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  • way115 7w


    Day by day my mind inches closer.
    To the reality that is over.
    Driving me insane.
    I know I'll never be me again.
    Anxiety through the roof.
    Stuck in this collective prison.
    I'm nothing but a hopeless fool.

  • pinkfloyduwu 8w

    I stand on the shore with infinite of torrents falling, splayed every bit of spray embodied conscious selves in this immensity, where no individuality matters and nothing single could pose, in this unknown no matter how lofty tides emerges; nothing disturbed the depths — infinity is quiet, unwary, cold— oh, human what makes you so arrogant.

  • anjaligosain 10w


    Who am I to the world we live in?!
    A thin line in the spaces between the unsaid words or a fallen leaf in the season of what we call summer,
    Am I the truth that was not spoken or am I the lie that the mother kept inside?
    Do I exist in the small things we forget, or I am the one we remember?
    Am I that huge tree peaking through the windows watching the world grow or I am that little house sparrow that flies away every day at the crack of the dawn?
    Am I the love story they write about or am I the heartbreak they couldn't tweet?
    Am I the laughter that fades away slowly or am I the daydream that stays?


  • tokingbetweenthelines 16w

    The parasite persists

    What meaning has my life?
    What power?
    What significance?
    What value, if any at all?
    What vain contentment
    allows me to draw breath
    and give nothing back?
    What have I been
    but a leech,
    sucking at the teat of
    the 21st century.

  • tokingbetweenthelines 16w

    Why do I write
    when everything I have to say
    has already been said
    so much better, so many times?
    Too much time alone
    is no good,
    no good for any man
    who's trying at the race,
    who's taking part in the performance.
    I thought I wrote poetry,
    but really, I just berate myself
    with written word
    and pin it up on the wall
    for you to swipe away;
    a strange, modern age
    social media sadomasochism
    that does nothing for me.
    I wanted my words to bring life
    into the ones I love,
    I couldn't bear to see them
    subjected to slow murder
    and accepting it as all there is.
    I wanted to show them art,
    I thought I could help;
    but I lack it.
    The resilience,
    the drive,
    the talent;
    whatever it is,
    I don't have it.
    I'm nothing at all.
    Just dried shit on
    the sole of your shoe.
    Scrape me off,
    I'm finished.

  • tokingbetweenthelines 17w

    What's the point, then?

    I'll write every cell of me
    into these words,
    that shall be
    my life, my reason, my story;
    I'll puke into being
    these lines and verses
    of dull drivel
    for them to scratch their heads at.
    I'll confess every sin
    to them, to you,
    to anything that gives a fuck;
    and when they bury me,
    the words will be deleted
    and the books recycled
    and my headstone,
    in grey capital letters,
    will read-
    and that's all
    I'll ever be.

  • devilfish 19w

    Learning To Love

    Trying like a newborn baby to supply
    To take to learn to go and get it
    I'm not ashamed of my own face
    I'm ashamed of what it becomes if I poison myself with shame blame
    And a name that is not kind
    I had to learn the hard way
    And I won't complain but time haunts it's empty space
    And if you don't value your worth
    It will snatch away your name
    And your face
    You think it hurts, until you can't scream
    You can't embrace love with a tongue
    Locked in it's place
    Dramatic as they dawn like red curtains
    At the end of a number
    Except instead of everyone clapping
    Everyone was bloody and screaming in pain
    Disappointment from the expectations going under driving everyone mad
    No longer are we sane
    The audience is there whether you're looking
    Or side eyeing what you're viewing
    Different lens but the image is the same
    It's perspective that we must learn to understand it's constant limitless change
    The only thing more constant than the absolution of our very name
    It's not our thoughts that we must give the place to fear it
    Throwing bombs at an enemy with no face you're never nearer than you are to your own flame of your existence
    If you choose to shift energy from yourself
    In a false exchange
    The hubris will set the stage for chaos
    As falsity is put as proxy
    And it will lay claim to truth as you can never be nearer to the heat of your flame
    As you are yourself
    You will raise Hell
    And fire will breed it's sinful smell
    Trying to find relief in a dream that you cannot rest from
    Everything needs to cycle
    As it's vital when you dream
    You have to sleep
    When you wake up
    Truth will rain down in sheets
    And wash your blood down sidewalks of side streets

