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    Just like there are infinite infinitesimal sub-particles of matter ... & of energy...
    There must be...
    Of consciousness & sentience...
    If "dust thou art to dust returnest was NOT spoken of the soul",
    Then there must be something analogous...
    Let me get recycled to those...
    We are anyway insignificant specks...
    Yet, we try to live our life meaningfully...
    Well, some of us do.
    My meaning, let it end with the death of the last person whose life I personally touched.


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  • m_antonela_gioscio 124w

    Firey actions.

    "Act now", said Fire.
    "How?", I asked.
    "Like me. Burn yourself out", it replied.
    "I'll die", I said.
    "No, you won't. You'll change. And everything around you will change. Fire doesn't go unnoticed. It affects everything that is within reach. So stop flowing throughout your days, and act", it insisted.
    "Can I change the world?", I asked.
    "No. That's not how it works", it fumed. "Put your soul's flame in all your actions and all your actions will be true. They'll shine like a torch. Under that light, others will find their way to change."
    "You mean I can inspire them?", I said.
    "Only if you act".

  • mellen 127w


    I am as solid as the earth.
    I am as invisible as air.
    I am as fierce as fire.
    I am as adaptable as water.


  • nylee_ 136w

    Whispering winds

    The whispers of the wind
    Coming like cool breeze
    Touching our face lightly
    And in ears they say their secrets

    There comes a time later
    When it's just you and the sun
    No movement in air
    And whisper quiet in mind

    No one comes and question
    The answer deep in soul
    The instinct to ratt out
    What the world should know

    The wind again takes the path
    Not gentle in strength
    Earth and things whirlwind
    Uproots the secret and view