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  • miriel_oye 5d


    These eyes in the mirror sing sad songs,
    Murmur quiet words,
    "I'm not weak,
    I'm not broken,
    I am more"
    These lies I speak to my armour,
    Bite back where it hurts,
    This facade is a phantom that shifts,
    Changes, morphs,
    And when only the moon watches,
    It falls,
    "I am weak,
    I am broken,
    I'm not more",
    These thoughts come like the plague,
    As I fight the itch to be vague,
    To pretend,
    The itch to lie to no one but myself,
    I'll wait,
    For daylight to peak through flowery curtains,
    Quiet sad eyes to shine,
    And new words murmured,
    "I am weak,
    I am broken,
    I can be more",
    And there my armour fades like the sound of a flushed toilet.

  • anonymous_forever 1w

    Hiding the silent nights where she cried,
    As her heart broke and shattered on the inside,
    She stood up tall when the sun shone bright
    As though she hadn't cried the whole night,
    Casing the scars and wiping the tears,
    She stepped out in the light whispering all the prayers,
    Asking God to give her strength to maintain this facade,
    And face the world as if she isn't flawed,
    She smiled, greeting her family and friends,
    Who weren't aware of the sadness that she piles,
    As she noticed one of her friends was out of character for the day,
    She went up and said "It's okay, everything's going to be fine, the sadness isn't here to stay, it will eventually go away.",
    As she said the words aloud,
    She realised how untrue they sound,
    As her friend yelled "What would you know about pain? You're always so happy and full of life. I wish I was lucky like you.",
    She smiled as her demons woke up and were ready for a fight, waiting in a queue.

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    As she noticed one of her friends was out of character for the day,
    She went up and said "It's okay. Everything's going to be fine, the sadness isn't here to stay, it will eventually go away.",
    As she said the words aloud,
    She realised how untrue they sound.


  • sevendrading 3w

    Learning to Fly

    The airport bows, hands pressed in namaste,
    presents itself, lifts its hem to reveal
    waxed limbs, sharp pressed walls,
    sterile gait, crafted
    to be world appropriate;
    just not helpful
    to the indigenous.
    Sentient doors part at your arrival
    Premium rates do not apply yet.
    There's a price to be paid to daydream
    in the lounge - overindluge
    in your smile over-commit
    to the act that you own it. 

    When you feel out of place, like yeast 
    among mushrooms, look to the east.
    On the stone steps lie dreams stuffed
    into asbestos, aluminium, and tarp.
    Stored next to the taxiway
    out in the open, evident.
    Smell the must of skin
    cooked in the slow heat
    living scavenge waiting 
    to be picked clean
    to be ignored
    Like you.


  • _transient 5w


    Some tarred emotions of frolic tenacity
    ring a bell to your esteemed ego.

    Hopping onto the conclusion board
    of presumptuous dialect
    and an incoherent palette,
    you draw disfigured shackles,
    painted with lavish gray,
    outlined in semi-placated crimson.

    Post the complete picture,
    you realize the ink is permanent;
    Can't be expunged.

    So nowadays, you try
    to smudge and blue-pencil
    a white facade.


  • anonym_o 5w

    A smile,I heard makes you lot happier..
    But my smile has always been a barrier..
    I smiled to push my emotions inside..
    My happiness you see is just a misguide..
    My whole life is just a facade..
    The daily smiles is for your own accord..
    So "A smile doesn't make you happier
    It just makes you look like you are"

  • outofleague 6w

    #dwale #dwalec : a soporific drink formerly made from deadly nightshade or belladonna.
    #polaroid #polaroidc : relating to or denoting a type of camera with internal processing that produces a finished print rapidly after each exposure.
    #facade #facadec : a deceptive outward appearance.
    #mirror #mirrorc #daydream #daydreamc #rage #ragec #drowning #drowningc #weep #weepc #truth #truthc #remains #remainsc #fate #fatec #lunatic #lunaticc
    #sprinkled #mercy

    Picture Credits: Boris Stefanik / Unsplash

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  • sweedle 6w

    I recognize you by the color of your facade. You can keep changing shades, but I'll still know it's you.

