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  • rhymesbynick 110w

    Established Order

    We're going up against the established order,
    The kind of organisations that cross borders.
    They've always been there and always will,
    That shouldn't stop you from fighting them still.

    Greedy fat men in expensive flash suits,
    Friends with our leaders and all their mates too.
    Captains of industry, yeah fucking right,
    Capitalist pigs, their wallets so tight.

    Looking down on the rest of us from your high towers,
    You really do think that you hold all the power.
    We know what you're up to, you have know where to hide,
    One day we will find you, hold to account, no compromise.

    Corporations, politicians and bankers too,
    Their only intention is to railroad you.
    They think we are all stupid and haven't got a clue,
    The damage they cause could destroy the whole world through.

    Never ever give in to the government spin,
    If you allow it, they will always win.
    Stand up and fight, fight them with words,
    And boycotts and protests until you are heard.

    They say each vote can count so go make your mark,
    Or ignore it all and play no part.
    Indifference is just not good enough,
    Some of their decisions can make your life tough.

    Low wages, no contract, abuse of your rights,
    Unions and their power being stripped overnight.
    Rise up now and fight your corner,
    Because we're going up against the established order.