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    It is my 1111th post. Thank you for all your love❤️
    Don't know if it is okay for today's challenge or not, but i am sure it's completely okay as my 1111th post. Corrections are always welcome❤️

    And if you are suffering from a bad phase, then my best wishes with you. Everything will be fine soon❤️

    PS.- I write very less in english, so here is a hashtag for some of my english posts. If you want, you may read:')) #english_by_gj

    Thank you for Editor's choice❤️

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    Twinkling Hope

    "Nothing is more painful than life" I murmured,
    While sitting in the most silent corner of the park,
    Though there were blurry patches of sunlight,
    But everything, for me, was dark.

    I found myself in those scattered faded dry leaves,
    Lifeless, and trampled, and dried,
    Dried under my own destiny's heat
    And trampled under my pain, i sighed.

    Sometimes i felt my life to be useless,
    Everything in my life was against me, even my breath,
    I just wanted to escape the whole world of problems,
    And lay down in a peaceful and silent death.

    I was with my heavy eyes and loneliness,
    And with a heart, full of miseries and pain,
    I cried and cried and cried a lot,
    But suddenly god gifted a beautiful rain.

    I observed the changing of aura near me
    Though with only a little pinch of interest,
    The smell of moist soil was pleasing me,
    And everything was converting to its best.

    I started thinking something amidst that rain,
    That our sadness is just like these pearly drops,
    It will surely cover everything with it for a while,
    But soon it will vanish, and happiness will hop.

    Happiness is like bright beautiful sunlight,
    Which is hidden, but will definitely find its way,
    It is completely unexpected, and will come to you
    At this moment, tomorrow, or some other day.

    When this drop and sunlight came together,
    They will create the life's rainbow,
    With this thought my tears went away,
    And my face started to glow.

    The falling drops with aesthetic sunlight,
    Were now falling "twinkling stars",
    They were sprinkling a bright hope
    On my heart and soul, which was full of scars.

    The leaves were now no more faded,
    They had turned to dark green colour,
    Darkness in me, flowed away with flowing water,
    And everything near me, had a pure odour.

    With that beautiful and aesthetic downpour,
    All the negative thoughts drowned in a while,
    With a bucket of hope and happiness i said
    "Nothing is more beautiful than life", and smile(d).

    © Gunjit Jain

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    Whenever I forget the path,
    You show me the way,
    Your single smile for a moment,
    Makes my whole day,
    In the game of my life,
    You are my only win,
    In the world full of temporary happiness,
    Maa, you are my permanent grin.


    @writersnetwork @mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakee #maa

    A sonnet plus acrostic.

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    Mother: A Simple Wor(l)d

    In this world, you are my best emotion,
    Lady with the packets of love and care,
    Only one result for my each notion,
    Vivacious woman without a despair.

    Embryo I was, in your womb for months nine,
    You created me, with a bunch of pain,
    Of my gloomy spirit, you are sunshine,
    Unmoved friend who supports to rise again.

    Many people support me when I fall,
    Out of them you were the first in the queue,
    This word has only six letters in all,
    However it holds the world's every hue.

    Entire world exists inside you somewhere,
    Rest I want to say I LOVE YOU MOTHER.


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    If you plan on dying tommorrow, would you live happily today?


    As I had said, I will write a post in reply of this question. Don't know what I have written!
    Writing english after a long time!
    Stay happy guys❤️ happiness is free of cost, but it is the most precious thing!
    Corrections are welcome!

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakee #ceesreposts #lessons

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    Why do we have to die,
    For living happily a day?
    Can't we be happy without dying,
    Isn't it the correct way?

    All of us have many miseries,
    Neither our pain is less,
    We all have a complicated life,
    Full of chaos, a complete mess!

    In this unending race of life,
    We forgot to be happy,
    We have won the whole world,
    But are unable to win joy and glee.

    But somewhere in this chaos,
    There is something called "hope",
    Which tell us that "everything will be okay",
    Isn't it sufficient for all the pains to cope.

    After accepting miseries as a part of life,
    Can't we live happily for a while,
    Yes, I agree that it's tough,
    But accept the pain with a smile.

    You could be happy everyday,
    Only if you want to be,
    Just remember, my friend!
    There is nothing bad in being happy.

