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  • essarghkay 26w


    You remind me of a Sunday
    Back when I use to sway
    Between those church pews
    When it seemed so simple what to do
    And what to not
    Now I lay in my sin
    And Lord Almighty there's a lot
    I wish I knew when
    Was the right time to let this old life go
    You make me wanna know
    How the ending goes
    Is it you and me and the sunset
    Or is it you laying me to rest
    Before we even get to the best
    Years of our lives
    These choices I make, they're like knives
    In your back, I know
    How can I show
    You're like a Sunday
    So simple and beautiful
    When I used to sway
    Singing those old gospel songs
    Between those old church pews
    When all I could do was long
    For something like you.

  • essarghkay 27w


    As I lay here in her arms
    I let go of all my charms

    They aren't needed here
    With her, I know, there's nothing to fear

    Never have I felt a love so bold
    Never have I believed in the promises of growing old
    But I believe every one she's told

    She calms my fears
    She lessons my tears
    She lets me be me
    A me I hadn't since long ago seen

    With her, I am better
    With her, I will never have to settle
    For anything less
    Because, my love, she is simply the best.

  • essarghkay 27w

    Willing Prisoner

    I am languidly losing my mind with all this distance.
    I'm strong, my heart has built up its resilience.

    Initially, I will admit, I was nothing but resistant.
    You found me at a time when within myself I could barely even find a resemblance.
    You reminded me of my own brilliance,
    with eager ears and the most becoming of sentiments.

    And, as these things go, I was all but forced to give you admittance.
    Any action insinuating otherwise, was nothing but a meager semblance.
    I can't say you made it difficult to wish my heart away with good riddence.

    I am but a willing prisoner, and you my life sentence.