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    After losing everything then, I realised I'm having myself!

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    I wrote this 2 years ago while I was healing from childhood sexual abuse. I carried the shame for 41 years until I was ready to tell my truth. This poem is the epitome of my motto "Triumphing over Trauma". Healing integrates all aspects of soul and empowers strength to trust, believe and love oneself again.

    #inspiration #empowerment #healing #selfawareness #selflove #writerslife #writingprocess #writingheals #writingcommunity #writersnetwork #mirakee

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    Head held high

    Despite where you have been
    All that you've taken on the chin
    You shine like a well polished gem
    A woman no one could ever condemn
    Fearless, sassy and full of spunk
    Girl, you show em you ain't nobody's punk

    Rising higher now to your destiny, about to show the world
    Just what you can do once unfurled
    Let the wind take you places you've always dreamed
    I tell you my lady, you have now been redeemed


  • itsssiya 5w

    #love #beyourself #loveyourself #empowerment #fearless #dontworry #perfectasyouare hey guys I'm back with another poem this is really from my heart so I hope yall like it remember you are the king or quenn of your just be yourself don't worry about anything love yall ��

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    Forever me

    I hear an echo in my heart 
    Yea its crystal clear 
    I used to love having you near 
    But we broke apart 
    Does it hurt when you look back at it 
    Does it make you cry or make you smile 
    You betrayed me 
    The faith i had was broken but i put it back together 

    You don't control my life 
    What's on the inside will come out 
    U can’t dictate me 
    Can't tell me what i must and mustn't do 
    Cause it's my life my rules 
    No one no one tells me what to do 

    You hurt me once hurt me twice 
    Hurt me again a million times 
    But you should know 
    Im not broken down 
    The pain helped me realize i don't need you in my life 
    Even if u come back crawling on your hands and knees 
    Begging i will never forgive you 
    For what you did to me 
    You will never be treated like family 

    I made a mistake once trusting you 
    You stabbed my in the back and left without a glance 
    You didn't care i was hurtin all you wanted was to use me 

    Well not anymore 
    Its my life 

  • mysteriousde 7w

    #girls #dreams #goahed #empowerment
    @mirakeeworld @mirakee_post

    You know that she can handle
    Even in a chess she knows
    how to save his king
    a aa !!
    not only king here but also kingdom..

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    she wears a crown of GRATITUDE
    a dress of STRENGTH
    shoes of LEVELS
    sparkling jewelries of her QUALITIES

    She survive with WOUNDS
    She is the Brightest Star in her CASTLE

    because she is the "QUEEN"

  • gyandeep91 8w

    फूलन देवी

    फूलनदेवी आज आपका शहादत दिवस है आप हमेशा महिलाओं को प्रेरित करती रहेंगी । अत्याचार बलात्कार जैसी घटनाओं के खिलाफ हथियार उठाकर आपने जो जाति और लिंग भेद की बेड़ियों को तोड़ते हुए संघर्ष किया वो सदैव प्रेरणा दायीं रहेगा । माना कि हथियार सही रास्ता नहीं हो सकता पर फ़िर भी आपकी कहानी महिलाओं के लिए सदैव प्रेरणादायी रहेगी और आज के वक्त में कुछ और ज्यादा जब बलात्कार की इतनी घटनाएं होती है जब दलितों को शोषित करने की हजारो हजार घटनाएं हो रहीं है । बड़े दुःख की बात है कि अगर सिर्फ बलात्कार और दलित अत्याचार पर एक अख़बार निकाला जाएगा तो उसमें भी सभी घटनाओं को नहीं छाप पाएंगे । कुछ लोग कहतें है कि मानव समाज ने प्रगति किया है, पर कैसी प्रगति ? कैसा बदलाव? हम आज मनुष्य से जानवर बन रहे है । सिर्फ दोहन करना सीख रहे है चाहे वो किसी का भी हो ।


  • itsssiya 8w

    Fake as my fantasy

    Came to my house one evening
    With your mind headset 
    On framing me why couldn't you just let me be 
    You ripped my world apart 
    I built it back up part by part 
    But you you don't have a conscience your a demon to me 
    Without a soul i'll face you once face you twice i will never be scared 
    Cause now i'm cold as ice 

