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  • crazy_cuckoo 10w

    //Empty Cage//

    She is caged with the memories
    Which are sweet and sour
    She is caged inside her own heart
    She can't swin and can't talk
    She is caged in a room
    Inside four walls
    No rescue, no light in the dark
    She is dying to tell everyone
    To make her free
    With their rules and bylaws
    No chums? Not even a dear one!
    Who can give a hi-fi
    She is caged for years and years
    With the loneliness
    Within herself
    She once was a girl with a cute smile
    She is caged inside her own self
    Though she can't fight back
    She is caged in a room with a fluffy bed
    Where she can cry out loud
    Wrapping her hands to the pillow so tight
    She is caged and caged again
    With her anxiety for 12 months long
    She is caged and caged again
    Within the walls where no one cares
    If she died
    She caged herself loving the ones
    Who never loved her back
    She caged within herself
    Where she also cared
    The one who stabbed her back
    She hate herself and her life
    She is living like a dead man
    She can't find a beam of light
    She is caged with her tears
    Ahh! A broken soul's deadly life.

    #cage #emptycage

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    Empty Cage


  • kritu_22 14w

    Confinement did feed the stomach,
    but in it, mindfulness was buried.
    My heart is full of life now,
    cage has been emptied.


  • wordsofsh 14w

    The wings snapping
    Giving high fives
    To each other
    One by one ,
    The birds of the cage
    Flew off together
    Up and over the highest houses
    Making sure
    The cage isn't visible to them
    It's empty though
    But the solitude,
    Almost asphyxiating
    The stifling,
    that resides in it
    Makes them shriek in pain!

  • stelly 14w

    Little comrade

    Ever since master brought me home
    I'd loved to linger on those cold metal
    Sometimes I twirled to the wind chimes,
    But one day master doing strange things
    Inserted a shiny solid steel on my ribs,
    I wonder what master wants to do with me?
    But master, oh my dearest master
    Brought me a little company,
    Beak as sharp as a knife
    Eyes as black as the night
    Skinny legs but strong enough
    To carry it's weight and to hold something,
    His voices loves to hums melodic notes
    which is as sweet as a candy
    And smooth as it's feathers,
    Oh my sweet little birdy
    Your presence gives me warmth
    All day, all night.

    But one day
    Something tragic happen
    Little birdy no longer hums his voice
    But he lie on the frozen floor
    He couldn't breathe no more,
    Sorrows painted my walls
    And my skin began to fall
    Slowly I started to lose my soul
    My precious friend left me alone in this world
    Without him I'm nothing but an empty cage.
    Master carry little birdy on his palm
    Buried him and grow a thorny plant.

    Every now and then
    As I watch the thorny plant
    The spines on its body it ached my soul
    As it brings memories of my loving comrade,
    But one day a white flower bloomed on that thorny plant
    Then master comes and dipped me in gold
    Once again I felt so alive
    But why master do this to me?
    As I wonder lonely, master comes to me
    Master holding something in his palm
    Master brought me another company
    But he is no stranger to me
    He remind me of my little birdy
    As a part of his soul lives in this new little comrade,
    Master has done a good things to me
    Master knows I needed company
    Master know I missed little birdy.

  • sreeramvan 14w

    Feelings of an empty cage #cage #emptycage

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    There is sort of eeriness
    Left behind
    In the absence of
    Those lived here

    A vacant space
    That can never be filled
    Leaving a gaping hole
    Asking to be felt

    A space once lived in
    Now a painful reminder
    Of the love
    That once lived

    An empty cage
    Asking to be filled
    Feeling the void
    Left behind

  • crazynori 14w


    My heart is like an empty cage
    It's two birds who've escaped
    Two mice untrapped
    The forbidden fruit unlatched
    My heart is like an empty cage
    Because even as much as I'd like to stow away my heart and yours
    In between these metal bars
    And throw away it's key
    I can't seem to make you settle down
    to understand the pain in the pursuit
    How insecure
    How intense
    It feels to feel but not be reciprocated
    To feel so much
    So profoundly
    That when I sleep I see you
    When I breathe your name
    I imagine your smile
    Your eyes
    Your kindness
    Your generosity
    To feel so strongly
    The want of your hand in mine
    The need for your embrace
    The call for your voice
    So deep
    So calming
    For the title
    Do you mind if I lock you in a cage?
    With me by your side
    Do you mind if our hearts and souls intertwine
    And our bodies become one
    Because right now it's sitting there empty
    My heart is empty and I'm ready to give you a place to reside
    Free of charge
    I'll hand u the keys
    Free to leave
    At any time

    Will you give me a chance?

  • sonalipoeticstyle 14w

    Empty cage is full..??

    How ??? !!!!
    The empty cage is abound with indelible
    memories full of tender, affection and sweetness.
    The voice that echoes around has a special meaning
    to convey to the world.
    Definitely it connotes the burden of being locked
    behind the bars and bereft of nature's bounties.
    The emptiness inside it reveals the kind of sufferings that one go through !

    Aah! The euphoria of being unleashed
    would suffice the pain that one witness inside
    a cage!!
    Breaking the bars and cells, to run azure on beautiful lands and learn to soar high avove the sky!
    Alas! The cage remains empty !

  • sansuebae0430 14w


    Sad memories of captivity
    Broken cage
    Given much responsibility
    Shattered dreams
    Somebody heard the tweets
    False hopes
    Captured again
    Stand up
    Move on
    No longer in empty cage
    Freedom, at last!

  • charlieka 14w

    Empty Cage

    Ribbons of bone and sinew
    Unmade beds sheets in disarray there where stitched dreams onto pillowcases resembled an empty cage
    swaddled by promises traditions once made