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  • simplymel 3w


    Whip in hand, they bust out saddles;
    Forced into work, like herds of cattles;
    No relaxing, "On your feet"
    Ignoring pains, stood up, repeat.


    Red eyes, sore feet;
    Aching back, lies in defeat;
    Migraines forming, nose blocks, snoring;
    Clockwork chimes, eyes open, repeat;


  • lostthoughts73 3w


    Have you ever had a day.. the day that goes "Enough!"
    Won't you know my face shaken won't glow up
    Trusted sidekicks villainous sometimes switch place
    Really who is me and what is day I'm tired, not okay

    Haven't you seen those lines now fading gray
    Vacation plans friends birthdays locked in again
    The whole world is a stage I'm missing the play
    Why bother I'm fodder chewed up, retired at my age

  • annrose_1008 11w

    I'm exhausted
    Knees are weak
    My eyes view to uncertainity.
    Throat parched.
    Hands clumsy.
    I'm walking
    and kilometers
    I still want to reach there.
    I'm searching for stories
    I took a long way.
    Ignoring the shortcuts.
    No turning back
    I will walk exhausted
    I will never
    Say I'm exhausted.
    I don't want to be mocked.
    I'm focusing towards my dream.
    My Journey
    Will inspire.



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  • mrspectacular 14w


    Stephanie's hands are shaking in the cold as she walks into the office. It is clear she is in need of something hot to step down the effect of the blizzard outside the walls of the Clinton Welsh International Hospital premises. The Air-Conditioners cannot be turn off for any reason on the insistence of the Hospital's policy hence they provide alternative heating for the staff and patients of the hospital, heating cubicles numbering about eight on every floor of the hospital totalling about one hundred and twenty. Unwilling to go all the way to the other floor and possibly face the same disappointment as she has faced on the ground floor where her office is strategically situated, she decides to take some hot coffee to substitute the heating cubicle but as though it is not her day, she is met by another disappointment. All the variants of coffees served at the hospital at the moment do not appeal to her taste.

    Stephanie's astonishment is brought on by how exactly all other variants are still very much available when she arrives but the one she wants and enjoy finished few seconds before her arrival at the hospital's coffee stand.

    Irked by the situation, she picks up her car keys even though she knows leaving the hospital at that moment might be risky on so many levels-she might have patients waiting for her, she might have an accident under the unfortunate weather, she is not officially on break and she might get queried or worse still relieved of duty if she is found out by the management of the hospital. She would usually do things that strikes everyone as daring and sometimes just plain absurd so when the other staff see her leave the hospital and drive out of the premises, they neither ask no questions nor bother themselves but leave it to the management who have eyes on the entire premises and never miss a move from any staff except of course in the toilet and surely enough they see her leave. The consequences of her actions from the end of the management would come in the evening when she returns or they would allow her the privilege of having a good night and spoil her morning the next day with her letter of 'your services are no longer needed at this hospital' connoting dismissal.

    When she sets out on the journey, it is a horrifying trip driving through the blizzard as visibly is so poor, she can hardly see. She prays so hard to be back at the hospital in one piece but it seems her prayers does not cover her car as while she hits a lot of things that damage her car badly including road blocks, railings and a couple of times, a few road-crossing creatures.

    It takes about a visit to over fifteen stores and twelve hours of driving to make her give up her search and decide to settle for the lesser coffee brand.

    Just as she is driving back to the hospital painfully meandering her way through the thickening weather, she unfortunately and fortunately rams her car into a somewhat inconspicuous store by the corner of the road going unconscious. The storekeeper takes her out of the car and unto the ground to get some air. The storekeeper, Jane Alvin watches her for a few seconds and realizing she has not regained consciousness, decides to give her the kiss of life (Mouth To Mouth Resuscitation).

