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    कुछ बाते हम अंग्रेजी में लिख दिया करते हैं और बोल दिया करते हैं वास्तविक में हम सब कुछ बोल और लिख भी समझते आपनी भाषा या राज भाषा में ही हैं
    जैसे आंखो को देख कर सब बता तो नहीं दिया करते हैं इसलिए हम चेहरे की मुस्कान के पीछे आंखो में आंसुओ का समुद्र छुपा लिया करते सब कुछ अपने लफ्जो में न चाहते भी दिखा दिया करते हैं अपनी भाषा में बता दिया करते हैं।

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    Exaggerated smile hidden upon the lies,
    She always wished that let this time revive.


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    हकीकत में जीने का अब हमने शौक पाल लिया।
    अपने सपनों को आंखो के भीतर खुद मार लिया।


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    Out of 14 billion eyes,
    I love to lost into yours...


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    A pair of brown eyes

    I am mesmerized,
    enthralled in his eyes,
    those brown eyes so comforting,
    akin to warm blanket on
    the most frosty nights,
    reminds me home,
    captivating as much as a chocolate treat,
    sybaritic browns,
    they have a way of locking in my heart and soul
    reticent they are,
    holding unfathomable emotions
    I can explore them unwearied,
    unbounded by time,
    for my psyche is captured
    and my heart is enduringly passionate
    about those dusky brown eyes,
    the more I gaze,
    the more I fall for him,
    each moment
    and my love grows perpetually.

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    I Can't Feel Your Love ,
    Why am i not able to embrace the look in your eyes ?
    Your words ain't my comfort .
    Why can't i feel close to you in my Pain ?
    My heart calls you but why ain't i able to feel you ??
    Why can't i seem to match OUR vibe ?
    I miss your eyes watching me love you .
    I want you to return me my love !
    Return my comfort in you , i want to feel you again , want to embrace you !
    "I want your WORDS to match your ACTIONS !"
    Make me feel my love again !
    Just , Make me feel YOU Again !

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    What is love,
    Where all are hurt at the end?
    Where all become strangers from being close friend?
    When all laugh together and cry alone,
    Cause this is where fake care and affection is shown.

    What is love,
    Where everyone's eyes are full of lust?
    Where they broke each other's trust?
    Where sweet words come out from poisoned lips?
    When one should be in revealing dresses and open zipes?

    Oh lord, if this is what so called LOVE is,
    Just make it disappear from the world please.
    Cause this is not true love but so called sexual desire,
    And all these relationships end after one's purity disappears.

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    We do either live life in two ways;

    Stay in moments,
    Be with memories.


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    The eyes, never lies.

    #eyes #story #love #explore

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    Your Eyes

    In your eyes
    I see what's in mines
    A future with you
    Right by my side.

    In your eyes I see a story
    A beautiful story!
    A story, that tells your glory.

    In your eyes I see love
    So let's fly away my little dove ️


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    Looking into your eyes reminds
    me of gazing into the clear night sky
    and seeing thousands of stars
    and wishing I could visit each star

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    I wrote this because I have a habit of losing stuff.. yes I agree it is annoying
    #lost #lose #uncertain #sad #despair #poetry #poem #eyes #failed

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    I lost it
    Just like that
    Gone in the wind
    Just like a fleeting feeling of despair

    I couldn't say what it was
    That made me lose it
    It slipped

    And was gone before my very eyes
    I panicked
    I can't find it

    But it should be there
    Or did I imagine it all
    But no

    I remember the feel of it slipping
    Then it fell
    And now it's lost

    Just like these tears
    Not because it was precious
    But because my eyes have failed me
    At this game of unintentional cat and mouse

    I've lost

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    CH∆ØT¡C |ñ§¡Dê....

    When you become okay with not being forever
    You inhale something to exhale everything
    Just to sit quietly and watch chaos dancing around
    You just listen to that music again and blink it off every second
    Just in search of peace your silence becomes fearless in front of situations like these...

  • my_balu 3w

    I wanted to know her better,
    I wanted to know if what I thought
    of her was true, I wanted ask her
    how I was able to see that beautiful,
    positive aura of her, I wanted to learn
    how I can develop the same charm...

    And one day she let me look into her beautiful glowing eyes and everything
    changed. All the thoughts I had were wrong.
    She was never the Angel, she was the star
    that the angels carry, the star that burns
    inside yet, gives the shine so that angels
    feel they are magical, she was the star
    that was created from the darkness yet,
    live her whole life giving light to everyone else...

    then I understood , I can never become her.
    All I can do is admire her, love her for the rest of my life.