    These alternate scenarios are the only tokens I have to share
    The intention is to demonstrate my insight
    So I can show you how I became aware

    It's our individual voice and action
    Fusing into your purpose
    Thwarted by inaction
    Remember the story of the rabbit
    And the tortoise
    Knowing when to strike as wise as a serpent
    Sink your teeth into your emergence
    And understand the state of shame after the curtain is not certain
    Clean your lens in order to better assess the world tilt it's stage like a magician
    Nothing is healing in excess
    With every action
    There's a process
    Time is truly priceless
    But it's one of few things you must
    I stress that in yourself
    You must invest
    No matter seemingly selfish
    And morals are kept
    And in retrospect looking back
    Expectations only set ne up for failure
    Calendars and maps turned into burdens on my back
    Only veering me off track
    And painting my life black
    I plan
    I listen
    I believe I can
    Even when I see my tears emerge like watery stars catching the iridescent light of truth as it glistens
    I remember I can
    I remember to love myself
    I'm the hardest person for me to understand
    I understand this insight can help familiarize
    What hasn't been popularized
    That we're not all so easily broken down and compartmentalized
    You cannot love a stranger
    Because they are never aware at all times of your every threat on your life
    Imposing danger
    Get to know yourself it takes time
    But you will flourish as a remainder
    Bruises shine and they serve no purpose
    Those are not reminders
    They're unjust
    They're cruel
    Hate and darkness rule the domains
    Of the crusted dirty plate
    Of yesterday's scraps for remains
    Biodegradable waste as long as they seek to validate their own name
    Perversion in the form of violence
    Domesticated terror in suburban highlands
    Everywhere you go evil is there if you can find it
    What's harder is to become instinctively aware of what you can't catch in a glare
    A feeling of unease in tune of what's not seen or heard
    An unspoken word
    Intuition is the verse
    Timing is the first
    Second guessing is the last

    Intake the Dewey drops of morning mist
    Let the water wash away the troubles of the day

    As daylight breaks and the leaves uncomfortably shake
    Just remember that the wind will break
    And love will tenderly float like a feather
    Into your heart
    Let my words be the food to your brain
    As a plate and if I may
    Say that I cannot take away your pain
    But I offer you my thoughts
    My love
    And I encourage you
    You're well deserving
    So find what you need
    And please, do fill that space

  • igautamji 19w

    Dear Death,

    My oldest friend and constant companion,

    I've heard people are afraid of you.
    But I'm not afraid. Why would I be?

    You have been there right from the start.
    Ever since my birth, we have never been apart.

    We even share the same birthday and I know. I know that one day when the time is right,
    You will take me away.

    Away on an adventure to parts unknown.
    Leaving behind everyone and everything
    that I have ever known.

    But you old friend, are mine.
    They are not.
    The ones who look just like you.
    So similar yet so different.
    Born with my loved ones
    instead of with me.

    #death #life #fear #friend #existentialism
    #mirakee #readwriteunite #writersnetwork

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    Dear Death

    My loyal friend Death,
    Always ready to catch me
    if I slip and fall

  • benny_lambchop 21w

    Emotions are a double edged sword

    A balance ever shifting
    Heraclitus fire
    Ever present in all reality

    To shift through the flow
    Wading in the river of time
    Is to be at peace with oneself

    Integrated within matter
    My environment is me
    The hate the torment
    The love the kindness
    All facets of my perception

    Crumbling by a chemical reaction
    Adrenaline over regulating
    A mechanism of protection
    Adopted from your teaching
    Your nurture and care

    Neural pathways convening
    On archaic reptilian structures
    Black and white always in conflict
    Preprogrammed haphazardly
    With no real direction
    #wod #writersbay #writersnetwork #pod #philosphy #existentialism #psychology @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersofmirakee

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    Emotions are a Double Edged Sword

    A balance ever shifting
    Heraclitus fire
    Ever present in all reality

    To shift through the flow
    Wading in the river of time
    Is to be at peace with oneself


