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  • kirti_amisha 1w

    Just empty at times,
    When every tick of clock sounds like a roar...
    And tinkling of wind chimes,
    Don't seem peaceful anymore...

    I do things, but they go in vain.
    Like searching water in a desert terrain.
    Sun shines, but rays don't reach my lane.
    Wind blows, but I feel none again.

    When nothing seems to fill,
    The emptiness that wanders...
    Will have to keep going until,
    I find an end to the ladders!

  • paranoidismarie 1w


    My nest of fire burns bright
    I live inside this miserable skin
    drowning while lighting a cigarette
    smoke marks my lobes
    scarring every word I release
    smiling at this emptiness
    veins run dry, ashes to dust
    I trim my hair
    opening my legs with blatant lust
    too lonely to believe
    mentally undone
    my words kill the insane
    desperate tactics overall have finally won
    soaking wet
    my blood sits in this puddle
    as I watch it, it rains
    leave me in peace
    I've made my choice
    now let me lay here
    I need not want your help
    I am not felt
    I wither alone forever
    my last hand was dealt

    © Candice Ballinger

  • t_a_n_e_e_m_a_l_a 1w

    The popular saying, it gets better with time doesn't feel true to me.
    You see time is a series of infinite numbers that does not stop counting.
    How can the emotion you're feeling get better when it still resides in your beating heart?
    When you're alive and each breath you take serves as a constant reminder?
    I'm not sure how it gets better, but one thing I'm sure of is that as each number depletes and the time moves ahead, you get used to it.
    You get accustomed with living with what you feel.
    It doesn't get bearable, it becomes a normality.
    It doesn't feel like the first time because it's not the first time.
    Countless repetition of the same feeling makes it null and void.
    Like the emptiness in your chest.


  • jeba_sahana 2w


    A silent wave hits her heart,
    Bringing about the numbness in her soul.
    A whirlwind of emotions,
    Leading her towards life's wormhole.
    Her hands are now cold, just like the breeze in the shore.
    And she can't feel a thing anymore.
    Its nothingness that she's been dealing,
    Mere words cannot describe her feeling.
    She isn't upset, she isn't angry,
    But she just feels like a deep dry well;
    Empty and empty!


  • bemyheartless_love 2w

    The way heart feels the emptiness of sky
    a part of myself will always drown in your eyes


  • wakeupwise 2w


    That feeling of -

    1) Not being able to 'Connect' with anyone's mind/heart &

    2) Really wanting to 'Fill the emptiness' inside us and feel good about Self.

    Moral of the story ?

    People around should stop 'Pretending' to have a Happy Life.


  • inutansharma 3w


    There are some days, when you don't feel anything. Nothing makes you feel happy. You are so empty inside.

    You look at the world outside and everyone is smiling and happy. You vanish and stay silent for a while and no one looks for you. Your friends who pretend they care are busy in their own lives. With all the pain inside, you pretend eveything is good coz you don't want to share those feelings with anyone. You don't want to disappoint your closed ones. Or may be coz no one will understand you.

    You just want someone to hold you, hug you so tight. The kind of hug and warmth that can bring you back into this world..the touch that can make you feel alive again, to feel, to love, to smile.

    Feel Happy Again !!


  • likealifelessdoll 3w


    I don't find any happiness with my current situation and I just feel like I'm wasting our time for each other. Maybe because even from the start, my heart belongs only to someone... the person I'm seeing when I'm asleep and the same one I'm dreaming in my reality.

    A kind of unfair to the man who is always by my side and letting me do the painful things to him over again and to me who never wanted anything but be with my greatest love. Whatever I do, that old feelings is still in my heart, it is too heartbreaking to teach myself how to feel numb and act as if I'm really glad from what I'm getting.

    My inner me is longing and hoping that at least one day I get to touch the love which I know I cannot have, not even in our next lives. Can I loose my grip to the innocent boy who always enduring the aches I caused? But am I even holding him or... I just assumed that it was?

    There are times that I think I am truthfully not in love with the guy I chose, concluding that I stayed this long because of guilt and convincing myself that I have to pay for my careless decisions including the fact that I stepped overboard causing him to crash repetitively. Yet believing as well that it might actually love because I cannot stand the view of him... slowly breaking— that I am too willing to offer myself to sufferings to protect him.


