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  • lavanya_velpula 27w

    మంచి మాటలు అంటే భగవద్గీత, రామాయణం లోని సూక్తులే కానక్కర్లేదు
    ఒకరిని మంచి మార్గంలో పెట్టగలిగే ఏ మాటైనా మంచిదే..!!


  • utkarsh0 86w


    Sometimes Unwitting is Descent and Intellect become Reason of Sorrow...

  • utkarsh0 86w

    अंधे को अंधा कहकर उसका मजाक उड़ाते हो जबकि हकीकत यह है कि इस संसार मे हम सभी आंशिक रूप से अंधे है। आँखे होते हुए भी हम सच्चाई नही देख पाते।
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    Shri KRISHNA

    We all are partially Blind in this Universe and not only Blind Man, we never see what we ought to rather we see what we shouldn't...

  • utkarsh0 86w


    An Epic where Characters often Apologised irrespective of Accusations they are being Blamed for and sometimes even they are Guiltless, Inculpable, Impeccant still they admit and that's what make the Epic very Emotional...

    Today's Scenario, I guess I don't need to Elaborate.


  • dhivyadharshini_dd 126w


    "He is dead..."
    Her skin turned pale like the colour of the milky ocean that she was born from. Apsara, as she was called, for the first time felt the suffocation of drowning in her grief. She fell on the floor wailing.
    Sugreeva who stood at the doorway heard this and walked away.
    The maid stood in silence, "Will I be able to see his corpse?", she cried.
    "The cave had been closed with him, My lady! That was done for the goodness of Kingdom so that the Mayavi gets stuck there forever."
    So were her wish to see him for one last time.
    A year passed.
    The room remained dark. The maid lighted the diyas. Tara remained silent. The surrounding gained brightness after all the diyas were lit. But she wore this gloom all over her.
    "What would you like to wear, My lady?"
    The King sent the best fabrics for her. Every colour in the world was woven into one. She looked at the maid. The maid knew. You don't sell rainbows in the dark.
    They were sealed. She was now possessed by Him. The political dharmas declared this appropriation right. Women don't speak what the dharmas don't. Sugreeva ascended the throne.
    And he returned. Like erupting volcano, turning everything that he stepped upon into ashes. "Sugreevaaaa..." The whole empire was crashed by his voice. The throne trembled and Sugreeva fell on the floor convulsed.
    "Brother, You are alive!" , Sugreeva gathered himself up andto smile at the return of her King. Guilt and embarassment engulfed her.
    The throne trembled and Sugreeva fell on the floor convulsed.
    "Stay there! Don't take any step further. How dare you claim the throne and approriate Tara?"
    "Brother, that was by mistake. Our dharmas permit this. Also, Tara has the sight and potential to run the Kingdom. So I ..."
    "You tried to kill me and seized the throne and my wife. You can't survive here Sugreeva! But I give you a chance. You are exiled from this Kingdom. And I shall seize your wife Ruma for your betrayal."
    "This is not fair." But Vali could not be convinced.
    Tara stood as if she was struck by a lightning.
    She walked down the throne and left the court. Ruma was already at the doorway of her room.
    "Tara! I beg you!"
    Tara lifted her hand and signed a stop with her palm.
    "Ruma, we all will be sealed, irrespective of who we are. Please leave now!"
    She opened the door and rushed inside. She locked the door behind. The diyas were glowing bright. She removed her shawl covering her head. She swayed them vigourously in the air. The diyas were put off.
    "Ruma...", she whispered in silence.
    "We aren't supposed to speak this. We are dices here. But they, they walk up, down, claim the throne, fight and forever try to prove themselves right. We lay right here! They roll the dice, we move the game and we share the same pain of being tossed down. Either they treat us wrong and dharma doesn't offend or they act wrong and dharma never asks a question. "
    The darkness invaded again. And somewhere, Sita lighted the diya in her forest hut. And mother Earth witnessing the women cracked the earth a bit, and Sita did not know what that split was for. Someone was ready to break open to hold her when she would be broken by her own love. The dharmas! After all dharmas were made by Men. And sometimes, they break the same. At the end, Women are left at stake.


  • dotsofdp 137w

    అయోధ్యలోనే ఉండిపోతే రాముడు ఎప్పటికి దేవుడు అయ్యేవాడు కాదు, అరణ్యానికి వెళ్ళిన తరువాతే రాముడు దేవుడయ్యాడు. ( జీవితం బాధపెట్టిన తరువాతే ఓ మంచి బ్రతుకిస్తాది అని చెప్పడానికి దేవుడైన రాముడే ఉదాహరణ )

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    సీత గీత దాటడం మూలంగానేగా,రాముడు సముద్రం దాటాల్సి వచ్చింది. ( కొన్నిసార్లు మన ఒక్క అడుగు మూల్యం,మన వెనకతల వాళ్ళ లక్ష అడుగుల శ్రమకు సమానం )

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    యుద్ధం గెలవడానికి ధైర్యం ఎంత అవసరమో, ధర్మం కూడా అంతే అవసరం. ( From the Epics )

  • hrituraj_krishna 166w

    may be
    verses are not enough
    to dissipate all the longings
    even epics lag
    and the voices keep on haunting


  • word_crop 184w

    With mere choices, she(draupadi) changed the Destiny of millions!
    Perhaps that is the power of a women, who is hurt.


  • thepoeticdisguise 203w

    He: I'll make you my princess.
    Me: That's such a demotion for a queen like me.