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  • biswajitdev 43w

    // Water of past passes away
    Bridge of love stands by
    Hold my hand to venture
    across bridge of love towards future //

    Dear voyagers of the Universe,
    Drop a ❤ if you feel so within the verse.
    Feel free to convey your suggestions, they're precious to me. #bridgec
    ** Nature has created a serene serendipity, seems like a chimerical dream
    Lighting up the valleys, winsome wildflowers gleam.
    Bedecked with snowdrops glistening by winter sun, splendour of bridge to behold
    Eternal rendezvous of two souls born apart, ecstatic romance yet to unfold.

    Bridge entwines two souls with knot of faith by bridging voids in between
    Ready for venture towards future above raging river of past reflecting myriads of memories scream.
    Building bridge of love so strong that no incoming avalanche can break
    Blessed to be bonded with vow of love that no calamity can shake.

    // Water of past passes away
    Bridge of love stands by
    Hold my hand to venture
    across bridge of love towards future // **

    * GLOSSARY :-
    Serene - Peaceful, Serendipity - Unexpected blessings or good luck, Chimerical - Unreal & Unlikely to happen, Winsome - Attractive, Gleam - Shine bright, Bedecked - Decorated, Glisten - Shine, Splendour - Beauty or Magnificent, Behold - See which is remarkable, Eternal - Immortal, Rendezvous - Meeting place, Ecstatic - Joyful, Unfold - Open out, Entwine - Twist together, Bridging - Connecting, Void - Empty space, Venture - Riskful Journey, Raging - Violent, Myriads - Many, Scream - Loud cry, Avalanche - Flood, Vow - Solemn Promise, Calamity - Disaster *

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    #BridgeOfLove #Bridge #Nature #Serene #Serendipity #Chimerical #Dream #Winsome #Wildflower #Snowdrop #Sun #Splendour #Behold #Eternal #Rendezvous #Soul #Ecstatic #Knot #Romance #Faith #Void #Venture #Future #Past #River #Myriads #Memory #Scream #Avalanche #Calamity #Born #Bond #Water #aquac #Eternityc #Dreamsc #pod #mirakee #wod #writersnetwork #writerstolli #holdhandc #writersbay #ceesreposts #Alliteration

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  • _mathematics 44w

    meet me
    at the place
    where twilight
    begins when
    I stepped down
    on knees
    the heart
    until eternity
    in your hands
    as papers
    Of journal
    Written in
    favour of you
    demanding nothing
    but adore stretched
    from gardens of Daffodils
    to unwanted weeds,
    from winter warmth
    to the flowering spring,
    from summer breeze
    to the falling rain,
    from shedding autumn
    to frosted snow.
    So meet me again
    schooling me
    a bag full of love
    and leaving behind
    just the paper
    and pen, lately
    went numb.

    #eternityc #twilightc

    bg: Pinterest

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    So meet me
    schooling me
    a bag full of love
    and leaving behind
    just the paper
    and pen, lately
    went numb.

  • erics_girl 45w


    Though life on Earth
    will end eventually
    It doesn't mean life
    Ends completely.
    Its the beginning of
    all eternity, & hopefully
    you will be where there's
    No more tears, or pain,
    No more disease. From
    All these things we will
    be free. In the realm of
    Heavenly, places like
    You have never known
    The Savior went ahead
    To prepare a place for us
    This place will be our home.

  • bonitasarahbabu 45w

    Eternity I will spend on my knees praying,
    If it means you will come back.
    My brain already knows,
    Knows that you are never coming back.
    But the heart,
    The heart is naïve and believes you will be back.
    Eternity I will spend wondering,
    Wondering why I was not enough.
    But I will have to move on,
    Even if it is to just forget the love we once shared.

  • wilmaneels1 45w

    Eternity is not yours to promise
    Each day bring forth something new
    Do life as best you can
    Don't create pressure by promising things
    You have no control over

  • bellemoon99 45w

    My eternal

    Death has always been my friend, a reminder that all pain comes to an end.

    Our time is limited, I saw that as a blessing, but there's an issue worth adressing.

    If it's by your side, I don't mind eternal nights, if it's by your side I want sempiternity.

    When I hold your hand in mine, I know you're worth eternity.

  • waitaminute 45w

    To find solace in darkest nights,
    I ran from awkward sights,
    Top of the building to taste sky,
    To feel eternity I have came this high,
    I sat there for long hours,
    Away from dazzling lights of noisy, shiny cars,
    Where my voice is heard by air,
    About Twinkling lights of world , I don't care,
    I sat there alone joining stars,
    Freedom to scream and no bars,
    My verses are created here,
    My metaphors are born here,
    My constellation of words is scripted in the sky,
    And the black night gifts me her ink till she dies.

