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  • akshay_vasu 5d

    When words lose their meaning and expression, silence is the only language that the heart follows, speaks, and celebrates.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • spokensecrets 1w

    "She is..."

    The billowy storm clouds embracing the vicinity , a brush painting the forest in smoky hues.
    A calligraphy which she is not trying to decipher, has been drawn by them with trees.
    Moist and cold breeze which can make you numb in minutes, still the window is open.
    The drops of rain in her cheeks are as fresh as the Dews on the petals of rose and as cold as the frost on her windowpane.
    The cup of coffee is waiting to touch her soft but pale lips, the steam is fading but this is not her concern though, she loves hot coffee.
    Her eyes still have the comfort and serenity at the corner but today they are rheumy and her hollow gaze is fix at something inconspicuous.
    Between her window and the forest the distance,which she never measured on foot now seems less, her thoughts are floating in between.
    The reality is excruciating and the dreams are elusive, two different roads with their own risks.
    What she is looking for is hard to find outside the window, the answers of some pertinent questions.
    Warm blanket covering her legs till knee and the coffee is still waiting....oh a book lying in her lap without any fold in the corner of any page, she must have lost the page.
    Only thing which proves she is alive is her breathing, sitting at the window she is the painting herself.
    She is the riddle , a mystery which is hard to solve.

  • mysterysmile 2w

    This is for you

    Tumhey Aaj bhi yaad karte he
    Khuda se tumhare liye fariyad karte he
    Tum jo mere dill me ho
    Aur hamesha raho gye
    Par na murr ana meri raha me
    Ye dua sarey aam karte he
    Hum tumhey yaad karte he

  • simranbawa 2w

    I wrote something after a really long time, I hope you guys like it...

    Thank you for the kind repost Writersnetwork ��

    #poems #pain #thought #expression #society #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    To think of creativity as a room
    But empty
    And expression as its walls,
    My thoughts would be echoes,
    Amplifying these confining stalls.
    Who ever estimated the roar of thunder?
    These echoes, unheard will intensify
    As my restraints multiply;
    And there will come a day
    Of thunderous outburst
    When obedience will no longer comply.
    You can always bound a brute
    But has a leash ever held a beast?
    The expression of thought
    Is a scandalous truth
    Inevitable yet indecent.
    Self awareness is a luxury,
    Too unaffordable in a family;
    On the contrary, its a myth,
    Too unreal in a society.
    You marvel at the mystique of magic
    But loathe the living proof of logic.
    So someday when you hear
    The echoes behind this poetry,
    Don't forget to visit the room
    That was empty.

  • realnotreel 2w

    "ℛ����ℯ ����ℴ�� ����ℯ ������ℯ��"
    Be renewed after destruction


    In classical mythology, the phoenix was a unique bird resembling an eagle that lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian desert. After this time it burned itself on a funeral pyre ignited by the sun and fanned by its own wings and was then born again from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle of life. The simile like a phoenix from the ashes is used of someone or something that has made a fresh start after apparently experiencing total destruction.

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  • realnotreel 2w

    ������������ ���� ���������� -
    characterized by insincerity, irony, or whimsical exaggeration.

    The phrase “tongue in cheek” means an ironic way of narration. It refers to something that is said humorously but with an intention of being serious. A tongue-in-cheek remark or attitude is not serious, although it may seem to be.

    ������������ ���� ���������� ���� �������������� ������������-

    Some things written with tongue-in-cheek
    Misunderstood can cause some pique
    If someone who is humorless
    Fails to see your fun finesse

    Humor is a trait to treasure
    A trait most often spreading pleasure
    To spread a laugh, a smile or two
    Seems the human thing to do

    Yet sometimes when one’s too cheeky
    He may seem to some a bit too freaky
    So it may be wise to show restraint
    ‘Cause freaky is what you know you ain’t.

    ���������� ���� ������������:

    Stanley Cooper explains the positive role of humor in our life in this beautiful short poem, saying that humor provides us with a chance to say serious things plainly. However, if someone fails to find the element of humor in our writing or talk, he will invent different meanings or interpretations. Although humor intends to spread pleasure and laughter, yet sometimes it causes trouble. Therefore, to avoid misunderstandings, one should stay balanced in his fun. The phrase used in the first line demonstrates its meaning in a connotative sense.

    “The style is humorous, and often tongue-in-cheek, and expresses the same old thinking and the same results.”

    “Your tongue in cheek humor brought shame for the whole group, for you have no sense how to tackle the tricky situation.”