    This is the only message,
    That I want to convey,
    Why do we have to die,
    For living happily a day?

    - Gunjit Jain

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    On that partially sunny dawn,
    After waking up from the bed,
    She walked a bit, towards the lawn,
    But suddenly found her bedsheet red.

    She got tensed, like anyone else,
    Wondering, if she fell from bed last night,
    She was young to understand body, and cells,
    That's why she felt worried and fright.

    She felt pain, and also the irritation,
    This was the main cause of worry,
    Red spotted bed was downing room's impression,
    So she changed the bedsheet, in hurry.

    At the time of afternoon meal,
    She told her mother about the incident,
    About how it decreased her zeal,
    And asked, "is it an accident?"

    Her mother shut her up, with a hiss,
    But perhaps somewhere, she felt pity,
    She instructed not to talk about this,
    In front of other members of family.

    After the meal, and finishing her work,
    She talked to her, in the isolation,
    The thirteen year old girl, felt a jerk,
    After knowing this phenomena, called 'menstruation'.

    She was also instructed about some do's and don'ts,
    Like not to go in kitchen, or touch eatables,
    Not to do religious rituals, even if she wants,
    Also, during periods, to keep separate water bottles.

    She had to ask for sanitary pads in a low voice,
    So that no one other could listen,
    Though, it's a natural process, no one has a choice,
    But then also, hiding pads, she had to learn.

    In the starting, she felt sad, when she got to know,
    That every month, it would take place,
    She fought her first periods though
    With a gloomy and pale face.

    With the passing time and passing years,
    She got knowledge about this process,
    About the pain, of which she was feared,
    But also about how, she was blessed.

    Inspite of periodic pain and mood swings,
    She was now capable of giving a new life,
    It hurts a lot after breaking down of uterus linings,
    But it helps to be a mother, after being a wife.

    Years passed, at the age of 26, she was married,
    She became pregnant, after duration of two years
    New life in her womb, she carried,
    It's due to that pain, which she used to bear.

    She gave birth to two cute twins,
    A cute baby boy and a beautiful baby girl,
    At the time of birth, they had small hands like fins,
    Small ball like face, and eyes were like pearls.

    After a duration of twelve or thirteen years,
    When they both were entering their teenage,
    A similar incident took place with the daughter,
    She too got frightened, due to the lack of knowledge.

    The daughter asked to her mother about the same,
    During the evening, while they were having dinner,
    She explained her, with no hesitation or shame,
    In front of her brother and father.

    The daughter was neither kept quiet nor hissed,
    But was explained everything, very efficiently,
    After this, by her mother, she was kissed,
    This is what, we really need universally.

    // Parents shouldn't hesitate to talk about menstrual cycle,
    They should teach their children about this life giving blood stain,
    Because this process, like any other life process, is vital,
    And salute to all girls, as it's not easy to bear this pain. //

    ©Gunjit Jain


    A huge respect to each girl who is reading this❤️
    You are blessed❤️


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    Menstruation: A Life Giving Life Process


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    ***Post and caption contain same lines, just the pattern is different***

    Grab only happiness, leave sorrow's quest
    ENJOY your LIFE, as if it is a FEST

    Break all the boundations, from pretty wings
    Fly in the sky like a bird from the nest.

    Our life is small, precious and limited
    We are not owner of soul, just a guest

    Downs and ups, sorrows and joys are its parts
    Don't worry dear, because life is a test.

    Leave all the miseries of precious life
    Let us be happy, and hope for the best.


    NOTE:- I have done rhymings too, so it can be read as an english ghazal too, with 10 syllables in each line.

    *Tetractys poems are 5 liner, 20 syllabled poem with 1,2,3,4,10 syllable count. Here is a set of 5 tetractys poems.*


    @writersnetwork thank you so much for the third repost❤️ 3rd in a gap of 10 days��means a lot❤️

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    o n l y
    leave sorrow's quest,
    ENJOY your LIFE, as if, it is a FEST.

    a l l the
    from pretty wings,
    Fly in the sky like a bird from the nest.

