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  • pawani_t 12w

    Alacrity overpowers Frailty

    Sitting on the porch this morning,
    With the nipping wind piercing through my face,
    I rummaged through my closet of thoughts,
    To unscramble the inner chaotic distraught,
    Which seems as entangled as elflock.

    I look towards the sky,
    Asking for answers.
    For today, it looks like it is cynical
    Yet seems so calm.

    I look towards the banyan tree across my house,
    Asking for answers.
    For today it looks like it is shrivelling under a lot of pressure,
    Yet seems so brawny like a thresher.

    I look around me for answers,
    And all I could see everywhere is the alacrity overpowering the frailty.

    Sitting on the porch this morning,
    With the nipping wind piercing through my face,
    I realised that life feels rumpled at times like an elflock,
    All I need to do is stay sturdy like a rock
    And let the new hopes knock.

  • santhianandan 12w


    Elflock my hair seems to me
    Uhtceare I searched for remedy
    Landing on a mess of multiple choices
    Scratching my head as I studied everything
    Here and there, available on internet
    Google search, whatsapp, youtube and what not?
    Unknowingly detangling my tangled hair
    With my bare fingers as I struggle hard
    To free my fingers which struck getting caught
    Amidst the knots of my tangled hair!
    Surprisingly my hair seemed revived
    After many continuous sessions of massage
    Calling for troubled work and repeated labour
    Finally my hard work pays!
    Atlast, I had my tough learning sessions
    Teaching me a valuable lesson for life
    "The solution to all your problems
    Lies in your own hands".

  • umorok 12w


    In the eyes of an admirer,
    a universe unfolds little by little
    as a waft of loose lock,
    in a surreal endeavor
    to unravel her
    bewitching bunch of elflock,
    chance to caress his face
    leaving him utterly enamored.

  • thebhavnasaxena 12w

    In the masquerade I am lost,
    My fingers scratch at their
    Artificial faces, wearing my
    Solitude like an ancient curse
    In my skin, I am the one in
    This carnival of lust and passion,
    With no mask hiding my face,
    Save for the elflock that sits
    Atop my head like a vicious crown,
    Clasping in its tangles a drop of
    My blood, from the day my heart
    Was broken, I cannot see, I cannot
    Look, the debris of my fragile heart
    Clouds my eyes like a blindfold of ice,
    Of stone, in a masquerade I am blind,
    Hoping to find, the one with gentle fingers,
    To undo the tangles in my soul, yearning
    To drink from his lips the elixir to make
    My heart whole again, I know not what
    Name to call out, in a masquerade I am
    Lost, I am blind, stumbling from one
    Person to another, their fingers cruel
    On my flesh, they feast on me, as if I
    Were an exotic fruit, till I succumb

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    To my fate, I surrender, I whisper,
    My voice tasting like gravel in my mouth,
    I collapse to the ground, and wait to be
    Trampled upon, till I feel my elflock grow
    Like vine, slither down my arms like snake,
    In the masquerade I was reborn, and
    Those who feasted upon me, now tremble
    At my shadow, they don't dare to look
    Me in the eye, my name is legend,
    Whispered in hushed voices,
    I was a lost girl,
    I am a monster,
    I am Medusa.

  • shynishyns 12w

    My dainty fingers redeemed
    My elflocked hair
    But not my entangled mind
    Trapped in the turbulence of life.


  • d_umb_000 12w

    My words get tangled in deep of my throat
    as my fingers stuck in my own elflock ...


  • thelunareclipse 12w

    I'm just like my elflock hair,
    Every curl has story to tell.
    I'm a curious daydreamer
    Careless , cheerful little girl.

    I hang out with butterflies,
    And I often talk with the flowers,
    I know the name of every cloud.

    My mum often ask in wonder:
    Why I can't be as every daughter
    Wearing nice dress,
    With hair tied in ponytail.

    Why I can't be less restless?
    Who else believe in fairytales?
    Because of me
    She's lot of in stress.

    Teacher complains
    I should be more focused
    On my lessons,
    Yet he believes in my potentials.

    I'm just like my elflock hair
    Every curl has story to tell
    I'm so alike to Alice in Wonderland
    Every new day is adventure by itself.


  • nehu_sharma_ 12w

    She flaunts a dress like a princess,
    Her face carries an elf lock hairs and
    elite her loveliness in the ambience


  • thesunshineloves 12w

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    O l d - E a r t h

    - Aurora writes -
    whisked mental health, hurt to lie numb in the multiverse, a longing of cure by her,
    she recieves from a parallel universe.
    where even when she stands in front, her tears not seen, nor her scars.
    only to find that, she's not noticed by anyone.

    - Selene says -
    chiseled particles of her body, the cracks in her bosom, she prays everynight alongwith the stars.
    to the gods, who never learnt her sorrows, she send signals of draught, but the heavens don't .

    - Phlegon sings -
    domes of the graves on her body, that rock the dead to sleep, now miraculously bleed. the dead turn back to live, but kill her, who fed them from her very own flesh, the seeds that turned to food in her womb, now kill her. At night, crickets learn this devil's plan, but .

    - Aether laughs -
    succumbed to morals, she didn't tame the weavers, who skin her heart and wear it as hides, to cover their malicious core. untangling her elflocks, while playing sweet melodies, they strangle her breathes, .

    - Cosmos relay -
    she nourished a bunch of rats in her home, some hundreds of cats as well. they fight for love and kill one another, but need their heirs to survive. if survival rate was so , . they kill the owner and bury her bones, but can't hide her deeds or home.

    - Poseidon adds -
    my hands travelled along her scars, she reaps joy through pain. Her home was shackled, her glory forgotten, but she chose to remain with no quarrels. her naked soul tormented with horror, her kids killed eachother and continuous fear mixed with rage made her cry .

    - Mankind claims -
    her poor soul whines under the bright sunshine, with no more flowers to bear. fruits come to end, no harvest to pretend but she cries for her children everyday. her letters to gods, were stolen by others and never delivered at last. We fail to protect our mother at the end, she seems to step on us, now.

    //very few flowers tend to remain and remind
    about the old earth.//


  • nobolb 12w

    His eyes carried her elflocks
    Elegantly than any other breeze 
    That might have waved
    Across the aura....