    It feels awkward to her but there is a life at stake and it is the only option available as there is no one else around in the store at the time as the storekeeper was just reconciling the books in order to leave for home before Stephanie rammed into the store. She succeeds in getting her conscious after about six huff-and-puffs of oxygen. Regaining consciousness, Stephanie asks holding her head while squinting,
    'Whe-Where am I?.....Who are you?....What happened?..'
    'Calm down, darling. One question at a time',Jane Alvin says softly. 'You had an accident'
    'Oh no', Stephanie screams whisperingly as a result of the headache. 'I need to get back to the office immediately'.

    Jane Alvin smiles not with an intent to ridicule Stephanie's predicament but because she wonders why someone would still think of work after such an unwholesome occurrence. She watches Stephanie stagger a little way off before fainting again.

    When Stephanie regains consciousness, she is surprised to see Jane behind the wheel of her SUV and wonders what is going on. Just as she is trying to wrap her aching head around what is going on, they come by the Welsh International Hospital. Jane drives in, screaming for the attention of the staff around. Immediately, a couple of nurses assist her in leading Stephanie into the hospital.

    Having been informed of the accident by Jane , the hospital puts Stephanie to bed-rest for four hours with the help of sedatives in drip form. When she would wake up, her letter of dismissal would sitting on the small mahogany cupboard-table beside her bed just by Jane. Jane hopes and prays that she wakes up strong and healthy.

    'Please, you just have to wake up. From the much I have seen, you are a hardworker and I am sure it devastate your company to have them lose you. I do not know you but it would still hurt to watch a human being die before my very eyes so please stay with us', Jane whispers softly trying so hard to prevent herself from bursting into tears. What Jane does not know is the fact that Stephanie is a staff of the hospital and the letter on the table by her bed effects her termination of appointment with immediate effect.

    After four hours of sleep, Stephanie wakes up from the induced sleep yawning and turning to see Jane, she gives a smile that suggests appreciation of the kind gesture of being by her side all through. Jane returns the smile.

    Sitting up on the bed, Stephanie notices the white envelope on the table by the bed. Confused, she inquires of Jane about the letter. Jane says the letter was brought in by a doctor and he said it looked important.
    'A doctor of this hospital....?', Stephanie asks terrified as she frantically opens the envelope to unveil its content.
    'Yes....Is there....'
    'Oh no...This can't be', Stephanie screams and faints again having read it is a termination of her appointment as a staff of Clinton Welsh Hospital.

    Confused as to what is going on, Jane picks up the letter to read and she is just as shocked but does not faint. Instead she quickly decides to recommend Stephanie for temporary employment immediately she wakes up pending when she would be able to secure another job for herself.

    When Stephanie wakes up, she is skeptical at first about the idea but looking at her letter of dismissal once more, she decides to accept the offer. It seems a blessing in disguise as she seems to enjoy working with Jane surprisingly because asides the fact that it is an interesting job to kill time with while she looks for one that would fit her career as a surgeon, she is home to the best coffee in the region.

  • anonymousquill 16w

    A Poem from my Notes App

    I close my eyes
    And close my mind
    Adrift, I—
    Bid Today all of my goodbyes.

    But pictures chase me
    Round and round;
    I run—
    Oh, wont they let me be?

    Tired and more,
    The body goes numb;
    I've had enough—
    Oh there!  the clock marks four.

    Death to the rhyme of night
    The morrow: Guillotined!
    I could not conclude—
    An abrupt end at first light!


  • sins_of_creation 21w

    I'm tired
    Of it all
    If life is a gift
    Then take it please
    Let another live this
    Whatever this is
    It is yours


  • night_admirer 22w

    I knocked on death's door
    Knowing exactly what I was looking for.
    I offered myself up on a silver platter
    But it didn't meant any difference.
    Death send me back, even before i made it halfway,
    I don't want you here
    Please go away.
    I was forced back to life.
    Feeling pure agony
    As the pills i swallowed got heaved
    As the cuts on my body continued to bleed
    And the suicide note i wrote lay there mocking me
    But i cleaned myself up
    Pretending to be fine
    Because even when death doesn't wants you
    It strikes you deep inside
    Real hard!!

