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  • ursanonymous_ 7w

    #exchanging wishes with someone .��

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    Wishes! Can be true or untrue,
    But they are the dreams deep in you .

    It's not childish to have wishes ,
    We just need someone to know them like you pet fishes .

    From visiting Niagara falls with the beloved one ,
    To living in a tree house for peace and fun .

    Just imagine having someone to accompany
    To places like anime world and Japan and many .

    And wouldn't it be great to stay the same ,
    And having your buddies till the end of your game .

    Can't wait to be with the people we lost ,
    And then being loved by someone we love the most .

    Ofc. You can't resist from imagining you ,
    Having a drink with your best friends in crew.

    Then Slanging the whole world in bundles ,
    With breaking the bottles in huddles .

    And the best , having your soulmates to travel the whole world ,
    And the blessing of making everyone immortal by lord .

    To live like a genius isn't a bad choice ,
    But it's a fantasy until u give smiles to the lovely girls and boys .

    It's hilarious ! The craze of being cheered up as the god as loud,
    And then trying to help the desperate crowd .☺️

    A promised wish to return to a soulmate,
    Ur solemn words proving there's a rabbit u need to get .

    Having the power to be invisible could be amazing ,
    And being someone's only priority is always dazzling ❣️

    Finally to stay like a family with all the assholes daily ,
    U know With them everything appears 100 % sure and gaily .

    ~The shape of voice ✨

  • meerulfat 141w

    ##Exchanging of fate##

    What if there would be an option of exchanging fate?

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    Would we have exchange our hands then??
    Fate is not darned on hands.