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  • miss_blank 2w

    Get lessons from your failure and make those a ladder to your success.


  • loptar 3w

    Failure isn't about showing off your weakness
    It shows how able you're to overcome and conquer

    To the deep shallow voice of incompetency
    I found a chivalry to find comforts in.

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    A crumbs of seven words to destitution thoughts
    Which breaks the inner most walls of mind
    Rolling off like beads of sweat; which moves away the mountains of positive vibes

    Tick, tick, tick, it ticks like the way time rolls off by
    Knock,knock, knock, the sound of the metal Rick door seems to fade away like, the best isn't enough

    Sshhh, sssh, sssh, I wonder and ponder to when an opportunity of success should come by
    Just as how my whole sophisticated mind crumbles to the hope which have built

    I wonder how such an elegant virtue of success should be this
    Should this bring such a great mountains of pains like this

    It's gives the opposite to success, should it even dare to uphold the same number of word as SUCCESS

    An elegant virtue as this, makes me remember how well it prepares the wit of mind; down to the present world leaders of today
    Showing and building up every intentions to man's capability
    The more embraced, the more conquerable it becomes

  • trusty 4w

    Lonely nights have i spent
    i still don't knw what u meant
    but wid tears and a hope i'm reading the texts that u have sent

  • cherish312 6w


    YOU LET IT.....

  • kiara7 7w

    Am I?

    These recent years I went through several defeats
    Heartbreak and failures
    They made me hollow from inside
    But still there are several demands left
    But am I strong enough?
    Am I mentally strong to keep the pain aside and still work for myself?
    I wanna be strong
    Trying hard
    Pushing myself to do it
    But the anxiety of again failing is hitting me hard
    Am I strong enough?

  • pbwrites101 9w

    Life comprises of disappointments ,incomplete objectives and didn't got what I wanted, there are numerous things that didn't go as I planned and it makes me extremely upset and I become dismal and hopeless however what happened is the past and allowing a second opportunity to yourself is everything thing one can manage.
    #secondchance #positivity #failures #thoughts
    @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Life is unpredictable


  • om_nik 15w

    #hindiwriting #thinking #people #speak #talk #marvel #starlord #pain #failures #own #selfishness #perspective #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #guardiansofthegalaxy #avengers

    लोग क्या कहेंगे, इंस्टा पर कितने अमीर लोग है,
    लोग कितने बेकार है, हम कितने डिप्रेस्ड है
    वगैरा वगैरा सोचने में, दुनिया को अपने एक ही बक्से में बंद
    नजरिए से देखने में हम इतने मसरूफ हो चुके है,
    कि हम अपनी बातों पर और हम क्या सोचते है उसपर गौर करना भूल चुके है ।
    हालातों में हल्का सा बदलाव हमारी बातों को
    या सोच को कितना बदल देता है, ये बात हम समझना भी नही चाहते ।
    हम सोचते है की हम सौ चीजें करे और फिर एक गलती करे तो दुनिया बुरा बना देती है हमें ।
    लेकिन हम कहा कुछ अलग करते है ?
    कभी न कभी, कही न कही
    हम भी वही बोलते है या करते है ।
    बस बाकियोंका हमें पता चल जाता है लेकिन खुद का नही ।

    और इसी बात का एग्जांपल है
    Guardians of the galaxy का लीडर
    Peter Quill aka Starlord
    उसकी एक गलती के लिए सबने उसे नफरत करना शुरू कर दिया ।
    बिना उसके अतीत,अकेलेपन, मजाक के पीछे छुपे दर्द के बारे सोचे और समझे बगैर ।

    माना वो कैरेक्टर मूवीज में का है,
    लेकिन सच ये भी है कि मूवीज और फैंटसीज reality से ही बनती है और उनका असर reality में हमेशा दिखता रहता है ।

    इसलिए पहले खुद में झांकना जरूरी है ।
    जरूरी है हम क्या सोचते, बोलते और समझते है ।
    और उस सोच और जुबान पर कितने टिके रहते हैं।

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    दुनिया की बातों और
    सोच को लेकर
    एक बक्से में बंद सी
    अपनी खुद की सोच
    बनाने से पहले ये जरूरी है
    कि हम अपनी खुद की बातों
    और सोच की राह ,
    और स्टेबिलिटी पर
    ज्यादा ध्यान दे ।


  • _mr_write_sayings_ 16w

    Let people to betray you and soon they'll
    feel ashame of themselves after when you
    get to know about their worse side.

