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  • brothercrow 3w


    I have found that love is fire,
    The joys of Granfather energy,
    The heat of passionate sparks,
    But it is stone also,
    Solid and enduring,
    Strong and comforting in its roots,
    And yet it is like water as well,
    Fluid and adapting,
    Nourishing and soothing like a womb,
    But it is the Wind in equal measure,
    Like fresh air rushing into the lungs,
    Or the storm of power Love creates.
    After all,
    All is love,
    And Love is all.

  • leo_arthur 3w

    A collection of poems (4/4)

    Inspired by a certain series where one can bend elements.

    #elements #air #freedom #carefree

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    Elements of Attitude:

    Cool breeze
    Care free

    Air is freedom
    So too destruction

    Twisters and hurricanes
    Wrecks, ruins, remains

    If caution
    Drifts with winds
    Those of air
    Lead a path of pain
    Without restraint
    Without care


  • leo_arthur 3w

    A collection of poems (3/4)

    Inspired by a certain series where one can bend elements.

    #elements #fire #anger #temper

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    Elements of Attitude:

    Source of light
    Radiant warmth
    Inspires wisdom

    Candle flame
    Still on wick
    Peaceful and calm

    Fire ignites
    Burns all around

    Anger burst out
    To those surround

    Unspark the flame
    Never trigger
    An angry name.


  • leo_arthur 3w

    A collection of poems (2/4)

    Inspired by a certain series where one can bend elements.

    #elements #earth #brave

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    Elements of Attitude:

    Stone cold
    Rigid mold
    Eons in making
    Under pressure

    Hardened heart
    Tough tyrant
    Bully to foes

    Beneath the rock
    Lies a secret
    Soil so soft.
    His fragile heart.

    Protect at all cost
    Shan’t be known
    Else concrete structure
    Ruptures in fractures.


  • leo_arthur 3w

    A collection of poems (1/4)

    Inspired by a certain series where one can bend elements.

    #elements #attitude #water #mother

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    Elements of Attitude:

    Deep as profound

    Fluid as river flows

    Element unlike others

    Sign of health
    Source of life

    Just as mother
    How to live without?


  • pallavi4 9w


    Trapped in a loop I found myself
    Standing staring at a metallic door
    With golden faces etched on it
    Framed with stones that reached the floor

    I couldn’t understand why I was there
    And what this doorway was meant to be
    All I knew was that I was meant to open it
    To see what was meant for me to see

    As I reached out to touch the door knocker
    The door screeched open on its own
    My skin crawled, my throat grew parched
    I was in the middle of nowhere all alone

    As I stepped in, the door closed
    Swallowing me all at once, whole
    It was then that I realised I was here
    To surrender my body, my soul

    A flaming field with burning crop
    Came slowly into my view
    I stepped towards it as there was nowhere to run
    And a pathway down the middle opened anew

    I could feel the fire almost touch my face
    I ran as the floor was aflame
    Maybe I was being tested I thought
    Maybe this was all just an elaborate game

    Passing through the field I felt lighter
    As though I’d lost some burden on the way
    The twilight refused to budge
    It was neither night nor day

    I came to a river with a boatman and a boat
    Made in a very old and antique style
    I knew instantly this was the Styx
    And my throat immediately filled with bile

    The scenes behind me faded into nothing
    And I stepped shivering onto the boat
    I had nothing to pay to Charon
    It was a miracle that he kept us afloat

    Traversing the infernal river I found
    I’d gradually lost another layer of myself
    And when I stepped off the boat and onto land
    The shore was studded with bones and not shells

    I dug my way through the trenches ahead of me
    Became spattered with filth and grime
    I could barely see where I was headed
    For the sun refused to any longer shine

    Once out of the muddy mess I came
    To a place with strong winds and rain
    I was barely left with anything to call my own
    Only the searing and burning pain

    I fought my way against the storm
    My tears melting away in the downpour
    I begged to be released from it all
    I just couldn’t bear to stand it anymore

    It was in that stormy night that I lost myself
    Never to be found by anyone again
    The fire, water, land and air absorbed my being
    Freeing me of my earthly bounds and chains

    I lost myself and my eyes flew open
    I was drenched in sweat and breathing hard
    How had the demons found me in my sleep
    I never knew when I’d let down my guard

    It was a while before I was able again
    To go through an unknown door
    Who would believe I’d seen the doorway to hell
    And with it so much more ?