    © Sweedle

  • bclark2681 6w


    Behind the facade of
    Your beautiful smile
    And dancing blue eyes
    Hides the deception of
    Your true natured colors

  • harsh77 6w

    She is the reason I'm lost sometime
    I was numb facade in public like everyone wearing facemask and everyone holding their grudges
    No one can easily believe in you in this world
    Some pep are strong some are just oversmart
    But humanity is murdered by some cruel humans

    Beat change(hope you get this if you listen some rap music)

    Now we are in the era
    Where politics leads the world
    They used their power and all we know if someone use their power its means some people(rich) will have pros(advantages) of the power and some people (poor)will have cons(disadvantages) of the power.

  • angels_halo_shines 6w

    Letting Me Die

    The facade behind my marriage.
    On the outside looking in,
    We may seem fine.
    But, on the inside nothing is fine.

    What no one sees or hears,
    Is the facade of lies he tells.
    He is living in that world.
    Letting me die in my depression.

  • bubbly_bluebells 6w

    Unfortunately at death,all philosophies mutated blank
    Folorn fireflies wept in facade angles

  • pallavi4 6w


    “Do you think you’d want to go out today?”
    His mother gently asked
    He opened one eye and tried to focus
    While she gently stroked his facade

    “I don’t want to , you know that “,
    He snapped and turned his face to the other side
    Then heard a gentle sigh and a gentle click
    And knew that his mother had gone back to her daily life

    Inconsolable he had been for a while
    Oh that was two long years ago
    Wasteful his brain , body , life felt
    Of faded memories ,unwilling to let go.

    “Today I will not remain inert”, he thought
    I have to prove I listened to her today
    I will spend today being there for her instead
    Like she’s been for ever since that dreadful day .

    He bathed and dressed , cleaned up his room
    And knew inside that he’d never felt better
    His mother was glad, he’d finally bounced back
    In her gentle heart she felt a gentle flutter

    While they talked the day slowly drew to an end
    Mother and son hadn’t realised it’d been so long
    For since his father had passed her son had been
    Unconsolable, desolate and forlorn

    They parted ways, he to his room and she to hers
    She smiled thinking what a day it had been
    He too smiled as he shut his door
    Feeling, finally alive again .

    When came the dawn, she came smilingly to awaken her son
    Gently opened his door, like she did each day
    And found him sitting on his chair with both wrists slit
    And a note “I was not idle today”.

    P.S: schlep- haul or carry (something heavy or awkward).

    So many people keep suffering depression internally without voicing what they should to family and friends - sometimes out of fear of judgement, sometimes just simply to internalise the pain and trauma they feel. If you are one such individual, please know that you are not alone. You don’t need to suffer alone. Talk about your depression and thoughts to friends and seek professional help.
    There is nothing wrong with being depressed- it can happen to the best of us. There is nothing wrong with medicines and guidance. Counselling can totally change your life’s direction. But don’t give into the social stigma created around mental health .
    Look after yourself today, seek help today!

    If you are family or friend to someone suffering from depression, learn to be more compassionate. Depression often presents as anger. Not all people who are depressed look mopey and sad. The face of depression is often a happy one because people suffering from it learn to cover their emotions very well as present a facade of well being and of everything being ok. If you sense a change or feel something is off , it usually is . Always lend a shoulder, an ear whatever is required of you. Be there. Listen ! Simply listen. Sometimes that itself unburdens a person and lightens the emotional load they are carting around. Remember it could’ve been you instead of them. Do what you would’ve expected of them if it were you. Show empathy and show up when it is needed.

    Depression is curable. Depression is not a permanent disease. Please respond in an appropriate manner to anyone who shows the signs of depression.


    4th of May, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • monsteralive 6w

    Lesson of the day

    People wear facade more than their real faces.

  • sylvia_aurora 8w

    I need a place to be myself,
    Like the child I used to be,
    Not the hardly built facade of what people now see,
    No it need not to be a place , maybe a person , maybe a thing,
    Just to live those good memories again,  just somewhere I can find my wing,
    Home someone take me home ,
    To take these off my shoulder and make it  light,
    So I can soar above and be renewed again for this fight,
    I beg this world , someone take me home.
    A place where I can go ,
    A place where I can turn my nightmares into dreams that freely flow,
    Someone take me home.
    Home someone ...
    Take me home.

