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  • devilfish 18h

    Circles Of Ash

    A ring of love
    Burned to circles of ash
    As if a dove could stand
    The cigarettes and all the

    A ring of love
    I no longer respond to
    A touch without thinking of abuse
    I try to interpret and it's been fused

    I try to undo what I can
    But, I can only carry myself
    If I can come to my feet and stand
    Without any help then I will be able
    I envy the constant state of stable that is,

    ""B L A C K"

    A sweeping band of rain
    Torrential as it's pouring in vain
    Clutch has shook me
    And rattled me
    An onyx seductive black

  • anuradhasharma 1d

    कोर्ट के दर पर , दरखौस्त कर ।
    कितने अपनी जिंदगी में ही ,
    लड़ाई लड़ रहे है ।
    क्योंकि फैसले में ,
    ज़िंदगी लग जाएगी ।
    खर्चें भी काफ़ी होंगे ,
    और ज़िंदगी सिर्फ उसमे ,
    लगा भी नहीं सकते ।
    उसके बाद भी क्या पता ,
    जीत अमीरों , कसूरवारों की हो ।

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  • prernasaxena 4d


    Kuch waqt se m soch rahi hu
    Kuch sawalo k jawab jane kbse khoj rahi hu...
    Log kuch na kuch keh rhe hain roj...
    Roj m bhi unki baatein soch rhi hu...
    Kaha ja raha h uska imaan galat hai...
    Aadmi m chupa wo insan galat hai..
    Kuch baatein ho rahi hain...
    Kuch shor ho Raha h...
    Andhere m logo ka astitva kho rha h...
    Bhul chuki h ye dunia ye baat...
    Aadmi b aakhir h insan...
    Kuch haiwano ki wajah se hr aadmi ko kos rahi h...
    Ye Dunia jo jee m aaye bol rahi h...
    Sochte h sab k mard ko Dard Nahi hota...
    Pr insan aur patthar m kya frk nhi hota..??
    Aadmi b toh insan hi h..
    Kuch baaton k pr jawab nhi h...
    Ho skta h kuch log ab muje b glt bole...
    Insaaf k tarazu m muje b wo tolein...
    Ho skta h frse muje sunni pdein kuch baatein...
    Aaj aadmi k drd ki bt jo bol rhi hu...
    Insan ko insaan ki trh tol rahi hu...
    Bura na dharm Na insaan hota hai....
    Bura hamare andar chupa wo shaitan hota hai...
    Ab band b kro roj roj k ye ilzam...
    Samjh jao ki AADMI bhi aakhir mein hai ek insan...
    Usko bhi milna chahie NAARI jitna Samaan..!!

  • keithallencovell 1w


    Leave their abortion rights alone, you imbeciles
    Ya think the Earth appreciates overcrowding?
    Ya think God loves rapists, the enslaved??
    You think wrong, God loves freedom

    Leave their sexual preferences alone
    Ya think the Earth discriminates its plates?
    Ya think God adores totalitarian scum??
    You think WRONG, God demands plasticity


  • theswordandtherose 2w


    Colors flowing, showing pride
    One’s uniqueness, dare not hide
    Yet many voice their hurtful chides
    Because they do not see our side

    Blinded by the lies

    But I choose not to be so cruel
    As to call a verbal duel
    With words that hatred tries to fuel
    Where fire’s prejudice does rule

    To break the human heart

    The “Golden Rule” reveals be kind
    To the hearts and to the minds
    Of every soul where love entwines
    With faith and hope for all mankind

    Leaving disrespect behind


  • mansidubey_14 2w


    A boy never shows his feelings to anyone ,only becoz of the mindset of the society that boyz don't have emotion side dominating .They can't cry in front of anyone becoz society thinks that crying doesn't suits to boyz ,I mean what's wrong before that person is male ,he is a human being and human beings are known for their feelings and showing what they feel ,then how we can say that crying doesn't suits to boyz....?
    If girls deserves a reputive place in society then boyz deserves the same .......if we can't insult a girl or hurt her pride then we can't insult a boy or hurt his pride .....!
    If society little changes its mindset then many changes can take place in this beautiful world .
    If a boy slaps a girl then everyone will say "how rude the boy is ,he slapped a girl "and when a girl slaps a boy then to everyone says "definitely,boy had done something wrong "only becoz of mindset of society .......If all boyz are not bad ,likewise all the girls are not good too....
    Exceptions are always there in every part of world ...!

