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  • inkthief 11w

    I need to feel you,
    to be able to touch you to taste your skin
    these feelings I have for you run deep.
    In time we will collide, and release what we have been hiding inside.
    Loving I can feel needing to escape, I let my fingertips caress my own skin.
    As though you are here, I whisper and moan your name, as I ignite my flames.
    Moving my body in motion, thinking about you, of all those things you say you'd do.

  • tonie222 20w

    Those Long Days

    After those long days

    I kicked my heels off and greeted with a "Welcome home."

    I felt a kiss upon my lips. I wanted more

    I wanted to taste sweet smell of Cinnamon Chai Latte upon his lips as I placed the food down on the counter.

    He picked me up placed me on the island

    Ripped my shirt open as buttons fell on the ground

    Like a Ravenous Beast

    Both ready to devour each other

    Hands caressing upon warm bodies

    Eyes rolling back as groans echo throughout the room

    The banging on the walls and cops that were called

    Neither wanted to escape this heavenly sexual escapade.

    Sweat rolled from one body onto another as they panted on the shower floor

    Hair damp, aching bodies.

    All of this awaited her after A Long Day.


  • thoughts_swimmer 30w

    his lips on hers
    gentle hands running down her face
    she was savoring him
    his touch and skin
    she lay still
    he was pouring love
    ecstasy reaching new heights
    with every passing second
    until it reached its peak
    and both explode
    succumbing to their sensual desire

  • rodney 36w

    Strolling streetlights bounces off your incandescent skin.

    Babe, come sit on me.

    Babe, come rest your head on me.

    Babe, let the world run on its own.

    Don't carry all of earth's burdens;
    Come, and I'll ease what is enchaining your freedom.

    Come to me, and I'll caress your braids to kiss your neck and shoulders.

    Let me heal you of all your doubts.
    Let my kiss to suck all that's making you scowl in anger.

    Let me de-stress and re-engage your senses to where they need to render.

    Skin to skin;

    All the love that blooms to appease your cream.
    All these and more until you clasp my shirt,
    Unbutton my heart to dive within.

    This night and every other night;
    This light and every other street light;

    Escapes the window, right through the curtains swaying to the post summer cold breeze;

    To rest on your skin.

    As I immerse my life to emerge as clearer than I could've ever been.


  • zhilehhhayaam 46w

    My heart is in pain
    And I want him to
    Suck this pain with
    His cherry lips &
    Rosy hands.

  • zhilehhhayaam 46w

    Her soul is dying
    For his touch,
    She can't forget
    His first kiss.
    When suddenly
    Sensually kissed her
    Soft lips With his very
    Pinkish aromatic lips
    By holding her shoulders
    Then creased towards
    Her eyes and left a
    The sensual touch of his
    Lips thereby rubbing
    His fingers on her reddish
    She is burning with
    This secret desire to be
    In front of him again,
    But where to find him,
    In memories?....

  • shwetaaa 48w

    His lips were rough as they kissed her, he was a famished soul, his desires were too substantial to rein in. He had held back, but now as she was bathed in the angelic golden glow casted by the candles, she was a dream come true as he felt her weight on his thigh.

    He was avaricious for her, a starved animal finally getting his what he was hungry for. His senses were more alive than they had ever been, her intoxicating smell consuming his conscience, her hesitant lips moving along with his in a languid rhythm that came to them as naturally as breathing. His eyes closed on their own accord as he sucked and licked his way into her hot, awaiting mouth.

    It was all about her, for her, because of her.

    His Ica.

    The grip of her fingers on his forearms urged him further, giving him confidence on the unsure ground of doubts. Connor let his hand explore the lengths of her long hair, removing all the restraining pins that bound her hair.

    A moan left her mouth and just as quickly it had left her busy lips, it was muffled by his tongue. While his teeth nibbled her lower lip, his hands went to her waist, and the layers that obstructed contact with her skin were an error he was just too willing to correct.

    Her palm flattened on his heaving chest as they parted for air, and as he looked in her eyes, he knew that she too was aware were going to end up naked. She stared into his eyes, her gaze lustful while he waited for her to move. His fingers stroked her waist, subtly urging her closer to his chest, until she ended up flushed against him, her arms going around his neck. Although he was eager to recapture her open mouth, he wanted her to make a move. He wanted her to know e wouldn't do anything she wasn't willing to do. He wanted her to know he could give all the control up if she wanted to lead. He wanted her to know that he was hers to claim as well.