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    * 584th; 94 posts till 678th
    * 26.8.2021; 2.03 A.M (Malaysia)
    * 1 of my 2 stories at Reedsy.
    (Another one- Zombified is here)

    #Starry #Night #Eyes #Stars

    * Submitted into Contest #51 Two Hundred! in response to: Write a story that begins and ends with someone looking up at the stars....


    Starry Night, Starry Eyes ~

    From "Twinkle-twinkle little star" that she sang during childhood (and even played it on a baby-piano), to: "Rewrite the stars" (The Greatest Showman) and "City of stars" (La La Land) that she starts singing during adolescent; then binge-watched K-dramas: My Love From Another Star and Where Stars Land during adulthood; she is still being dreamy; day-dreaming while waiting for her real soulmate; who will appear somewhere; or else, she'll be alone forever.

    From eating Honey Stars at breakfast and counting stars at night (instead of sheeps) when he was a kid, to watching Star Wars ("May the force be with you") and Star Trek ('Where no man has gone before') movies during teenage years; then admiring Starry Night painting (painted by a famous painter- Vincent Van Gogh) & other artworks by other artists; when he has become an adult; he is still looking for his true-love; someone special who will cure his loneliness; Hoping that, one day, he'll find her; Better late than never!

    One night, the two of them finally meet.

    "Hi" and "Bye"; That's not how they greet.

    Their encounter is destined by God's fate.

    Love is in the air. It comes at the right time. Never too late!

    It's their destiny. Not a mere coincidence! Miracle does exist. Their unplanned meeting and relationship that develop after that is the evidence.

    They are standing under the nighty sky, both looking-up at the twinkling stars; outside the art gallery.

    He ask "Excuse me, miss. Do you have a powerbank? My phone has low-battery".

    But, she can't hear him because her ears are plugged with an earphone.

    He stands in front of her, while showing his phone.

    She thought that he want her phone number. So, she said, "I don't remember"

    He said "You can check, if you brought it in yout handbag, right?"

    She become confused. He stares at her and she stares back. Is this love at first sight?!

    Between them, there's an awkward silence.

    Suddenly, a huge dog, that looks like a hound, from the Hounds of Baskervilles (in her eyes) bark loudly from behind them. She's scared & almost lost her balance.

    He shoo the dog away.

    Oh, my! He makes her sway!

    When she see that his phone turned off by itself, she finally understand what he asked.

    Feeling embarassed of the misunderstanding, she thought: "I should have wear a mask!"

    "Let's go inside" he says while smiling.

    She thought: "Oh no! That smile! What if I catch feeling?!"

    He says "This is my favourite. It's called Starry Night"

    His eyes are starry. She thought again "Are you my knight?"

    Well, he has no shining armor.

    Other than his handsome face, he also has a great personality, plus an excellent sense of humor.

    While she is not a dame.

    It's not that he give a damn!

    He said "Beautiful"

    She thought he meant the painting, so she nod & say "So colourful"

    "May I lend your phone, please?"

    "Why?" she asks; He answers: "To call the police"

    "Huh?" she bewildred. He winks "Because you've stole my heart."

    She smirks "I didn't know that pick-up line is your art."

    He chuckles. "Well, just let me take your pictures"

    "Why?" She asks again. So, he answers "Because I admire your beautiful facial-features"

    Blushing cheeks redden her pale face.

    He continue "Best feature is your smile. Which shows your grace"

    But, he doesn't know, behind that smile, she hides the saddest emotions and conceals the deepest wounds caused by past traumas that more than just a torture.

    She realises, that there's no way, they can be together, in the future.

    However, they shall live in the moment.

    Untill their sudden deaths torment.

    She remembers a saying "Today is a gift. That's why it's called present"

    He says to her "Actually, today is my birthday. You are God's gift. The best present".

    Her heart feels touched by his compliment. She wishes him: "Happy birthday"

    He says "Thanks." then asks her: "When is your birthday?"

    Suddenly, there's a blackout.

    Everyone freak-out.

    She feels like someone appoaches her from behind.

    But, it's too dark. Like everyone else, she becomes temporarily blind.

    The lights turn back on. The pitch darkness fade.

    At the same time, on her neck, she feels something sharp. Is it a blade?

    She turn around and see her dangerous ex-boyfriend.

    The (psycho) ex asks "Who's this? Your new boyfriend?!"