    You told me to talk to you if i ever needed anything
    What a load of crap because 
    We came over to talk things out 
    You locked the door and shut me out
    We shed tears for you 
    The least you could do 
    Was trust me too
    Treated you as friends 
    Spent time as family 
    Just my luck you were fake as my fantasy 

    If i meet you out on the streets 
    I won't be scared 
    I may hate myself because of what you made me 
    You made me what i am today and i'm proud of it 
    You made me stronger thanks but no thanks 
    I'm not afraid of you not affected by what people say about me 
    I am who i am and im perfect and i am worth it 

  • xanny_ 9w

    "what if i'm beautiful?"
    my mother looked pitiful.
    she sighs at my body (and my tank top),
    hands me a jacket, and sends me to the shop.

    "too skinny, too fat-
    too pale, too black
    your daughter is this,
    your daughter is that"
    -the concept of beauty, as society views.
    something only my moist pillows, and rejected poems knew.

    ironic, how we curse our bodies,
    for being just how they are meant to be;
    and then set an exibition
    for them to judge and see.

    your body isn't an object,
    there is no definition of perfect;
    what if you're beautiful?
    but you just don't know it.


    #poetry #empowerment #equalrights #society

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    what if i'm beautiful?

  • save_prakriti 9w

    The next male who comes up to me
    Says my body isn't good enough for him
    I tell him
    My body is good enough for me
    And when it's good enough for me
    I already have everything i need

    - He is not needed


  • save_prakriti 10w

    Power of being a woman��
    Hugs to all the women out there������
    #woman #women #mirakee #writers #inspiring #love #empowerment #strong #gift #equal

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    It's a honour to be a woman
    Don't let men teach you otherwise
    Because what is often a privilege
    Is not what everyone can seek
    Can comprehend
    And that is why it makes you so special
    In every way possible
    Even the dictionary can't find words to describe it
    I hope you know it


  • alastair_margerman 10w

    change your mind

    when we realise just how suggestible we are, we become cognizant of what we absorb

    we can choose to assimilate concepts that are empowering, or we can enslave our self with fear

    we create a subjective reality, with the building blocks of ideas we believe are our own

    be aware, and accept only the truth of your direct experience

  • amiravana 12w

    जब तक चुप थी
    दुर्गा ही ठीक थी
    जिस दिन भी बोल उठी
    गर्जन काली सी होगी
    Maa Kali, The Dark Mother in all her love and ferocity will guide you through transformation by dissolving all forms and time #amiravana

    #Photoshop #EmpoweringWomen #Empowerment
    #ramesstudios #mahakali #mahadev #mahakal #durga #jaimatadi #shiva #mahakaleshwar #harharmahadev #hindu #bholenath #devi #mahakaal #shiv #shivshakti #parvati #maa #navratri #har #bhole #kali #adishakti #india #mata #durgamaa

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    जब तक

    जब तक चुप थी
    दुर्गा ही ठीक थी
    जिस दिन भी बोल उठी
    गर्जन काली सी होगी

  • nis_had 14w

    "This world had ended a long time ago" Her former voices began to resonate in her ears, "Let's start now or it would be too late".

    'Maybe it's too late?' She asked herself.

    It was only a few days since she received the warmth of the light and the fragrance of the earth.
    Her bones had beginning to soften, and her eyes are dry.
    The days of eating her lifespan and the drinking her tears are over. Can't figure out what to do next.

    Her lungs opened very slowly to breathe.

    She raised her weak hands and looked up.' It hurts but I can slowly raise my hand.'
    Someone had cut off her head. The lips cannot utter words nor the eyes cannot sleep.

    The wooden chairs in the room were beginning to spread their roots to the ground. She could not even imagine to how many people does the smell of rust sticking to her nails lead to.

    The body had adapted to pain.

    Her friends were bamboo sticks and canes. No one else liked her as much as they hugged her.

    Her jewelry was the iron chains. Sometimes it was wrapped around her like bracelets, sometimes like anklets and waist ornaments.

    “This world had ended a long time ago.
    So let's end this now or it would be too late "
    She could not even recognize her change of heart.

    With a torn body, she slowly crawled to pick up a small knife.she slowly tried to lower it into her nerves.
    don’t know if it was because it wasn’t time, and there was no bleeding from the wounds.

    Helplessness came over one shoulder and began to sway.