    Mating bonds worked both way, after all.

    She took her sweet time to lean into him, and when she was an inch apart, and he parted his mouth to engage in another heated make out session, she smirked and kept him hanging and wanting. That tantalising tongue made an appearance and dragged on his lower lip, making a shiver pass through his coiled and muscled body.

    With a groan he decided play time was over. He was too starved for small plays like these and he had an aching and throbbing erection in his pants to prove his desperation. He put an arm around her waist and held her close to his chest, his lips capturing her mouth again as thoughts of mounting and taking her like a caveman kept his mind crazed for what was yet to come.

    Standing up, he turned around and all but threw her on the soft mattress. She looked up at him, her breath laboured and an urgent call for his body to respond to, and his hardening length hurt more and more as he took in her sprawled form. Her arms stretched out and then she propped herself on her elbows, her lips pouty from his abuse, her eyes hooded with anticipation as her chest went up and down. He put an arm on the bed and reached for the cloth that covered her over her blouse.

    A harsh pull on the dupatta and she was left in a blouse and a skirt which were a heartbeat away from meeting their fellow companion on the floor. The consent was asked for and received in by their heated gazes, no words required to make their needs known.

    She tipped her chin in his direction, her eyes quickly moving to the tunic stretched over his broad chest and returning to his face again. Not his eyes though, nope. Her eyes stayed locked on his lips, even as she spoke.

    "Your turn." her raspy voice demanded and he was just too happy to comply. With a quick tug and pull his chest was bare for her eyes to wander. The sight of her eyes roaming over the expanse of his pecs and abs was a boost to his masculinity like nothing had ever been.

    He wanted to undress her himself, like a child does with his wrapped gift, with elation and enthusiasm of finding out what he knew was meant only for him, precisely chosen for him. So he crawled over her until she was flat on her back and he was looking down at those luscious lips of hers, his hands on each side of her face. Putting his weight on one arm, his fingers traced the graceful arch of her jaw, taking pleasure in how she leaned into his touch. From over her jaw in traveled down to the tender skin of her neck and the collar bone that pressed against her skin. He wanted to mark her then, leave his claim on her neck where everyone could see it.

    Witches weren't like their enemy vampires or even the hideous wolves who could mark and claim their partners. Witchboods had no animals in them, they were elated in a sense where they connected on a very primal and intimate level. The mark was left on the soul rather than the body.

    But he still wanted her to carry his mark on her.

    Nestling into the crook on her neck, he went to work with his mouth, even as his hands continued to the buttons of her blouse, making sure not to touch her breasts just yet. Her gasp was a melody in his ears, calling forth a groan from deep within him.

    His mouth sucked and nibbled on Ica's skin, the seal of his soft lips driving her crazy, making her core ache with need. She could feel the wetness between her thighs, could also feel that her hands and feet were moving, but cared naught for anything other than the expert movement of his mouth. The licks of his tongue and the grazes of his teeth, everything about him from the heat of his large body to the how how he had trapped her between himself and the bed, she craved the man like she had never wanted anyone before.

    Her man, Ica corrected herself.

    Connor was hers.

    She felt him lifting himself and protested the distance he put between them as he straddled her waist, standing on his knees so as not to put any weight on her. And it was when his eyes went to her chest that she noticed her blouse was undone. The two halves parted at her sternum yet stubbornly covering her breasts.

    Ica didn't knew where she gained the self confidence from, all her life she had always been self conscious of her body- in a bad way. The shy and scared girl that she had been for most of her life had vanished somewhere, here, on the bed with this great man was an Ica whom she herself didn't recognize. She was guided by the ache in her core, how desperately she wanted him to cover her again, how her pointed nipples were begging for attention as they itched against the fabric.

    She needed him.

    So with a boldness that was foreign to her, she brought her shaking hands up and made a great show of languidly uncovering her mounds. When he sucked in a breath at the sight of her bosom, she looked at his bobbing Adam's apple as he gulped air like a fish out of water, his eyes were strained at what she had presented him with.

    You are perfect, Connor thought as his woman rose up and removed the blouse from her arms and laid back down again, arching her back and putting on display her generous breasts, the tips of which were brown and delectable.

