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  • mynameisnini 2w

    I always wonder why you left so quickly in our first problem. I thought maybe it's because our relationship wasn't deep as i thought? or maybe im just someone that looks easy to abandon, or maybe... i was too dumb to see that the problem is actually big?

    I don't really mean to compare but I wondered why you didn't fight like he did? Why didn't you fight for us like he did? Then maybe... Everything would still be the same.

    But honestly, Did we really end? Because the day we both called it off, my mind couldn't process it, until today.. I was so used to being with you. You were the sunshine in my rainy world, the moon that gave me peace at night whenever i look at it. Even through you're no longer part of my life. I still feel like you do.. I tried to deny that i didn't love you and that really... i was just used to you but my feelings said otherwise. Years passed and i think im starting to feel okay...?

    Hello sir, I hate you from the bottom of my heart but also thank you.. I hate our memories. Whenever i think of them i feel like a knife is slowly cutting through my heart but because the memories came from you. I feel like it's okay. Because it's you..

    Written by: mynameisnini

    #Ending #Poem #Poetry

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  • blugeni 5w

    I bathe in silver waters
    To rid my body of that scent

    I turn my eyes to the golden sun
    Letting the luminance fill this void

    I bury in the womb of this red earth
    A fragile love to be born again

    I scattered upon the green fields
    Blue blossoms of forget-me-nots

    I breath in deep this black night
    To fill my empty chest with stars

    Finally on an altar of alabaster white
    I lay my devotion to be sacrificed


  • miss_sunshine1909 6w

    Even the worst days have a ending...and good days have a beginning...⚪

  • redishbrown 9w

    Evening thought

    If love has no limit, why does it have an ending?


  • czarcasm 13w

    The last song

    These weary eyes struggle to stay open

    For hours it has been since last rest

    But feelings of oh so much to do have foiled my plans they won't send through

    Heavily I sit upon my seat and exhale with tired lungs and hum to songs for memories gone

    the last song has been sung

  • priyensha_authorized 13w

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    Vo hi tha

    Hum mile
    Baatein hui
    Dosti hui
    Phir aur bahut saari baatein hui
    Khareeb aaya ek dujje ke
    Phir ek dusro ko jaane pehchan
    Aur pyaar hoga
    Phir kuchh waqt bithya
    Aur galatfehmi hui
    Baatein bandh hui
    Rishta tute gaya
    Hum alag alag hue......✍️


    Instagram I'd :- @priyensha_authorized

  • krishnakantrai 13w


    ख़त भेजे कई, स्याही के पास रख देना,
    जब जाऊं मैं उन्हें मेरे साथ रख देना।

    सुकूँ हो मेरे दिल को दिलेरों के बारात में,
    धीरे से गुलाब मेरे दिल के पास रख देना।

    बीतेगा पल तो जलने लगेगा दिल मेरा,
    कहीं छुपाकर मेरे प्रेम की किताब रख देना।

    तहज़ीब की फिकर को सिरहाने रख,
    इश्क़ से इश्क़ हो तो मेरे हाथों पर हाथ रख देना।

    सुकूँ हो मेरे दिल को दिलेरों के बारात में,
    धीरे से गुलाब मेरे दिल के पास रख देना।

  • krishnakantrai 13w


    ख़त भेजे कई, स्याही के पास रख देना,
    जब जाऊं मैं उन्हें मेरे साथ रख देना।

    सुकूँ हो मेरे दिल को दिलेरों के बारात में,
    धीरे से गुलाब मेरे दिल के पास रख देना।

    बीतेगा पल तो जलने लगेगा दिल मेरा,
    कहीं छुपाकर मेरे प्रेम की किताब रख देना।

    तहज़ीब की फिकर को सिरहाने रख,
    इश्क़ से इश्क़ हो तो मेरे हाथों पर हाथ रख देना।

    उदास दिन, ठहरी रातों में भी मिल सकूँ,
    दिल,यादों का संदूक सलाखों के पास रख देना। 

    मैं चल पड़ा, सार हूँ अब अनंत का,
    याद में मेरे थोड़ा जल पनघट के पास रख देना।

    ये अदा है 'कृष्ण' की, आसां नहीं है
    डूबते नैये पर अपने जज़्बात रख देना। 

    सुकूँ हो मेरे दिल को दिलेरों के बारात में,
    धीरे से गुलाब मेरे दिल के पास रख देना।

  • kingbeyondthewall 15w

    I wish you'd have told me earlier..
    and not made a fuss..
    that you found someone new..
    and it's no longer us..

  • fireflynarratives 18w

    The ending of your favourite movie.

    Like one of those movies,
    that I'd re-watch,
    And I wish that it ends in a way I want too,
    You make all the confusion look comforting,
    You make me hard to choose between the unusual choices,
    You make me believe forevers are true,
    You make me fear, all I have of you is now,
    You make all the dates as exciting as the first one,
    You make me, make you my lists of promises and feelings,
    You make me believe that my favourite movie ends in a way, I want to,
    You know, it's almost a sin, it's almost a curse
    That you make heart breaks look so coveted.

