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  • lunatic_pen 17h

    I strongly demand do not read ��

    #mirakee #expression got no ain't money so I #love my work HÀHAHA (joke)

    pc by Pinterest

    / Complain /

    express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something.

    In Business world it's different from being normal.
    To those who can relate we are the best normal in this new normal right? ��
    I forgot to eat on time though I work it as freelance but duh! It doesn't matter, right? I forgot to sleep on time but I can't forget my PLANNER �� even if my 512mb brain is fully occupied it doesn't matter. even if my hair when I wake up in the morning are like shrubs �� it doesn't matter.
    Oh yeah, by the way �� the word FREELANCE ✌️ is something like a joke in a trial court �� all compañero and compañeras knows this ��✌️

    So, If you want your life going smooth
    until you reach the CLIMAX please...

    Do not complain.

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    Do not COMPLAIN

  • jpwriter 21h

    Before time ends...

    The need for Expression
    Was screaming to be released
    It felt like aggression
    Being silenced with peace
    A sign of Relief
    Was no where in sight
    It's hard to see clearly
    In the middle of the night
    What are they Fearing
    The Fear of their own Fright
    There is nothing even there
    When you turn on the light
    Open both ears
    And start to hear the right
    Stop all the barking
    Without any bite
    Look in the Mirror
    To Reflect on your times
    Count all the years
    You crossed all the lines
    How many are there
    When you count & combine
    Let it be clear
    We could run out of time
    Time can't stop
    Can you figure it out
    Before the last tic on the clock.


  • gingrey_ 1d

    boy friend looks handsome, lovely, cute and almost perfect when we girls don't have our mood swing due to our periods.

    do you agree by that?

    #mirakee #love #expression

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    Before I sleep

    I meet mister moon tonight
    His moonlight shimmer so bright
    He looks stunning and lovely and
    I feel my glow when he touch my hair
    With his tender love and care.

  • lifeafterocean 4d


    Cool if a profile hosts two writers content, besides just writing in the post itself
    how cool if it has
    author: code

    And park$?
    & rec?
    Tic tok
    The time is winding at its own wind
    Let it be let it be
    Be it
    Let it be you
    Who looks up to others
    And support each other
    friendly communities are real
    Fear needn't win
    A war that love already won
    You've seen it cold
    War & all
    The battle drum
    Its just another song
    In the artists catalog
    Invoking an experience
    So intense for such nonsense
    Like the color of your hair
    Or the way you just don't
    Whore has no gender
    Equal contender
    With greed and desire
    Inspire to grow above our mistakenly top of the pyramid success
    Succeed in actualizing
    Real is as real as you want it to be

    #bekind #firsttime

  • thesarcasticexpressor 3w

    ताना बाना

    मिज़ाज का ताना बाना है,
    हवा और लोग तो बहाना है,
    आज की उंगली ओर तुम्हारे,
    कल शायद हम पर निशाना है।

    -प्रगति अग्रवाल 'राधा'

  • paradoxicalpenman 3w

    Ideas are universal rarely unique.

    Because IDEAS are like magma floating beneath the surface and EXPRESSION is the vent that allows them to surface. If you miss the opportunity to vent out the idea, that doesn't mean that the idea won't find its way to surface through a different vent.

  • perspektive 3w


    Expression through heart
    Writing beautiful calligraphy
    Across constellations
    Through his heart and soul

    Out the dark a light is sparked
    Creation of a new identity
    Parting ways with desolation
    Through the river's current
    Open sea of thought in which he began to flow

  • fayello 3w

    I give you all

    If a smile
    Is painted in your world
    Then in my world it can be
    For your heart resonates with mine

    If love beats in your chest
    Then know I wish to hold you
    So by your side I can hear
    The rhythm of our love

    If my mood seems down
    I'll let you have control
    For I know you have your magic
    To make happiness be in my sight

    It's not just saying
    It's beyond feelings
    The word I love you
    I'll say just to you

    For you are my lady
    The love of my life
    I love you my darling
    Priceless of all damsels