    O u r
    l i f e is
    small, precious
    a n d l i m i t e d,
    We are not owner of soul, just a guest

    and ups,
    sorrows and
    joys, are its parts,
    Don't worry dear, because life is a test.

    a l l the
    m i s e r i e s
    of precious life,
    Let us be happy, and hope for the best.

    ~Gunjit Jain

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    The growing leaf tells me the story of infancy,
    That how much I was innocent in my young days,
    Like small buds are free to grow in bright sunshine,
    I was also free to move in any direction, in any way,
    I tried to capture that moment in my small hands,
    But that period of my life’s duration quickly sails away.

    The waving leaf tells me the story of my childhood,
    That how in my childhood, I used to wave in infinite sky,
    Some leaves left the tree to explore the universe,
    Similarly, I had a wish inside me, to break chains and fly,
    Now, I am asking for that golden period again,
    But time never returns, don’t know why?

    The green colored leaf tells me the story of my adulthood,
    That how I had many responsibilities on my shoulder,
    Green leaves feed the whole tree by doing many efforts,
    In the same way, I used to feed my family, as I turned older,
    But as their hard work, made the leaf greener,
    Similarly, this toil turned me stronger and bolder.

    The dwindling leaf tells me the story of parentage,
    That how I lost my identity in adorning the young ones,
    The parent leaf shrank and turned pale yellow,
    And give its color to its next generation,
    That’s how I, as a parent, prettify them in teenage,
    By giving them warmth, while burning my skin in sun.

    The freely falling leaf tells me the story of death,
    That everything and everyone on this Earth, has an end,
    The leaf was shining in dark green color, few moments back
    But now it has fallen lifeless, in a general trend,
    This taught me that nothing is permanent in the life,
    Neither your existence nor mine, my dear friend.

    ~ Gunjit Jain

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee #storyofaleaf

    Tried a concrete poetry too❤️

    Corrections are welcome.

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for the repost❤️

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    Syllables- one, two, three, four, one


    @writersnetwork thank you for the read and the like❤️

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    Hide the
    Pain, buried
    Inside broken
    Heart .

    Teach us
    To leave pains
    And give a new

    And give our life

    T i e u s
    A s i f i t ’s a

    Made me
    C a p a b l e
    To complete this

    A c t a s
    Boon, amidst
    Whole world's every

    Showed the
    Correct way
    Which leads me to

    Help me,
    To become
    O r i g i n a l

    ~Gunjit Jain

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    नफरत नहीं उसे मोहब्बत से, बस अब वो किसी से इश्क़ करने से डरता है,
    दिल तोड़ने वालों तुम भी क्या जानो कि टूटकर इंसान किस क़दर मरता है
    - गुंजित

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Corrections are welcome.

    P.S. - here 'he' can also be replaced with 'she'.

    Random for me, relatable for many❤️

    @writersnetwork thank you for the read and like.❤️

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    He ‘was’ an extrovert, he ‘is’ an introvert,
    Someone broke his trust and hurt his feelings,
    He wants to move on, but he can’t,
    He lost himself in the process of healing.

    He doesn’t hate love or to be loved,
    But he has the fear to be broken again,
    He wants someone to take care of him,
    However, he can’t forget his past’s pain.

    He is thinking about his losses while sitting
    In moonless night with non-lustrous stars,
    He ended with a bitter, yet true fact that
    Everybody left him, except these scars.

    He loves to live in his dark smoggy room,
    Unlike earlier, when he shines like the sun,
    He learned to hide his agonizing pain,
    Behind the lovely smile, in front of everyone.

    His heartbeats are slowly collapsing,
    Like a series of giant waves, on a sunny seashore,
    He really loves the idea of love and trust,
    But now, he can’t trust and love anyone, anymore.

    He weeps alone silently with broken heart
    Beneath his room silently crying ceiling,
    He ‘was’ an extrovert, he ‘is’ an introvert,
    Someone broke his trust and hurt his feelings.

    ~ Gunjit Jain

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    *Because she was a girl?*

    // They didn't want a girl 'from' their son but now,
    They want a girl 'for' that young boy, isn't it strange!
    Dates changed and years have changed,
    Hoping... that someday, they will also change. //

    "How a girl will help them in bright future"
    With this thought, they prayed for a boy,
    With torture and pressure on the mother,
    They spoiled her pregnancy period and joy.

