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    Aren't we better off being a diamond in the swamps than a mere pebble that the world fawns over?


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    I was left lost and abandoned
    Abandoned like a boat rocking in the stormy ocean
    Ocean had no one left to call my own
    Own understanding I lacked of my emotions
    Emotions when you found me I was
    Was wilted and near death , barely alive
    Alive as your comforting touch was a relief from the pain
    Pain it helped cure, helped me survive
    Survive I did and clung to you like a drowning man
    Man you were the only one in sight
    Sight you became the essence of my soul
    Soul(‘s) saviour in the dark and desolate night
    Night was when I fell in love with you even before I knew
    Knew what I was really getting into
    Into the sky you were the rainbow
    Rainbow that I was drawn to like glue
    Glued, mended my broken self and calmed
    Calmed my tattered and shattered soul
    Soul I trusted in your hands
    Hands healing me was seemingly my only goal
    Goal was lost with a crack here and a jolt there
    There you used my unbreakable trust in you
    You turned it around to bruise me now and then
    Then you became someone I never knew
    Knew that I was a monster, a plague
    Plague where the fault always lay within me
    Me thought you were the angel who could do no wrong
    Wrong I was and I needed to set you free
    Free I wasn’t but emotionally broken and scarred I left
    Left only to find loneliness and despair again
    Again it would be a decade before I would heal
    Heal and my life’s reed fully regain
    Regain myself I needed to love me completely
    Completely it was me I needed to learn to like
    Like I was slow to heal because myself
    Myself I’d grown to hate and dislike
    Dislike causes a daily struggle to love myself
    Myself I’m still slow while trusting others
    Others falter so we should learn to trust ourselves
    Ourselves remake till us it no longer bothers


    28th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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    Even Alice found her Wonderland when she decided to slide down the rabbit hole
    Finding your fairytale needs you to move
    When the epiphany hits you
    It's a calling of your desires
    To move and change your story

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    - a work in progress
    - simphony of epiphany
    - the unfinished project that is still being added to/ developed

    ~ progress, not perfection

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    Curious case of a contemplative mind
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    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    All the while
    I was searching for rhyme,
    Nascent wonders
    And wasted prime.
    Failed to notice inside myself
    Melody was there all the time.

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    One Day You'll Come To The Realization That You've Been Lied To.... ALL THESE YEAR

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    Periodically I feel to be underground
    By locking from the virtual and physical world

    Periodically I feel to throw my pen into some unknown ocean
    As if it has sprung on it, it comes back to me

    Periodically I feel life is worthier than the way I worry
    But not likely suicidal thoughts are as easy as possible people as saying to avoid

    Periodically I feel to write long manual letters to a stranger, to calm myself
    And to send by tying it with pigeon's leg

    Periodically I feel to taste the epiphany
    To inked the nuances from life to death

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    She sat by the table bar, silently watching him sing on his guitar for the crowd gathered around for the gig. The night was lovely for shy lovers to date in but there she is trying to untangle herself from her clotted memories settling like a speck of dirt to taint her day blue. The mellow faint light enhanced the ambiance of that old bar where thousands of feelings are being brewed each minute somebody walks in. Many years have lapsed yet she would still occasionally wonder where he is, how he is doing, if he is married and hoped for just one day to see him again. For some reason, she wanted to experience the thrill she has once felt and to know if old feelings would stay still after all the trouble she went through trying to see him in every public places that resulted to few years of social services wishing for him to pop up anywhere, anytime. However, the world became wider as they both drifted off to find their own purpose to live by. After so many unfortunate years and after so many eager hopes have failed, who knew he'd appear again Infront of her after 10 long years shaking up her sleeping soul like an erupting volcano inundating with old butterflies she had felt and memories she has treasured deep inside her heart.

