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  • londonmongrel 100w

    Living without Fear

    I've been trying to live in the moment
    Push myself off a cliff so to speak
    Do things i find uncomfortable
    So in the last three weeks
    I have quit smoking
    Went to the London jazz festival
    Attended an event on indigenous afro colombian music
    Visited my friend in friend in Barcelona
    Travelled to Paris for an exhibition
    May visit a girl in New York
    Signed up to a calligraphy course
    Started learning a new language
    Restarted exercise 5 x a week
    Said yes to events and people i normally wouldn't
    Said no to bad habits and negative thoughts i normally couldn't
    It feels great to regain control of my life
    Feels even better to live without fear

  • tinman4sho 123w


    I took you into my veins.
    As you prepared
    To lock me up with chains.
    That warmth feeling,
    Was like no other feeling.
    In the world .
    No other feeling
    Could ever replace her.
    She was my newest girl
    Getting in the way of everything
    The thought of her ice cold
    Ways made me shiver.
    Taking my pain away ,
    Or at least i figure.
    Nevertheless, you had your way
    Way with me.
    My sworn enemy,
    You weren't a friend to me.
    Taking me to a place
    I didn't Want to be
    Sucking the life out of me,
    Like a leech to its prey.
    So i devised a plan,
    To keep you away.
    You had me all messed up.
    Or should i say all meth up.


  • kikkeyofficial 129w