  • devilfish 25w

    Flesh Sculpted By Time

    I want to hide from my own reflection
    But I can't hide from myself
    Without seeing inside myself
    My warped reflection
    That I'll never have fully understood
    With my limited perception
    If only I could really see myself
    Without needing to peer into glass
    This image of my past is my profile
    My mind, body, and soul
    Compiled into textiles of a fleshy mass
    As if I'm clay and I have yet to be compact
    Like dough I sleep into the cracks
    Of the depths of morning's black
    Coffee cup shattering on the cusp of
    What's left of yesterday's feast
    I emerge at last
    Like smoke
    I make
    Mold myself
    Into something that will last
    Refusing to be an artwork molded by the hands
    That work against me
    I spite the hands that feeds me
    I change myself into everything
    They told me I couldn't be
    I love
    I love until I'm whole
    I love myself in full
    So I can break glass ceilings
    I am unique

  • vishalkavya18 25w

    I wish I could explain. Pls get the thought. I will be more than happy... #urdu #urdupoetry #existentialism #hindiwriters @hindiwriters

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    Existentialism 101

    Banke perahan apne hee badan se lipat jaunga
    Hadse zyada khud ko bikherunga toh simat jaunga

  • devilfish 22w

    The Snake Stretches Down Spines

    Echoing your lust
    Unwind in every thrust
    Sweating out my trust
    Of April

    I pinpoint the day
    Fall back into May
    I hear my sister's song
    As I drink up wisdom

    I knew it all along
    The drain of living
    Won't be my hands
    Stained with crimson

    I'm livid
    I make an image
    With these words

    My soul takes flight
    A black bird
    As my energy excites
    Each word
    Each twist
    Each turn
    It's night
    My time

    I grow into my prime
    I'm aware of time
    It won't divide me
    It stares at me
    I just glare back
    Black is blinding
    This look will make your bones
    Dissipate to gas
    I'm on a track to leave a trace
    I can't just lack I've got to step
    To make a track
    To make it back
    As I am flesh
    That is that
    I am human
    I am feelings
    I am fine tuning
    My balance
    I'm holding my equilibrium
    As the hill is steeping
    I grow stronger
    I've got to make it longer
    I am healing in my mind
    And you can see it in my eyes
    I embody water
    I'll rise with the tides

    The Snake is never late
    It coils like steel
    As it unwinds
    The skin peels
    Unaware of the shell
    Left behind

    Desire transforms into a bite
    We devour our last meal
    Self empowered with an appeal

    But fake diamonds still shine
    I must be real
    I made no deal

    My date isn't set
    My fate isn't sealed

  • rooohh_darrrr_ 38w

    मेरा खुदसे

    मिल गया है,
    मुझको-मुझसे, मेरा-खुदसे,
    मिलना बाकी है।

  • bloomingbud 38w

    It's a great respite in your lap:

    Hit by pangs of loneliness
    Inside my pulsating heart-
    I feel utterly under life's constraint,
    Trapped in an existential conundrum perhaps;
    Until you arrive like a beam of light,
    To illuminate my cavern.

    In twilight,
    Your hold is like an inexhaustible flame,
    Consistent with love, life, and knowledge,
    Guiding me thus,
    To a greater reality.
    You open the door of my mundane cage-
    To uplift me to the vast sky,
    The infinite space.

    Thus cravings never end
    Nor do hopes cease to build,
    Grappling with existential realities,
    Rowing through endless waves
    Hoping to find you beside me
    Till my lonely heart throbs.

    #existentialism #philosophyoflife #company #optimism #hope

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    Hit by pangs of loneliness
    Inside my pulsating heart-
    I feel utterly under life's constraint,
    Trapped in an existential conundrum perhaps;
    Until you arrive like a beam of light,
    To illuminate my cavern.


  • thisoneiscozy 48w

    ophelia's lament

    paper skin and bloodshot eyes
    do you remember how to feel alive?
    burnt tongues and ashy lungs
    come on now, we're having fun
    what do you mean this isn't what you wanted?
    the fun's just getting started!
    tangled hair and naked flesh
    no doubt he loves you best
    empty beds and ten missed calls
    does he even care at all?
    you move left, he moves right
    hope you're ready for another fight
    aren't you tired? aren't you sick?
    who exactly are you trying to kid?
    keep hanging on, watch it fall
    this is only your life after all

  • raindropsoncacti 57w


    We get through most of life quite blissful
    Yet ignorant.
    Content with illusions; our backs turned towards the entrance of life's mysterious cave.

    Never before have I been so compelled to change my direction
    But for the first time I feel I care most deeply enough
    To be certain: I can be this brave...