    She came out of that small backyard in the middle of the sand dunes.
    She rolled the distant sky in her left hand.
    She made a cut, aiming for the clouds.
    The blue sky that spread in the morning suddenly gave way to the red setting sky.

    She crept through the torn clouds and disappeared forever from this world that had ended.

    A new world.

    A world surrounded by great walls.
    The northern sun is roaring over a flat surface.
    In the distance, there is a valley with flower vines and gardens.
    A small world of serenity.
    A small carpet of immense thoughts.
    A handful of faceless human figures living there.
    Many of them hugged her.
    For the first time in her life, she recognized that feeling.
    That feeling went from her fingers to her brain.
    A feeling that gave the brain a frenzy.
    Messages from the addicted brain went through the nerves and into the feet.

    The scorching sun, the unrelenting rain, and the unrelenting cold were disappearing into her days.
    Slowly her walls moved to infinity.
    The alien planet fell from her feet into the abyss.
    She stood up like an angel in the air.

    The fire that lighted up her body kept coming back to her.
    Slowly that niche of light began to flash.
    Infinite lights of miniscule size emerged from all four directions flew at her.

    Light upon light.

    The surrounding air particles, the sand dunes and all the creatures began to play around her.
    One after the another, the earth, the moon and the stars revolved around her.

    She is the sun today.
    And tomorrow.

  • vikashpandey_ 15w

    दर्द तुम्हारा साथी हैं जो, पल्लू से बांधे चलतीं हो।
    क्या मिलता चुप रहने पर, सब्र की रेखा खींचा करती हो।।
    माना छमता हैं सहने की, गिरने पर भी उठते रहती हो।
    कैसे करोगी रक्षा अपनी, हर उम्र में तुम तो नाजुक हो।
    लड़ना नहीं तो मत गिरना सीखों, मानों खुद को चाबुक हो।।
    देख लिया इतिहास उठाकर, क्या अब तक छोटे बालक हो।
    जला दिया कई सती को जिन्दा, ना फिर से ऐसी हालत हो।।
    आंखों है चमकीले उसकी , गुड़िया के संग खेल रहीं।
    अंजान दिखा तो छुपकर , नन्ही आंखों से देख रहीं।।
    काट दिया वो डालीं सारे , जो युवा आंखों में समेट रहीं।
    पिला झूठी शक्कर की शरबत, तेरी अभिलाषाऐं दुनिया बेच रहीं।।
    आगे भी कई ऐसी सडकें हैं, जहाँ चलने की मनाही हैं।
    मत कहना की कमज़ोर हो तुम , कहने में ही हानि हैं।।
    वीर नहीं होगा कोई तुमसा, तुममें वही झांसी वाली रानी हैं।
    एक क्या हर नारी से पूछों, सुनो मेरी भी गवाही हैं।।

    #Hindi #Hindiwriters #Freedom #women#empowerment
    #life #diary #mirakee

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    दर्द तुम्हारा साथी हैं जो, पल्लू से बांधे चलतीं हो।

  • realnotreel 17w

    Words matter.

    What you tell yourself every day makes all the difference on how you will see yourself and the energy you will bring to your life.

    Speak to yourself like you would talk to a loving, dear friend, offering words of support, caring, empowerment, and love.

    Show up every day knowing deeply that you are worthy of the life you desire.

  • rupal_kaur_anand 17w

    I was reading a children's book and I realised there were lot of things we have learnt that we start forgetting as we grow.
    We become selfish and self-centered as we become older and we start blaming life or society for it .
    Well never lose the child inside you, sometimes that child is much Wiser than older you.
    #equality #racism #discrimination #generequality #equalrights #feminism #empowerment #womanhood #likes #imstagram #instadaily #motivation #wisewords #wisdom #kindness

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    Never forget the lessons of equality, patience, kindness and generosity we have learnt as a child

    ©R.K Anand

  • _abhijit_ 19w

    Subjects (Last part)

    Last but not the least, there's a very important quality that stands out. He becomes intimate with you physically to please you not himself. You will find him asking you plenty of questions about what you find appealing in a foreplay, and while in the intimate moments with you, he won't be concerned about fulfilling his physical desires, he will be real gentle with you. He will ask you things like "do you like this?", "tell me what you want me to do". He will let you be in charge, he will ask you guide him to please yourself. He will pretend "neutral" or "resistant", and his trick will be to let you seduce yourself through him. He will just be a tool for you, to explore your own body. This increases the female pleasure points inside the brain to its limits, and you might find him most romantic. Whereas the truth is, it's you doing all the work, guiding him, and letting him "know" you in whole. This is a simple phenomena, it's called "reverse psychology": letting the girl to seduce. A mirage of letting the girl know, it's her in charge. Where in reality it's other way around.