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  • realnotreel 3w

    "♬ ᖰɨ¢Ƭ⩏Ʀ៩ ɨន Ɯ០ƦƬϦ 1000 Ɯ០Ʀᖱន."
    The proverbial sentence “A picture is worth a thousand words” is one of the famous and common proverbs. It means an artwork or an image can convey meanings more effectively than descriptions. This phrase is usually used in newspaper advertisements. It shows that graphic illustrations are more useful to express the clear thoughts hidden behind a notion rather than words. Most artists, especially in the modern arts, share their message through their art piece. These artworks bring various interpretations and are also hard to get it right. However, an image can undoubtedly give an important message or tell a story using colors, designs, themes, and more.

    ���������� �� ���������������� ���������� ���� ���������� �������������� ����������
    A journalist and an award-winning author, Stacy Hawkins Adams, wrote a book series, Jubilant Soul. Worth a Thousand Words is a sequel, which has the second half of the proverb. In spite of using the proverb partially, the title means “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The story revolves around the significant character, Indigo, a passionate young girl who wants to persue her career as a photographer, but she is stuck in several obstacles. The marriage proposal from her long-time beloved, Brayn, is a hindrance to success and career. The protagonist keeps on challenging her strength and emotions as she tries to fight with her love life and future dreams. This proverb has been used metaphorically in the story.

    ���������� ���� ������������:

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  • bclark2681 3w


    I'm alive as I allow
    My expressions to
    Flow from my torrid
    Blood through my
    Blackened pen to the
    Frigid white paper
    Residing beneath
    Filling its worth with
    Authored composition

  • nonnyboy 4w


    I wrote a long speech on this
    But I X it because my emotions were all over the place I just can't spill what an expression with the X with a smile.

  • wordsoftheetwilight 4w

    In the season of blooming,
    I was slowing withering with the traumas of my past.
    With the onset of the fall,
    The last of petal was still intact.
    The mad winds tried to break me as much as they could.
    You came in my life as sunshine in that stormy times.
    And made me uphold myself to wither all the past and revive with
    Petals of hope
    Petals of affection
    Petals of care
    And the stem of belief with roots of love.
    I can't describe even with all the metaphors of the world what you mean to me
    But surely
    These words will make your day I hope !


  • 13_prerna 5w

    Previously I thought nudity doesn't define or justify love but today I feel like it's one form of loving and expressing love.

  • frozensun 5w


    I write to feel it all again,
    To know it makes sense outside of my own head.
    An outlet and escape, rooted deep in subconscious mind.

    Emotions expressed in words, thought brought out in art.
    Visualization of experience and passions conveyed through language.
    Possibilities pose endless when attempts are put forth.

    My words may be simple, my vocabulary lacks numbers. Nevertheless, my brain speaks for my heart the best it knows how.

  • bhavya_6 5w

    Favourite topic as always

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #wod #audience
    #words #pod

    Saturday , 15 may 2021
    12 a.m.

    Picking pen
    there lot to invest
    With just random plan
    ideas in head
    Revolving like a pet.
    In search of his meals

    The puppy eyes
    missing the master high....
    And there's master delightful notion
    Revolving in motion
    his one line
    make puppy shines
    chirping birds
    make puppy crawl
    cheerful applause
    thrilled till down
    The normative commentry
    improve the glossary
    Positive expression
    shape imagination
    a single piece turn
    into a masterpiece .

    Fulfilled puppy's Desire
    And master pick the puppy higher and

    by : @eccentric_bhavya

    here ,
    Puppy is the poet
    Master is audience
    ..in Para 1 :
    meals means words.
    last para means :
    poet words fulfilled by audience affection

    #ignore xD.

    A big thanks to the wonderful audience your random gestures make my vision clear and hear you guys just blow all the fears and make me glow with all my bugs. You guys make a single piece a "masterpiece ". Your avatars are just wonderful ,thanks for ur love nd affection
    Each one of you is special to me
    nd always last in my euphoria..

    ps: my first audience i.e my beloved elder sister❤
    who always been a wheel in my small cart.
    correcting me with the words nd guiding me.
    also @mirakee nd @writersnetwork

    nd sorry for such a long piece .
    hope you like it
    waiting with puppy eyes����

    follow for more ����
    #audience #words #euphoria
    #commentry #glossary #positive
    #expression #masterpiece #love
    #origami #feelings #thougths
    #affection #support

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    journey of a masterpiece

  • heyoka_warrior 6w

    The mask it keeps you
    From smelling the foul odor of this world;
    The mask it keeps you
    From recognizing the virus of hypocrisy;
    The mask it keeps you
    From contracting and transmitting diseases;
    The mask it keeps you
    From speaking truth, being real, being raw;
    The mask it keeps you
    From freedom of expression and frustration;
    The mask it keeps you
    From breathing fresh air of life;
    The mask it keeps you
    Silenced, fake, shady, but grounded;
    The mask it makes you sane and insane;
    Put it on, take it off—
    Depends on the health of your mind
    And the needs of your soul.