    For you those may be, My scribbled list of feelings,
    But for me, those were our promises,
    We made to each other.
    And all I have of now is the promises I made to you.


  • asparrowsingspoetry 18w

    And at the end of us
    it was still the beginning
    that I thought of most
    the very reason you and I
    became we
    I’ll always think of us that way


  • cradleofemotions 20w

    Kaho toh mein meera bankar Zindagi bhar ibadat karu
    Kaho toh mein radha bankar Zindagi bhar intazaar karu

  • tanmayyyy 20w

    Tried to cry, But I couldn't.
    May be I was strong.

    Tried to forget you, But I couldn't.
    May be I wasn't strong enough.

    I'm a bit late to figure it out,
    that you are my hidden strength
    silently praising me,
    Neither to loose hope, nor to loose my mind.


  • cutie_hedgehog 21w

    Our ending

    Our story has ended,
    though not with a happy ending
    but at least without anger and grudge

  • chitra_009 24w


    Har kahani ki ending happy ya sad nahi hoti,
    Kuch bass ek haseen mod par chod di jati hai,
    Sirf is ummed se ki shayad fir kabhi mulaqat hogi!

  • 90s_beardbunny 25w

    Happy End!

    Walk alone,
    try harder, and always look ahead
    because every story has a happy ending.

  • 1crimson 26w

    When I was young I thought love would be the answer and the happy ending I was looking for.
    But, love was the biggest threat itself.


  • a_gentilischi 28w

    @mirakee thank you so much for the POD! It's a real honour and a delight. And thank you for everyone who took a moment read this slice of history from my home town.

    Hey, guys. I know it's been a while. Sorry, I couldn't read your magical pieces.
    University has started, so I won't be able to be here as frequently as I used to, but I'll definitely come around as soon as I get some free time. ��
    Thank you for asking @heartsease @fairytales_ @asmita_chakraborty
    I was really touched by the gesture. ������

    And a few words about the Fort.
    This is one of the most stunning vistas in Galle, Sri Lanka, which is incidentally, my home town.


    The old Fort stands
    By the edge of the coast
    As the waves smash against
    Her moss covered stone walls

    Those proud greying walls
    Worn smooth from centuries
    The ruined battlements still remain
    Nestled between the fallen towers
    Where the canons used to stand

    The cannons...
    Oh, the cannons!

    How the fort misses them
    Her own majestic children
    Now all tucked away
    In the dusty alcoves
    Of the unvisited museum

    The clock tower is silent
    It's bells haven't rung in years
    The broken clock face
    Where no one's eyes rest

    What she wouldn't give
    To hear the bells again...

    To feel the resounding heartbeat
    Of the footfalls of marching soldiers
    Upon stone pavements of her skin

    Of course she's heard that war is wrong
    And maybe there's truth in that
    After all, she still hasn't forgotten
    The combined scent of blood and sweat
    That soaked through her earth
    A long, long time ago

    But war has been her life
    The only time she's felt alive
    Her songs mingled with battle cries
    Her soul flying along the crimson standards

    Her own halcyon days
    Written in the ink of battle
    Now nothing remains
    Of those glory days

    Instead, there are crying children
    And flustered mothers buying ice creams
    The regal soldiers at attention
    Replaced with flower filled pavements
    And quaint little tea shops

    The place where the squadron's flag stood
    Rippling in the air with victory
    Is now the backdrop
    For the "#��������������'@��������" selfies

    And still she stands.

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    #memories #places #pod
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #time #history #beginning #ending #town
    #home #fort #battle #ramparts #ruins
    #memories #halycon #wnreagent

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  • lemon_eyes 29w

    The World Is A Grave

    Brown broken branches
    Souls lost in thought
    The weary world was dying

    All humans are no more
    For the pain took their souls
    They gave up after sorrowful years of trying

    Trying to escape the broken fate
    Of our bitter sweet tales
    And stories we thought would go undying

    But here they lay
    In the grave of the forgotten
    Lost in valleys of human remains

    They fought wars in hopes of peace
    Looking for great in the wrong places
    They never found their peace not even in the lonesome cold rain

    Little trinkets that were once ones joy
    Lay on the ground age taking the beauty away
    Faded into nothing with whistling restrain

    Holidays never to be celebrated
    Or to be marked on a picture calendar
    Never to be remembered again

    Mumbles in caves
    And water soaked dirt
    Whispering winds flying past old forgotten places

    Humans left with utter refrain
    Trying to survive yet they lay on their death beds
    Leaving the world with their many broken ancient traces

    Cold Stone towers and skyscrapers all fallen
    Paintings covered in dust
    The faded art with unrecognizable faces

    Mountains covered in frozen bodies
    All those souls were in hope of finding life outside the cities
    But non survived the climb of the rocks or they're journey to space

    Good bye we all had to say
    Warm tears on dried dirty faces
    As we said goodbye to this home that was not our place

  • kikilove 29w

    Time has frozen

    I'm in a place
    Where time froze
    I know its not moving
    Because you are still
    Here with me

    You still care for me
    You are still in love with me
    But I know its my choice
    Loving you boy
    So I'm not gonna let go
    And hope I can rewrite the ending