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    The End





    I am



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    This is the end of my story. My next story will be come after Holi Happy holi guys #100rb#love#endofthestory#care#writersnetwork

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    Twins Brother And Their Love
    Last part

    Kuch din ho jate hai or ek din Nisha ka Aryan ko phone aata hai or vo usse aapne ghar bulati hai Aryan Nisha ke ghar jata hai or bolta hai Kya hua Nisha koi problem to nhi hai tumhe Nisha bolti hai problem to bahut badi hai jab Aarav Meri zindagi se chala gaya to ek khalipaan sa laga tha mujhe laga tha ki ye Khalipaan hamesha rahega Meri life me pr fir tum aae tumne Mera gussa shen kia me  roi to mujhe chup karaya mujhe firse hasaya fir jab tum gae to fir se mujhe vhi Khalipaan mahasoos hua. Iske baad Nisha ne Aryan ko hug kia or kha promise karo ki tum mujhe kabhi chhod kr nhi jaoge Aryan bolta ha promise me tumhe kabhi nhi choduga.

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    What's wrong with girls

    All start with little friendship
    later both become close friend
    suddenly something happen with girl without any reason. they start ignoring that person
    Guy waiting for ❤
    & that 's end of story

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    #closure on good terms
    #breakup not break each other
    #expectations hurt not love#haveguts

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    Easy way out

    I've seen many a couple break up via a call or a text.
    The people breaking up does this believing that since it's causing them less emotional pain so it would be less painful to the person they are breaking up with too.
    But the reality is
    By doing this, you're just taking the easy way out mate. Breaking up like this just kills the person you are breaking up with,makes them feel like garbage.
    Do it the way you confessed your love to each other in the first place; face to face.
    Surely will help both the persons in a relationship to not give love a bad name coz in the end expectations hurt, love doesn't ❣️