    They used many ways for assuring a male child,
    Some were superstitions, some were illegal notions,
    By chance, a girl took birth instead of boy,
    They cursed the mother, for not approving 'abortion.'

    They got a baby boy, after that girl,
    Otherwise they would have killed the lady,
    They were 'educated illiterates' who don't know
    That this all is in that divine soul's custody.

    They bounded the girl in society's imaginary chains,
    And put restrictions on her in several ways,
    They didn't let her live with internal peace,
    Neither they allowed her to study, and to play.

    Mercilessly, they cut out wings of that innocent girl,
    Because they did't want her to fly,
    They suppressed the voice of the blue infinite space,
    Which, for her, had turned into 'grey coloured sky'.

    They hurt her mental health every time and
    Tortured her like she doesn't have feelings and heart,
    The whole world shouted, about so called 'equality',
    But she was ill treated, unlike her male counterpart.

    She was born purely innocent and beautiful,
    With exquisite eyes, full of infinite unfulfilled dreams,
    Her beauty faded soon, due to this torture,
    And her soothing voice had turned into screams.

    Her wishes, her happiness were completely killed,
    Whole family looked at her, as if she was a burden,
    She became mentally depressed and ill,
    And was wishing for a 6 feet grave in her garden.

    No one supported her, no one listened to her,
    Her scars, her pains were killing her from inside,
    Breathing became more tougher for her,
    So on one fine day, she commited suicide.

    No one showed significant regret on her death,
    Only one kind soul was crying, her mother,
    Rest all felt a relaxation from a 'burden',
    Her death, had not make them bother.

    After few years, they demanded an educated girl
    For their grandson, with beautiful face and eyes,
    But they only had changed a cute girl into depressed
    They even enjoyed her depression, and her demise.

    This directly indicates their very small thinking
    And their mind's extremely short range,
    They didn't want a girl 'from' their son but now,
    They want a girl 'for' that young boy, isn't it strange!

    ~ Gunjit Jain


    @writersnetwork @mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod

    Bg credit:- rightful owner

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for read, like amd repost❤️❤️ my first WN repost❤️❤️

    NOTE :- Nowadays, this practice is rare, and it's really a very good news. But, it is 'rare', not ended.
    This practice is still practiced in few pockets of India (perhaps of world too). Many laws have made, but never implemented properly.

    They aren't a burden man!! They are a blessing❤️

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    Because she was a girl?

    ~ Gunjit Jain (Read the Caption)

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    Ugh. I don't know how to write dark posts!
    But tried!
    Hope it is making some sense!!
    Corrections are welcome❤️



    *** D(ark)ecember ***

    Whenever the dark month of
    December comes

    It reminds me of the end
    the end of everything
    the end of my metaphors
    the end of my poetries and prolly,
    the end of me!

    It reminds me of
    those starry nights.
    The nights which
    we used to spend together, on that roof!
    Now, stars are covered
    with grey color clouds.
    The starry nights converted into
    the darkest ones.
    Even my days are dark!
    The roof is empty and
    prolly, me too!

    It reminds me of your exquisite smile
    which was reason
    of my smile!
    Don't know why
    my eyes are teary now
    while writing about that smile
    and my pen is bleeding
    like a bleeding wound!
    Perhaps, because it "was" the reason...

    It reminds me of you!
    A major part of me, years back!
    The one whom I used to adore,
    the most!
    But the one who left me broken
    Amidst my anxiety
    And my sleepless nights!

    It reminds me of zephyr of your breath,
    which is now freezing my dead soul
    in this cold December night!
    Slowly slowly
    exsanguinating my heart,
    my broken heart!

    It reminds me of my past
    where you were my present
    promised me for future
    but remained in my past and incomplete poetries!

    ~ Gunjit

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    Tried something in english after a long time! Ignore the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and corrections are welcome.

    Happy men's day❤️❤️

    @writersnetwork @mirakee ❤️❤️

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    It's "B" and not "T"

    Few will stay, but most will leave
    Left him alone, with his grieve
    He wants to cry but he can't cry
    'Men don't cry', everyone believes.