    Without actually thinking, or rather totally giving up on the act of using his brain, his hands slowly moved up from her waist, over her ribcage and then finally reaching their destination and covering her breasts.

    They fit perfectly in his palms as he caressed them, his thumbs moving on her pointed tips as she moaned her approval out for him. He moved down and placed his lips right over her wildly beating heart, and then moving to capture a begging nipple in his mouth. As his suckled on her, his tongue swirling and lapping, he was aware of her legs parting and her hands pulling him down. As if she wanted to feel his weight on her, her legs wet over the back of his knees and her fingers went into hair, tugging and arching her body up.

    He wanted to explore every bit of her body.

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    She took her sweet time to lean into him, and when she was an inch apart, and he parted his mouth to engage in another heated make out session, she smirked and kept him hanging and wanting. That tantalising tongue made an appearance and dragged on his lower lip, making a shiver pass through his coiled and muscled body.

  • firujanazmin 49w


    Both of us are burning
    In the flame of LOVE.
    Devoured for the day to unite.
    Drinking the elixir of desire.
    We both lost in the
    Labyrinth of love.

  • ananku 66w

    The Maiden

    Thou must answer, all my questions
    Ere I quench thy thirst.
    For the fruit I bear,
    Is a Sacred one.
    Can't give it to some gypsy
    On the run.


  • ananku 66w

    The Gypsy

    This gypsy has travelled so far
    Just give him
    Thine sweet saft to drink
    For thou art the maiden
    Of this beautiful land
    The true owner of the garden grapes.


  • sparklingteja 70w


    The way we make love with eyes


  • misty_2004 79w

    In the shallow myriads,
    I would love to be the devil....
    Yes,a devil with lips,as dark as gloom,
    With glances as deep as the core...
    Yes,I would love to be the devil of his nightmares...
    Where he would dig the grave
    And find blood....
    Blood of mine??
    Haah....blood of his stabbed damn love...
    Yes,I would love to be the devil,
    The devil that hunts for the moron,
    I will emerge with every sun that shines
    And will drop curse into every fire that he ignites...
    Gloom will be my destiny,
    I will be the devil of the haunted love.....
    That cries blood
    And adorns the scars...
    I would love to be the devil.....


  • azam_dehlvi 86w

    बिस्तर की सिलवटें देख ये अंदाज़ा होता है,
    तमाम शब हुस्न परिशान जिस्म तन्हा होता है...


  • mere_alfaaz14 102w

    Make her

    Do not make her uncomfortable

    Just make her comfortable in your arms
    and start kiss from her forehead , lips and make wet her entire body by your lips.
    And yes in the end cum together .

  • shivamittal 116w

    Aroma of our skin
    blended whites of our eyes
    criss-crossing breaths
    fingers trembling in love
    eye lashes shying down
    night crawling in our sheets
    whispers in our ears
    snip of buttons
    here and there
    love consumed me
    'i won't let you go'
    I said and dreamt my evening poetry.


  • charismapher 120w

    My testosterone is basically magma.
    It boils beneath the surface.
    Until bra and panties come off...
    Then it's fucking Pompeii.


  • _twentyseventh 129w


    Her breasts used to be cold like her heart
    But she realised that she wasn't dreaming
    As soon as the playful squeezing
    Began to become warm fondling
    And as soon as her bosom
    Started getting cooked pleasantly in his love!


  • _rakhi 137w

    मुझे अच्छा नहीं लगता
    तेरा, मुझसे दूर जाना
    मुझे अच्छा नहीं लगता
    तेरा, मुझसे हाथ छुड़ाना
    मुझे अच्छा नहीं लगता
    तेरा, ख़ामोश रहना
    मुझे अच्छा नहीं लगता
    तेरी, अधूरी बात सुनना
    मुझे अच्छा नहीं लगता
    तेरा,देर से आना
    मुझे अच्छा नहीं लगता
    तेरा, जाते वक़्त पलट कर ना देखना
    मुझे अच्छा नहीं लगता
    तेरा, मुझसे दूर जाना
    मुझे अच्छा नहीं लगता
    तेरे बिना सांसे लेना
    मुझे अच्छा नहीं लगता
    तेरा, मुझसे दूर जाना

  • ratika 154w


    Your single touch electrifies my whole body.


  • thirsty_romeo 159w

    I Found Poetry In Between Your Legs