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    Even in darkness
    Your existence is alive..
    So don't feel low,
    just wait for your "morning"...

  • pallavi4 4d


    The experience of being extinct in an
    inexact relationship presents one with
    extraordinary number of ways of
    extracting numerous artistic expressions
    of having existed once, non existentially .


    21st of September, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • exclaimer 1w

    तुम घने बादलों से,
    तुम्हारी नज्में उन बदलो की गड़गड़ाहट सी,
    फिर भले बरसती बारिश मुजसी,
    पर वो बारिश भी आप से।

    अगर बादल नही तो बारिश भी नही।


  • puranidiary 2w

    Well you can read it not only from a pov of tree but also relate with our own life cycle.
    The first para signifies our birth right from our mother's womb to surviving as a toddler , then happy moments of childhood daily learning something and growing into a teenager where we experience love, pride and chase a purpose to work, then its mid age where we experience hardships ,some bitter farewell, loneliness and try to see the good in every bad and at last in old age we try to look back at all our deeds, we grief sometime and then we feel proud too, we learn how much all those hard days helped us to grown into the person we are today and at last we accept the sweet sleep of death, leaving our existence behind in some form to preach our next generation.we all have emerged from the same soil and one day we all will be buried in this soil only.
    ~���� (random writings at its peak)
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    -when i say i m on break don't trust me ��

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    Once when i was young like a planted seed
    Engraving my existence into the ground
    pushing up the stiff soil to anchor aloud
    I sipped the sprinkled petrichor to survive
    and swallowed many suns to spit the cold life .

    At the crack of dawn, once i bloomed as tiny leaf
    Swirling with the breezes reciting hope and belief
    Few dewdrops then found shelter upon my skin
    And i felt the love cradling and cavorting within
    Seasons passed and i breathed few more sunsets.

    At the time of siesta, once i fathered few flowers
    Metamorphosing their petals for fireflies to cower
    I saw the lovers hovering around me in late hours
    And soon the fruits quenched hunger of travellers
    I chuckled then at being crowned as philantrophist.

    Evenings etched endings on my evanescent euphoria
    I saw my leaves scribbling an epilogue to our love story
    And i suffused solitude as storms gulped my glory
    I saw the nests being turned abandoned hiraeth
    With every faded farewell i failed to fathom faith.

    Now at night I'm few monsoon old withered tree
    Gazing up at blank sky carrying gist of glee
    For my roots are tired witnessing the barren land
    And i sigh helplessly looking at the evanescent sand .
    They pierced my bruises to snitch my spark but
    I transversed many galaxies from brown to white bark.

    Now its all dark and dead as i breathe my last
    I bid my adieu to future as i get flashbacks of past
    I survived, i bloomed, i suffered, i healed it all
    Amidst all mayhem and merry i choose not to fall

    Once again i scatter my existence into the earth
    And kiss the renaissance to take another birth
    Until then i leave my lessons and life story in this song
    To let the world know,once i was here standing all young.

  • nikkimira90 5w

    Just a random thought that I feel like I should share. @miraquill @writerstolli
    #fade #existence

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    Fading out of existence

    I’m not scared of death, or the concept of dying.
    What I’m most scared of is the pain I’ll cause.
    We mights not notice it but when we meet people, we give them a piece of ourselves. A piece that we can never take back.
    When I die, will it be dark? Or will it be bright.

    Will I just seize to exist, knowing that I only live inside the memories of those I left behind.
    Will I just leave them with emptiness, and painful memories?

    Will I only exist in pictures and videos
    Will that be the only way for them to fill that void? For them to hear my voice?
    Will I be able to see the ones I left behind? Will I see the devastation that I left them with? Will I see the regret in their eyes, regret of ever getting to know me just to watch me leave,
    will I see the regret of unspoken words and unshared feelings.
    What if I fade out of existence? only to realize that there is no life after death, just darkness, cold and empty, void of colors, the absence of light.

    Will my memories be a painful reminder, will the videos of me laughing be the closest to what people get? Or am I too insignificant to be missed?

    I’m not afraid of death, I’m more scared of hurting the people I love and the people I made memories with and what I’m afraid of is regret and unfinished chapters in my story.

    Will the piece of me that I left behind be a painful reminder of what was that’ll never be or something more that my eyes will never see.

  • the_backbench 6w

    have always dreamt
    of being a cactus,
    seeing it grows
    surviving hard times;
    never got to realise that
    it always hurt
    those who touch
    and caress it


  • _anusree 8w

    She is always amazed at the mystery of existence how people’s thoughts and their own curiosity interpret the universe.


  • allen2377 8w


    The summation of all great things that existed.