    As she watched him perform, she shyly smiled every time he glanced towards her side. Things would have been different if she had met him sooner because now the path is being demarcated by decisions she has taken for herself. Meanwhile, from the sidelines, her husband couldn't take his eyes off of her, gleefully smiling for the first time in many months, only wishing that smile was for him. Their marriage wasn't based on love but it wasn't in the brink of collapse either. However, it took her a long time to open herself up to him but he didn't force her for anything the whole time they spent together. He walked up to her from behind, gently took her hands in his, secretly hiding his jealous side of him and said, "Honey, do you know him?" She looked at him in the eye, nodded and sensing his curiosity rather than jealousy in his eyes, she gave him a quick peck on his cheek and said, "He is someone I've been wishing to meet. My ex-crush (smiled)". There was a moment when she was so lost in life that she joined a company to work just to distract her mind and one day, he just showed up out of nowhere like an angel and knocked some senses into her that in her younger verbatim she would describe the situation as dramatic as the torn fibres crawling back to miraculously joined on its own to make her whole. Upon seeing him there, she literally started feeling like a human, not a living corpse wandering as if lost. Though she personally knew nothing about him at all, he took most of her pain away like he was meant to do that for her somehow. For about fifteen irregular days, their time collided for few hours but she quit the job soon after to focus on her studies. Many years after the surreal encounter, she has volunteered to do so many services, partly hoping to see him magically appear which he never did.
    Now here he is, bringing with him an epiphany when she found him again in the most unexpected moment and place.

    "I guess my feelings haven't changed at all after all these years. My heart still beats faster like it used to before but this time, it was a little different." She turned towards her husband, smiled at him apologetically and said, "But you know what, honey...when I see him now, I see you in him. When he smiles, I see yours, when he shyly apologized for the delay earlier, I saw your nervous self again... Honey, I see you in everything he does and it makes me think maybe, just maybe, this must have something to do with you that I... I might have fallen for you too...and I'm afraid there's no turning bac...." He kissed her before she could complete her sentence, resting all his earlier doubts about the whole heart wrenching situation and giving his all for she is all he has. Thus his arrival brought closure to his feelings as he finally makes amends with his thoughts now that he knew exactly where he rightfully belongs!


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    ��@pinterest:the soul nebula

    Soul Nebula is an emission nebula located in Cassiopeia. Several small open clusters are embedded in the nebula: CR 34, 632, and 634(in the head) and IC 1848 (in the body). The object is more commonly called by the cluster designation IC 1848.

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    The self ego tends to be fretful
    Impulsive in mind and less careful
    Since its aware that time is limited
    But inner spirit is restraint
    Peaceful in thought
    Giving all the time needed to comprehend
    Since its understand that time is eternal

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    As my lip twitches.
    So my hands shiver.
    I've got an idea.
    A bubble of thought.
    I've caught.
    Now I set free.
    On wings of literally.
    Your imagination.

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    #epiphany #loveyourself . I was suddenly very inspired by the song epiphany by JIN OF BTS ��

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    You are the one whom you should love

    Oh fool! How can u love someone  ,
    When u degrade yourself so much?
    When people ask you what do u love in you , you say none?
    Not loving yourself is a sin cant be washed by praying at church.

    Yet u dare say that u are capable to love another,
    When you cant accept your inner self which is as beautiful as dove ,
    You are enough for yourself not for other,
    Coz you are the one whom u should love.

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    Late Hours Perceptions in mind and heart... I guess we gotta wait for Late Hour Answers for 202..?


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    Thoughts of the day as I sat
    Aware of this present day
    First light of the year
    My mind was trying to be evasive
    But my heart birthed our perceptions,

    “... undeterred I see how I will start this year.
    I see what I am going to do.
    It’s not gonna be all about me.
    But be Unashamed about HIM.

    I perceive how I would like to do things.
    I believe in what I am going to do, I say.
    It’s gonna be credence in my mind
    Optimism followed by conviction over addiction

    Faith over suspicion on all of my brothers and sisters
    I hope for what I am supposed to do
    It’s Life given to us through the truthful answers
    Peace will be within us as we live our gifts”.

