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  • varisha_rehman 6w


    The … the school doors are closed. Where is everyone? Why is it only me? I was running, all-around but couldn't find an escape.

    It's turning dark, there are whispers behind the door, but when did I...reach this class I was in the field. “hello? Is anyone here” I don’t know who I am asking. There surely was someone but no one anymore. RUN, CALM DOWN, RUN, BREATHE, RUN, RELAX, RUN. Office, someone must be there. Yet no one. Only shadows and whispers. Church! yes! there will be someone. And... And no shadows can enter, right? there I was standing in the church, still, shadows reached me. “Leave Me! Let Me GO!” _“mistakes. mistakes. mistake_” what mistakes? what… is it? why me? Someone is there in the corner, head down, walking towards me. “Remember me? This is you of yesterday.” she raised her head. Her gaze, it was like she looked through me, “It is not your first day here, sweetheart!” she smiled and she was gone. mistakes. mistakes. mistakes. my head hurts, “stop, please. stop..” tears rolled down as I begged for everything to stop, if it was a dream. I begged myself to wake up, if it was the reality, the truth. I begged to quit such a world where I was asked about my mistakes when I don't even know them. _Hide_! I ran to one of the washrooms, closed the door, covered my mouth, squeezed myself into the corner. But I was no more in the washroom, I was in the class. There are faces all around me. MY FACES, with expressions I have learnt to make when no feeling could be felt, _smile, regret, cry, sad, cute, so many expressions_ are there. “wear me. wear me… wear me!!!” stop... My voice... Stop... I can't speak. STOP. no one then, no faces, no voices, no whispers. RUN! RUN! RUN! there is a faint light at the corner... It's an escape. hurry! footsteps whispers... everything was running after me. Just run, _how far_? still, fight, _how much_? _Till when?_

    Mistakes are there even if you do your best.
    Cause, Only, in this world, just doing your best isn't good enough.
    even if you don't make one mistake, The Society Sees Them. They will come after you.
    The path, you ask? It Will Be Through You.


    #repost #society #strings #way #faces #light #dark #etc.

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    Cause, Only, in this world, just doing your best isn't good enough.

  • ibthinking 13w

    Remember the name.
    I got my wise being dumb I remember the pain. Lie and say you dont feel the same. I took some dark routes, but I'm never feeling ashamed. I can tell you cry in the rain. You try to hide your fears but you're never winning this way. Lie and say you dont feel afraid. You tied the noose, knowing that the knotting was frayed. You'll never lose.
    If you step away from the cage I'll break it loose. We all need a helping hand let's make a truce.

  • ovais43 13w

    //January Edition has Arrived//

    It's available for online reading. Download will be available later.

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    Dreams can be termed as surreal, sometimes utopian poesy.


  • ovais43 13w

    //January Edition has Arrived//

    It's available for online reading. Download will be available later.

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    #mirakee #writersnetwork #literature #poetry #quotes #wisecracks #articles #short stories #etc

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  • ibthinking 15w

    My inspiration isnt one that you can try to  bother. I vow before my bow to be my daughter's favorite author. I found my Pen of Zeus. Found my lightning in the bottle and my daughter is the proof. Her Dr. Seuss fills the lullaby with the truth. We'll teach my baby well.
    Did I mention that her dictions up to Orsen Wells? Oracle told your story til I knew it well. I been waiting for you for a minute in a cell. Adore her with my verses she will know this I can tell.

  • unsaid 21w

    #mirakee #readwriteunite #unsaid #kashmir #pod #urdu #poetry #motivation #applause #expectation #etc ��

    unsaid - And when a writer sharpens his pen , he never looks for approval, only he listens the beat from inside. Whatever he inks... is a steady stream of emotions.

    Bg ~ A Rapid snapshot by unsaid.

     اثر کرے نہ کرے، سُن تو لے مِری فریاد
     نہیں ہے داد کا طالب یہ بندۂ آزاد
    - اقبال

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    Be the flow.


    Na shukri ho to mayusi na izhar kar..
    Tu tawaqah pe koi kaam hi mat kar...

    Tareefen, daad milna, kya hai??
    Junu'n , pagalpan jo bi, ye sab na kar.


  • aishuk 23w

    #love #shayri #etc��
    Baat dil ki dil ne ki hhh��

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    Arj kiya h

    Chalo thik h Guldasta tera ho..
    Lekin tu pyaar mera ho..
    Har baar ki wo purani barish ho.
    Lekin Isbaar us barish ki bunde mai hou..
    Dhadkan teri ho..
    Wo dhadkta dil mera ho..
    Saase teri ho ...
    Hardam ehsaase mere ho..
    Shyad aisa pyaar muze is janm nhi
    Kuch agle janm ho...
    Yaa fir ye bs likne ki baatei ho..


  • sindhunatarajan 32w

    Epic story ��proud to be a Thanjayen ������
    சொர்க்க பூமி தஞ்சாவூர் ����������...
    ஆயிரம் எழுத்தாளர்கள் அவதரிப்பினும் கல்கிக்கு இணையானோர் எவ௫மிலர்...
    Enna thoughts#vera 11#mass#etc....

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    ஆயிரம் ஆண்டுகளுக்கு முன்பு நாம் பிறந்தி௫க்க கூடாதா என்று ஏங்காதோர் எவ௫மிலர் "பொன்னியின் செல்வனை" படித்தோர்....

  • unique_girl 38w


    I know a joke about
    chasing but I'm the catch


  • bejubaanshayar 39w

    #mrak #____#ishq #muhabbat #pyar #love #prem #gazal #etc

    �������� �������������� friends ��
    Kuch bhi anap shanap likh diya hai ummid karta hun pasand aaye
    Nahi pasand aaye to jhel lena ..