  • lucknowrites 8w


    More lies to be heard,
    More trust to be broken,
    More feelings to be hurt,
    More hearts to be shatter.
    But you have to compromise,
    You have to live,
    You have to resist,
    You have to endure.

  • stellaire_mystique 9w

    ...Just want not wanting to be want to EXIST anymore...

  • maknhr 10w

    The responsibility of your existence is being served your purpose of existence

  • acksmack 10w


    Beside the lies
    That cannot be undone
    The hopes and dreams
    Of a millennia
    Already won
    People scrounge for attention
    Uninhibited invention
    Freedom of choice
    A pretentious voice
    Mind, soul, and body
    Enlightened modesty
    Cringing behind plastic
    Mirrors of vanity
    Coffins of insanity
    The blind leading the deaf
    App selection bereft
    Uploading thoughts
    Into cyberspace
    Like so many balloons
    Escaping moons
    Vast pockets of hot air
    Lifeless voids
    Of waste
    Filling up all space
    At a quickening pace
    Without emotion
    Only quiet moments
    Of memory and devotion
    They speak volumes
    Candid questions
    Humanity's last attempt
    For connections
    Beyond this mysterious orb
    Of wonder and imagination
    Lost in silent adulation
    Single cell amoebas
    Yearning to defect
    Like new existence
    Resistance unchecked


  • bloom_tia 11w


    Alone the world has alway' been,
    In cold the space where planet bend,
    Next mars or pluto lit between —
    But none would ever bother them.
    So stands alone this human being
    And wonder where he'd travel then:

    He flies to worlds beyond the stars,
    Can mend the dream before his will,
    Can think of ogres, wizards all;
    Can think a way into a thrill:
    But further down he might recall
    Where evil hides and watches till.

    While mission plans fall on a whim,
    And rarely do they e'en come true,
    Man revisits one for him —
    And hopes that someone listens too:
    Like father to us all children
    And mother like the earthy moon.

  • 17musancwadi2003 11w

    Invisible Identity

    One would say I was good
    One would say I was only a fool.
    It was only words that could describe my real identity.

    Others would remember my connotations
    Others would remember my silence.
    But none would remember my face.

    I am a memory long forgotten
    But still lingering on the back of the mind.
    Invisibility was my power
    Strength? I had none
    I was worthless and useless
    Talentless was my second name
    Dull and gloomy was my mane.

    Dreams and goals were nothing more than just a nightmare
    I would dream, I would hope.
    But there's nothing for me there.
    Only darkness engulfs my vision.

    When gone,who would remember me?

  • juhiyverma_ 11w

    and each day
    they weigh
    a little more




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    and each day
    they weigh
    a little more



  • monali03 11w

    //Mosaic Wisdom//

    Allow me,
    To walk back,
    With numb cotton,
    On my shoulders.

    I stand firm,
    While blurry phantoms
    Chase my existence.

    How autumn leaves
    Get stacked
    In my closet,
    Into my loving pile of hearts.

    It appears-
    Life's a draft.


    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for the repost��♥

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    Mosaic Wisdom

    It appears,
    Life's a draft .

  • lollipop71 12w

    The Journey

    The journey in the beginning was oh so questionable.
    What was light seemed to be dark.
    What seemed inviting was a mask of inner existence
    That was known all too well.
    Day after day I seek to change my appearance, to disguise the real inner me for no one is to find the
    Person/people whom live inside of me.
    The sudden appearance would only leave inquiring
    Minds longing for more, more of what is truly the true one that only lives among the darkness of my soul.
    What happens next, definitely not what they expected.
    The journey, I still seek to find what is questionable
    And may never come forth to it's true existence.

  • tokingbetweenthelines 13w

    I think of life as a long tracking shot
    sometimes dull
    sometimes volcanic
    a shadow that follows
    and bears witness
    to all of you
    and all around you;
    the sounds, the smells,
    the transitions
    from chirping birds on a summer branch
    to moaning milky bodies in climax;
    the highs,
    the lows
    and everything in between
    filmed and witnessed;
    for your eyes only.

  • juhiyverma_ 13w

    but who shall i believe now,
    for each have betrayed me.



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    but who shall i believe now,
    for each have betrayed me.


  • vibzofvibha 14w


    You knocked on my door, came in suddenly
    There is always your place in my mind.
    You are my only precious guest.
    I'm on fire, thanks to you my love;
    There is an unlived existence in its essence.
    Are you in love or do you lie;
    The tasseled scourge that has causes all pain.
    There is no hope, no light in your eyes
    There is no fire, no warmth in your hands
    I'm speechless, as if words fly out of my mind.
    I'm still waiting, what's left in me;
    Except the love I have accumulated.