    He hides his tears in his dry eyes
    He left his emotions for demise
    "Men are strong" everyone says
    But his emotional strength also dies.

    They break him but he can't show
    He is in pain, but he can't feel low
    ''Men don't feel pain'' they thought
    But men too feel it, they don't know.

    He needs love and he needs care
    They need perfection but it's very rare
    They avoid the pure heart and say
    "You are short, your colour isn't fair".

    He wants to make your smile bigger
    As a husband, a brother or a father
    No matter how much he cries alone
    But he will make you even stronger.

    Don't play with him, it's the essence
    Respect the man, and his presence
    "B" and "T" are completely different
    'B'oys and 'T'oys, have a difference!

    ~ Gunjit Jain

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    Highly inspired from @sifar di's post❤️❤️:'))

    @writersnetwork thank you so much for the read and like:'))❤️

    Elf - a supernatural creature (अप्सरा, फरिश्ता, परी)
    Rames - branches/divisions (शाखा)

    It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection.
    ~The Geeta

    Islam is a religion which teaches non-violence. Allah doesn't approve 'fasad (violence)'
    ~The Quran

    The lord detests lying lips, he delights in those who tell the truth.
    ~The Bible

    He who has no faith in himself can never have faith in God. So one must have faith in oneself.
    ~ The Guru Nanak Dev Ji

    Never blame anyone in your life. Good people give you happiness. Bad give you experience. The worst give you lessons and the best give you memories.
    ~Lord Gautam Buddha

    Be compassionate towards every living being.
    ~Lord Mahavira


    Some of us are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, or Christian,
    We also follow Mahavira and Budhha with devotion,
    But we must have to spread humanity in this world
    Because every religion taught to be first "human".

    इंसान पहले इंसान
    फिर हिन्दू मुसलमान

    ~आचार्य श्री तुलसी

    अगर हर मज़हब में इंसान होना सिखाया जाता है। हर धर्म के मायने एक हैं मक़सद एक हैं, फिर भेद क्यों? इतने दंगे क्यों?
    नाम अलग होने से क्या फर्क पड़ता है, खुदा तो एक ही है।

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Yes, I am a Hindu
    As I don't have any imitating face,
    To win this life's perfection race,
    I am fine with my simple Simplicity,
    According to Geeta, it's Hindus' duty.

    Yes, I am Muslim
    As I am not creating any nuisance
    "Allah" preached only non violence,
    Islam taught this, since antiquity,
    Quran said that it is Muslims' duty.

    Yes, I am a Christian
    I won't lie for any of the reason,
    Lie, for me, is not less than prison,
    It was taught by Jesus, the almighty,
    "Being Truthful" is a Christian's duty.

    Yes, I am a Sikh
    As I have complete faith in myself,
    Without it, no one will help me, not even elf,
    Guru Nanak Dev ji mentioned it clearly,
    "To have faith in oneself" is one's duty.

    Yes I am a Buddhist
    Bad people gave experience, and good gave glee,
    Worst gave lessons and best one gave memory,
    For my every deed, I found myself guilty,
    To not to blame anyone is Buddhists' duty.

    Yes, I am a Jain
    As I am compassionate for every being,
    "To be pitiful" is Lord Mahavira's saying,
    It always enhances my inner soul's beauty,
    "To be kind for everyone " is Jains' duty.

    But prior to these, I am a Human
    I follow the "god", not different names,
    I don't believe in boundaries and religious rames,
    My purpose to live, is only to spread humanity,
    Because as a human, humanity is my only duty.


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    Inspired by a poem of Markus Natten- CHILDHOOD

    It is one of the best poem of my 11th class textbook...hope you all like it:))❤️

    Just a try... corrections are welcome:))

    @writersnetwork @mirakee ❤️:))

    #childhood #wod #pod #ceesreposts

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    When did my childhood go?
    Was it the day I ceased to be eleven,
    Was it the time I realised that Hell and Heaven,
    Could not be found in Geography,
    And therefore could not be,
    Was that the day!

    When did my childhood go?
    Was it the time I realised that adults were not
    all they seemed to be,
    They talked of love and preached of love,
    But did not act so lovingly,
    Was that the day!

