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  • prem79 1w

    Annihilate Wrong

    Annihilate your fear before it grows into malevolent ghost that casts its shadow every time you try to rise

    Annihilate your pride before it blooms into a witche's bane (a c o n i t u m) that has a beautiful look but few drops of it can paralyse you
    every time you try to rise

    Annihilate your anger before it turns into a monstrous serpent that constricts and swallows you whole
    every time you try to rise

    Annihilate your envy before it casts a sheath of arrogance that obscures the virtue in you
    every time you try to rise

    Annihilate grudges! Annihilate other's perception of you! Annihilate controlling!
    Annihilate blaming!
    Annihilate all, all that wrongs you!


  • sarcastic_nidhi 6w

    Secrets of my mind

    Tipsy the weather
    Like my mind.
    While the wind is blowing
    Feels like I’m flying up in the sky.
    Blank are the pages in my diary
    Just like my life.
    The void is all over me
    Making me feel like I’m leading an empty life.
    Sometimes it feels like I shouldn’t even exist
    Like a glitch in the universe!


  • the_speccy_outsider 6w

    I have learnt mostly from the intangible teachers in my life. And I now crown them the title for they deserve it.

    I believe my past is still pristine, being entirely paradoxical in nature. Albeit, I want it to fade and not become subfusc. I only want to remember all the good memories. Being a rational human being I often tend to incline towards remembering otherwise.

    The popular saying goes that failure is the best teacher. But sometimes, failure can also lead to rigmarole of frustration. Which then spirals and creates adversities for us, resulting in plethora of mental imbalances.

    To all the experiences, situations, memories, people, non-living things that came into my life and influenced my living, I thank all. For it made me who I am today. And the reason for the principles and values I hold today.

    On this occasion of Teachers' Day I promise to hold everything dear to me and let go of everything that poses detrimental to me.


    #sometimes #paradox #epistrophe

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    Sometimes I learn from the past
    Adversities I went through in the past
    Memories and experience of the past
    All the people I met in the past

    Indeed a great Teacher, is the past

  • bubbly_blueberry 6w

    Bad poet

    When i am sad i write poetry
    When i am happy i giggle writing poetry
    When i fight with Mom i cling to poetry
    When in fight with dad i seclude in poetry
    When i complain about social issues
    i turn towards the ink of poetry
    When i do nothing,i jot down poetry!
    When i laugh i do hippie poetry
    When i question i ask shamelessly in poetry
    When i loose i cry and sigh in waves of poetry!
    When i win i do hitech sting operation in poetry
    When i desire i wish & sleep in poetry
    When i die i perform burial ceremony & die in the coffin of poetry
    When i live i breathe in poetry
    When i bully i sin, do vulgarity in poetry
    When i daydream i touch poetry
    Poetry is not hobby but character
    While daydreaming is hobby
    executed by virtual poetries

  • mickyjfoster 6w

    A Number

    They say that age is just a number
    But number still defines your age.
    They say that you should  have a baby at this age,
    You should be married at that age,
    You should be done with school at this age,
    Living on your own at that age,
    Know who you are and what you want at this age,
    Yet I'm of age and have nothing to show of with age

  • nocturnal_enigma 6w

    Write To Me ~

    International penpals, please write to me.
    How's it like to have 4 seasons? Write to me.
    How long time gap are we? Write to me.

    My writings- epitaph of me. Write to me,
    dear Miraquillians. Comment. Write to me.
    I also like to read your posts. Write to me.

    My estranged biological Dad, write to me.
    Just like how you write notes, write to me.
    I miss you very much. Dad, write to me.

    My crush, who blocked me, write to me.
    Reply my letter to you. Will you write to me?
    Don't return my gifts for you. Write to me.

    Myself, grab a pen and just write to me.
    One day, I'll read the letter. So, write to me.
    Pour it all out, like a downpour! Write to me.

    Ideal Heights classmates; Write to me.
    What you do for a living? Write to me.
    What you like to do? Oh, write to me!