  • madhavaperiya 19w

    Failures that make me Perfect.

    I'm Madhavaperiya. M.
    Yes, I'm new to this arena

    I'm a teenager in the thought between schooling and college days.

    In this lockdown I had learnt many new things and bloomed myself from the grief. But the major thing is I don't know cooking‍. I'm in a joint family and so I didn't get any chance to go to the kitchen except for washing my hands before and after food or snacks. When I realized myself to engage with cooking, everything gets venom and twisted me back and fro. Really I didn't realize that learning cooking is something that's equal to love break up. As I'm in a joint family it was totally different from other joint families. The thing is it's a type of joint family without any male dominations. My family- Grandma and her 3 daughters, my father and me!

    Among three daughters, one is the best cook, one is the best supervisor and one is the fighter cock with her cleaning attitude. My grandma was so cunning at the same time selfish in many areas for her daughters.

    Once I entered the kitchen for cooking, it was so challenging but I done something. Of course that's a big failure. Again after few months tried something, utter failure. They (my mummies) started to scold, hate the thing what I'm doing. The matter lies in discouraging. They never said me that i would do good the next time. Always discouraging. My hope in learning gets failure all the time. They never used to support me in the field where I like and what I like. So I really hate them in this matter.

    Still I'm trying to cook good. As I'm a beginner of cooking, so no problem about being a failure. I wi be so proud one day that my failures make me perfect!

    Happy days are not planned. Let's wait for that!

  • devanshh 20w

    #successstory #failures #wod #writersofmirakee #mirakee #writers #writerofindia

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    Success comes after many failures but a failure comes only after you put a step towards success with the best u have. So stop thinking and start working on ur dreams. It's NOW OR NEVER.

  • _ruhani 22w

    magnitude of success is defined by the intensity of failures...

  • snowfly 22w


    Years passed ,
    Month's passed,
    Week's passed,
    Many days passed,
    Even my family members passed,
    But except my pains of failures is not passed.
    But one day i will pass it too.

  • __adiroy__ 23w

    "Embrace your failures and learn...
    Success will embrace you and make you earn"

  • hardik_ 25w


    First I saw t'was deep
    Too much to haunt
    Stayed clear of the edge
    Not to fall. And I did.
    Deeper than what I saw
    As if I'm creating the depths
    Scarier than it seemed
    Darker than I thought
    I stop trying to escape as
    I fall deeper everytime I fail.


  • lalitha_l2 26w

    The #words of #values,
    The #success without #failures,
    The #decisions without #intentions, ARE NEVER FOUND.

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    The words of values,
    The success without failures,
    The decisions without intentions, ARE NEVER FOUND.

  • the_unfiltered_ink 28w

    Do you want to be successful? I know most of you would think I am mad for asking the obvious answer to such an obvious question. Aren’t you? Everybody wants to taste it, after all!

    But what does -Success mean to you?- This question holds more importance than the former. Is it raising a million-dollar business, securing a well-paid job, driving a luxurious car, being Popular or, generating a lot of money? How do you define it in your very own life is everything that does the work for you.
    It is spectacular that you have dreams that you want to turn into reality. But hey! Pause. Are you happy with your present life? It would be better to quote- Are you satisfied with the life you presently consider unsuccessful? All of us are crazily behind one goal or the other. We want things to turn for us in a certain way. Hence we submerge all of our precious life for that very prestigious purpose. This zeal is beautiful until it takes a toll on your mental health and happiness.