  • balamanikandan 57w

    How sad it is to ponder,
    For a man to live in the moment,
    A default setting for what it is,
    With nothing to look forward to.
    The world persuades him to live in the moment,
    But fails to understand that
    The desire to live in the moment,
    Stems from the curiosity about the future.
    A future that's worthy enough to look forward to.
    What's worth anyway?
    Worthy compared to what?
    Will it mean anything?
    For my wildest dream to come true,
    Who will be my scapegoat?
    Does it need one?
    Are my dreams that dirty?
    Or is the world too righteous,
    To realise that dreams never comes with filters?
    Or will they just choose to ignore?
    Ignore because it will be a transgression
    In the world they created,
    To satisfy their darkest needs in the shadows,
    While mine are treated like a sin.
    A sin against whom anyway?
    For a sin to an oppressor is even a sin?
    Ah for to survive,
    In the land of the living,
    Or the dead that's afraid to Sin,
    To live. To dream.
    Whatever that means.
    But for what it's worth,
    Absurdism saves the day again, again.

    @readwriteunite @writersnetwork #poetry #existentialism #greed #dream

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    Just another day in the life of an Absurdist


  • raindropsoncacti 61w


    Why do I even do this to myself?
    Why do I choose to attempt to create certainty from such uncertain, fickle things?
    Why do I scrutinise what no man's found irrefutable?
    Why do I study depths we can't dive far enough into without our lungs collapsing?
    Why do I purposefully question questions so questionable they breed questions themselves?
    Why do I put my own brain into a blender and hit spin?
    Why do I not just leave these huge, big volumes on the "you don't have to know" and "this one's just too heavy" shelves?
    Why do I find paradoxes of myself in paradoxes of the Ancients?
    Why do I fixate on fixing my thinking?
    Why do I not simply go with the flow, bathe in blissful ignorance, let the wind carry me away
    Rather than ride a tsunami-wave in a squall, on a paper boat, that's now sinking?

  • igautamji 66w


    No matter how hard I try,
    how wide I smile or try to hide
    Behind this facade of happiness
    Of cheerful willful ignorance
    This illusion of bliss shatters
    What I want never matters

    I can't cry, crying doesn't work
    All I can do is laugh away my tears

    Can't even face my fears
    Is life a blessing or is it a curse?

  • harf__ 68w

    Sometimes I just feel nothing but numbness and I don't even know why I feel this way nothing goes wrong yet I stare at a single point and contemplate almost everything and nothing.

    I don't know if it happens with anyone else too but I am pretty sure there are moments in which we lost ourselves without even knowing it.

    #harfpoetry #harfpoems #philosophical #existentialistpoem #existentialism #life #sadness #grief #emotions #broken #pain #poem #poetry #nightpoem #numbness #feelings #harf

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    Sometimes I don't hear anything at all
    I feel silence and towards me it crawls
    I just don't push it but let it rest on me
    Slightly it comes closer and holds properly
    It talks in fabricated future memories
    I let it eat up my soul it says 'please'

    I don't feel sometimes think about real
    I see Everything of darkness so clear
    Death winks at me calls my name
    I told her just wait for a lil bit fame
    I feel nothing but just this splendid numbness
    Am I being reasonable or it's just dumbness

    I tried seriously I did but I've never cried
    My Mind, body, soul, everything just fried
    Everything turned into a big zero, danced
    Sadness forcefully hugged, kissed, romanced
    I have these people thinks I am special
    I am exhausted they say it's behavioural

    Can I go somewhere where no-one exist
    I just want this time to be just freeze
    No moments, no sound, no visuals at all
    For once I want to climb high then fall
    My body tells me that I am overthinking
    I just look at a point without blinking

    When some asks how am I it kills me
    I chose 'fine' after all words are free
    The whole world for me becomes pointless
    You say I am depress that's not the case
    I don't know what is it why I am so low
    I think to look ugly I should cut my brow

    Looking ugly is not a solution that I Know
    I can't say in words I just want to show
    Rhythm of my own body is annoying a lot
    Should I try to end it by a single shot
    Everyone around just praises and no hate
    Why is there just less and less in my crate

    I guess I am being naive to think about it
    They build houses here I am without brick
    I am gonna sleep after journey of thoughts
    I hope that I will rise again laugh but sobs
    They say If it is not good then it's not end
    I type this for my soul but just never send

    To myself "Change happens it's inevitable" I shout
    Tree of happiness will blossom out of my own sprout