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    Hello guys!!�� What's up new poem here
    Failure at love this is sorta an inspiration from olivia rodrigos new album sour u hope you guys like it
    Have a great day stay happy and stay positive love you!! ����

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    Failure at love

    Am i something to you but not someone 
     u tell me im beautiful
    But is that even true?
    Ur seeing Red but
     all im seeing is blue 
    U say u love me 
    But i say u dont care
    Cause u were never there
    When i needed u to be 
    Am i the only one who saw us to be true 
    Cause while i was dreaming about u 
    You were dreaming bout someone else

    Was i just another pretty face 
    We have never had a happy place
    I guess im a failure at love 
    And thats ok cause i…
    Will find someone to love
    Its ok to be a 
    Failure at love 

    I believe in myself 
    No matter what 
    It dont matter if i have a boy or not 
    All i want and need is myself 
    A boy doesnt define me 
    I know who i am 
    I know what im supposed to be 
    But i still wonder
    If you care about me