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  • naqsaif 41w

    You start off the day with an upheaval
    Of your already weary
    But somehow young soul
    You roll the tip of your pen
    Across papers of sorts
    Writing the words
    You cannot comprehend

    You sigh out
    The tedious, monotonous presumptions
    Of the world around you
    And breath in the
    Faint scent of hope
    Mingled with coffee

    You see meaning
    In the meaningless
    Awaiting the meaning of whole

    You witness the murder of imagination
    At the hands of brilliant minds
    Already imaginatively bankrupt

    You drag yourself through the hedious alley
    Of dark secrets,
    Deep wounds,
    Unhealed scars,
    Bleeding emotions,
    Salty smiles,
    gut wrenching cries,
    And the demonic cult called life
    With your head held high.

    You skid to a halt
    When you reach the exit
    Only to be dragged back again
    Where all of this started

    You find the questions
    To those answers you have been seeking
    You realise time isn't a factor
    And life isn't the perpetual phenomenon
    Of suffering

    You are all that you have
    And love is your only source of energy

    It is then where words come alive
    And imagination dances
    at the edge of your consciousness

    You know your today
    Is someone's tomorrow
    You are a sense , a reason , a value

    The world is matter
    And you are that small particle of antimatter
    Counting backwards to your annihilation.
    You are a force
    And the world is as ignorant
    As Newton was
    Before he discovered gravity.


    P.s. : I seriously had no idea it was this long����


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    The world is matter
    And you are that small particle of antimatter
    Counting backwards to your annihilation.
    You are a force
    And the world is as ignorant
    As Newton was
    Before he discovered gravity.


  • expresso 145w

    I find it sad how so many of us get caught up in the bait of rushing our lives to meet up to what Society wants. Then, we feel 'it's too late' or 'we never made enough of our lives'. Why? Because Society has put an age label on achievements in life.
    The truth? There is never an age to what you can accomplish and I wish more people understood this. Feel you want to get married at 20 or 40? Do it. Want to get your degree at 30? Go for it. Want to start over at 50? Start now. It's never too late.
    The only thing late is the memo for Society that It's Never too Late.

    -Excerpt from a Book I Will Never Write//Random Thoughts

  • radhikamenon 228w

    Rain lingered behind the shadows, watching the night stroke her hair....
    - excerpt from a book I'll never write


  • girlwiththereddoor 228w

    Gone are those Days

    I lay on my bed with a glass of whiskey, and wonder. Wonder, what went wrong when we were so good together. Gone are those days, where I used to lie beside you and watch you sleep. Watch how that sharp nose makes me kiss it every single fucking time.

    Gone are those days, when I received morning texts from you inspite of the time of the day. I wonder, if there's anything left to us? Is there, babe?

    Gone are those days, when I used to call you my babe, and neither will I shout anymore if you find no one to lift you up with less complications. Do you miss that, babe?
    I keep circling round and round thinking about all the ifs and buts. I wonder, how confused am I? Do you still remember that I loved how your smile made me smile?

    Gone are those days, when we walked down the streets to a liquor store or just engage in mere inane activities.
    Gone are those days, where you will never see the care in my eyes anymore. Do you miss that, babe? Can you see how much I cared? I wonder, if your fingers would trace my body ever again?

    Gone are those days, when you called me your ice man, and you were my toaster. Gone are those days, when the fun became the addiction. Do you miss that addiction, babe?

    Gone are those days, when you would catch me watching you sleep. Gone are the days when you would make endless love to me, just to catch me whimper in your arms and trust you endlessly. Will you do that to someone else? You would.

    You said you loved me. Do you miss that love now, babe? You turn around and there's just a cold mist without me. Will you enjoy that now?

    Gone are those days, when you called my name out loud as you wake up later and I rush happily to you. I miss that, babe. Maybe, you don't. Do you? Do you realise how much I was happy with you? Maybe, you never realised that. You noticed my ego, but gone are those days when I would calm you up when you'll be angry. Maybe, I didn't open enough. But have you? You liked what I did, I know. Yet you lied.

    Gone are those days, when I would console you and cherish you to the core. Maybe, you miss that, babe. But, did you know the worth? Embarrassment haunts me now.

    I let you go, babe. Because, you told me so.

    Gone are those days when I will keep voicing your unspoken words. Will you cherish the absence, babe? I hope you do, babe. I let you go because I loved you so.

    Someone else's arms comfort you, but why am I lost, babe? Gone are those memories we made together, as I let you go. Do you want that? I don't want to be the last resort, babe.

    Gone are the days.


  • conflagrant_souls 237w

    7 billion people in this world.

    7 billion definitions of love.

    And you chose to believe the one that broke you.


  • conflagrant_souls 237w

    In one of the nights veiled in silence and stars, when you listen to that heartbeat beside yours along with a slow sound of snores that doesn't seem to disturb you so much, when the light of the moon falls from the window asking you to see the face that lies there with you. In that moment I hope, only one question crosses your mind, "How did I get so lucky?"