  • devilfish 6w

    Squint Your Eyes

    Watch the beam of light
    Emitting emotion blotched
    Spots on my t-shirt
    As I look reflected in empathetic eyes
    That was once white
    Like my light
    Oh, my light
    I was so wrong
    So I have to pray the price
    I'm strong
    But I will lose my stride if I keep getting
    Ripped apart from my inside
    I've died a thousand times
    You can see it in my eyes
    I will fight to keep my head up right
    But I cannot invest in time
    When I feel forced deliberate action
    Just to seem alright while the pain
    Rips through my body like a semi
    I will not lie
    I will not commit suicide
    Life is worth it
    Please, live for me
    Live for life
    Dance in the rain
    Shake off the pain
    And the words spent
    All that was in vain
    Is subject to change
    And lift you to a higher range
    Where nobody can cause you pain
    I may not know your name
    Empathy can't exist without contact
    So, I continue to explain
    I feel pain
    If I cut myself I would bleed just like you
    I too have gone mad
    I'm colored in passion
    I too, am deeply in love
    I'm deeply insane
    And I may fall to my knees
    But I won't tolerate hate
    I suffered
    I felt betrayal and it's icy blade
    But I still have managed to not fall
    Into life swallowing light
    As I watch it put up a fight
    But it's smothered by the Mother
    As it's life fades away
    A reluctant breath to leave it's place
    Giant metallic grinding gears churn
    As the machine plows through crowds
    Covered in blood as it grazes
    Feeding on the masses with bullets
    Of glass as they shatter and terror scatters
    Back into black matter
    Assuming it's shape
    It's never too late to be self aware
    There's no way
    If you wish then you may
    Spend time more sparingly
    Than wealth in the bank
    That isn't going to be carelessly
    But my point is that we live
    We breathe
    We seethe Earth's serene aroma of green
    Life force vibrating like a bumblebee
    I'm free
    From me
    From confusion
    My mind isn't the same I'm so sorry
    I can't seem to keep up my pace
    It's hard to breathe sometimes I break
    My heart crumbles as it breaks
    Orphaned and ashamed
    Naked and afraid
    Violated and beating my face
    As I apologize
    A child in a home
    Where I felt afraid
    I felt so much pain
    I have been gaslighted
    So my thoughts they feel strange
    They interchange as I try to explain
    An idea that reached my tongue
    Then it runs back down into my body
    Through my veins
    The voices I hear
    The choices I made year after year
    The progress I've made
    But I just want to steer
    My medicine is helping
    I'm trying to be patient
    And I'm blocking it the best I can
    Without straining and setting the bar so
    Because I'm hard on myself
    And I'm trying to change

    I can't complain
    living is the same as dying an art that will
    Forever stay
    In angry dye that bleeds as it cries
    It aches to feel
    To smear watery emotions
    A river of purity in it's dirty
    Extroverted energy
    That draws into it's nest to heal

    Every emotion as I purge
    My human body like a suit
    It's not fitted right I can't wait to quench
    My thirst to express the urge
    To use my words and paint
    And paint
    And paint
    And sing
    And sleep in late
    To wake up and eat cake
    I gasp I try to grasp but it's tight
    So I don't need it anyways
    I can transcend the boundaries of space
    And I can part from my old ways

    But I panic and feel my hands shake
    An aura blackened by night
    Tinted with leather and black pants
    And a black sweater
    Turn the switch off
    So I can feel you with my center
    I loath the light as I take off it's coat
    It's way too bright
    I'm not one for sunny weather
    I drape myself with a midnight coat
    And I live as if I were to be here forever

    Stars express themselves as they dance
    A cosmic trance as they reinvent themselves
    In a cosmic rhythm my rhymes
    Remind me of longing something I never
    Had to miss
    No, the sky's allure is not my belonging
    If only I can cure my flesh
    Before it withers
    The image is haunting
    My memories leave oozing as it slithers

    I've weaved in and out of traffic cone
    Dodging pain
    Survival shame
    They all paint their names
    I can't explain
    The way they went when they'll arrive
    It's gray as of now
    I can't find the words to tell you


  • life_delights 6w


    Change can be terrifying, exciting, thrilling and needed, the question is do you need it, do you want it and is it necessary, if it is don't hesitate, jump, allow the freedom, the opportunities,the challenges and above all ride the wave till the exit point.

  • rajkishorejc 7w


    Words may fake but actions apprises realself

  • youcanenvisage 8w

    I am here not to revolutionize the meaning of love. I am here to rationalize the attitude towards love.


  • jagruti_patil30 8w

    You just need to express your feelings....

    #expression #lines #feelings #freedom #love #life #you

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    Saalo se band thi awaj meri aaj khulne do...
    Mauka mila hai jeene do...


  • shayara_rinny 168w

    मैं हैरान हूँ जरा सा
    अपने ही जज्बातों पर,
    ये लफ़्ज़ों में बयाँ हो जाए
    मुमकिन नहीं लगता ।