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  • anshera 1d


    Girl child is god's boon
    Who look as pretty as moon
    So why they want to kill her in thy womb

    They want mamma to cook their food
    They want their wife to make their cheerful mood
    They want a friend with secrets to share
    And a girl who can care

    So why they don't want a pretty daughter child
    Why are humans behaving wild ???
    To have wealth ,Lakshmi they pray
    To have knowledge , Saraswati they pray
    So why they don't want a devi in their own house ???
    And that was all to say .
    Anshera Mulani

  • lalitarora 2d


    Exceptions are everywhere. They bring us closer to reality.


  • srisaptoawaits22 1w


    Sway the love,
    Remember the photographs,
    Infuse in my heart,
    Mould your dreams,
    Yield your happiness,
    Lure the canvas,
    Of your Art,
    Visions stole glances,
    Endure me for eternity!

  • seraiah_smiles 2w

    "My Lord's Kingdom"

    Venturing into
    The darkness, just to arrive
    At my Lord's Kingdom.

  • christinus 3w

    Laying the axe under the root of every tree not of God Matt 3:10

    In 1Thess 2:8 Paul says to truly share the gospel is to share our lives.

    But many a time WITHOUT CONSCIOUS SUBJECTION TO THE HOLY SPIRIT, PHARISEEISM(spiritual hypocrisy) comes in and we share the gospel, while our lives is nothing like what we shared✍

  • sameen_ 3w

    Let me be close to you
    For all I have left now is your memories

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    Thinking of your touch
    Will you hold me once again?
    Till eternity, my love

  • snigdhaindira 3w


    When all is said and done
    I hope we will twinkle in the night
    For, that is where I see eternity.

    The world will have faith in love
    Seeing us make up those constellations
    Togetherness they will witness, in the dark sky.

  • unblossomedyet 3w

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    Fated as one for eternity!

    She didnot fall in love with him,
    She simply held his hand , walked into love with him..
    With her eyes wide open,
    Choosing to take every single step along the way....

    Vehement belief she had on fate and destiny,
    They are fated as one for eternity.
    He made her 'WHO' she was at this point
    Moulded her in every possible way....
    Words can never explain what her heart felt or even wished to say ...

    Thinking of him keeps her awake,
    Dreaming of him keeps her asleep.
    Being with him surely keeps her alive...
    He is the guiding light of her life, helping her inner storm within to slowly subside.

    He's the strong gravity that kept her grounded in every possible way.
    He is the feel for her exuberance all day...
    Still they both keep running from the hard core truth..
    They knew it's true....
    For how they wanted to express to each other everytime.....
    I can't stop loving you ��❤️


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    Fated as one for eternity...

    True love is eternal....


  • lalitarora 4w

    Is Life really complex ??

    Life is full of paradoxes or a paradox itself. It is very easy to relate life with anything which one can dream of. One can find millions of analogies around us and all seems perfect when focused. It is the beauty of life that it is a lucid illusion. We can mould our future based on our present decisions, still future is dubious. The only constant in life is to change.
    Complexity of life have always been an eternal truth. But is Life really complex to understand ??

    @mirakee_miraquill @writersnetwork
    #life #complex #simple #wordporn #question #lifelessons #eternity #illusion

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    Life is not complex. We are complex. Life is simple, and the simple thing is the right thing.

  • vhelmont 4w

    At the end of time

    -You can hear their heartbeats?. The last drops of this reality that trying to hold at those seconds that they not longer dispose.-

    -Yes, I feel their heartbeats fading away with us, the life is reaching his end in this place where the dreams born and the faith is facing his death. Today is the last day of this universe. I am afraid-

    -I have hope, I could see the stars for the eternity and be part of their last shines.

    Then in the quietly of the silence, like a painting, the Master saw his wish become true

    That was the last time the Master and The silence spoke.

  • tausifh 4w

    Forever was an understatement, I dreamt eternity with you, destiny seemed to be destined with you, every bit of happiness came from you, seemed to take the road not taken with you, didn't ever knew I might never walk the same path as you, our roads crossed everything pointed to converge, little did i know it'd might diverge into infinity. Ever did I know that there will be fault in our stars, even if we twinkle the most together, as said forever was an understatement, I'd twinkle for eternity looking towards you, with millions of light years between us, yet we will be the brightest finite stars in this infinite universe, okay ?