    I can't cover the entire ice berg through this tiny write up, its just the peak of the ice berg but it contains all the essential information/ observation. I hope this helps you in some way or the other. I pray you never experience this kind of toxic men, most of you won't and it's good. But if some of you do come across these kind of men who treats women as "subjects", then I hope this little piece of information will help you identify them and recognize them (and their tricks) before you get too involved.

    Thank you for reading :)

  • _abhijit_ 19w

    Subjects (Part- 6)

    Be aware of anyone who "studies" you and tries to be intimate with you. Don't let emotions come, in the way of judgement, know his intentions. It's very unlikely that you will meet this category of men, they are rare. But if you do, then just be yourself, your very unique self, and NOT JUST A GIRL. Do NOT think like a girl, but think like your unique self. If he's being mysterious, lose him immediately instead of trying to solve his mystery. Notice what feelings he arouses in you.
    Is he lifting you off your feet through feelings?
    Is he coming online at a specific time to talk to you?
    Is he trying to get you in some kind of habits?
    Is he making you wonder about him often?
    Is he doing things which don't match with his words?
    Is he expecting you to make the first move?
    Is he trying to get sympathy and pity for him?
    Is he trying to be intimate with you without any strings attached?
    Is he saying stuff like "you are mature enough to understand", "we are grown ups now, it's okay", "don't be childish, it's normal"?
    Is he being very courteous and extra polite, yet flirty?
    Is he a box of mystery, or a bundle of "different ideologies"?

  • _abhijit_ 19w

    Subjects (Part- 5)

    You will be infatuated with him, deeply. It appears as if he's this room, with the doors slightly open for you to peak through. You will feel as if he's filled with treasures, he has so much more to share with you. But if you notice carefully, you can see, he never opens his door! Its always slightly open, you can never take a good look at the inside of the room! That's what keeps his mystery alive, he keeps you guessing. He lives in your imagination. At times your heart will tell you all this with him, is wrong, even if it seems so proper from outside. Even if it all appears harmless, so courteous and so gentle; it has the power to deform your identity. And whatever changes your identity, is the greatest threat in life.

    Once his little game is over and his purpose with you is fulfilled, he will leave you. I know most boys leave, but this leaving will be different I assure you. When a boy leaves, it's not that bad, you have yourself and many others to support you and love you, you get over it, and often many alternative things fills the void. But when someone leaves you, after studying you, understanding you, and using that knowledge about you to manipulate your very identity according to his needs, and then leaving you; it's gonna create a void within you that can't be filled for a long long time. You will look at the mirror and won't recognize yourself anymore, the person you are now is a new one which he created, and you don't know what to do with. You will miss the "past you". The kind of numbness you will feel will be loud and intolerable. You will be having difficulty taking tiny decisions in life, because of identity loss. You will feel its him who completes you, but now that he's gone, you will be forever incomplete. That's half truth, he have changed a part in you, to create a new you. You will find your life completely changed, and you will miss your old life, old you. You will have severe trust issues, and will be afraid of all men in general. Anyone who displays the slightest similarities of him, will appear either as a threat or as someone who evokes mixed feelings in you. You will start questioning the fundamentals of life, and you will find yourself confused about where "you went wrong". His after effects will remain with you for a long time. Healing yourself will be utterly difficult, and you won't be able to allow any other men enter your life for a long time.

    These men are cold hearted Bastards, and you are just a number in their long list. They won't even remember your name, but he will be the world to you for a long long time.