    ��‌��‌��‌��‌ ��‌��‌��‌��‌ ��‌��‌��‌��‌

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    Jab tak ilm hoga
    Muhabbat kya hota hai
    Hatho me ay dost
    Waqt kaha hota hai

    Dekhta hun zismo ke piche pade ho
    Bina chua bhi ishq ada hota hai
    Log kahte hai ke jaldbazi na karo
    Muhabbat me sochne samjhne ka waqt kaha hota hai

    Ishq aag ka dariya hai to ho
    Ab isme Bas utar jana hai
    Jab tak tumhe ishq hoga mera kya hai
    Mujhko to jaha se guzar jana hai

    Socha tha tumhe pana hai
    Tumhe apna banana hai
    Ye khayal tha
    Sirf khayalon se kya hota hai

    Jab tak ishq had me ho
    Achha hai
    Warna to fir Aashiq fanah hota hai

    Ishq ek lamhe me jina sikha deti hai
    Ishq me ek lamhe me mar jana hota hai
    Wo puchte hai tumhe muhabbat kitni hai mujhse
    Ab batao muhabbat ka koi paymana hota hai


  • shubhi27 48w

    Blank page,
    with black pen in my hand..
    All alone staring the empty mug along the side of my bed.
    Where the books are talking to themselves
    And the phone is staring the ceiling like a dead.
    The couch is relaxing at the side of window there
    Where the wind chain is swinging and singing like no one is here.
    The hemline is hanging down from the table at the right of my bed.
    Where the photos are smiling like the past memories are back.
    The cupboard is covered with stickers and slips at the left.
    Where the world map is waiting for a new route to direct.
    The plants are breathing and welcoming their one new friend.
    Where the balcony is filled with different fragrance of the air.
    The strings of guitar are tightened well which is exactly at the top corner of my bed.
    Where the musically quotes are hanging with the help of thread.
    And the room is ready with curtains and lights to tell the story as well.
    Where the floor is the speaker and the ceiling is the listener of the tale....

    #room #blackpen #blankpage #guitar #etc

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    The Room...

    And the room is ready with curtains and lights to tell the story as well.
    Where the floor is the speaker and the ceiling is the listener of the tale....


  • ancy0417 50w

    Living wth smart phone ,internet and some chatting apps..


  • sherylburns 53w


    We had the time of our lives,
    Distance came like waves,
    In the blink of an eye,
    We walked away.

  • _yomi_ 61w

    Bura to ab tk nhi me uske liye...
    Bs use mujse achha koi or mil gya.


  • _yomi_ 63w

    RoSe दिया तुमने उसे ,
    जिसकी फ़िक्र तुम्हें रोज परेशान करती है:::

    ___क्या एक गुलाब उसका नहीं बनता ,?
    जो डांटने के बाद भी ,
    फ़िक्र तुम्हारी सुबह शाम करती है।
    बेटा खाना खाया या नहीं!
    अब भी यह सवाल करती है।

  • knowaknow 64w

    Can't tell me twice

    I forgot the stains on my body when I met you, falling deeper and deeper into your arms
    No one can tell me that they dropped me more than once

  • calm_water 68w

    Afraid to Love

    I am afraid to love

    Whenever I love someone
    They leave me without a reason.

  • tharunss 75w


    Nothing changes can be done in our routine life:)
    But some point of time we will divert to some sort of things on life, that to be healthy arguments(good_to_know) b/w you and your ...............

  • armansuse49 85w

    The realest people don't have
    A lot of friends.

  • nasibakhtarone 86w

    সময় আছে?

    সময়কে ধরতে গিয়ে সময় নষ্ট হচ্ছে! না শুনলে, বলবে কি করে। আমরা বলতে চাই, বোঝাতে চাই; চারদিকে শুধু আমারটা আগে হোক। জানি, তুমি শুনবে না - তোমার সময় নেই। জ্ঞান প্রচুর সস্তার জিনিস কিন্তু সেটা কিনতে ভীষণ চাপ, কাল ঘাম বেরিয়ে যাচ্ছে! হা হা হা, বুঝলে না তাই তো! একটুখানি মস্তিষ্কের ধূসর অংশকে ঝাঁকিয়ে দাও ঠিক বুঝে নেবে। আমি কি অহংকারী হয়ে কথা বলছি? ছিঃ তবে বিশাল লজ্জিত। "বয়স তো কম হলো না" ― এই কথা বলার লোকগুলোকে সত্যিই খুব ভালো লাগে আমার। কত কিছু দেখেছেন এই জগতের, পরিবর্তন বা সেই পরিবর্তনের পরিবর্তন; বদলে যাওয়া পরিবার পরিজন, বিভিন্ন রকমের অভাব অভিযোগ, নতুন মৃত্যু, পুরোনো জন্ম ইত্যাদি ইত্যাদি! উফঃ শেষ হবে না। মনটা ভীষণ খারাপ, বিষণ্ণ, বিমর্ষ ― প্রকৃতির উপমা দিয়ে বোঝালাম না কারণ প্রকৃতিকে আমার মতো খারাপ করতে চাই না! সে নিজের মতোই ভালো থাকুক, বেড়ে উঠুক! না আর সময় নেই, সময় ফুরিয়ে যাচ্ছে বয়ে বয়ে। সময়েরও সময় ফুরিয়ে আসছে যেমনটি মৃত্যুকেও মরতে হবে কারণ ওকেও জন্মাতে হয়েছে। সেই কাল এসে বলবে, 'ভাই সময়, তোর সময় হয়ে গেছে'! হা হা হা! বয়স কি কম হয়েছে! বলুক না সময় সময়কে, 'কি রে সময় আছে?'