    #deathnote #sad #exhausted

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    I knocked on death's door
    Knowing exactly what i was looking for.

  • ylviia 22w

    Although the stress of passing my exams
    Such as the pressure of being a top student
    It's laying heavily on my shoulders
    The expectations I set for myself are high
    Sometimes it feels impossible to reach them
    But the thing is
    I keep trying, I keep reaching for the stars
    I keep fighting even though all my energy is left drained
    And I guess although this time is burdening
    It's also a distraction
    These past few days I felt tired, exhausted
    Yes, these feelings are not pleasant
    Yet I enjoyed it even though my sleep schedule will hate me for this
    But this is one of the times where I'd rather learn for school and loose my sleeping cycle
    Than to feel restless and mentally ill
    These are not the times where my insomniac keeps me company while I just keep staring at the ceiling of my room
    I'd rather be stressed of passing exams
    Than to be stressed about my overthinking that makes absolutely no sense
    The process of procrastinating is more welcoming than the final destination of my long avoided breakdown
    These past few weeks kept me exhausted that I could just pass out on the floor
    But at least I wasn't mentally destroyed
    Physically, I may have reached past my limits
    And maybe I've neglected my priorities that should be set on my mental health
    But damn does it feel good to worry about something else than just guessing if I'll make it out alive again this time

  • _anxin__ 23w

    Life is just so hard sometimes.

    #exhausted #UpsetSoul. #Alive

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    My soul has already died,
    And my body is terminally ill,
    Life's been so hard for me lately.
    It's getting hard to survive anymore,
    Because being alive is something that I can't ignore.


  • kunalraj_raj 27w

    sometimes caption on a post and rhyming in poetry aren't needed because all you need to do is to feel the lines and imagine the characters and situation of the scene from start to the end

    a boy actually an average looking boy with pure heart likes a girl but the problem is he can't confess his love because of lack of courage, even he don't talk to that girl but he likes her !! he stare at her through the window but he don't go out while she is outside !!! he just wants her to stay by his side and he wants to protect her from everything, and from the worst time...... he dream of both from small to large like he dream to sharing the maggi after one finished first, and to marry her !! he loves her such that he can go miles to seek her happiness, this is a very genuine feeling, he can't change it untill he is alive !! he wants to live rest of his life under her shadow....!! hastag aren't in order so that they can form a meaning but each are releted to the post !!

    #blessed #blurt #sceret #confidential #notes #diary #solitary #loyalty #relationship #relation #love #lovepoetry #relatedposts #disparity #edict #elated #elves #massage #friendly #fright #dare #music #lowbeats #feelings #thunderinsideheart #absentminded #darkmood #see #shadow #exhausted #preety #died #shadow #window #stare #smile #mood #pod #finished

    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee @zaara_ @wiredweirdly

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    moles on cheek makes you more prettier
    i like the way you come and sit like sensior
    when there is leap of one day i feel exhausted
    cuz, for your presence i m addicted
    when you come near me my heart beat fast
    and as you look at me it felt like my life is last
    i just want to walk along with you and music
    to the end of a beautiful peak

  • bleeding__words 28w


    Things are going in a loop
    My insecurities are eating me up
    Instincts are screaming for it to get worse
    Heart knows the truth yet mind won't stop thinking
    Before it ruins me further I need help
    I tried to put my face straight and hold the smile but
    nothing seems to help
    The more I plan to make it better the more everything gets worser

  • thoughtsnpen 28w

    My heart says..

    I am exhausted
    Yes I am!!
    Please don't play with me
    All I want is just to be in hands of someone
    Who handles me with
    I am thinking of getting tattooed myself as
    "Handle with care " ( or for god sake don't come near me)

    - My heart ❤

  • icelynqueen 32w

    The crushing guilt of being unproductive vs the exhaustion of being burned out. Fight!


