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  • thirteen_inks 3d

    Nothing ends in a moment,
    It's always a process.


  • _moony_ 3d

    A conversation:Part 4

    " your scars look....." his voice broke , " the same as yours...." scoffed the scarred guy. " But how is this possible....." confused and startled said the wounded boy in disbelief. There was something disturbing about that mysterious silence . Both the men in the room were just staring each other . One with disbelief, other with sympathy and a smirk on his face . A drop of tear rolled down the boy's left cheek, " I don't wanna do this ......you bring me out of this now" . He got dropped to his knees but he wasn't crying, he was just tired that he won't resist and refuse if at that moment he was put to eternal sleep. " You and I are same ..... I am you , you are me , we both are just pawns in this great board of life . I am here to guide you through this foreboding , dark valley to a rather peaceful place . " You gave me the biggest ache of my life " yelled the wounded boy in hatred and anger . " No you yourself did that , you knew you and her will never get together but you ignored it.....and you paid the price ...." said the scarred guy calmly. " I won't help you always but someone like me will be there ......always and forever...now my job is done and I shall now depart......" said the scarred guy and the wounded boy saw that that mysterious silhouette was fading slowly into that tiny shimmer of light that he saw on his side . " Wait...... I want to know......" shouted the wounded boy but to no avail. The room was still dark and cold as if the boy had stood outside the Churchgate in the bleak mid- winter . He was confused , angry and spiteful at that moment but he saw that tiny shimmer of light appearing in the room , the same light he saw on the other side . He was confused but then in that dim light he saw that his wounds have turned into scars.... He looked up that sudden realisation made him stand there as if he was born lifeless . That realisation hit him as if lightning hit the earth . Then he mustered the courage and he moved out of the room and that mirror just stood over there .

    Thank you .
    An year ago I joined this place to find and connect with someone because we both left on an unsaid note and I wanted answers but now I feel it was worthless to chase that person . If I cannot let go , then that bond never meant anything but now since I realised that some questions are better left unanswered . We are just a tiny ball of curiosity, madness , passion , emotions which on getting burst by reality take wrong decision. But I took mine and here I willfully depart

  • iaintacritic 4d

    जरूरी नही की हर शुरुआत का अंत हो
    कुछ कहानिया शायद अधूरी ही पूरी है...

  • ammy21 4d

    At the end
    I became a strongest nd powerful version of myself

  • r_p 4d


    जिंदगी अब थक चुका है इंसान उसे जाने दे

    तेरी रंजिशो के जालों में अब फस चुका है इंसान उसे जाने दे

    अगली सहर पे उसका भी नाम हो ये ज़रूरी तो नहीं

    एक मुकम्मल नींद की आस मे अपने जिस्म को उतार के अब रख चुका है इंसान उसे जाने दे


  • hoorbanu98 4d

    Dead is not a Dead

    Endings are not always as perfect as sunsets
    Souls are wipe of sweat
    Breathes are met
    With an accept
    Of regret and suggest
    So the end is not dead...


  • penceze 4d

    The End

    Endings are not always as peaceful as sunsets.
    Most times when it ends, you cry the most when the sun sets.
    That is when you truly realise that it has come to an end.
    Yes, tomorrow awaits, also does another sunset to remind you of the end.


  • faerie_fox_poetry 1w


    It's getting late in the day

    Silence lingers heavily here
    Where gleaming fingertips
    Dig into scarred horizons
    Running red with the light of a dying sun

    Open-air hallways full of empty windows
    Reflect what is left of the day
    Into the faces of passersby

    The only warmth they will find here

    Eyes without faces march in lines
    Parallel to uneven streets leading them
    To places where illumination
    Is only a figment of the imagination


  • hanzo_ 1w


    The nature of magic is that it never ends for it's believers.

  • sassydan 2w


    Is it dark in here
    Or is it just my eyes
    Feels like I'm blinded by the sun
    That has lost its shine
    My heart skipping some beats
    They meld into my grave
    A feeling of pure greed
    Something that I can't seem to brave
    Rubbery and dead
    My flesh tears apart from bones
    Browning on the edges
    Becoming dark as my soul
    I walk and walk
    To find purpose, or maybe the end
    The sole of my feet aching
    And so they bend
    Cracking under the weight of stares
    And suddenly the burden lessens
    My mind gets clouded
    And in a daze I smile
    Feeling as if I'm being born anew
    Whilst i knock on death's door
    And it welcomes me with choking hands

  • sketcher 2w

    f(ear) my thoughts

    I know it's the end to us when
    The uncertainty of our tomorrow
    Are only let out through my screams of despair
    And pleas for forever and together

  • inchoate_ananta_upadhaya 2w

    मैं काल हूँ!