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma


    * 3.9.2021; 8.51 P.M (Malaysia)

    * Ideal Heights was my high-school. (2008-2012)

    * I didn't chose the background. It automatically there. So, I just use it.

    #Epistrophe is a figure of speech in which one or more words repeat at the end of successive phrases l, clauses or sentences. Itnis a simple and effective way to emphasize an idea and communicate urgency or emotion.

    #Epitaph = Something by which a person, time, or event will be remembered.

    #WriteToMe #writec #write #challenge by @writersbay


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    Write to me ~

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  • blackdee 6w

    Once I was love
    Once I was in love
    Once I felt loved

    Once I was peace
    Once I thought myself peaceful
    Once I spread peace

    Once I was joy
    Once I carried joy
    Once I rejoiced

    Once upon a time
    I was these and more
    But not anymore


  • likwidsay10 6w

    Just A Little Bit

    I'm in love just a little bit
    I want you just a little bit
    I need you just a little bit
    I'm afraid just a little bit
    To lose you for just a little bit
    I'm insecure just a little bit
    That you love someone else just a little bit
    That you don't care
    To care about me just a little bit
    It hurts just a little bit
    An' I'm sad just a little bit
    When you're gone just a little bit
    An' I miss you just a little bit
    Show me you love me just a little bit
    By giving me your attention just a little bit
    I feel like I could die just a little bit
    Open up your eyes
    An' you'll see just a little bit
    That maybe you can love me just a little bit
    That it could be more then just a little bit
    In just a little bit
    I'll wait just a little bit
    To be with you just a little bit
    For just a little bit
    I've wasted money just a little bit
    To impress you just a little bit
    You've forgotten me just a little bit
    For just a little bit


  • anthonyhanible 6w

    I'm going to do this
    I'm going to put my whole heart into this
    My mind thinks only about this
    My soul prays for this
    Relationship with you

  • joybirdpoetry 6w

    #epistrophe #mirakee #writersbay #writersnetwork I've been too busy to write much recently, so reposting an old one. I'll get back to writing soon though. Where do the days go?

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    White flag

    Moral compass misaligned
    find myself more cruel than kind
    good versus bad is intertwined
    when I fight the wars inside me.

    Integrity easily compromised
    judgement poorly exercised
    self-worth becomes demonised
    when I fight the wars inside me.

    Gratitude lacks sincerity
    humility becomes a rarity
    shy away from solidarity
    when I fight the wars inside me.

    Faith is thrown to the wind
    halo shine a little dimmed
    I'm sorry Lord for I have sinned
    when I fight the wars inside me.

    Courage packs a bag and leaves
    sneaks out with the valour thieves
    the coward moves in and deceives
    when I fight the wars inside me.

    Confidence on a slippery slope
    swinging from the Hangman's rope
    dig the grave now there's no hope
    when I fight the wars inside me.

    Optimism rising from the tomb
    a flicker of light inside the gloom
    marching in with a whole platoon
    I call truce on the wars inside me.


  • sumana_chakraborty 6w

    When day's dolour transcends into night's pain, I write
    When wishes brittle into pieces , I write
    When loved one's depart , I write
    When tempest besiege heart, I write
    When autumn fall surround my words with colour, I write
    When Amaltas petals drop with hues of yellow, I write
    Write to me , tell tales , O , my Sky , my Sun , Air, Water and Moon,
    Your rendezvous and union
    Don't feel shy, I'll write
    To you all in return.


  • therapisttales 6w


    I met someone who smokes cigar
    But gives her cat diet food for a longer life
    She wants hers in fullest, fast and furious
    But when her mom gets flue it feels serious

    I met someone who loved someone
    Who loved someone who loved someone
    When they all run out of love, she decided to stay
    With her oldest friend (that’s herself) bare in a cave

    I met someone who is cool as hell
    Yet manages to put one foot in heaven as well
    She is as nonjudgmental as a wind rose
    She blows her own wind and writes her own prose


  • shailja33 6w

    Sitting in the seashore
    she saw the silhouette of
    a sneaky stranger
    She secretly stalked
    him and
    suddenly on her way
    she found a shrouded
    stuff surrounded by stripe
    to unseal it.
    As she subtly unrolls
    the paper
    she staggers and struggles
    to hold the sorrows
    etched in the morose
    sympathizing with the
    strange stringer
    she slurps the sorrows
    set straight in the sonnets
    dedicated to someone
    by someone other.