  • tashwing 33w


  • tashwing 33w


  • zephyr_of_fire 35w

    Endless Exhaustion

    I'm so afraid of what I might think
    I'm scared of my mind
    terrified of what I imagine
    so I don't sleep
    I stay up and I wait
    blind myself with entertainment and ignore
    disregarding everything so that I feel nothing
    I'm killing myself slowly
    yet so thoroughly
    sometimes it feels like I'm in a dream
    because I can't believe it
    how far I've fallen down
    that life could really hurt this much
    but things aren't what they seem
    because my hopes are so close to touch
    but It always feels like they're too far away.


  • ylviia 40w

    This is a nightmare
    I am trapped, suffocating on my own walls
    I build that even I can't reach
    My body is aching, my heart is poisended
    My head filled with lies
    Degrading myself is my favourite hobby
    Tapping into the cold water
    After I have just conquered the stormy oceans
    Again letting me feel paralyzed
    But apparently I like to suffocate
    I like the pain, I want to die
    That was no question, my mind was convinced
    He, my biggest enemy, wants us to die
    Because we are a union
    Both of us makes me
    But he is tired, I keep fighting
    I endure one battle after another
    The scars I carry, he gifted them to me
    The chain around my heart, heavy and cold
    He locked us in, he holds the keys
    He won't free us until I am dead
    So I continue my daily life
    Carrying this big weight in my heart
    I ask him how can he be so cruel
    He ask me how can I be so stubborn
    He treats me like dirt but when it comes to other people
    They are the most valuable gold he sees
    Always forcing me to wear a big smile
    To treat them nice and respectful even though sometimes I know they use me
    They all seem so out of reach
    Because I can never be good enough
    The answer lies in my hands
    I need to fight back, talk back
    I shouldn't endure this torture just because I am me
    But I don't have the strength yet
    I feel like being pushed under the ground with the weight keeping me hostage
    So left me be, swallowing in the self pity I know I don't deserve
    I will find the strength sometime, somewhere
    Maybe sooner or later


  • eva_17 40w

    Drained of all Emotions
    She wanted to cry but she couldn't
    She wanted to sleep till eternity
    She didn't want to wake up
    Until the chaos was over
    Until she was older
    Until she was wiser

  • theexplorer 50w

    The worst feeling in life is watching things fall apart in front of you, and knowing you can't do anything to stop it...

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite @writersnetwork #trapped #drowning #helpless #exhausted #fear #alone #shiver #shackles #reality #insecurity

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    Exhausted and saturated, she fell to the ground,
    Struggling to grasp her reality,
    A lone tear escaped her eyes,
    She clenched them shut,
    But only freed more prisoners,

    Engulfed by the darkness,
    Lost in the morass of fear,
    Shivering, breathless, alone,
    She looked around at the familiar faces,
    That always led her to light,

    Quivering, she tried to clench on to them,
    But something was different,
    She fell short,
    They were too far this time,
    They seemed to be getting farther every moment,

    Dragging herself towards them,
    She was jolted by the piercing shackles binding her ankles,
    She was drowning,
    She was trapped
    She screamed, she pulled, she cried,

    Alas, she could only watch them move away,
    As she struggled for grip,
    Grains of sand slipped her hands,
    She clenched them harder,
    But only freed more prisoners,

    Engulfed by the darkness,
    Lost in the morass of fear,
    Shivering, breathless, alone...


  • kumnariki 54w

    not enough

    I don't mean to punish again
    I just haven't met peace yet
    and I'm getting too old for this
    I wish I could be kind
    I met cruelty too young
    and I can't let go

    I can't move when I'm like this
    I can't talk when I'm like this
    I hardly breathe here

    it's too close and too far
    it's too dark and too bright
    it's too quiet, too loud

    it fades while it stays
    too long
    not enough