  • archie909 3w


    When there is a hole,
    Where your heart was supposed to be.
    And yet you go on with your life in same pace
    In a way, it is good!
    Emotionless phase, it is good!
    You don't hear your heart shatter, when hurt.
    You don't feel your blood boiling, when angry
    You don't feel knives piercing, when betrayed
    And you don't feel euphorbia, when in love.
    Just pure devilishly calm tranquility.
    Peaceful numbness like you are deaf.
    It's not black and white just plain simple white.
    It's a white canvas with no texture of cloth,
    With no smell of oil just plain white.
    It's not cold, not warm, not wet, not dry,
    Not blinding white, just dull ,
    And empty.
    It's dangerous.
    A life without soul.

  • pain_thru_pen 4w


    In the world of loneliness,
    we all are vessels with pure emptiness.
    words got stuck on lips,
    mind left hands of finger tips,
    Pages got blown by wind,
    Imagination got skinned.
    Eyes kept waiting,
    for someone who wasn't even knowing.
    In the world of loneliness,
    we all are vessels with pure emptiness.


  • navya_writes 4w


    Oh, why so cruel?
    You appear unannounced,
    knock us off our feet.
    Fill us with countless emotions,
    and unendurable suffering.
    Unmoved you watch us breakdown,
    And fill our heart and soul with the void.
    A void that can never be filled.


  • yourstrulybysl 4w

    21 05 20 21

    If only people can
    Read my mind; Feels my heart;
    Hear my Voice; Understand my Action..


  • shyaryaa 4w


    तहरीर सिफर हैं
    और मैं निशब्द ।


  • girlfromnowhere 6w

    We're not designed to be ALONE, forever. We just keep on convincing ourselves that we can.


  • nikzzz05 6w

    When you have more than what many have out there, the mere act of healing where it hurts feel shameful. Should I be ashamed for wanting more?

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    Why do I feel empty?
    When this emptiness is born out of my privilege.
    The privilege of having enough on my plate.
    The privilege of having a pillow to cry into.
    The privilege of simply having a roof over my head.
    Ain't I privileged? I know it.
    And so my heart pretends to have never been abandoned.
    And my hunger for warmth can say it does not have a name;
    Like fickle things such as love & philosophy
    Can ever replace the emptiness of not having enough.


  • amit1818 6w


    all alone in this unknown world

  • wespadeshere 7w

    Where does it hurt? They ask
    Put some ice on it, They say.
    But if I do, I'll catch a cold.
    I'm frozen inside of me.


  • __owln 8w

    Acceptancy takes time when it comes love
    Keep those unwelcomed emotions or feelings away when you don't deserve to be treated or made feel that way.

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    #emotions #lovedairy

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    ~ Lovish ~

    I found happiness
    The day I met you
    I was curious
    When I fell in love with you
    I was in fear
    Of loosing you
    I was sad
    When I missed you
    I am in disgust
    For thinking your were my best decision

  • thefloatingverse 9w

    The world is full of broken people
    Everyone trying to be a complete shell, someone not short of anything.
    They pick up pieces of music, arts, someone to admire
    Like jigsaw puzzles coming together from galaxies afar
    It somehow feels very befitting to complete the empty spaces;
    To somehow unlock the intricate pattern of the cosmos
    However if you're just perspective enough
    To look beyond 'the glass is half empty' mindset
    The cracks and crevices you so desperately tried to hide
    Will enchant you like the torn up clothes do to those who crave the warmth
    Its good, wholesome even being a patchwork of what you adore
    But you'll feel more empty when you're hurting by forced in bits
    And having no more heart space for the meant to be work of art.

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    Don't go searching for the words in your blank spaces,
    They'll come whispering in your ears when your cradling your own pieces, finally loving them enough to trying to fill something in.

  • scribblednotes520 10w


    Where should I pocket the sadness?
    How should I bury this grief?
    What should I do to hide the tears,
    And maybe, finally, breathe?

    Who can understand my cries?
    Who can resonate with this melancholy?
    Is there anyone, anywhere, there for me,
    When all I feel now is "I'm lonely"?

    Why is this so unexplainable?
    What do you do with this pain?
    How is that it feels infinitely worse,
    When your friend says she feels the same?