    #wod #ceesreposts #epistrophe #pod

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    she slurps the sorrows
    set straight in the sonnets
    dedicated to someone
    by someone other.

  • happy_soul14 6w

    Her thoughts are bigger than ocean
    Her writings are vast ocean
    Did you try to swim in her thoughts of ocean
    You would drown and never come!!

  • saheyiduad 6w

    a blissful memorable journey
    feets that embraces the ever long journey
    even destination is jealous of that journey
    in which your hand never left mine, a promised journey

  • _astitva_ 6w

    Nature is poetry ��

    Each event existing in/out earthling is poetry ��

    I started this in the morning but couldn't complete. In the evening I saw your POD and I felt I got it myself ��

    So, This is dedicated to you my poetess sister @puranidiary ❣️ ����

    @fromwitchpen I owe you for my alliterations ��

    Will read soon ����

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork for your kind repost (15) ❤️

    #wod #epistrophe @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    What is poetry?

    Abandoned amour abstracting autumn is poetry
    Baltic breeze breathing betrayal is poetry
    Crimson clouds concealing chaos is poetry
    Drizzling dusk. drowning distress is poetry
    Egyptian epitome exhorting emulation is poetry
    Flourished frangipani flavouring fall is poetry
    Godly Ganges glistening glory is poetry
    Heavy heart holding hope is poetry
    Idyllic infatuation inking insomnia is poetry
    Jubilant jingle jotting juvenescence is poetry
    Kindered kinships knotting kismets is poetry
    Last letter lamenting for lost lover is poetry
    Melancholic monsoon mellowing moon is poetry
    Nepenthean night narrating nostalgia is poetry
    Oasis of overthinking oozing obscurity is poetry
    Perky petrichor pacifying poignance is poetry
    Quivering quill quenching quests is poetry
    Rusty railtracks reminiscing redundance is poetry
    Sinking soul screaming solitude is poetry
    Tacit twilight trilling temporariness is poetry
    Ubiquitous universe unwinding (e)uphoria is poetry
    Veracious vow veneering valediction is poetry
    Xany xanthopetal (e)xciting xo is poetry
    Yesterday's yearn yielding youth is poetry
    Zest zephyr zesting zillions is poetry


  • sleepingsoul 6w


    You know there is something great about imagination,
    One can imagine anything through imagination,
    One can formulate magical world through imagination,
    One can create enchanted words through imagination.

  • kudirat_mojisola 6w

    Will always love you

    I love you for who you are
    I love you with no blemish attached
    I love you with all my heart
    I love you more than love itself

    I hate you for the fake love
    I hate you for the fake care
    I hate you for the fake smile
    I hate you for always cheating on my love for you

    Even though I hate you
    My love never denies you
    Even though I hate you
    My care never reduces
    Even though the hate is there
    I still want to hold you close

  • laconic_words 6w


    You made the sky go blur, fog,
    You made the leaves bath, fog,
    You made the vision unclear, fog,
    You made me forget my path, fog,
    But I know you'll lift up soon, you scary scary fog,

  • thoughtsprocess 6w

    It doesn't matter whatever the season is
    my eyes rain
    Whenever I hug your memories
    my eyes rain
    When my soul seeks yours
    my eyes rain
    When I feel your existence around me
    my eyes rain
    When trees shed leaves in Autumn
    my eyes rain
    When Peacocks look at the sky and long for rain
    my eyes rain
    When I chant your name
    my eyes rain
    When I see barren lands
    my eyes rain