  • archie909 2w

    #lilith #mythology #firstwoman #firstwifeofadam
    #adameve #love #feminism #equality

    Wanna know more about Lilith, check out my new article


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    They called her a demon 
    A child-eating monster,
    the vampire queen,
    the first wife of Adam.
    But nobody saw her, 
    as who she was,
    nobody saw the, 
    real woman behind
    the mask of a monster.
    The woman whose children,
    were killed ruthlessly,
    whose husband replaced,
    her almost instantaneously.
    And what was her fault?
    she didn't want to bow down!
    and tell me,
    why should she?
    When she was created as an equal.
    When she was deemed to be the queen.

  • rupal_kaur_anand 2w

    People say marry at the right age, otherwise you won't get a suitable partner.
    Is it true?
    Well according to me it's better not to get married rather than jeopardizing not only your life but the life of the person you are getting married to and his/her entire family.
    #feminism #feministquotes #feminist #equalrights #society #girls #equality #socialpressure #quotes #philosiphical #decisions #weddingdecisions #wisdom #instagram #caption

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    I won't get married
    until I am ready to get married
    Is it that difficult to understand?

  • ashutosh_ratnakar 2w

    The Reservation Song

    Reservations are but reluctant reparations
    Damaging more than they repair
    My neighbours loathe my precarious privileges
    The source of my despair

    Harijan Dalit Scheduled Castes and Tribes
    Civilized words behind which their profanities hide
    Chamar Chuhad Mochi Mehtar Bhangi Bloody Bastard
    Deemed fit, spent lavishly when I'm not beside

    They say I'm not meritorious, don't belong to their pride,
    They hate me and the system that let me inside,
    How do I burst their illusion of merit, accumulated privileges, centuries old,
    Innate is human intelligence, I'm one, my friends don't be so cold,

    My dark coloured skin, my unbranded clothes,
    Fuel their entitled snobbery,
    My stable job, my wedding horse,
    Expose their closet bigotry,

    The modern social protocol has forced them to act with respect towards me,
    So with malice in their hearts and a hypocritic smile, they try to act all friendly,
    And sing a sweet social lullaby, publically praise justice and equality,
    While subtly lobbying to keep me out of their elitist society,

    My newfound confidence, the courage to dream, and fulfill my aspirations,
    I owe it all to the patrons of Ambedkar and western Education,
    The opportunity to be an equal citizen guaranteed by the democratic constitution,
    I know is what shakes the four Varnas and their foundation,

    So with humble strides here I trespass their wicked social maze,
    My feet steady, my light unflickering, my summit in my gaze,
    Yearn they may to see me stumble, fall off this climbing cliff,
    Reminding I am for I was born on the edge of this very precipice!


  • just_a_teen 2w

    Imagine restrictions to express yourself when you have so much responsibilities on your shoulders is so distrubing...

    Both men and women are all victims of society norms. Why do we fight battles men versus women, when in reality it is humanity versus patriarchy..

    #mashthenorms #mirakee #equality #normalise #beahuman @mirakee

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    A man is a human too...

    People who said "be a man" are the same who say "masculinity is so toxic"..

  • burningsoul 2w

    You answered you own question friend, I have nothing else to say to say.
    Feminists do not hate men.
    Feminists do not hate the idea of having kids one day.
    Feminists are not home wrecker.
    Lastly, feminists demand to be heard and taken seriously .
    That many of you fail to understand.
    Feminists do not want your permission to do whatever the heck they want(unless they commit a crime and they are answerable to authorities and not to you).
    It's a free country and now they are hell bent on making this county free for themselves.
    All we need is equality, be it for upper caste women or lower class as well.
    All we want is as treated to be equals.
    And the reason, we are always angry is because we have to engage with uneducated morons like you.

    #womenempowerment #equality #womenforwomen #feminists #feminisminInda #womem #indianhistoryoffeminists

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    A guy asked me why are these feminists, so angry all the time.

    Me: Because we are not getting the equal rights as
    Guy: we are letting you to work in any of the fields
    that you want to.
    Me: se that's the problem you're no one to allow us
    to any field of profession.
    Guy: The lawmakers don't care much about you,
    how do you expect society to care.

  • the_perplexed_globetrotter 3w

    Boundaries are eternal!

    It's just a colour for each to lure
    Not more than a shade to procure
    They set black for the funeral
    White for peace of all
    Pink and blue for each gender
    Picking one out of a rainbow is such a blunder
    Same are the emotions they hold
    Sometimes they can't be more loud
    It's a waste to prove themselves each hour
    And they need no shades to be what they are.


