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  • bsyuhi 1d

    The Dark Life

    And then came the night when stars are covered by clouds.
    So does the life.

  • _devsi_ 1d

    The day is same....

    The day is same with ray of hope
    shinning so bright which says
    don’t give up least give a try

    The day is same with some
    faith to trust yourself
    as, every thing will be fine

    The day is same with some
    happiness around don’t be sad
    buddy just smile for a while

    The day is same with some peace
    in mind please,don’t ruined it buddy
    by thinking about the nasty times .....


  • jasmeet_kaur 3d

    A blurry past .
    Opinions that still last .
    Feelings that shout ,
    But now there is no doubt .
    Though she was little quiet
    But her silence said alot !
    Today she burned the pages,
    As she will start her chapters with new phases .
    With this thought she closed her eye,
    And gives the older self a final goodbye !!!!

    ©Jasmeet_kaur ‍♀️

  • jasmeet_kaur 5d

    Khayal to tera ona to v vadh ke kita si ,
    Par tu ta men apne khayala vich v ni utareya !
    Fer pyar v me tenu tere to vi vadh ke kita si ,
    Par tu ta men tera pyar v kade vekhn ni dita !

    ©Jasmeet_kaur ‍♀️

  • quenzi 5d

    Ode to my spectacles

    It was ten years ago,
    when I first wore you,
    and it's true that I,
    never adored you.
    You were heavy,
    you still are,
    and your body left,
    on my nose,
    a permanent scar.
    I would find reasons,
    to take you off,
    but without you,
    Oh dear,
    I couldn't even go
    for a walk.
    When the first time,
    you broke,
    down my cheeks,
    a tear rolled.
    I never realised,
    how important you were
    to me.
    Without you,
    my world was muzzy
    and empty.
    You completed me,
    and my world,
    and painted the skies,
    with colours.
    And today,
    I want to say,
    Oh dear,
    I was blind for you
    and your love.

  • jasmeet_kaur 1w


    I never let people down ,
    Still they make me feel frown .
    I hate how rudely they behave ,
    Nevertheless each time I have been brave.
    I apologise when I am wrong ,
    Still people punish me for lifelong !
    Pain seems heavier than a mountain ,
    And tears come out like a fountain .
    I want to cry out loud
    Yet I see a little hope in the sky with some stormy cloud !

    ©Jasmeet_kaur ‍♀️

  • ms_musings 1w

    Souls with the brave heart

    #msmusings #englishpoetry

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    Souls with the brave heart

    Souls with the brave heart,
    playing a bit of their part.
    Do you fear,
    to be the one?
    or is it that you can't hear,
    and it's not clear..
    that you could be, son?

    Haven't you realized..
    not everything is down to be priced.
    There is the key,
    that is neither expensive nor free.
    That can lead you,
    to the place where you can see..
    all the things which you hide,
    buried somewhere inside...

    Would you wait for that miracle..
    to ascend to the pinnacle?
    Holes and demons,
    would be there on the road.
    It is upto you,
    to take the load,
    or slay them on the way,
    and reach that virtue,
    meant to be true..
    just for you.


  • vivekjhawar 1w


    When we met first time we were unknown
    You came into my life like a Sun rises in the dawn

    Your innocent face is like a face of new baby born....
    And your smile is the one that takes me to the happiest zone....

    My mind has made me warn
    But from my heart side the green signal has been shown.......
    Feeling Like a new king sitting first time on his throne....

    Days of queries and sadness are gone
    And feels like the seed of love has been sown

  • vivekjhawar 1w


    Scars are not just the marks...but are the permanent tattoos having a unique story......
    A story in which you survived and today living a life full of pride and glory......

    Scars are the lifetime marks telling you how you heal through the pain...
    And the lifetime lessons you gain....

    Scars are not the ugliest but are the beautiful mark
    That tells you how you survived at the time of dark...

    Wound heals...but the scar remain for lifetime..
    And whenever you feel low in life...it recalls your survival story everytime.....

    Scars not only tells you that you are alive
    But this marks also tells you how you survive......

    Thus, turn your scars into star....
    And it will give you the power to fight and to survive in any battle or war

  • quenzi 2w

    My Paradox Poetry

    The night haunts me,
    for its darkness,
    brings in a lot of atrocious nightmares.
    But the nights are also where,
    I find absolute peace,
    for its stillness,
    brings in a lot of pleasant memories.

  • jasmeet_kaur 2w

    April Summer ⛱

    Another lazy day and hot summer days.
    The shore near the ocean
    Hand in the sand,
    Sun kissed and tanned .
    The sky is all blue
    And the waves coming near you
    I wish everday should be like this
    As this is the only absolute bliss .