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    Up above in the sky.

  • absynth 45w

    femme fatale

    The night sky is a femme fatale
    So drunk on the Stygian wine of ether
    That she turns the bottle upside down
    And pours all the liquor on the heads of mortals.
    The drops of eternity are dispersed
    When they reach the earth
    But still retain their vintage touch
    Mellowed by the tannins of the light years.
    It's enough to make the mortals high,
    To taste the brunette lipstick of the skies
    Mixed in the Stygian wine
    For their eyes are transfixed on playmate stars
    That keep pouting in and out
    Like a wasted legion of shiny and succulent lips,
    The sight of them makes the mortals tipsy without a real kiss.
    The night sky looks on from her celestial balcony
    Like a tease and laughs at this,
    The stars for a second burn brighter,
    The femme fatale uncorks another bottle.

  • gaurangig 45w

    To eternity

    I walk on the path
    To eternity
    Not once stopping in my way,
    For I have a long way to go
    And the time is short for today!

    I pass brambles
    Of hate
    But the thorns don't touch me
    I am forever protected
    With the shield of proclivity!

    I pass fires
    Of detest
    But I can't feel the heat
    I am shielded
    And I won't take a defeat!

    I pass ditches
    Of despise
    But I don't fall in
    I jump over them
    Wearing the shoes of feeling!

    I walk on and on
    To the end of the world
    Full of loathing and abhorrence
    I will reach the end
    With blessings of all before us!

    And one day I will
    Reach eternity
    For I am walking strong
    I have power in my hands
    To make all right that's wrong!!


  • saarajaan 45w

    Be beautiful eternally
    As Physical appearance is not a forever thing


  • asmita_chakraborty 45w

    I looked before I stepped
    Into the vivid fields of corn
    I walked among the yellow fables
    Unless I stumbled and was going to fall.

    The field draged me to sit down upon it.
    I sat in between those rivers of sun
    Unleashing what asthetics might look
    If it weren't a Google search.

    The rays from the phrase
    Fell on the field, those suns now look trembling
    The field was filled with the heavy breath
    Cold and temperted and filled with glee.

    I looked before I steped into
    Into the wooden bridge
    It was quite weak
    It danced when I over it.

    I took a side railing, bent down to see
    Saw the stars flowing in absolute reverie
    They followed the symphony of the sigh
    I expirenced in the (day)phase time.

    And the in the stars
    I saw the poems shining by
    I looked up and devoured the vision with joy
    It had classics from all over the world .

    With the rotation of the words(Earth)
    Different poems showcases in the different parts of world
    With the revolution of the words(Earth)
    Tangential theories of the phrases(sun) gets birth.

    My phrases, your sun, My poems ,your stars
    My eternity, your constants
    Makes up the constellation when I look up at the sky.



    I have represented the corn field as sun.
    Pharses for Sun(which is also a star)
    Words for the Earth
    Stars for water in river
    Poems for stars in the sky

    I don't know if it makes sense.

    #eternityc #stars #wod

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay A read?❤️

    Picture credits to the rightful owners ��

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    The cushions (My metaphors)


  • haruisuzu 45w

    An entrancing 'Star'

    On the nights left unchaperoned by the moonglade
    We are left with the stars and the yugen sense that they cascade

    Beholding the charade that they are always evincing
    With Cassiopeia's grimace, they take leave of pulchritude with its renouncing
    With Phoenix's bewildering stance, they limn rancours with their scorching
    With Columba's pledging grin, they smear the night sky with the veneer of love so beguiling

    Gaping at 'em as they scintillate buoyant gleams in downslope
    Watching 'em cover for each others dimming caught in telescope
    And when one of 'em is at the end of their rope
    They bid him adieu as we glare at it as a 'hope'

    Zillionths of them glistening with entirety
    Its like gazing at the Mirror of Society
    As much entharalling seems this Power of Unity
    Equally entrancing is the charm of each of its entity

    As the night passes by, the stars trail for infinity
    Hope humanity in tandem with it prevails for eternity



    pic credits to the rightful owner

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    An entrancing 'Star'


  • dory_d 45w

    Too many stars, too many dreams. The reality is that in front of these things, I’m just a speck of dust.

    -RM, “Too Much”
    #eternityc #star #wod #writersbay #writersnetwork #temp #lame #gdx_nightsky

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    Stars or dreams?

    Amid my peculiar thoughts and starry night sky, dream my dreams..
    None of them will exist till eternity..
    So should I just lay down and commemorate my serene ephemeral existence?
    Or should I strive to fulfill my dreams before they all get vanished??