    26th of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner of-“Doorway to hell” by Arturas Slapsys

    I tried oh so hard to write this in 40 lines! Couldn’t and failed!! I’m so very sorry …. I couldn’t completely adhere to all the rules today . Was having so much fun writing it , only realised I’d exceeded the limit only while posting. 😞

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  • sankalpjha 17w


    When love becomes obsessive,
    Suffering starts..

    When love becomes madness,
    Bondage dawns..

    When love becomes devotion,
    Bliss flows..

    When love becomes bondage,
    Frustrations arise..

    When love becomes unconditional,
    Life glows..

    When love becomes possessive,
    Insecurities arise..

    When love becomes conditional,
    Emotions flow...

    When love becomes bright,
    Heart smiles..

    When love becomes dark,
    Heart cries..

    When love becomes egoistic,
    Separations arise..

    When love becomes lust,
    Pleasures arise....

    When love becomes expectation,
    Dissatisfactions arise..

    When love becomes lust,
    Happiness dies..

    When love becomes serpentine,
    Confusions arise...

    When love becomes love,
    Definitions are gone.. .

  • sankalpjha 19w


    I never knew love was so blissful until you came in my life,

    Neither knew it was so painful until you went away....


  • stevenlgoosby 19w

    So many elements districts
    the mind from pursuing
    what the heart wills

  • sankalpjha 20w

    Her Sight

    You came in my life like a blowing wind,
    Took my heart to the shore like those flowing rills,
    I saw your sight like a writer watches twilight,
    In the midst of your eyes I attained pure delight...

    You registered your name on the land of my heart,
    You pierced my heart like a moving dart,
    My being is mesmerised by your glowing fragrance,
    Like a devotee raptured by God's reminiscence...

    My entire being wants to assimilate in you,
    Like a ripple on the surface of ocean,
    The embers of my heart are revived by your shimmering sight,
    Like living life again became worthwhile...

    I am lost in you like sun and moon in eclipse,
    I crave for your sight like a man begging for life,
    Enchanting your name every moment like vedic hymns,
    I want to be a devotee dissolving in your eyes and feel your mollifying vibes...

  • she_wrote 22w

    What should I become for you?

    I thought for a while and then decided what I should become for you.

    It began with the thought of being your sunshine reaching to the point of being the river – submerging your queries and unnecessary worries. Should I be the rain pouring at the metal cladded balcony of your house, waiting for you to come out and admire me? Or should I be the breeze comforting your heart on late afternoons when you suddenly realise that it’s been hours since you raised your neck to look at time and you are late for your conference like always? Should I be the folded page of the current read you keep at your bedside to read at night? Or should I be the bottle of wine kept in the cabinet for special times?

    What should I become that you take notice of my existence?

    After a zillion thoughts I reached on a conclusion and decided to be nothing and everything to you. I would just remain me, the warm person who is made of all the essential five elements you come to at the end of the day. Nothing less, nothing more. Just me to you.
    Kanchan Balodi

  • medusas_child 23w

    The Element


  • rhythmic_beats 24w

    Clouds of origami wander over the horizon of
    Sun and moon without any filters or folds
    Beneath the layers of expectation and lies.

    Creases of mind evaporates and condenses
    To abstract origami floating heavily
    To lash out and burst the elements of life
    Carved in the mind.

    But! Objects in the mirror are closer
    Than they appear!

    The tiny pixels floating in you
    Have already started folding,
    To make origami of life,
    Like double helix of DNA
    Merging two parallel lines
    Of dream and reality
    Without any alarm!

    Your rear view mirror
    May flashlight the episodes
    Of déjà vu, shielding you
    With arms to win the
    Battles of life,
    But it also shields you
    With blooming spring
    To welcome the victory.

    Everyone has page of life,
    Everyone has a beating heart,
    A growing soul
    And an accelerating brain,
    But what makes everyone unique is
    How efficiently you fold the paper
    To sterling origami
    By folds of aim, excellence,
    Beautiful flow and consistency
    To shape the origami to the best
    Out of nothing.