    ©Jasmeet_kaur ‍♀️

  • _devsi_ 2w


    Every season has it’s story within
    be it summer,winter,autumn,rain or spring,
    So, let’s sit in seasonal roller coaster
    ride & enjoy the happy paradise......
    Summer brings lot of cool shakes to drink,
    Winter bring lot of cold breeze & we all freeze.....
    Autumn say death is not end it’s transitional tweet,
    Rain bring tip-tap sound & muddy puddle to jump around,
    Spring leads to flower’s blooming
    & scattering it’s fragrances all over,
    Each seasons, take us to different memories lane so, let’s enjoy whenever they came.......


  • ammy21 3w


    What can a pencil do all for us ?
    Amazing things. It can write transcendent poetry, uplifting music, or life changing equations; it can sketch the future, give life to untold beauty, and communicate the full force of our love and aspirations

  • jasmeet_kaur 3w


    Some horrible nights with terrible thoughts
    Yet, there was nothing which was to be sought.
    But each musing made me scared,
    And really I was not prepared.
    Nothing seemed so fair,
    But It wasn't so rare.
    The stars were twinkling with all their might,
    However, I was just looking left and right.
    And I don't know what got denied,
    Maybe I was just waiting to got unite
    With me myself and I !

    ©Jasmeet_kaur ‍♀️

  • ammy21 3w

    A Heartbreaking

    You nearly saved me from myself
    I was so desperate, you could tell.
    Trapped on a runway train
    I'll be the only one to blame.
    The broken compass was my heart
    My path was crashing into him.
    Some things are destined from the start.
    The walls were always caving in.
    I turn to fire in your hands
    Just one last time, then say goodbye.
    A train wreck wasn't in my plans
    I landed hard, but I survived.
    I dreamt you called me just to say
    I was the one who got away.
    I was a risk that was worth taking.
    You give one hell of a heartbreaking.
    You nearly saved me from myself
    I could have let you carry me.
    I wasn't in it for my health
    I was in it for the speed.

  • mummas_boy_writes_for_her 3w

    Admist all the happiness among us
    you always prefer to choose second one,
    the way of looking at it not my yes
    but still gave to it so that I can learn,
    how you can be changing so much
    despite of all the efforts I earn,
    by not seeing beyond such
    usual thoughts which made me pen,
    to lean on some sense of calmness
    you didn't expected it at all,
    because the heart is full of silence
    which made our lives fall,
    as so it too reflects on my patience
    but I still want you to have a call,
    whether you want to be alone
    or give us again that happy zone.


  • thepoojaakarthik 3w

    ~ World Poetry Day ~

    I found some dusty notes from the attic
    Where my pen I own belongs to
    That attic is a place of magic they say
    I didn't knew then
    But know I come to know about the attic,
    where my poetry comes from.
    ~ in between the dusty pages and old pen giving life to new words, my poem is born.


  • ashu_k_sath 4w

    Love ‍❤️‍‍

    Love someone who
    always have a fear
    Of losing you.....


  • jasmeet_kaur 5w

    WHERE I AM ?

    I really don't know where to start
    But it really broke my heart
    I want to share
    But I can't bear.
    With so much of sorrow and grief
    Somewhere now I really need a relief
    When I even think to smile
    My heart stops beating for a while
    With each passing day
    I really don't know what to say.
    Because I remember me
    How I used to be......!


  • anuradhasharma 5w

    Smile is never lost , nor even hidden for a while .
    May vary ; manipulative or within heart core .
    Appears , carrying a dimple in someone's cheek .
    Or in some is visible as the glitter spreading .
    Vividly over the face like stars shining in ocean .

    But why does some of people refuses ,
    To rather expand their cheeks and be joy takers .
    They think that if they smile would signify that ,
    They are not serious about their lifestyle .
    Presuming that their generation won't fear them ,
    In lifetime course and they would go wague.

    Why don't we think alternatively for this act ,
    Making children understand within their heart .
    Great personality like babuji , chacha nehru .
    Who really won life race had a fine line of smile ,
    Across their face making difficulty into possibility .
    By which problem reamined half solved .

    I think with age people become more smiley .
    Teaching young , world need to smile .
    Nature possess this feature by instinct .
    Flowers bring out happiness through passing ,
    It's aroma tossing it's neck in blooming air .

    A smile is precious to everyone and to their face .
    His face shines with glory full of goodies .
    Smile extending the face of a child's mother ,
    Seems welcoming all their naughties .
    Smile carried by child explains her mother ,
    Of being contented , out of any pain and danger .