  • _abhijit_ 19w

    Subjects (Part- 4)

    Gradually over the time, you will find him behave unexpectedly, and it's hard to predict how he will behave. He always says the "right" things at the "right" time. But even after spending so much time, you never fully understand what he wants from you, you feel so many things, yet logically it's too swallow. A genuine person will make sense both logically and emotionally, he won't be a puzzle, or this interesting, any genuine person tend to be a bit of boring, because you can predict them. However, these Bastards are unpredictable, they react violently through the use of firm words. They seldom explain themselves, or over explain themselves for the reason why they did what they did. Through these tiny and subtle reactions from them, which apparently originated due to the "way you behaved" in a certain way, they are trying to "shape" you. They want you to "change", so that you can fit into the box they have created for you, the kind of box that's most suitable for them. Most of these fuckers are playboys disguised as "gentlemen". Stay with them long enough, and you can't recognizing yourself anymore. They will manipulate your entire identity, and that's where the danger lies. Identity is the most vital thing that you have developed over the years, and a real partner will help you "develop" your identity and let you "grow". He won't try to "shape" your identity into something different and urge you to "change". In most cases, these men tend not to get into a relationship in the first place, most of them are into "no strings attached" until we develop feelings/get to know each other.

    I know its difficult to point out accurately, but let me help you spot one. He will be really great in flirting, usually he will start from text msgs. The way he flirts feels different, something you have never experienced before, different from other men. He knows how to be "fun" and not make himself appear "funny". He will compliment you usually after a long conversation, and his compliments will never be direct. It will be subtle, such as "that ear ring you wore last night, looked so good on you, what was the occasion?". You will find yourself remembering yourself and looking at yourself through his eyes, may be blush a little, and give him an answer or a statement instead of a "thank you", simply because he will never give direct compliments. Moreover, you have to "earn" his compliments, when he thinks you are at a certain point which serves his purpose, he will give you a subtle compliment, it's actually an "encouragement" for your cooperation. In his chats, he will usually talk with one liners, and will take proper time to reply back (to keep you waiting for him, to keep you craving for him). His replies will "hit" you and make you "think", to keep you "hooked". The conversations won't last long, it's always limited. If he's a pro, he will always talk to you at the same time everyday, repeatedly, to make you get into the habit of feeling his presence at a particular time. Suddenly after some time of repeated conversation with limited time in specific times, he will disappear for a day or two (not long). He won't explain you beforehand, his disappearance will be a "surprise" for you. And during the time you used to talk, you will feel restless and his absence will be terribly felt. Then suddenly when he appears, you will be overwhelmed, almost tears of joy. His game is designed to give you these roller coaster rides. Moreover, these fuckers seldom propose, they usually make the girl propose them. Not with force or pleading, but with strategic manipulations, tiny push giving them directions.
    Some make use the weapon of "smell". They will put on the same perfume every time they meet you, over and over again. It's called "smell association". It makes your olfactory nervous system attach a particular scent to his persona, his image. This is a very sophisticated technique, to trigger your memories about him, years after he left you. The moment you smell something similar to what he have made you get acquainted, you can remember clearly, his features, the moments you shared with him, the way your heart beats were running wild, and the way he touched you. Everything becomes alive, even after he's gone. It's like leaving his signature within you forever, a mark, a scar on your identity, which is his creation!

  • _abhijit_ 19w

    Subjects (Part- 3)

    These kind of men tend to be the most charming, he will appear to you as if its he alone in this entire world who understands you like an open book, even if you met him for the first time 3 days ago. They tend to quickly build an "image" of themselves in your mind, and you can't help but fall for his image, your own imagination. These men also tend to be "mysterious", as if there's a lot about them to know, they will keep you on your toes, always curious to "know more" about them. These Bastards are also great storytellers, they will tell excellent stories about how they had lost all hope in love after their ex cheated on them, how they are "survivors" in relationships, and how they are looking for that "one girl". They will make you feel special beyond your wildest imaginations, because they study you as a "subject" as treat you as such, which appears as if he's trying to settle down with you. You will tend to relate more to songs and imagine him, you will find yourself doing things for him, and feel happy doing those things. It's easy to notice, when he says he is not in a hurry, and next day he's pressing your boobs, or else he says he needs to borrow some money because he's in desperate need of "help" and you find all your savings disappearing. Try noticing these "contradictory" things happening. His words and actions won't match. He will react emotionally the moment you react unexpectedly, your emotional strings will be pulled and a gentle kiss on your forehead by him will melt your heart. You may think, he could have done many things if he wanted to, but all he did was kiss my forehead. If you find yourself thinking like this, congratulations you are a part of his game now.