  • reina97 4w

    I don't know if I can hold it up.
    I live between walls of pure chaos.
    An overwhelming mind is depriving of peace.
    I am afraid of being successful, but I argue for success.
    I am afraid that nothing is going to actually happen.
    That I would keep been behind these four walls of fear,
    That I would never achieve my dreams.
    Even if I keep climbing that enormous mountain named life.
    They call this anxiety.
    The feeling of drowning in a seat, smiling when you are just sinking,
    joking when you are just crying inside.
    "Behind those walls, there is a world," They said.
    What world?
    "You would find it if you work hard." They urge with confidence.
    What if I have already burned my soul working.
    I have been working.
    All those scratches on the walls.
    I tried to climb them.
    I tried to face it.
    I leaned over them just to hear it whisper back at me mockingly.
    "Don't" The walls always began to pound down my ears.
    "You are not good." It keeps repeating.
    "Really? Do you believe you can do that?" I could feel the mischievous tease chartering me into pieces.
    You don't belong there. I repeated to myself.
    Inside these four emotionless walls,
    There are days I forget to get out my umbrella.
    The tip of my nose still lets me breathe over the seasons flooding.
    I let my imagination take the best of me.
    I survived.
    But just for one night, after finding a hole to get all that water out.
    Yet, I don't know when it would rain again.
    "Get out and see the world? Why are you even afraid?" I heard them from the other side.
    "Because you are weak." The wall repeated.
    I am weak.
    I can barely climb the wall without breaking into a million pieces.
    I can never pass the same mark.
    I can barely make a hole.
    Why did I build them in the first place?
    "To stop a loop you couldn't fight." The wall explained as I simply lay on the bed.
    Ah, yes.
    Those scars between my legs, my mind, my heart, my ears, my mouth, and my soul.
    Why would I want to climb out when the world made me feel like this?
    I drow inside, but I submerged into a sea of mediocrity and selflessness if I climbed them.
    "But, I would stay with you?" I heard one of them from the other side.
    Why would they?
    No one cared back then.
    Why would someone care now?
    The world is selfless, and inside the walls, I can't control the heavy rains and the shattering words.
    I survived...?
    Or I am just there.
    with no reason.
    Just a form of solid, liquid, and gas that roams.
    To the real question of how I should survive.
    Between the Walls or the world?


    #anxiety #deep #expression #sadness #emotions #loop #lost #broke #walls

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    The Loops of Anxiety

  • twiztidditzwit 4w

    If Only He Would Die;

    Maybe THEN,
    They'd Love Him

  • my_wordz_for_you 5w

    Hateful Love

    You take. A lot.

    Without a light source, you violently capture my heart's fire and put it in an empty lantern.

    For me, re-lighting takes years. For you, the Stolen only has enough for one shallow breath.

    It spitefully rushes away because Deprivation and Desperation hovers too ravenously. Too ravenous yet so weak, the most unlikable combination.

    I hate that my love is encapsulated by our blood and cannot be broken. I wish it was easier to imagine you ceasing.

    You take. A lot.


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  • yours_fortune 5w

    If I'm mad at you,
    Then I don't even
    have to tell you
    You can feel it


  • thesarcasticexpressor 6w

    मंदिर का जूता

    एक ज़िंदगी मिली जो मुझको,
    मरकर भी वापस आ जाता हूं,
    कभी गोंद कभी टांकों से
    अपना भाग्य लिखवाता हूं।

    रोज़ नया कुछ किस्मत मेरे,
    सैकड़ों ठोकर खाता हूं,
    कभी किसी के पैर की शोभा,
    कभी किनारे लग जाता हूं।

    उम्र भर मैं बस पैर बदलता,
    नए-नए सांचे में ढलता,
    मुझे चुराता और कोई,
    और पाप मेरे खाते में डलता ।

    फिर भी मेरा भाग्य तो देखो,
    मंदिर पहुंच ही जाता हूं,
    गौर से पहचान लो मुझको,
    मैं मंदिर का जूता कहलाता हूं।

    -प्रगति अग्रवाल

  • neelakshidb 6w

    After one point of time,
    You stop sharing your heart.
    Because you know
    "Its not important anymore."

    "Those wet eyes doesn't speak anymore."


  • discreetliterature 7w


    Expressing helps take out demons hidden in the mind,
    the demons called thoughts, or ideas.
    Or angles like memories or emotions,
    The feel that fill our mind,
    Trapping it inside, keeping it unsaid would only kill it,
    Expressing only sets them free,
    It float in the inner minds of outer world,
    And in a shapes of matter called words.

  • jeetspeaks 7w

    Picture perfect

    There's nothing like 'picture perfect' in this world. Which makes the audience delighted, is the perfect one. No one, believe me, no one is perfect in this world. If we go on searching, we will definitely find a fault somewhere in almost everyone. Therefore, we should never worry about perfection, but keep expressing ourselves.

  • ricoben03 8w

    For now
    My words are just flying towards you
    Hoping you appreciate it

    When the time comes
    Those words will bear a fruit
    I'll let you taste how sweet it is


  • anuradhasharma 8w

    लोग बाग़ हमें किस नज़र से देखते हैं , उनकी मर्ज़ी ।

    वो , हमारी रूह में थोड़ी बस्ते हैं ।
    चीख़ पुकार हमारे रूह की , हम ही सुनते हैं ।

    लोग बाग़ हमें किस नज़र से देखते हैं , उनकी मर्ज़ी ।


  • sketcher 8w

    Hope to lost soul

    For every new second
    For every growing minute
    For long hours, to days, to weeks
    For years and years
    For a lifetime and eternity
    For life is consequence of certain
    New beginnings
    But the chaotic part being
    The advantage of this "new beginning"
    Is reason for a lost soul to hope
    Of new changes they aren't ready for
    For hoping that the phrase brings change
    Than let change be the phrase
    Every new beginning ends with another
    New beginnings are bittersweet
    Bitter cause the end is always known
    Sweet cause it provides a delusion of happier life
    End being unknown but known to start with another "NEW BEGINNING"