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  • starkanonymous 14w

    Warrior, I

    with head held high

    I march into the fray

    with open eyes

    I split and then I splay

    blood lust, pure hate

    guts spread over fell ground


    I'm gonna cut you down


    tendencies tend to be

    just the right fit

    while I'm watching you bleed

    I'm seeing red

    you better run faster

    before you're dead

    and you meet your master


    sea, this imagery

    wonders befell

    death is pure poetry

    warrior, I

    I will be stopped for naught

    stories, they die

    but death is all I've got

    I'll kill until

    I'm in elysian fields

    then I'll be still

    for that means I've been killed

    a final rest

    for this warrior, I

    won't ask for less

    or for more, just to lie

    in the green grass

    so soft and free of blood

    to breathe breaths' last

    and sink into the mud

    (All Rights Reserved)