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    And just as I thought I am finally lying down, finally going to sleep.
    I am wide wake now.
    Awaken by this deep pit in my stomach.
    No you cannot name everything in life.
    And just as I probe through a gazilion thoughts on my mind,
    Only thing my search always ends on
    How to explain my depraved soul?
    Longing of acceptance.
    Longing of being useful to people around me.
    And not being completely worthless for once.
    Why this feeling that you can never belong?
    That you can never choose.
    That you can never be two persons at once.
    That you can never be enough.
    That however much you try everyday.
    How much you fight your insecurities everyday.
    Every night you will still lie down with eyes wide open
    Tumbling down the tunnel of despair,
    Threatened by this train of maleficient thoughts,
    You created for yourself.

    18 Mar 2019

    #tunnels #pits #anxiety #depression #mood #insomnia #sleeplessnights #sleep #eyeswideawake #insecurity #despair #maleficient

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