    Her new love-interest calmly reply "No. I'm her fiance"

    "Why her? She's NOT sexy. Unlike Beyonce."

    "She is beautiful, in my eyes."

    Her ex-bf laughs. "You have to go check your eyes!"

    One of the guards yell "You have to go check your mental-condition!"

    That statement has worsen the situation.

    He push the sharp blade slightly into her neck. But, it stuck at her necklace.

    "What the heck?!" He exclaims. "By the way, what's your name?" He asks her 'fiance'. The other guy answers: "Nicholas"

    "Emily?!" a familiar guy, who's with a pretty woman appear.

    "Timothy?!" She can't believe that a man who used to be her high-school crush is here & see her like this. She feel like, want to dissappear!

    "Who's this?!" Both her ex and Nicholas asked out of curiousity.

    "Well, Timothy was my high-school crush. Tim, this is my ex: Xavier while Nick is my future husband". She notices the complexity.

    Yeah. It seems complicated.

    But, it must be fated.

    Nick shout to Xavier "Let go of my future wife!"

    Tim shout to him too "That's right. Get a life!"

    Xavier the mad man, becomes angry.

    He yell: "She's mine, men!" They has causes such fury.

    Out of a sudden, an old man pass by them while farting.

    Such smelly smell can make everyone fainting!

    Nicholas punch his face, while Timothy sweep his leg, when his tight grip of her loosen.

    That shall teach him a valuable lesson!

    The blade fall, so she get away. Someone has called the polices. They are on the way.

    Both Nick & Tim pin Xavier to the floor, so that he can't escape. Not every hero wear a cape!

    Polices in a patrol car arrive at the crime-scene.

    Luckily, there's no blood to be seen!

    Echoes of mixed sounds: there's irrational chaos of the crowds, people's panic voices and deafening siren.

    On their way out, Emy & Nick saw a lovey-dovey married couple with their children.

    They both wonder, if they also can build their own family?

    At that moment, he propose her, "Will you marry me, Emily?"

    She is like "OMG! Is this really happening to me?!" Well, she say YES, of course!

    Hand-cuffed Xavier who see this start cursing them, like a drunken sailor. Which is so coarse!

    They just ignore him completely, as if he doesn't exist.

    Then, in the jail, he end-up having an existential-crisis.

    Not long after that, Emy & Nick get married.

    Yeah. Well, they sort of hurried.

    From dusk till dawn, they both watch sunsets and sunrise, plus gazing at the stars, the starlights are shining brightly 'like diamonds in the sky'; They keep staring at each others eyes while dancing; going to bed when they get sleepy, doing something under the covers; Somehow, they wonder, if there will be, good news, from the 'storks', for them, weeks later?

    From strangers, to acquaintaces, friends to lovers, then, husband and wife; a happy marriage; He embrace his now heavily pregnant wife; She often feels the baby's movements (rolling, kicking, squirming etc.) inside her tummy; (which causes somewhat feel like a stomach-ache); They stand under the bright moonlight, while star-gazing and then they live happily; Well, hopefully, until Here-after.


    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

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    Starry Night, Starry Eyes ~

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    You are my Mariana Trench��❤
    #eyes #miraquill #poems #poetry #love #relationships

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    Deepest eyes of him

    In his eyes there is a deep ocean
    Those high waves of his eyes sweep me off the noisy shore
    Now I'm so deep I can't find any edge
    But amidst the waves and the depth I found his devotion


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    The sky offered me his stars..
    I offered him my eyes..

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    That Smile

    I have practiced for years
    to perfect that smile
    look into your eyes
    to be alright
    just to realise that
    I was waiting for someone
    to look beyond this mask
    and see that I am not fine

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    There's a transparent ocean in your eyes,
    I want to risk it all and drown
    in the depth of your brilliant gaze.

    © Sweedle

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    There is a transparent ocean inside your eyes,
    One that beckons me to your soul,
    I wish for a spell where you'd blink twice
    And allow me deep within it's folds.

    An ocean of stories in your fathomless eyes,
    Urges me to plunge deep in its tide.
    These eyes that hold a beauty this size.
    The soul must be such a wonder inside.

    These wondrous windows to your soul
    Them eyes, a spellbinding wizardry to behold
    They betwitch my senses,
    Feeding my lost and starving soul.

    Hidden behind your vast curls
    That are like the endless ocean so deep.
    Them eyes, Rustic and pure as pearls.
    They are a precious treasure to keep.


    #start #wod #pod #eyes @miraquill @writersnetwork

    I'm late posting today!!

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