  • devilfish 4w

    Dear God, My Beloved Void

    Dear Beloved ,

    I assume to address you as such
    In the past

    I know the following to be true

    At least I was so wrong

    You moved me without having shoved 

    That's a picture

    A scripture

    Or a song

    I grow when you call my name 

    It's as if I didn't know you cut my branches

    These wooden arms rotted with empathy

    Because I reached above you towards the light

    You are the monster

    You gaslight me

    I don't have to grab at the smoke

    Enveloping me like possessive vines

    My throat erupted in agonistic misery

    Not even time could carry the burden of it's

    Emptiness that I feel like it's fighting me

    Limiting me

    Emitting from me

    I am scared to love

    Because you ripped my life from me

    And you stomped the ash of our "love"

    Right in front of me

    Like a cigarette smoked all the way to the butt

    The skies are a deep blue

    As the days pass like racing cars on a speedway

    Life cannot make itself grow abundant
    And anew

    When my perception is swallowed by my reflection

    I love you 

    When I forgot myself

    And I lost direction

    Before I knew what love was

    You were stirring like boiling blood

    To let ego cause chaos

    You made a meal of us

    I walked away from you

    So that I can run through concrete jungles

    And find a place where there is something to lose

    I'm not going to make it in these tired torn


    My eyes have dried

    But my mind aches to ressurect love

    Nobody above to answer my questions

    My heart has grew

    My heart has a predilection for romance

    I can almost hear the dreams echo

    Fear as it dreams of the day I shed a tear

    I  learned to believe half of what I see and

    None of what I here

    I'm honestly so close to breaking in the torridity it's burning me with an unholy perversely consuming my entirety

    Ripped a rose from my garden every time you lied to me

    Petrified as you forced yourself inside me

    Inside my head

    Beside me

    Like insects festering in the love

    Now dead

    An empty space an infection left in a bed

    Violating my vitality with a viscous volatile

    Indecency to conjure fluidly like a spider

    Weaves it's web on sinistry


    Dutifully attending to kiss me

    But under your breath I hear you hissing

    Just to seethe the words like lava

    Missing points with an accuracy that

    Aligned with meaningless egocentrism

    Algorithms that slice your raw skin with a dirty blade

    My insurgency and my empathy will carve my initials with a wrath of passion

    Incision like a surgeon and a dissection

    Is due

    I envision what karma's face will paint

    I want to secretly watch you waste away

    From your apathy

    Old gum I can't bear the taste it's one dimensionality is a tragedy

    I won't answer if you ask me

    "Are you mad at me?"

    I'll be on the way to nuture me

    And the torment abuse and the whiplashes

    You tired to give me

    I crafted the piece of paper  of pain

    So I could use it's power to forgive me

    I can

    I will

    Further me

    I won't let you eat my pride

    I will rip your heart from the inside

    With a slight eye all truth

    And you will feel the immensity of water

    Water is not limited

    Unlike you

    There's no limit

    In the fashion that it fluidly


    Congruently placing love

    For myself

    So that one day I can share the truth

    I have unparalleled determination

    And I have my thoughts

    This is where you lose

    Fire has burned me in its holy little death
    You inspire poems 
    My one and only
    Your name will be the last thing I've left 
    As it lingers in the tone of my last eternal breath 
    And the warm recollection of my ear to your chest 
    You're forever my home
    In your eyes my weary mind finds solace
    At last
    An angel that is set apart from the rest
    For your love
    I am blessed

  • arayrmd 6w


    On a full moon night
    In the old dead trees forest
    Between the Sound of groansome beast
    I held your hands following Fireflies
    Near the falling fountain, silver drops from sky touches my bare skin, urges the vivid dreams
    Playing with fire, teases the wind
    That's a eternity for me..!


  • roel_gonz 7w

    I done what I done to love you till eternity
    You done what you done to give me misery
    Is this what I deserve
    All alone in this benevolent universe
    With a touch of mystery
    of yesterday's history