    मैं हर आरम्भ का अंत हूँ,
    मैं अंत होकर भी अनन्त हूँ।

    मैं चक्र हूँ,
    मैं चक्रव्यूह भी हूँ।

    मैं फंसने वाला भी हूँ,
    मैं फंसाने वाला भी हूँ।

    मैं काल के रूप में अकाल हूँ,
    मैं अकाल का भी काल हूँ।

    मैं जाने वाला विकाल हूँ,
    मैं आने वाला सकाल भी हूँ।

    मैं जन्म हूँ,
    मैं मृत्यु भी हूँ।

    मैं भूत हूँ,
    मैं भविष्य भी हूँ।

    मैं समय हूँ,
    मैं समय का भी संहार हूँ।

    मैं काल हूँ
    मैं काल हूँ !!


  • shubham_20 2w

    Aai kal ke gaane bass se shru aur wahi pe khatam hote hai

  • just_a_thought_by_muskan_singh 2w


    Lying beneath a huge blanket of stars,
    Moonlight sprinkling on my scars.
    Scars, from the battle I never fought.
    Anxious, about the things I never thought.
    The only sound piercing through the silence,
    Was the outcry of cicada mixed with my vengeance.
    Living along I kept myself sane,
    Reassured me that there will be peace after pain.
    While rummaging all my thoughts, I drifted towards an imaginary lane,
    The lane of nightmares and screams mixed with the intense pain.
    I fell into the abyss of life where I relive every thought.
    I came across all the battles I should have fought.
    While looking at my cowering self,
    I tried a little more to delve,
    So I could make her meet her stronger version.
    I wanted her to be a better person.
    Better than nobody but me.
    So that she could face danger rather than flee,
    I know this will remain a dream,
    But I don't want her to get haunted by those screams,
    The screams, I was chased by throughout my life.
    I want her to live peacefully and thrive.
    Still in this abysmal end,
    There are many sins I could never amend.
    I wish to glimpse on my happier self,
    One last time I wanted to be myself.

  • _mishi 2w

    The end is the beginning, the beginning is the end.
    #mishiwrites #write #writing #good #bad #keepgoing #better #happy #end #hope

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    Every good thing must come to an end. This might mean something else too; maybe it ended for a start of a better thing. The good might promote to better or maybe the new start is for the better. Anyways, keeping going.

  • syed_salman_13 3w

    ‌I Am Imprisoned In Your Heart.
    ‌I Was Just Going To Start.
    ‌The Life Where You Were My SweetHeart.
    ‌The Life Where You Were My DieHeart.
    ‌I Got So Deep In Those Brown Eyes.
    ‌Why Are They Telling Me To Stop.
    ‌I Am All Broken By Your Attitude.
    ‌You Are My Passion That Doesn't Knock Off.
    ‌The Love That Never Started.
    ‌Why It Came To An End Piercing My Heart.


  • nuances_in_life 3w

    I'm ready to run-off
    from my home not to
    get married but to live
    the life which I always
    craved for.

  • nuances_in_life 3w

    If a man treats you good
    he's gonna find someone better.
    So, find someone who treats
    you best.

  • dhanyanaidu 3w

    @nikhilincredible @cold_akhil @hindiwriters @shriradhey_apt

    #breaakup #love #dukh #sapna #sad #sadstory #couple #dukh #theend #end #sham #subha #dua #relationship #happydays #happy #sukh #peace #loveyou #hate

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    Agar kisi din udaas ho toh
    Vapas lot jaana...
    Hasne ka vaada toh nhi kar paungi
    Aur nahi
    Hasane ki zimmedari le paungi...
    Par itna zarur keh skthi hu ....
    Tere harr uss aasu ka hisa banungi...
    Aur .....
    Kuch iss tarah maghan hongi ...
    Ki dukh merko dughna lagne lage
    Aur ....
    Khushiyon ki chaadar tu odle .!!

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    Agar kisi din udaas ho toh
    Vapas lot jaana...
    Hasne ka vaada toh nhi kar paungi
    Aur nahi
    Hasane ki zimmedari le paungi...
    Par itna zarur keh skthi hu ....
    Tere harr uss aasu ka hisa banungi...
    Aur .....
    Kuch iss tarah maghan hongi ...
    Ki dukh merko dughna lagne lage
    Aur ....
    Khushiyon ki chaadar tu odle .!!

  • uroojak 3w

    Life is about embarking on a trip, but for me, it is about starting on a love epic journey. We are born and begin our search for love; as we grow into adulthood, our love definition deepens; we learn what love is and build our own love sensory modalities on our personal views; we discover love; and one day, when we find our perfect partner, we are complete for all eternity and never part.
    The question raise here does our journey come to an end here? No!! Our journey may begin here from a new view, or it may never end...

    #love #life #begining #end #partner #lovestory

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    Life doesn't have a beginning and an end...