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  • beensn 18w

    Dear Dad❤️

    You gave me a life, an identity,
    But now you have silently slipped into eternity.
    For you, I was always the Best,
    You had on me, world's all trust.
    Your day would never begin without the glimpse of your daughter,
    You always believed that it would make your day better.
    Always stood for truth and innocence even at your ripe age,
    That made you my ideal n hero and it was my privilage.
    I was the worst victim of the situation and could not treat,
    I can't even say sorry now, for, I could not pay back the debt.
    Whenever I think of you, my eyes become damp,
    I promise to walk in the path lighted by you with the goodness lamp.
    For every simple act, you used to take my opinion,
    And when you took such a great decision to leave us, you took it alone?
    I am your little princess always, that's why short,
    Dear Dad, I can only say, I love you and miss you a lot.
    © beensN