  • ashupriyaa 4w

    #bravery #truth #equality
    #follow me if you are as me ❤️

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    विरासत से तय नहीं होंगे सियासत के फैसले,
    उड़ान तय करेगा की ये आसमान किसका है।।

  • rupal_kaur_anand 4w

    I was reading a children's book and I realised there were lot of things we have learnt that we start forgetting as we grow.
    We become selfish and self-centered as we become older and we start blaming life or society for it .
    Well never lose the child inside you, sometimes that child is much Wiser than older you.
    #equality #racism #discrimination #generequality #equalrights #feminism #empowerment #womanhood #likes #imstagram #instadaily #motivation #wisewords #wisdom #kindness

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    Never forget the lessons of equality, patience, kindness and generosity we have learnt as a child

    ©R.K Anand

  • lumbarstar 4w

    Kindness of a stranger

    Nowadays, it is hard for anyone to act upon kindness,
    Unless they wanting something in return,
    But there is that percentage of one stranger,
    Being true to themselves by showing kindness towards others...

  • ket_pat 4w

    His or Her

    I was sad for many reasons but still a happy soul. I was confused by my life but still believed in it. But I had this anger build up in me which was like 'Plank constant'. It all started changing slowly after I met him. Our start was unexpected and bumpy but it kept accelerating. But lately it has become everything about the differences rather than similarities. At first they were just simple misunderstandings about colour choices, clothes, appearances etc.
    But now they have become 'One or None' phenomenon. I really want to accept him and adapt to him,but its not easy. None of the people around me approve of him,they criticize him to a extend where I started doubting my choices and decisions. Today was the final call of the one or the none situation. I had to make a choice between him and my people. Holding these huge tablets in my hand, I decided to hold his hand and become Mr. Ayush instead of Ms. Ayushi!!

  • white_14 4w


    We girls feel that we face inequality, it's indeed true. EQUALITY IS A MYTH. But it's also the GUYS who encounter it.
    Like the RIGHT TO LIFE is a birthright, crying is furthermore a right. Everybody has to cry to let off the pain.
    Every time a boy sobs, society says," Don't weep like a girl."
    It influences the psychological state of the boy. CRYING IS NOT A SIGN OF WEAKNESS.
    HE CAN BE SOFT, there's no havoc in that.
    THEY CAN AND NEED TO CRY, it's reasonable not to keep the pain inside. Crying is the foremost way to get relieved of that pain, agony, etc.

  • devilfish 5w

    One Thing I Know

    One thing I know
    Is beauty
    Is forced on it's knees
    For pain to force it's leather boot to
    On her back breaking her from being free
    Of it's existence forced itself upon her essence whipping her when leather writing
    His name as she withers and he tethered to her
    So she couldn't sever him from her
    Inside of her
    And intertwined it's self with a dark
    Venusian|Plutonic that was alive in her
    Energy does not know death
    So she knew that after her first breath
    With no memory prior that moment will haunt herself into energy's immortality
    And she will always be left
    Enduring the pain in the angst that blossom
    Through the holes in God's symmetry
    In her ribcage through her burrowed chest
    A cavity curdled holding humanity in the flesh
    Personification with words to decorate
    The doors of the living and the dead

  • loveneetm 5w


    सजना धजना चूडी कंगना,
    पायल बिंदी लुभाती है,
    मैं नर के भीतर नारी हूँ,
    जो सदा मौन रह जाती है।

    अब भी कैसें बोलूँ मुख से,
    यहाँ लोक लाज मर जाती है,
    मैं भी एक प्राणी हूँ लोगों,
    जिसको दुनिया झूठ लाती हैं।

    मेरे भी अंदर प्रेम भरा,
    मैं दुल्हन बनना चाहती हूँ,
    प्रियतम की मुझको भी आशा,
    मैं भी भीतर शरमाती हूँ।

    पर काया की यह बैचैनी,
    मुझ रोज याद दिलाती है,
    मैं नर के भीतर नारी हूँ,
    जो सदा मौन रह जाती है।

  • bananidaschowdhury3_9 6w

    THOSE JERKS . . .

    The other night
    heart felt heavy
    all the inhumanities around

    It felt as
    most parts of this world
    is being inhabited
    with all these parasites
    of greed for the power
    and insanity for the lust

    The devilish
    seemed to be capturing
    the free spirits and
    enslaving all
    in the cages of fears

    It felt questioning
    where the power
    who made this world is hiding
    Or is there really any power
    who made this humane cosmos once?

    It felt as if there's no control
    over these malicious associations
    of all the collective evils
    oppressing humane dignity to live
    all around safe in this cosmos

    Let this world perish
    if there's inhibition of rightful justice
    and only inhabitation of the wrongs

    Did that power
    who made all failed us then?

    Did that power let the control go off
    from her?


    I said "Answer"


    And the next morning
    she answered with

    "Heavy Jerks"

    I got my answer

    Only the power of karma
    rules this world !