    Origami is poetry,
    Poetry is life.
    You join the dots by rhymes,
    Metaphors, alliterations and syllables
    To sculpture bouquet of constellations
    In the blank canvas.

    The pinkish burning orange sky is home to
    Constellations of origami,
    Where the execution determines
    The distance between crowd of vehicles.

    These cascade of origami rising
    During dawn and dusk reminds you that
    You are the only one who holds dust
    Of scrap and you are the only one
    Who can shape it to mesmerising origami,
    Only if you remember:
    Objects in the mirror are closer
    Than they appear!
    © rhythmic_beats

    Objects: origami(elements of life)
    Mirror: mind/thoughts

    We all have dreams. We all have castle of thoughts. But some of us are successful and some of us remains at the starting point only. What makes us different is the way we shape them to reality. How carefully and timely we adjust our life's action timely. Executing timely is important as thoughts only wandering in mind will always be lifeless if we never achieve it in reality.

    So, make best origami of life and fill your showcase with them so that when death arrives it denies to take away your achievements of the soul, it will always be immortal and will be inspiration to all✨

    Eid Mubarak to all✨�� wishing you health and happiness. Prayers and love��♥️

    Image: Instagram

    #origami #wod
    #life #elements #flow #execution #poetry
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee

    Thank you @writersnetwork "♥️"

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    Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

  • sankalpjha 24w

    She went beyond gifting pains,
    Took my emotions to reins...

    Melancholy now runs in my veins,
    Everything in life seems vain..


  • sankalpjha 25w

    A life of solitude,
    Door to inner mysteries

    The mysteries of attaining peace,
    which eludes us like a rapid beast

    Going back to meet oneself,
    whose purity got lost in the material self

    Juggling through the savage rows of life,
    I want to take those virtuous vows back

    Leaving those superfluous and hollow bungalows aside,
    I want to get lost in those fulfilling spiritual plateaus inside...

  • shrey2310 25w

    Falling words

    Written notes
    Empty mind
    Losing things
    Time by time
    Holding grudges
    Words speak nothing
    But the actions are fine
    Wonder why would you
    Read this?
    Dark poetries and phrases
    Marks of bleed on
    The faces
    Makes no sense
    Hard to get
    Words of mine
    Are completely misplaced
    As I try to confess
    I write poetries
    With falling words
    And wacky thoughts
    Hopelessly beautiful
    But trust me, it's not
    Maybe I'm the water
    Of lake in mid of
    Dark, silent forest
    Where it's me
    And only me
    Like this water
    Is my poetry
    It'd reach nowhere
    To me it's confined
    For me is my poetry
    And the poetry is me
    And to give you
    All I've is
    This dark forests
    Grey clouds and
    Falling words


  • sankalpjha 25w

    Live a life of destitution,but with pride

    That's pride in its entirety..

    The moment pride changes into greed
    the below 3 awaits...

    Live a life of loneliness, but with pride
    Live a life of sorrow, but with pride
    Live a life of hollowness, but with pride

  • _mathematics 25w

    Reading between the lines
    made me speculate
    why we cannot align
    each word of the clause
    together without
    allotting space
    //Questioning you
    out of somewhere //

    While canvasing
    empty sheet with
    dried paints,
    flashbacks overrun
    my gut challenging
    the psyche to interfere
    and mess up the
    //the necessity to breathe
    in the air lately overcome
    the freight of guilts //

    broadcasting the
    same headline
    from past days
    which meant
    to ease the pain
    // the earth appears
    dull as if the facade of
    happiness has been stolen//

    have been extended
    to a much longer
    //across borders
    under the deep waters
    receiving signals of safety//

    When you layover
    on your favourite spot
    after rough hours of work
    //the sunset turns to rage
    as fire into the rainbow
    when drizzle waddle in the sky//

    #facadec #elements
    #rainbow @writersbay

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  • bonitasarahbabu 25w

    I am fire, warm and comforting
    Or hot and destructive.
    I can be a source of warmth,
    Or I can burn you alive.
    I am fierce, I am calm,
    But above all, I'm deadly.
    Use me with caution,
    And remember to play safe.

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  • loves_passion 25w

    Fire is Life

    Fire of becoming fearless to live the life limitless