  • pallavi4 8w


    Are we the people we claim to be ?
    Are we willing to let go of the
    Facade we create to move
    On in life ? How deep are our
    Own concealments? Are they enough
    To create a completely different
    Visage or merely to cover up the
    Unseemly disastrous people
    We really are ? Two versions of
    The same person - the brighter,
    Perkier, happier versions we want
    To be seen as, to project to the world
    Versus the lesser versions we are
    In reality. Sometimes it seems some
    Remnants of the real us peak through
    The smooth layers of paint making
    Us pentimenti . The challenge of
    Course really is how many layers of
    Paint are required to shield the
    Reality, the real person even if just
    On the surface. Why do the bubbles
    Of truth burst once they reach the
    Surface of the water ? They do
    Because in travelling up they lose
    The strength to fight the environment
    Of the outside world no matter how
    Hard they try and show up on the
    Surface. The truth never outs and
    Thus we are able to maintain our
    Facades - the pentimento.
    Shakespeare had once said “truth
    Will come to light ”.... but does it ?
    Isn’t it better buried and forgotten ?
    Are we really seeking out the truth ?
    Can someone ever be completely
    Understood? Do we really want to be understood or are we cocooned in
    The warmth of our multiple selves,
    Our hidden intentions? We are
    A strange breed - we want the truth,
    We supposedly seek the truth but are
    Unwilling to let others see the truth of
    Our own selves thereby revealing
    Ourselves to them. What if the reality
    Is not the person they wanted to see-
    What if the real us is lesser , much
    Lesser than our projected selves ?
    People who do this- which of course
    Includes all of us, like the comfort of
    Living in the shadows , lurking near
    The mucky bedrock of lies and
    Deceit..... a place that both protects
    And safeguards the darkest secret
    Of all- we aren’t and never will be enough
    For our own selves, in our own eyes....
    And this pretence will never be
    Lifted lest we actually find ourselves,
    Meet ourselves one day - from the
    Depths of the smoke and shadows .


    20th of April, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Fox Blindfolded”

    Reposted from 7th of January, 2021

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  • queeniedoll1924 11w

    The "Charmer"

    Corrupted hearts are never satisfied.
    Leaches and leashed they are and become.
    Drowned by their own discontent, they reek of malevolence.
    Shrouded in veils of self delusions, of adoration
    Looking to the mirror for validation... Some form of love to come.
    Never enough to quench that burning ache in their bones, that voice which sings to them insecure thoughts. Seeking adoration that they could find within; if they only tried.Too scared or scarred to look inside, all that's there is Self Loathing, Death, and Pride. Nothing graceful or sweet resides beneath that mask they wear. When they look upon themselves the reflection is but a cold black stare. Lifeless, loveless, much left to be desired. They don't even realize they fashion their own death pyre.

  • scribblednotes520 11w

    There's no water above me
    But what am I drowning in?

    There's no smoke in the air
    Yet why am I suffocating?

    There is a reason for everything
    But where are the answers now?

    There is truth in even the smallest lies
    Yet they only see my smiles


  • coldhandswarmheart 13w

    Your Facade

    Sometimes when you call someone "too good to be true"
    It is actually a reflection of your own facade!

    Not everyone is faking it to win favours.
    Not everyone is nice to be always liked.
    Not everyone is you!


  • himayan_writes 13w

    Fool's feelings

    The Fool keeps falling for the Fake!
    The Fool believes the facade,
    Ends up with heartache!

    Oh Fool! Oh Fool!
    Why do you keep dreaming up?
    Oh Fool!
    Why do you wait for their love?
    Oh Fool! Oh Fool!
    You know it's not true!
    Oh Fool!
    They're never coming back to you!

    Oh Fool! My foolish Friend!
    You keep saying "Never again"
    Yet you let them back in so easily
    And in the end
    You're the one in pain!

    Oh Fool! Oh Fool!
    You need to stop.
    Oh Fool!
    You know you're not their Love!
    Oh Fool! Oh Fool!
    You know they're gone!
    Oh Fool!
    It's time to move on!



  • miss_silentlyweird 24w

    My lips curved
    My teeth grin
    I smile
    I'm happy Isn't?


    #smile #happy #facade
    Source ��: Pinterest

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