    What if no smile existed in this world ?
    Shine would fade , it would be reservoir of ,
    Cremation ground with ghostly air fumes .
    On the face and the earth would go dark .
    Would become dready and frieghtening .
    Then nobody would share warmth relationship ,
    Rather bloody relation will remain .

    I prefer smile can create wonders ,
    In every phase of life if owned by us .
    Smile would lead all needy people a ray of hope .
    Which would be enough for enlightening life ,
    To their dreadful experience , oddness , emptiness
    With shower of splendid relief gain of joy .
    In the process of depression , pain it acts as magicband .
    Which would lift yhem above wondering ,
    This expression would lead to brotherhood feeling .

    Isn't it best but also simple idea .
    To inculcate something upto the heart .
    Then why to make life so dry and hard .
    Make it soft , sober , impressive by smile .
    It is to make small space in heart not whole .
    But a small corner in heart for others .

    I had seen my elders silent too frequent ,
    Showing that all the tensions they bear .
    Snaps we take have smile and thoes ,
    Are rather sorted out selectively .
    It symbolises beauty and priceful thing 'smile' .
    Assume you are talking without smile ,
    Listeners would take no notice , interest in talks .

    I saw my grandmother always a chocopie of fruity smile ,
    Of which I and all take taste by talking frequently .
    And as moral adviced us to try this anytime .
    On certain if doctor remaines frown throughout ,
    His treatment , then the patient in pain already would run away .

    Smile not only enhances our personality but ,
    Tells our heart , duty towards mankind and mother earth .
    In Ramayan Ram , from initial bear a smile ,
    Which was like the petals of lotus .
    Symbolising no manipulation in his smile for the others ,
    When he leaves for vanvaas he leaves with a smile .
    By which he covered half of his harsh journey .

    In today's world as if the smile is lost .
    Suffering depression , being frustration .
    It is due to some extend of work pressure ,
    Understanding busy schedule no time for relations .
    Heart problems leading to unhappy life journey .
    Doctors recommend laughing as best medicine .

    Smiling has many forms which ,
    Reveals before us in different occasion .
    Smiling is most sober form .
    For expressing gratitude , aid contentment .
    Laughing is vast form which arises ,
    In occasion of jokes or at funny moments .

    Today relevantly the smile ,
    The notorious , cheap , dirty , manipulative .
    We must be careful while dealing ,
    The most affected are the needy ones .

    Who are really in need at any cost over their life .
    Are the only , been left barehanded .
    They die out of cry for help but are not recognised .
    The manipulative people get the real and
    Almost benefit made out of the situation .

    I want to pray the Lord to make us so ,
    Brilliant that we are able to make out the difference ,
    Between the needy and the deceivers .
    So that no poor die out of help and care .

    After all the talks that remains here is of our earth .
    In which we are guarded with love , care since birth .
    For a long century and till ages to come .
    Of which the trees in smiles ,
    Sacrifice with no negotiation .
    Of which we take naps and all sorts of comforty and coziness .
    Of which clouds with laughingly
    And happy mood celebrating each minutes .
    With their thunder instrument and
    Clouds with silver and black lines of smile .

    Make our farmers smile with shiny pearls .
    Feeling soothing when sweat drops falling on earth .
    Of which the soil we lay down with great relief .

    It Wants only one thing not to be much self centred .
    That we forget the trees , clouds , soil .
    Which themselves do not differentiate .

    Do not expect from us to turn disloyal to her .
    She wants from us to be with real inward smile .
    Share the feeling same as of her children .
    Wanting us to share resources ,
    Within ourselves as family members .
    She wants us to treat every individual equal ,
    Not through their colour , culture , tradition , residence, place .
    But having sight of brother and sister .
    With a smile which outrage within our heart .
    Which would link and hear others through smile .

    If smile would be real than our feeling also be real .
    It should be such as newborns child ,
    Which not knows caste , creed , breed .
    Is like a purely sprouted seed .

    This is a rare human quality verge of extinct ,
    Need of hour is to stack and pass on to generations .
    So that humanity survives and live long .
    Which is unaware of difficulties of survival .
    Pure smile is always tried to crush down or suppress .
    But should be preserved from outward dirt .
    This smile can be traced in face of needy , newborns .

    Smile is cooing system of heart ,
    Sparkling system of eyes ,
    Lightening system of face ,
    Relaxing system of mind ,
    So activate all your systems ,
    And keep smiling untill end of the life .

    Smiling costs very less efforts ,
    While frowning expenses are more .
    Did you ever gave a thought ?
    Lord always smiles in portrait ,
    They created nature bounties to bloom in smiles

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