    >Late Hours Perceptions
    For 2021

  • yaron116 48w

    I got up few hours ago this evening
    And then I remembered
    Today is the first day of the year
    With my emotions livid
    Crept within my mind questions,

    "...How would I like to start a year?
    What am I gonna do?
    Is it going to be all about me?
    Or will it be all about HIS Glory Alone?

    How would I like to do things this year?
    What am I really gonna do?
    Is there any change in my mind?
    Or will I always be pessimistic about this life and other people?

    How would I like to help my brother and my sister this year?
    What am I suppose to do?
    Is there any Life of working together I perceive here?
    Or will I sway back and be selfish about all my gifts?..."

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    An eye-opening microtale.
    Just a try. Hope you all could relate to it.��☺️

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    Being aware that I'm capable,
    but still you stare like I'm unable.....
    Being known that I'm not disable,
    but you still think I'm unstable.....

    Is it a judgement or a false objection?
    I always wonder with introspection.....
    After all I'm not easy to handle,
    as I'm not a steering or pedal.....

    But still end up being asked
    "Are you able?"


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    In the Now


  • angelactroutt 55w

    In the Moment


  • l3v1athan 57w

    Each minute passes. And the present was no more. As I try to reach for it, it dissolves.


  • jereme_palos 58w

    Comical writing .

    Entertainment .

    Visualization .

    Clean comedy . ?

    Educational comedy .

    Comedian ( on stage and telling jokes ) : Hello !

    Can anybody share or explain to me the 7th

    planet from the sun ?

    A person in the crowd : You very smart

    comedian !

    Persons in the crowd staring at each other .

    A person in the crowd : The 7th planet from the

    sun is Uranus !

    Comedian and a number of persons in the

    crowd begin laughing .

    Comedian : I think we just broke the 4th wall . ?

    At least a person in the crowd : You are a

    smooth and intellectually gifted comedian .

    Somebody in the crowd : I think we are done

    here because you brought too much science to

    the table .

    Same person in the crowd : Seriously , please do

    not ruin that performance because we as a

    group learned too much from that very brief joke .

    Yes , we did break the 4th wall .

    Comedian : Well , we have broken the 4th wall

    too much and I am going to have to exit via the

    3rd wall . By the way , the planet we live on is the

    3rd planet from the sun and the planet we live

    upon is named planet Earth .

    The announcer of whom began sitting within the crowd :

    Honestly and truly , I am impressed because we

    did break the 4th wall and the exit is the 3rd wall

    as well Uranus is the 7th planet from the sun .

    Also earth is the 3rd planet from the sun and yes

    that is the planet that we earthlings live upon . I

    am personally impressed because you truly

    brought a lot of science into the comical

    performance . You already obtained a 5 star

    review and that was barely the beginning of the

    comical performance .

    Comedian : A light bulb just turned on .

    Person within the crowd : An internal epiphany ?

    Comedian : Basically . Yes .

    Same person with the crowd : That lightbulb

    could have been the sun . Here , please think

    about this . The sun orbits around you and you

    rotate around the sun because you alongside

    many earthlings live upon the planet named earth .

    The earth rotates and orbits around every

    earthling and every earthling also orbits around

    the sun .

    Comedian : You have researched your books of

    education and science because you are speaking

    about the historical writings of Ptolemy and

    Galileo .

    A different person within the crowd : Wow , you

    are very intellectually gifted . Look , you deserve

    a supportive 5 star review and money . Also , you

    can continue the performance or not . We can

    continue the performance and breaking the 4th

    wall or not . Either are fine .

    Another person within the crowd : Coughs * Please do not ruin that . Coughs *

    Comedian : Well , I think ending this interaction

    with a responsible ending would be the very best

    or of the highest quality . I am going to hang out

    in the back for a little while and then hop into and

    out of the crowd and continue listening to

    additional performers because I also am a part of

    the crowd . Thanks guys ! Very soon , I am going

    to hop into the crowd with everybody .