  • we_elude 45w

    We beheld the stars as the blurry illumination
    Drawing the star-shaped stars to conform the constant 'constellation'
    Resonating to retain artist's eternity
    Reverberating to engage scientist's ecstasy

    And then the statement
    "Sun is a star"
    And all our starry visions seemed so staggering

    Blamed imperfections of our eyes for giving the stars a starry shape
    So we picked our favourite lenses to prevent our 'myopia' progression ........as if it will stop our fondness to the unfathomable stars too ...!!

    The 'building Perfection' of our brain is categorising stars into visible constellations but these constellations are mere depiction of human projections that aren't even viable in vast universe ....Between its categorisation in particular constellation......the stars shine on its own
    Shine on its own burning......
    Looks like stars are imitating humans
    Or are we imitating stars !!

    Whenever we see stars ....none of the preventive measures/ favourite lenses to correct our vision seems to stop the exponential progression of our extreme adoration for stars ............

    Everytime .....stars bring us home !!

    Between gust of gazillion human-seen constellations
    Our adoration of every star is constant ....

    Thank you so much for reading ��

    #star #wod @writersnetwork #pod
    #eternityc @writersbay #ceesreposts

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    We desire and derive our stories from stars
    Aiming to stitch our personal threads to re-join eternity !!

    Why to re-join ??

    ......when we are the 'breathing' chunk of eternity
    illuminating since the primordial darkness....


  • blue_cascades 45w

    I watch you change forms with every drifting night in that limitless velvety sky,
    sometimes accompanied by billions of stars and sometimes lonesome in the dark.
    A waxing cresent form ; thin and faint yet beautiful in its own splendour.
    Even with scars scattered over your surface , you give me iridescent light shared by the sun.
    Quater or gibbous ; each sparkles hope in selenophilic eyes of the lost souls.
    The sea waves dance at your gaze and glisten in silver streaked with gold as your moonbeams touch it's cold waters.
    Complete and full , clear luminosity drips out of you as if a clear glistering mirror hangs from the heavens.
    With each fading night you wane , erasing your gleam from the Nature's black canvas to become new again.
    Invisible to the eyes , yet the new moon is a delight!


  • preetkanwal 45w

    Moon’s mystique rays
    piercing the dark clouds
    penetrating into the heart
    when fell on the dark waters of bay
    I found some silent metaphors
    sizzling on the surface of waves.....
    /Time stood still as if for eternity
    keeping the night awake/


  • pallavi4 45w


    Longingly I look at the stars
    In the hope that one day
    We will gaze at them together
    Like we used to
    What now seems
    Like eons ago.

    Patiently I look at the stars ,
    Sure in the knowledge that
    Somewhere , somehow you
    Must be looking at them too
    And missing me the way
    I’m missing you .

    Searchingly I look at the stars-
    Every night an eternity
    Of moments with us apart.
    A silent desperation clouds my eyes
    Yet I know that the distance
    Between us will never let us
    Remain aloof.

    Precariously I look at the stars
    That the night sky seems to
    Be in a loving embrace with -
    Anticipating that like
    They have accepted
    Each other’s differences,
    One day , so shall we.

    Confidently I look at the stars -
    Each one like a tiny light
    Of belief in my heart
    A glimpse into my soul ,
    A soul when bared lives
    Only in the anticipation
    Of being close you my love,
    If only for a moment
    Once more .


    12th of March, 2021 m

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • _writer_at_heart_ 45w

    Eternity of one's life

    Why i am and what i am for,
    Thinking over this made me mayhem and wonder a lot.
    Back then, the dreams i had,
    Few were achieved, among many that were not successfully achieved.
    With failures, i tried to pick my broken pieces of heart,
    To mend it making it more stubborn and hard.

    I tried to dedicate all my power into my work,
    Still failed more often in creating the chart of my dreams to be successfully completed, making the dreams bygone.

    Doubting my power and the feeling of inferiority,
    Made me swim into the ocean where every day felt like drowning.

    Realising my weakness and the feeling of being used and left apart,
    dipped me, into an ocean of dominant crabs.
    The crabs that bite you even if you feed it by kind hands.

    Having a sensitive and kind heart, where people come only when they need, take advantage and break you extreme,
    Made me cold and conservative a ton.
    So why i am, and what i am for ?,
    I often used to ponder why exactly i am for..!!
    Am i for being used and thrown ?,
    Am i for using as a ladder only when someone need or who fall ?,
    Am i for failures and sorrows to sit on my fate ?,
    Am i for weeping and home of tears in my eyes to stay ?,
    Am i meant for being a stone or am i for just flowing as and where life take me along its shore ?
    No no no now no more i ponder on such shits,
    Such shits are as dead as a doornail for me,
    Because now i have a mindset wise and strong,
    and now i have all the answers known, that i wondered long.
    Answers and worries that i used to wonder to fix.
    Reflecting my enlightenment in my life amidst.