    When did my childhood go?
    Was it when I found my mind was really mine,
    To use whichever way I choose,
    Producing thoughts that were not those of other people
    But my own, and mine alone
    Was that the day!

    Where did my childhood go?
    It went to some forgotten place,
    That’s hidden in an infant’s face,
    That’s all I know.
    ~Markus Natten

    When did my childhood go?
    Was it the day when I entered my teenage,
    Was it the time when I lost control on my rage,
    When I forgot to be adore,
    And I wanted to win more and more,
    Was that the day!

    When did my childhood go?
    Was it the day when I started my feelings to tear,
    Was it the time when dark was no more my fear,
    When my smile started becoming unreal,
    And my words started to act as emotion's burial,
    Was that the day!

    When did my childhood go?
    Was it when I found myself alone
    Amidst this life's endless crowd,
    When I reached the time where screams were feeble
    And silences are aloud.
    Was that the day!

    Where did my childhood go?
    In the middle of this infinite race,
    That's hidden in an infant's face,
    That's all I know.
    ~Gunjit Jain

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    Once again tried something in english ❤️
    Hope you like it!

    I know your each and every hue
    I don't read anybody's mind, I read you
    Other than words, I read silences too
    Indeed, it's the truth that I need you...❤️
    ~Gunjit Jain

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    and sparkling
    eyes of her, have
    various unique hues
    in different expression.

    And those
    cute and soft
    cheeks of her are
    enough to repel, the
    rays of, my depression.

    Noone can
    feel her, I bet,
    in the same way I
    am feeling her in my
    aesthetic imagination.

    I am in love
    with, that half
    hidden smile behind
    her hand, that she kept
    on face for photo session.

    She said "I
    am quite well
    in psychology", but
    more efficiently I read
    her every small emotion.

    of griefs are
    there with me day-
    by-day, but she is only
    ample for their elimination.

    Recklessly I
    am fainting in
    this game, of life,
    for my this fading life
    she is the only illumination.

    I just love
    her completely,
    in the way she was,
    and it is pure love, not
    just small bit of affection.

    ~Gunjit Jain

  • gunjit_jain 72w

    Happy teachers day to all of you❤️

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    They just enlight our way,
    With pure exquisite hope ray,
    They support and admire us
    From the very first day.

    For us, every time they were there,
    Can't measure their love and care,
    In the life, full of imprudence
    They are as important as air.

    They correct our each and every mistake,
    They keep our society wide awake,
    We are alive before them too
    But our real life, they make.

    They build the actual nation,
    They are our genuine motivation,
    For many depressed students
    They become a true inspiration

    If knowledge is a religion, they are preachers,
    They highlight our best features,
    Indeed they are not less than god
    Yes, they are our teachers.
    ~Gunjit Jain

  • gunjit_jain 74w

    "It's not easy to be the mother of a teenager"

    Like if you got the message which I want to convey��

    @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    To be the mother of a teenager

    You have to give them privacy
    And their personal space,
    You are in forties, they are in teenage
    Still you have to maintain the pace.

    You have to talk, you have to care but
    Sometimes your care becomes their cage,
    If you disagree with them, then surely
    You will have to confront their young rage.

    You have to think about their studies
    You have to think of their career,
    You have to fix their broken hearts
    You have to remove their fear.

    Despite of their joyous words, you have
    To understand their painful silence too,
    You have to rectify all their drawbacks and
    You have to be aware of their every hue.

    You have to be there for them
    After forgetting that who you were,
    Indeed, it's not at all easy to be
    The mother of a grown-up teenager.
    ~Gunjit Jain

  • gunjit_jain 79w


    An extra elegant platform
    To write, read and to feel,
    Some have a passion to write
    While someone write to heal.

    An exquisite family
    With lots of relations,
    It's not merely an app
    It's a box, full of emotions.

    It has completed a magnificent
    Extent of 4 years today,
    May it remains the same
    And even shine brighter in it's way.

    It is as calm and charming
    As a quietly flying dove,
    Yes, I am proud to tell
    That MIRAKEE is my first love.

    ~Gunjit Jain

    Happy Birthday MIRAKEE❤️❤️


    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @lovenotes_from_carolyn ❤️❤️

    #pod #mirakee #birthday #writersnetwork

    Sorry for the delay :(

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  • gunjit_jain 83w

    Corrections are welcome��
    Tried in english after a long time!!