    The comedian signals that he is exiting and begins

    exiting with a thumbs up , a wave and a slight bow .

    The crowd begins clapping , giggling , whistling

    and cheering .

    The Applause of the crowd begins and ends .

    The comedian exits the stage and eventually joins

    the crowd as the comedian previously shared with

    the crowd .

    The comedian enters the crowd and sits at a

    table alongside members of the crowd because

    the comedian also is a part of the crowd .

    A member of the crowd : I am glad to see you .

    Here , I have a Milky Way dark chocolate bar . Do

    you want the Milky Way dark chocolate bar ?

    Comedian within the crowd : Are we earthlings ?

    The very same member of the crowd : Yes .

    Comedian within the crowd : That would also be

    the answer to the question that you asked me .

    Yes , I would enjoy the Milky Way dark chocolate

    bar . Could I buy that from you or could I trade

    you for that ?

    The very same member in the crowd : No . You

    truly earned the dark chocolate bar . The dark

    chocolate bar is free . You knew I was speaking

    about the solar system and the galaxy when I

    brought up the Milky Way dark chocolate bar .

    Comedian within the crowd : Hehehe . God

    gifted the milky way .

    The very same member in the crowd : The

    galaxy or the dark chocolate bar ?

    Comedian within the crowd : Both .

    The very same member in the crowd : Well , I am

    not going against that logic . Here you go ( gifts

    the Milky Way dark chocolate bar to the

    comedian of whom is sitting at a table and

    within the crowd ) .

    Please , let us continue listening to the many

    comedians within the performance .

    Comedian within the crowd : Absolutely .

    Thanks for the dark chocolate bar .

    The crowd proceeds to be entertained by

    the performers .

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    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    October 17 2020 , 6 pm ��

    ◦•●◉✿ ���������������� ✿◉●•◦

    Last year
    My uncle bought a car he dreamt of long
    This year he bought another adorable.

    Last month
    My cousin ordered her most favourite outfits
    This month I couldn't see that anymore.

    Last day (yesterday)
    My friend fought with me for kpops, I see
    Today she fight with others for them.

    Last time
    I saw an old grandma feed by her son
    This time I see her cooking for herself.

    All the time
    Someone loves something changes and
    Every time I see love is now some else.

    That time
    I never know what one call love mean to be
    This time too I keep wandering here and there.

    And each time
    I end up just left within me and my love
    Anywhere I turn I have only me and myself.

    So, ���� ���������������� ���� �������� ������������ ��...!!


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    That time
    I never know what one call love mean to be
    This time too I keep wandering here and there.
    And each time
    I end up just left within me and my love
    Anywhere I turn I have only me and myself.

  • pallavi4 59w


    Maybe we don’t write
    For other people to read
    And appreciate......
    Maybe poetry is a way of
    Listening to oneself and
    One’s incomplete stories
    By putting them down on paper.
    That incomplete melody
    Buried deep inside flows
    Into the words, the metaphors
    Like tracing the rim of a glass
    Half filled with water -
    Waiting for it to resonate ....
    Every sound, every vibration
    Gets amplified the minute
    It is felt by a poet.
    To be able to deduce the
    Happenings of daily life,
    People and emotions into
    Prose and poetic verses
    Is the ability of a great writer
    And likewise of great poetry .
    Maybe one writes not to only
    Express oneself but to be
    Heard in a soundless room ,
    To be felt , to be touched
    And in turn touch others
    In ways only a poet can .
    Prose may not seem much
    But it is the lament of
    Broken hearts, unfulfilled promises
    Undiscovered dreams
    Universal truths and judgements.
    Maybe poets write to sum up
    And decide within the lines of text
    How to break free from the
    Seemingly chained up life
    And free oneself from bonds.
    If poetry is a form of expression
    Then a poet is a magician
    This is my moment of clarity ...
    My epiphany


    17th of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “Once upon a time” by Elizabeth on earth

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