    Too lost in racing behind, we hardly pay heed to how are we losing our contentment? How are we undervaluing our present happiness? Happiness and success both are sacred. We have been going all wrong our lives thinking that they always go hand in hand. We consider happiness a destination; that will knock on our drenched door when we wave Hi to our very affluent friend- Success. But no, this is not how things are in life.

    “You need not be successful to feel happy. ”

    Read it twice, thrice, or as many times as you need to until you feel this in your bones. Now I know most of you would disagree. How can I overpower happiness over success, right? We need to bear some pain to get the fruit in our hands. Working for our dreams is so empowering and a lot of such. I want you to understand that I am not asking you to be lazy, stop working for the better, or just do not set goals from now.

    All I want from you is to be happy in the process. You can smile and sweat at the same time. Nobody said you to feel good once you have made it to a fancy goal or dream. There is not any rule like this. Happiness is our water; there is no need to make it a hefty cup of coffee. Though your craving for that cup of coffee is justified, it does not mean that you will stop consuming water until you finally have that coffee.

    Perhaps we need to deal with things, situations, and people restraining us from reaching wherever we want. It is a necessary part of the process. But not being grateful enough for living in the present moment is wrong. This habit of not practicing gratitude makes us feel hollow even if we make it to one goal or a part of it. Because instead of rejoicing that small win, we pay attention to what did not go right or how much more effort we need to put in to reach the ultimate goal or the most supreme of all?
    How can someone be happy with such a hustle? Your dreams are a beautiful component of your journey. You must put your best to make them real without undermining the worth of your present life. For if there was no present, would the future ever exist? No! So calm your mind, cheer up and smile, be crystal clear of your goals and start doing things you want. Be proud of the life that you are presently living.
    And when we have had our crucial share of failures and wins, we shall know the real purpose behind our existence.

    Much strength and power to you
    Simran Ahuja
    Instagram @the_unfiltered_ink
    Blog: www.theunfilteredink.blogspot.com
    #success #motivation #happiness #life #lifegoals #gratitude #failures

    Read blog at medium https://simran-ahuja.medium.com/happiness-and-success-what-would-you-choose-43cbfd731be

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #happiness #life #pod #wod #success

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    Happiness or Success?

    Happiness is our water; there is no need to make it a hefty cup of coffee. Though your craving for that cup of coffee is justified, it does not mean that you will stop consuming water until you finally have that coffee.


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  • my____feelings 30w

    I know I break my own heart sometimes.
    I want life to be certain way and it
    kills me when I can't make it so.
    However, there's beauty in this chaos,
    there're lessons on every struggle and failure.
    And so, I choose to be grateful that I can fight on.

  • _broken_mirror_ 31w

    "I can fulfil your every dream after overcoming dissapointments ,sadness ,and failures." ~ LIFE
    "I can end your every pain by freeing you from disappointments , failures ,sadness and will give you eternal peace." ~ DEATH

  • thefangirl 32w

    ഇപ്പടി വീഡിയോസ് പാത്തിട്ടെ ഇരുക്കുമ്പോത് ഒരു നാൾ എൻ കനവ് കൂടെ നിജമായിടും എന്ന നമ്പിക്കയെ യാരോ യെ കാതിൽ വന്ത് സൊല്ലിട്ടെയിരുക്ക്. എപ്പടി നാ എനക്ക് തെരിയാത്. ആണാ ഒരു നമ്പിക്കൈ. അവളോം ആസ ഇരുകുലെ. അതാ. ഒരു നാൾ.....രസികർ നമ്പിക്കൈയില്ലേ അതേയ്താൻ.തമിഴ് ന്നാ അവളോം പുടിക്കും.

  • rasheederh 32w

    Life......you just have to decide on which turn to cling onto.....Failure always comes with success, that is if we have the serenity of cohabiting with it.tolerance to failure beseige glory.
    Life condole two sides of a coin it's either you are the sculptor or the sculpted,and most time leaning at the wrong side of the coin isn't a sign of vulnerability,cos we'll all be needing the rough lessons to a painless future.

    © Rasheederh