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  • fortae 54w


    What is storm?
    Storm is what we feel inside
    When we see not ourselves
    But one far from the weakened tides
    Storm is what I call my heart
    When it won't stop beating out loud
    Storm is what I think you feel
    But never see rolling out wide
    When you choose to make do with the lies
    Storm is not the clashing of wave tides
    Or wreathing thunderclap
    Storm is what they let outside
    When the can wouldn't contain their cries

  • akanni 140w

    I feel no pain, the only pain I feel is when I slide a knife through my vein. Let me just feel your pain with mine to know what pain truly is.

  • wisdomknot 241w


    I was diagnosed with a singed heart
    And the only remedy was to learn to accept love
    After wandering in the company of men
    And wondering who deemed fit to redeem me from my plight
    I came to realize that you had the antidote
    Nothing seemed to amuse me more, than the dosage
    Which was that I could take as much as I could.
    I have responded positively to treatment
    And for the first time, I have found a substance
    With both preventive and curable traits
    It is not just love but your love.
    I wish I could tell about your love to the world
    Nonetheless I resort to unveil these events in poetry
    To later reveal the episodes in prose.
    In my writings are found, impacts people made on my life
    But you dominate them all
    Because of the impeccable pulse of your heart
    Which sent impulses to mine that I could barely repulse
    You know, I can't budge into the stance of folks
    Who will choose religion over love
    Since love is the only religion I have ever known
    On the first day of the week, I find God
    On the second day, I find myself
    And on the third day, I find you.
    A couple of years won't be enough
    And so I implore you to grant me eternity
    To explore with sanity the serenity of your entity.

    Tracy Addo