    The answers were simple just as simple as this life is,
    We just make everything complicated, even when they are not.
    It's all in the mind,
    It's all in the brain.
    Controlling, using and enlightening it, lies all the answers and strength.
    Have emancipation from expectations, and you will never feel that you were used or someone took only advantage of you.
    Be low keys and keep doing your karma, and your work and deeds will pay off surely one or the other day.
    Keep focusing, working hard and smart with dedication and will power,
    Even if you get failures, remember you still didn't lose anything but gained an experience with this experiment.
    Have compassion and love for everyone,
    even for selfish people, your enemies and your haters,
    And you'll glow much more vibrantly with this act you shower.
    Donot be the same like them.
    Just as it's said River Ganga donot distinguish among sinners and non sinners.
    Let the harshness and darkness in the world, not make you coward, rude, dull, numb, careless, selfish, bad, hard, proudy and rock hearted.
    Pick the bad things and experiences you suffer and embrace them to learn what you can learn from it.

    All the goodness you can think about,
    Follow only that way.
    Let no pain break you,
    Let no wrong deeds touch you.

    Life is itself a reason to live and to live is what one must endorse.
    But living doesn't means to just keep going with the flow,
    But creating the flow in the right way and not just wherever it take you along.
    What is at hand, in our present is only the eternity for us.
    Eternity is in the moment and in the life we get to welcome each day due to our new sunrise which we are able to see since we are alive.
    This is why we all are for,
    And need to utilise,
    Before the end of the eternity of our fixed span of life.

  • miss_silentlyweird 45w

    ⋆ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ ꜱᴛᴀʀꜱ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ꜱᴛᴏʀʏ⋆

    The Great lengths of constellations��
    (Near yet Far, Far yet near but we're together)

    We constellations are a group of stars that appears to form a pattern. People say that we can tell direction and fate while others tell we hold great significance of existence and beliefs, we're known for being fascinating
    but little did they not know we're a group of space dust that didn't have the foggiest idea where to go, we are marked like a speck in dim sky. We stuck and void yet persistently need to gleam to make destruction in able to get people attention and shout that “we are here" and “we exist."

    We constellations may be group of stars, but we are not near nor far to each other, we are meant to be together and be there for each other but the space will never be gone.

    I Fall and Fading��
    (The shooting stars)

    People are happy for seeing me falling rapidly, they pray and wish while I'm burning and fading. It's pitiful that I need to crash, smash and fall. I felt lost, rapidly moving down in a chasm yet for a brief timeframe, once in a while I'm glad that they notice me and wait for me, that I find light in dark sky and space of emptiness for temporary. Atleast I experienced being special for a moment.

    The Lonely Sun☀️
    ( I'm here)

    I'm sun often forgotten by many that I'm also stars, In morning people can't directly stare at me. I'm independent and light many non-living and living. I'm the brightest of all; sky is my stage while clouds are audience. Sometimes I get drained and let the mists cries.

    But you know why I'm still lonely.

    It's because of the moon. I'm in love with the moon, but our path is segregated in different ways. I need to go for the moon to bright while the moon needs to hide whenever I need to rise.

    Yeah, individuals got opportunities to take a gander at me at whatever point I'm set yet I'm miserable that there's nothing left but to witness rapidly my beloved moon and lend her lights. I keep thinking about whether she knows I'm here.

    Regardless of what I will keep on lighting her in her most obscure evening. On the off chance that huge number of stars can't offer it to her, I will. In each phases she needs to go through I will remain a far taking a gander at her. Even if she's notice me or not that I'm here or regardless of whether our ways are consistently inverse I will patiently hang tight for two to four every year to hold her in time of eclipse.


    ✦ ˚ · . · •. * . • ·•. ✶ ˚ · . ·* * ˚ · . ·✦ ˚ · . · •. * . • ·•. ✶ ˚ · . ·* * ˚ · . ·✦

    #star #eternityc #constellations @mirakee @writersbay
    Source��: Pinterest

    Note: Lame but I wanted to write fiction that represent how I feel right now. I'm not expert in explaining especially when science is involved but I love stars. Cross finger that this piece makes sense though I know it's not, lmao.

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    Love stars eternity
    For it's there whenever
    Life is bright or dark.