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  • worrywart 23w


    A thousand of promises has been broken,
    made with such warmth and endless love tokens,
    Oh Dear,you have started being loud and cold,
    How I wish I knew,those were only sweet lies draped with gold.
    I wish you could only see the damages you've caused,
    You trying to be sober and drinking again only made things worst.
    I wish you could see all the blazing flames in my eyes,
    and the never changing love in my heart inspite of your lies.

    "Can we once again turn this mess into home",
    Or do I always need to wander into the unknown.
    Left with deep scars and dark bruises in my heart,
    Lord bless me with strength to erase this part and give my life a brand new start.

    PS:I am mad at you but only my pen knows it.
    Let's again start living a life and make things worth it.
    Dear Daddy,inspite of all my rages you will always be my hero.
    You have always been the idol of my life,cause you've taught me how to start from the ZERO.