 50w

    "That cake is so beautiful, isn't it?", Emma said
    "Indeed", Peter replied.
    "If we were the toppings, that young man and the lady"
    "Then?", he asked.
    "I want you to tell your thoughts as if you are seeing me for the first time", she said.
    "I will write it down for you", he said.

    I saw her,
    on the snowy icing,
    embellished with powdered sugar.
    My perfect girl,
    in a purple gown,
    spinning under honeyed snowflakes,
    to the rhythm of sprinkles.
    Is she a fairy in disguise,
    or an angel from heaven.
    Her wings are gleaming,
    with caramel crystals.
    The halo above her,
    radiates the divinity of candied berries,
    like a goddess,
    in human form.
    I stood motionless,
    far away from her,
    a topping ornating this gateau,
    deep rooted
    in the moist chocolatey earth.
    Yet, I feel light as a feather,
    floating in the air.
    For she is the blessing,
    I much awaited.

    Mithu Markose | 11-12-2020


    #she #allabouther #mirakee #pod #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #angel #goddess #fairy #cake #winter #icing #sweet #sugar #caramel

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