  • yashijohri 8w


    Can I
    be your's,
    One more

  • thefloatingverse 9w

    She evades my mind;
    Even as she lays in front of me weeping.
    I yearn to erase those signs of her despair,
    But alas forgive me love, my shortcomings restrict me;
    I'm only a soul without a form to take,
    Not seen, nor heard, just recalled sometimes on a varied assortment of days.
    The composer to my heartstrings crumbles there, just a few inches afore me,
    Her hands grazing over my photo since the day I left.
    Agonizingly I can do nothing but hopelessly stare
    After all what I am, comes with rules obeyed by all deites and realms.
    At least once everyone has wondered,
    Where does one go when they have exhausted their mortality
    And so here I'm to answer your question,
    Death comes like a long awaited old foe,
    It greets you and takes you for tea while you anxiously wait for what comes next
    Though dismal your soul, you can't help but ponder
    Will the antagonist of every life ever, take you to the haven his twin oversees,
    Or will the sadist keep you for themselves to add to their anthology of sinners
    Sipping his tea in a poise only the grim reaper can master
    He smiles devilishly and breaks the news
    That everything you ever conjured about death in your finite imagination was not a bit true.
    Voice flowing like sweet poison, deadliest of them all
    Wisdom dripping with each word the ancient one says
    "Now that you're no longer burdened by the notion of existence,
    I shall tell you the enigma of afterlife.
    Listen clearly and swallow the truth I bestow upon you,
    As you exit from the lives of your loved ones, in charge of their survival you will be, Choose one for once and all; So for eternity their guardian archangel you would be.
    You will see them, You'll hear them
    However they won't know your presence in the slightest bit.
    You will be there every second of every passing day,
    Their shadow you shall be, concern of yours will only be their life's longevity
    Furthermore if you dare misuse your might, stripped of them, you'll beg for mercy
    So Child beware not to expose your presence nor try to reach what isn't within your limits.
    I must now tell you this sincerely,
    If limits are crossed, you will be banished to my personal care
    And then you will never meet in eternity as the original script entails.
    The foreboding moment is now here, tell me which one you'll choose
    The dearest of your dears."
    And for a moment I had a choice to make,
    But my conflict resolved when I remembered mum was there for dad as well.
    At that thought a smile sprung up on my lips,
    Though soon vanished when the devil broke my hopes
    "No, you can't meet her," he said answering my thoughts, " Your mother and you will reunite only after you've both fulfilled your jobs"
    That's alright I thought at once ,we've got time and the wait is a whole lot of worth.
    The answer was clear as I determinedly looked at him,with a smile I announced
    "I'll protect her, the bearer of my promises of eternal love, till the sun sets on her time on earth and to the time she's ready to join me,
    In the place where the Sun and the moon share the same space
    Where we could start eternity together and never to separate again."
    And then as I finish those words, I'm spiralling downwards to the place I belonged
    As I look up, I see her, silently whispering in her ear,
    'I kept my promises of loving you till my last breath , now it's time I promise you forever and ever again'
    And so I became her guardian spirit, her being so close to fingers but farther than lightyears it feels
    Its a bittersweet circumstance,
    Seeing her all the while, knowing someday we'll encounter again
    Instead of the goodbye I never got to say, I'll sing her songs of infinity
    But Knowing that someday he'll come for her just as he did for me
    And then I'll fail at my commands and he'll take her where time's not a thing.
    We'll be together and thats a hell of an epilogue
    But there's something alluring about impermanence of humanity
    That I'll always regret not spending with her and the memories that never got to be.

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  • himani0333 10w

    Eternal love

    My brain is full of dopamine when you are in my vicinity,
    Your flaws, your beauty and even your stupidity,
    I have accepted all of you till the death of eternity,
    No I am not afraid of this feeling of affinity,
    I wanna take a deep dive into depth of your infinity.

  • puzzledgirl 10w

    It's far from perfect
    And it isn't supposed to be,
    When we sit in silence
    You, I and the sea!
    I forget where I came from
    You forget what you are
    The disobedient sea breeze
    Takes us to a world afar.
    The sand grains in my toes
    The glittering gold in your hair
    The saline kiss tastes best
    When I choose truth over dare!
    I pour my love on sparkling glasses
    We toast to a wave that's never weary
    The sea taught me best lesson of life
    Don't quit even when the shore is blurry!

    #sea #bliss #eternity #poem

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    You, I and the sea

    It's far from perfect
    And it isn't supposed to be,
    When we sit in silence
    You, I and the sea!

  • theessence_ 10w


    Skies of blood and brimstone.
    Wails to God,
    -From men far from home


    Was all there was.
    Anguish and regret;
    was all that coursed

  • niftynymphet 11w

    Excerpt from my story
    #romance #love #eternity

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    What we have got here, isn't going to be there even if I roam around all the continents for eons and I will do everything in my power to keep you happy and be a part of my life for as long as I am alive..