    Note: shabdo se jyada bhavnao ko samjhe��
    *Ye neeche maine english m sher likha h...!!! Really!!!
    Dimag sahi jagah to h na!!!������*

    @jiya_khan @rani_shri @maleficent_ @ru_malik @vandi123

    When depression hits hard, any one can shatter,
    But don't lose your life, because it's what that only does matter.

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    Life beyond death...

    I remember the day
    When i took my last breath,
    All faces were sad because
    It was the day of my death.

    I just wanted to have a look
    On after death life,
    So one day i cut my vein
    With a sharp piercing knife.

    Because of my good deeds
    I got a place in heaven,
    But then i found, what kind of
    Happiness without our beloved one.

    The heaven was quite good
    I found all the facilities there,
    But when i found myself alone
    I found someone nowhere.

    They gave me television, a sofa
    A big car, and also a phone,
    But when i asked for some love
    I found myself to be all alone.

    Then I had no depression
    Not at all any sufferings,
    But there was no one
    To listen to my useless musings.

    All those dreams of my life
    Came true, and i was full of happiness,
    But there was something that was
    Bothering me, and that was my loneliness.

    Now i was regretting to end myself
    Due to that depression ray,
    That's why from now
    I suggest you all to not to go away.

    This is quite true
    Even this truth is bitter,
    In spite of having great sufferings
    Life before death is better!

    ©Gunjit Jain

  • gunjit_jain 89w

    My heart got a relief
    On talking to you.
    The pains which I had
    Hide when I am with you.
    Enduring all my foolishness, her love
    Remains constant for me.

    My mom, I just want to say
    Only one thing to you, that
    My life, I love you . ❤❤


    Happy mother's day❤❤

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    Whenever I stand and look
    Towards the sky,
    A strong desire
    Raises in me to fly.
    But I don't have
    Any wings,
    So this desire remains unfulfilled
    Like many other things.
    Instantly a voice comes
    From somewhere,
    Hey champ! No need to worry
    For you, I am here.
    I take a look towards that side
    There was no one other
    But only a sweet lady stands beside me
    And she is my mother.

    Whenever i become tired,
    Amidst this life game,
    She shows me the right path.
    And raises an obsessive flame.
    Sometimes i cry
    With a little fear,
    She comes and says
    No need to worry, dear.
    She loves me constantly
    For no reason,
    She loves me today she loves me tomorrow
    She loves me the every season.
    She loves me
    More than any other,
    Whenever I look around, a sweet lady always
    Stands beside me and she is my mother.
    ©Gunjit Jain

  • gunjit_jain 92w

    Tried something in english....after a long time...hope u like it!!

    For me, it is just a piece of writing...but many are there who can relate with it...so please be a source of happiness, care and love for them...

    I want to say two lines for such kind of people...


    "कांटे है गर तेरी राह पर,
    तो ज़रा सा तू उछल जा,
    तोड़ जंजीरे इन बंधनो की
    और जीत के पथ पर निकल जा ।"

    @rani_shri @ru_malik @jiya_khan @ruhii_ @vandi123

    *Note* - Shabdo pr na jaaye...bhaawnao ko samjhe��

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    Look at her...

    Look at her,
    She is innocent as dove,
    All she needs,
    Is your care and love.

    Look at her eyes,
    They have many dreams to fly,
    But every time I look at them,
    Always find them cry.

    Look at her smile,
    Simple and without any rage,
    Then why always she,
    Imprisoned in the cage.

    Look at her hands,
    Always eager to help other,
    Then why nobody loves her,
    Including her father and her mother.

    Look at her legs,
    Always pleased with her anklet's chime,
    She needs little bit of your pamper,
    And little bit of your time.

    Look at her nature,
    She can't even see anybody's pain,
    Then why everyone,
    Tied her in chain.

    Look at her soul,
    So clean and pure,
    Then why always everything
    She has to endure.

    Look at her screams,
    Which are filled with a great fear,
    Still she gets hurt everytime,
    Which fills her eyes with tear.

    Look at her face,
    Where happiness is rare,
    All she needs,
    Is your love and care.